Kettlebell Injuries

Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 10 November, 2020
• 16 min read

As much as I feel at home with my kettle bell techniques, I am not an exception to injury. In fact, I’ve experienced a bunch of common injuries associated with weightlifting in general.

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Some minor ones, the types of injuries that won’t bother much with working out, include big calluses, arm bruising, bruises on my thighs, and a few shoulder blade injuries. It’s funny since it happened when I tried to enhance my grip of the bell by applying a few layers of tissue paper.

And sometimes I fear having the kettle bells slip from my hands when I do a snatch or swing. While it did make me grab the kettle bell better, the tissue paper also rubbed hard on my palms.

I was literally in so much pain I couldn’t even grab on to anything without regretting the dumb idea of cheating the grip. It took me five days of not swinging and a lot of Betadine and Band-aid before I could feel the layers of skin getting thicker.

When I tried to do a single swing before healing, the iron touching my hands’ unprotected skin didn’t exactly motivate me to continue. Simply put, I just let my palms heal for one week and after that I was off swinging again.

Yes, if you’re a real kettle bell enthusiast you would, on numerous occasions, bruise your forearms. Often times the bruising is minor or, with enough practice and mastery, will no longer be an issue.

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It would be wishful thinking to say that forearm bruising due to kettle bell training is something everyone eventually overcomes but that is simply not the case. For instance, yours truly had serious forearm bruising when I overstepped my boundaries and practiced cleans with a 32 kg kettle bell.

During this period, I repeatedly banged my forearms so much that the kind of bruises it left were large and dark. I also ended up developing bumps on my forearms which, as I searched for the answer, was (possibly) a result of calcification or tissue thickening.

I watched and re-watched so many kettle bell clean videos just to check on what I’m doing wrong. Long story short, I eventually practiced with a lower weight (24 kg), the bruising was either light or no longer present after much practice, and I can now double clean a pair of 32 kg effortlessly.

Also, no matter how adept you are at kettle bells, it’s always good to have you technique checked by a professional or at least watch a few videos on how to properly execute a move specially when it comes to cleans and snatches to prevent forearm bruising. When done in good form, kettle bell workouts greatly benefit the back.

Once again I’ve also experienced perhaps one of my most painful injuries due to a bad form. Sitting, standing, walking, turning in bed, I always ended up wincing in pain.

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It was at this point that I decided not to double swing until I get a lighter pair. It’s better to have complete mastery of something small than look like an idiot attempting something you aren’t capable of yet.

Mind you there are probably a lot more to enumerate but these three are the most common primarily due to it mostly affecting newcomers into the kettle bell scene. Kettle bells are great tools for fat burning, strength development, and enhancing overall fitness but safety will always come first.

If you can afford it, have a professional teach you the proper ways of conducting every move or at least take some time to learn on YouTube or buy a few videos on kettle bell workouts. He likes to tell people how to grow their money and how to naturally lose body fat.

Few exercises develop muscle in your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back like a kettle bell swing. To successfully complete a kettle bell workout, you have to swing and lift the cannonball-shaped weight in a multitude of movements that might cause stress to the body.

One injury that occurs a lot is when users over arch their back when doing overhead kettle bell lifts. How To Fix This Most kettlebellinjuries occur due to improper lifting techniques.

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Distancing your feet and keeping a neutral spine position will help you avoid the pain when lifting a kettle bell with improper form. This usually occurs when users try too early to do a complex exercise, use too many weights, or lifting incorrectly.

If you’re doing snatches and clean, make sure you’re lifting it correctly as they are the biggest causes of bruised forearms. When done properly, kettle bell exercises can strengthen the back muscles of the body.

Bad form can cause back injuries when you start to over extend the lumbar spine. If you feel pain on your lower back, stop the exercise immediately.

As a result, muscle strain occurs on your back, making it harder for you to continue your set. Having an excessive amount of weight will put too much strain on your back, forcing your muscles to swell up and take time to recover.

Kettle bells are great workout tools, but they can be dangerous. Also, this flip causes force pulling outward on your elbow.

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If you don't stabilize your arm this can injure you over the long term. It was only slight, but it defiantly brought my focus back.

It could have been much worse if I was going more intense, or didn't move to accommodate the kettle bell as fast as I did. Swings, and other dynamic kettle bell exercises, can put a lot of strain on your back.

Consider yourself warned; be careful, and don't push through bad pain. In his books, Pavel Tsatsouline cites stories of Russians who have rehabilitated themselves from horrendous back injuries with kettle bells.

Since kettle bell exercises are dynamic they require you to be very alert. Keep control of the kettle bell, make sure your wrists can take the strain, and be careful of any old injuries you have.

If you feel a sharp pain that's bad, stop exercising immediately! You can use machines or free weight, which are both much easier to control than kettle bells.

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Band Aids, Plasters, Short Strips of taping will just peel and roll off, often leaving sticky glue on your kettle bell handle. Take some abrasive paper or emery cloth and smooth out your handle so it has no lumps, bumps and small nicks in it.

If you exercise with kettle bells frequently then you are, at some point, going to experience some kind of hand injury. Take care to ensure that you technique is spot on to prevent hand problems.

Ensure that you are not overdoing your kettle bell training and that you are addressing any hand issues that you may have. If you feel you need to use some kind of hand protection then I recommend that you use taping but only temporarily.

I've been in the fitness industry for over 40 years before today’s fad workouts began and the word personal training existed. I started bodybuilding in the 70s and began training people before the term personal trainer or any certification existed.

In a recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research they found that 73.5 percent of Crossfires sustain injuries. Our goal at Anti’s Fitness and Self Defense in Doral is to get you in the best shape of your life in the quickest and safest manner.

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We believe in results driven programs in a safe and healthy environment. We will teach you proper technique, monitor your progress, train you around any injury you might have sustained in a previous fitness program.

This works great to confuse your muscles to grow and lose unwanted fat in your body. Now if you really want to live fit and healthy and are willing to put in the work you still have time to be one of our success stories before the holidays.

Training under an out of shape fitness or martial arts instructor is like seeing a dentist with bad teeth. I don’t think that you would go see a dentist with bad teeth so why would you train with an out of shape fitness or martial arts instructor.

Women's Self Defense Workshop in Doral, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month My book will motivate you to start a program, stick to it and finally succeed.

I’m a 57-year-old grandfather and have dedicated my life to martial arts and fitness. When I was younger I envisioned a grandfather as an old, slow moving, gentleman with very little muscle tone and flexibility.

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I do strength training, joint mobility, yoga and martial arts. You’ll read about how other Ageless Warriors friends of mine across the nation train.

At 57 and having gone through numerous inures and maladies I have found the way to continue working out and getting in better shape as the years pass. Read how I transform myself from a shy, small, sick, unpopular kid to a fit, strong athlete and how I continue to improve in my 50s.

This book is not just for the senior athlete but for everyone that wants to get in shape, train around injuries and look great at the beach. I will even give you my mass building routines that took me from a 115 pound pencil neck geek at 18 to becoming a Marine and competitive bodybuilder.

The same routine that transformed me from being the last one picked in PE to a fit, strong and healthy body. Discover my secrets of longevity, training around injuries, nutrition and supplements.

You will also read about famous Ageless Warriors such as Jack Balance, Hello Gracie, John Rhee, Bobby Cruz, SIG Alien, and more. Read how local Ageless Warriors from different parts of the country stay fit through different methodologies such as functional training, bodybuilding, yoga, May Thai, Kung Fu, Pilates, kettle bells, battling ropes and more.

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So, you don’t live the Miami, Doral area to train personally with me. It will also help you find and chose a certified, experience fitness instructor and program.

I have seen kettle bell horrors throughout the world in gyms, boxes, boot camps and on videos. I’ve seen clues trainers putting their clients through dangerous kettle bell workouts.

I’ve also trained under Master kettle bell instructors Mike Mahler and Andrea Duane. I’ve also seen people doing Battling Ropes totally incorrect.

I’m certified directly on the man that develop Battling Ropes John Brookfield. For functional training I recommend John Riddle, Progressive Martial Arts in Boca Raton, Florida, Frank Dime, The Cave in Sarasota, Florida, Pablo Zamora Master Z Warrior Fit in McAllen, Texas, Bud Jeffries in Lakeland, Florida, Harvinder Singh Sahara, Action Strength in California, Gavin Gar ringer KB Warrior in Costa Mesa, California, KB Warrior in Brian Olsen Laguna Beach, California, Many Reyes Jr., Martial arts Academy of Miami Lakes.

For Bodybuilding or training at a gym I recommend Lazaro and France Diaz of Team Diaz in Miami, Sergio Pacheco Physic World Gym in Hialeah, Florida, Mari Rodolfo, Bodies by Mari in Hialeah, To Hernandez, Doral Park Country Gym in Doral and Atlas Tactical in Ventura, Florida. For those outside of South Florida look for a competitive bodybuilder or powerlifter that is certified they know what they are doing.

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I do not recommend most fitness chains and affiliate programs around today such as I Love Kickboxing and imitations of it. I also don’t recommend Orange Theory and all the new fads appearing today.

I recommend instructors teaching the following program’s: Harvinder Singh’s, Action Strength, Kevin Kearns, MMA Fighter Fit, Mini AFAIK’s Elite Combat Fitness, Master Tran’s, Tran’s May Thai Kickboxing Association. Anti was also a Corrections Officer for 10 years and a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps Reserves.

Awards/Organizations -2019 North American Bodybuilding Championships runner-up 60+ Lightweight -2019 Florida State Bodybuilding Championships runner-up 60+ -2017 South Florida Bodybuilding Championships 60+ Overall Winner & Lightweight Winner cicada (International Combat Self Defense Association) Advisory Board -2011 PMA Best Martial arts School in Doral -2010 Century Gold Award -2010 Dr Rolando Espinosa K-8 School Award -2009 Best of Doral Martial Arts Award -2009 Century Mark of Excellence Award -2006 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Kung Fu Master -2006 World Martial Arts Union Hall of Fame Life Achievements -2006 Miami-Dade County Certificate of Appreciation -2006 Captain of the runners-up in the South Florida Dragon Boat Festival 250 Meter Kung Fu Cup -2005 EFC Black Belt Schools “Outstanding Martial Arts School” -2005 EFC Black Belt Schools “Hero Award” -2005 Proclamation “Anti’s Fitness and Self Defense Day” City of Doral -2004 Miami-Dade County “Martial Arts Excellence Award” -2003 Florida Martial Arts Hall of Fame “Instructor of the Year” -2003-2004 Co-holders of the World Simultaneous Kicking Record -1998 Florida PBA Certificate of Appreciation -1983 2nd runner-up Jr. Florida Bodybuilding Championships -1983 2nd runner-up Miami Bodybuilding Championship It’s an explosive and natural expression of hip extension, a key portion of your vertical leap and your sprinter’s stride, too.

You stand grasping a kettle bell with both hands, core tight, toes pointed ever-so-slightly outward, knees slightly bent. From there, you push your butt back slightly and hinge at the waist, letting momentum take the kettle bell behind your thighs.

Momentum carries the kettle bell upwards and in front of you, and your arms drive forward, typically until they’re parallel to the ground, in the process. In practice, the American swing frequently takes the emphasis off your mammies and glutes, and average gym-goers over-involve muscles that aren't meant for the job, such as the shoulders and lower back.

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In general, you always want to choose exercises that minimize risk and maximize the benefits that’ll push you to your goals. You should evaluate all exercises this way (and not be afraid to question your group fitness trainer either -- it’s their job to answer you).

American swing fans have two key arguments that fail to account for the way the general population actually moves. It’s a demonstration of true shoulder flexion at the top of each rep, that your mid- and upper-back muscles will fire.

In this way, it’s a total body exercise, and superior and more “complete” than the Russian kettle bell swing. So that means, by default, they’re destined to perform the American swing incorrectly (and I've seen “fit” folks wreck this move, too).

Targeting muscles is important, even if “all-workouts-should-be-total-body” nation doesn't understand that, because it's a key method of correcting weaknesses in both your mechanics and your physique. Quick test: Lie with your belly on the ground, arms and legs long in front of you.

The basic swing lets you move a fairly heavy weight, since it relies on two of your body’s most powerful muscle groups, the legs and glutes, to generate the majority of the force. If those muscle groups can’t power the bell to the dumb American standard, the shoulders and lower back do the brunt of the extra work -- except they’re not meant to move the same load as the glutes and mammies.

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So the shoulder muscles and smaller upper-body stabilizers take over that large load. The American swing crowd might contend that this isn’t all that different from a snatch anyway, hamstrings and glutes firing.

Thing is, both the barbell and single-arm snatch versions let you drive weights overhead while rotating and spreading your shoulders more freely to create joint space for your rotator cuff tendons. That can’t happen when both hands are grasping a kettle bell handle with a close grip.

Really think and focus on the American kettle bell swing, be super-controlled and mindful of your whole body, and you have your best shot. They rely on high rep loads, and, eventually, fatigue piles on.

Station-to-station randomness makes things worse: if the American swing’s your first move, your mind and your shoulder blades aren’t fatigued. You could go “lighter” on the weight with the American swing, both in a class setting and in your own workouts, focusing on form.

Except then, your hamstrings and glutes, the targets of the classic swing, simply don’t get to move as much weight. Unless you compete in CrossFit (where the American swing sometimes shows up in competition), the wildest part about the stupidity of the American kettle bell swing is that there’s a much simpler way to achieve the super-aggressive hip extension and explosive glute contraction that it is supposed to bring.

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There’s a smarter, less injury-inducing way to push your glutes and hamstrings to “pop” more than they do on your average Russian swing. Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., is the fitness director of Men's Health and a certified trainer with more than 10 years of training experience.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. I preach the importance of a neutral spine with a vast majority of not just kettle bell exercises, but all movements.

Defining a neutral spine even further is problematic as the angles can differ between people (for example women have more of an anterior pelvic tilt than men). While maintaining a neutral spine, kettle bell swings are one of the best exercises for developing strength in the lower back and posterior chain.

When we compromise these curvatures and place more stress on the surrounding subsystem of joints, then we increase the likelihood of an injury occurring. In the majority of cases, this could have been avoided with proper spinal positioning both when exercising with a kettle bell and when performing everyday activities.

It is quite common to see people suffer a back injury after doing something innocuous such as sneeze, lift a light load or pick up their child. It is the years of excessive flexion and loss of neutral spine that led to this point and created this vulnerability.

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Excessive lumbar hyper extension at the top of the kettle bell swing or dead lifts is also quite common and happens unknowingly in many cases. Many people find it difficult to coordinate a hip hinge movement whilst maintaining a neutral spine.

Once you are proficient with the movement and maintaining contact, then you can add an external load and remove the dowel. Getting a video of your movements via the application ‘Coach’s Eye’ is a great way of monitoring the technique and ensuring the neutral spine is maintained.

The ability of the spine to handle compressive forces is also vastly diminished when it is not in a neutral position. Maintaining a neutral spine leads to fewer injuries, unnecessary compensations, energy conservation, better core activation and an increased capacity to handle compressive forces as well as improved scapular mechanics.

I hope you can now see why we so passionately preach the importance of a neutral spine within our courses and are convinced it is imperative when doing a kettle bell workout, but with other forms of functional training as well.

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