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Kettlebell In The Usa

Take the guesswork out of gifting kettle bells and grab your favorite lift a KB USA gift card! Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device

Carole Stephens
• Friday, 13 November, 2020
• 8 min read
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They are high quality and arrived within a few days of ordering. The 25lb kettle bell came in a hilariously small box about 10 days after I ordered it.

The handle is great and powder coating easy to grip but smooth enough to swing the weight. I love it and am glad I spent a little extra for the quality.

I ordered 2 different size kettlebells, and they both came in a reasonable amount of time, and are very high quality. USA -made cast iron kettle bells — Made to last with ultra-durable powder coating for perfect finish and feel.

No BS, no add on fees, no emails about supplements. If you are in the Northeast, West, Midwest or South — you all get the sale deal from us.

Rest assured, we are confident you will like our products, so we keep things simple. Quality Construction — Single piece cast iron with no weld seams or weak spots which can wear and damage with time.

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Wide Textured Handle — Our kettlebellls have a wide textured grip with a slight curve in the handle ensuring a most comfortable grip allowing exercises with 1 or 2 hands. Perfect Finish — Our Premium Kettle bells are ground, shot blasted directly after casting providing the perfect balance between comfort and grip.

Each kettle bell is individually checked for quality before and after it is coated ready for shipping. Kettle bells shortage in the USA and thanks to those who gave nice reviews for our products.

They are high quality and arrived within a few days of ordering. The 25lb kettle bell came in a hilariously small box about 10 days after I ordered it.

The handle is great and powder coating easy to grip but smooth enough to swing the weight. I love it and am glad I spent a little extra for the quality.

I ordered 2 different size kettlebells, and they both came in a reasonable amount of time, and are very high quality. I don’t know about you, but since this whole COVID-19 situation entered full swing, I have been trying desperately to get my hands on some gym equipment I can use at home.

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The most obvious thing here is the fact that with gyms shutting down, people have realized that their only option is to work out at home. This has increased equipment demand beyond what would be considered ‘normal’, leading to a national shortage.

In fact, since gyms shut down, US retailers have reported spikes of up to 625% in home exercise equipment sales, which is an absurd statistic. What many people fail to realize is that a whopping 65% of exercise equipment here in the USA are made and imported from foundries in China — which have, unfortunately, had production stall since January 2020 due to the global coronavirus crisis.

Consequently, it is not only the fact that people are buying more kettle bells, but also our ability to import them has seen a drastic decline. See, here in the United States, there are only a few foundries that have the facilities required to forge kettle bells — and even then, it is slow going.

In fact, one of the biggest foundries in the country (found in Rhode Island, for those of you who are interested) can only forge about 45 per day. As I am sure you can imagine, this is nowhere near enough to meet demand, leading to the serious kettle bell shortage we have on our hands today.

Both detergent and oil containers are large, which means you can load them up with an appreciable amount of weight. Their handles also sit on top of the container, rather than to the side, closely replicating a kettle bell.

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As a bonus, because they are generally made of fabric, if you do happen to drop them there is minimal chance of damaging anything. Finally, you can always throw the backpack on and add some load to movements like squats, lunges, and push-ups — talk about versatile.

Like the backpack, these can be easily loaded with household objects, and have a top handle making them perfect for swings, presses, and farmers carriers. Because of their small size and large diameter handle (which also happens to pivot), they are perfect for things like presses, rows, bicep curls, and tricep extensions.

Additionally, you can simply fill them with water to add load (just make sure the lid is on tight…). In addition to the tools mentioned above, it is important to note that you can absolutely get a great workout in using nothing but your body weight alone.

Importantly, it also helps improve core stability and can enhance shoulder heath and function — which may even make it superior. The towel row is the perfect option to strengthen all the muscles of your upper back, while enhancing your posture in the process.

Then, when you thrust your hips into the air, you want to squeeze your glutes and hamstrings as hard as you possibly can. You can absolutely make body weight exercises more challenging by adding load in the form of backpacks, or simply holding onto something heavy.

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So, I guess you could say that both can be as effective as one another, however you have to be a little more strategic with body weight exercises because it is not as easy as just ‘throwing more wight on the bar.’ Focus on the movement: with all the exercises listed above, your ability to use heavy loads is somewhat limited.

Make sure to have breaks: even though you might have more time to work out than ever before, you still want to take some rest days because this is when your body recovers and adapts. I would encourage you try and perform your weight-based workouts 3 times per week, and then undertake some aerobic exercise or HIIT on the other days.

The COVID-19 situation we have suddenly found ourselves has stopped us going to the gym and made it near impossible to get any home exercise equipment — but that does not mean you are destined to lose fitness. The kettle bell is a type of fixed-weight strength training equipment that resembles a large, smooth stone with an attached handle.

“An agent responded and located five abandoned kettle bell packages near the fence and south of First Street,” said California Border Patrol (CBP). “The agent seized and transported the kettle bell packages back to the Calexico Border Patrol Station for further processing.”

Border Patrol Agents examined the hefty packs at the station, resulting in a positive test for methamphetamine. Featured Best SellingAlphabetically: Alphabetically: Caprice: Low to High Price: High to Locate: New to Late: Old to New

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We have designed our Kettle bells with a custom textured finish that provides a superior grip without hurting your hands. The Kettle bell is potentially the best full body strength and conditioning tool out there.

You can do single or both arm swings and snatches, Turkish get-ups, tons of different stabilization drills, as well as countless types of odd object workouts (burden runs, farmers carries, etc). Troy Kettle bells are considered some of the best in the industry, bar none, particularly in the functional fitness community.

Hyperaware's Handbills and Steel bells are a cross between a sandbag, a dumbbell, a barbell, a grip bag, a medicine ball, a slam ball, a stability pod, a gliding disk, and a kettle bell. Made of tough stretchy neoprene, these 'bells are the most versatile and enjoyable functional weight training tool on the market.

Developed for the US military to take on deployment, portable kettle bell sandbags give you a functional fitness gym that is easy to roll up and take in your ruck or suitcase. The 20 kg OneFitWonder Skull Kettle bell was built with the same quality and durability as our Premium OneFitWonder Kettle bells but instead of the round bell we have an engraved skull to add some brassiness to your workout.

The 1lb Mini Kettle bell isn't made for working out with but would make a great gift or paper weight for your favorite fitness friend! Full year satisfaction guarantee warranty, with FREE returns.

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Troy kettle bells have a handle that is just the right thickness, design, and smoothness ! While thick handles can be a great change of pace, this kettle bell has the ideal thickness in the handle- giving you a bit of a grip workout while still enabling you to blast your cardio without stressing your hands too much.

Troy kettle bells have a durable baked-on enamel finish that is easy to grip and holds chalk well. The finish on Troy 'bells is rough and durable, not smooth or easily marred. Finally, Troy kettle bells are backed by our no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee- plus a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Hyperaware's Sand Bell and Steel bells make for a great kettle bell and medicine ball replacement because you can swing or throw them with maximum effort without fear of injury to self or others. No more worries about hitting your knees or ankles or jamming a finger.

Soft and safe version of a metal or plastic kettle bell. Full year satisfaction guarantee warranty, with FREE returns.

Easy-to-Use opening makes filling and emptying these kettle bell sandbags fast. Heavy duty ballistic nylon takes a beating.

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Sandbag design is more forgiving on your wrists than standard iron kettle bells. Full year satisfaction guarantee warranty, with FREE returns

There are a variety of exercises you can do with a kettle bell : Renegades, Swings, Snatches, Turkish Get Ups, etc. A Kettle bell Swing, is great for strengthening your lower back, hamstrings, and glutes.

In addition to building strength, you'll also find it's a good cardio workout. Try swinging a heavy kettle bell and you'll find your heart rate speed up and your breathing is heavier.

There are a few exercises you can do with a kettle bell that can help improve shoulder stability, mobility, and range of motion. You can watch our team use Strength Bands and Kettle bells to work on stabilizers in the upper back and shoulder girdle for pressing, snatching, etc.

Outside of working out with a kettle bell, you can use it for “gut smashing” to help improve your squats, dead lifts, and even back pain. Use the kettle bell to work the soft tissue of your abs, similar to foam rolling your back, hamstrings, etc.

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Kettle bell swings, cleans, or snatches requires the bell handle to shift positions within the hand. There are also Portable Kettle bell Sandbags that you can travel with empty and fill up on the go.

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