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#103479886 — Sporty woman training muscles of hands and legs using a kettle bell ... #123419423 — Group of fit people holding kettle bell during squatting exercise.

#46007650 — Focus on large black kettle bell in weights room at the gym #38675635 — Closeup of black iron kettle bell and people group sitting on.

#38492324 — Close up of muscular bodybuilder guy doing exercises with weights. #123419424 — Fitness women and determined men exercising with kettle bell at.

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#31949177 — Black metal gym weight kettle bell isolated on white background #37253882 — Portrait of drained girl after hard CrossFit training

#64981799 — Functional fitness workout in sport gym with kettle bell #43647291 — Young fit woman holding kettle bell exercising against black.

#83831207 — Side view closeup of unrecognizable young woman rubbing her hands. #35633038 — Athletes Lifting Kettle bells in Cross Fitness Box

#110379255 — handsome athletic man holding kettle bell overhead while working. #102341511 — Cropped shot of young athletic sportsman applying talcum powder.

#102341523 — Rear view shot of young athletic sportsman squatting and lifting. #102317642 — Cropped shot of young athletic sportsman with embossed muscles,.

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#128657918 — Sexy fitness model woman with perfect abs muscles posing with. #110379254 — handsome muscular man holding kettle bell overhead while working.

#80146791 — Pink cast iron kettle bell on a yellow background #105067655 — Athletic woman doing push-ups exercise with kettle bells.

#82735146 — Adorable toddler in retro style sport suit going to lift a kettle bell #37358289 — Determined young fitness woman exercising with kettle bell on.

#82021425 — healthy couple workout with weights lifting dumbbell at CrossFit. #64534504 — Athletic woman performing a functional exercise with kettle bell.

#41023879 — Set of vintage gym equipment quotes and design elements #128812805 — Kettle bell weightlifting woman lifting free weight panoramic.

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#102878456 — Young fitness couple doing workout with kettle bell on the wall. #102878464 — Young fitness woman doing workout with kettle bell on the wall.

#43852617 — Muscular woman in gym working out on her core body. #42417820 — Cropped image of men lifting kettle bells at CrossFit gym

#76995179 — Kettle bell or girl weight training equipment flat vector icon. #64981804 — Man lifting kettle bell from floor doing sport in gym

#47800752 — Woman doing intense core exercise on fitness mat. #57290221 — Close up of female arms lifting kettle bell in gym.

#78885959 — Unrecognizable fit man in gym doing push-ups on kettle bells #114245928 — Kettle bells and battle rope on floor with woman standing at.

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#102317859 — Cropped shot of athletic sportsman with exercising in gym, lifting. #123418868 — Portrait of concentrated young woman working out with kettle bell .

#48393815 — Train hard, vintage t-shirt design, print, kettle bell and barbell,. #42096750 — Fitness woman doing CrossFit exercising with kettle bell.

#58716092 — Full length shot of determined fitness woman walking in the CrossFit. #113566276 — Sports equipment and healthy food on a white wooden background...

#43578001 — Fitness woman exercising CrossFit holding kettle bell strength. #32987827 — grunge kettle bell and barbell vector design template

#42329548 — Squatting muscular couple lifting kettle bells at the CrossFit. #32860809 — gym group weightlifting workout men and girls exercise

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#31949176 — Red gym weight kettle bell isolated on white background #132280762 — Young athletic and strong female holding, lifting kettle bells.

#126351472 — Handsome sport man over isolated background with kettle bell But for some weighted moves, especially ones that require an explosive movement, kettle bells reign supreme.

You can also hold them by the handle or the bell (the round part of the weight), which allows you to get a different range of motion depending on the kettle bell exercise you're doing. Plus, the shape of a kettle bell lets you work your muscles a little differently than a traditional dumbbell, Jessica Sims, a NASM-certified personal trainer at the Hitting Room in New York City, tells SELF.

When you take a class with kettle bells, or any other new type of equipment, it's normal to feel a little lost. Oh, and a quick lesson on the lingo: The “ball” refers to the heavy sphere at the bottom, and the handle is the part attached to it.

The handle is also referred to as the “horns,” and can be gripped at the top, on the sides, or near the base where it meets the ball. Adding a kettle bell increases the resistance your body has to work against to stand back up, challenging your muscles even more.

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In addition, holding the kettle bell close to your chest helps you nail proper form. “When you pick up heavy grocery bags, you should squat down like this so you don't hurt your back.”

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes turned out slightly, gripping the sides of the kettle bell handle with both hands at chest height. They also secretly challenge your core, since you have to keep your abs tight to avoid arching your back.

Sims says to choose a heavier weight with a dead lift—since you're not bending your elbows at all, you're mostly using your glutes, which are likely the strongest muscles in your body. Hinge at your hips and push your butt back as you lower your torso and the weight toward the ground.

“Make sure that you don’t let the kettle bells swing, keep them stable by your side like actual suitcases,” Sims says. Push through your heels, putting most of the weight on the back foot, to return to the starting position.

Adding weight to a sit-up adds an extra challenge for your core, and the press at the top works your shoulders and arms, too. For these sit-ups, Sims says you can either keep your knees bent or put them in butterfly position, depending on what feels comfortable for your hips.

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Start in a sit-up position, lying on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Kettle bell swings are great for your butt, legs, and lower back, Sims says.

You can probably go heavy here, but she suggests nailing the technique with a lighter kettle bell before adding too much weight. To perform a swing with proper form, you have to “thrust your hips aggressively to get the kettle bell up, don't use your arms,” Sims explains.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, gripping the top of the kettle bell handle with both hands. Bend your knees slightly, then hinge forward at the hips to swing the kettle bell between your legs.

Stand back up; use the momentum from your hips to swing the weight to chest height. Your form here should be similar to a traditional dead lift, except your legs should be wider than shoulder-width distance and your feet should be turned out a bit.

Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and toes angled out. Switching to one-handed swings isolates one side at a time, which makes it harder and helps improve stability.

kettlebell iron weight cast 16kg gym training fitness workout oypla sports indoor
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Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, gripping the top of the kettle bell handle with one hand. Bend your knees slightly, then hinge forward at the hips to swing the kettle bell between your legs.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, gripping the top of the kettle bell handle with one hand. Bend your knees slightly, then hinge forward at the hips to thread the kettle bell between your legs.

Bring your now-empty hand to meet the weight at the top of the movement (so you don't slam it into your chest). Grasp a kettle bell in each hand, palms facing out, arms bent so the weights are resting at each shoulder.

Bend your knees just a few inches, and as you stand back up, press the weights straight up overhead. To protect your lower back and make sure you're using your triceps, don't arch your back, Sims instructs. The key here is to straighten your arm completely at the top—that'll let you work the triceps through a full range of motion.

Grip the kettle bell by the ball at the base of the handle with both hands and raise it directly overhead. Keeping your elbows close to your ears, lower the kettle bell behind your head to neck level.

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The trick is to keep your core tight and hold your torso stable as you rotate your arms and the weight. Lift the ball to eye level and slowly circle it around your head to the left.

Hold the kettle bell handle in your right hand with your arm hanging straight at your side. Holding a kettle bell above your head at the top of a crunch challenges your core and lower abs—so does the flutter motion of your legs.

Start with the weight above your shoulders, and to make it more difficult, bring it a little behind your head, Sims says. Make sure to keep your core super tight and lower back flat on the ground.

If your back comes off the ground, or you feel any strain, bring your legs up a couple more inches. Stand in front of a box or step, holding a kettle bell by the handle with both hands at your chest.

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