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Bob Roberts
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
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Even if you’ve got a wide variety of lifts down but you’re looking to up your at-home exercise game, it’s probably time to get familiar with different kettle bell grips. If you know even a little about your favorite piece of workout equipment, you probably know that kettle bells are incredible for grip strength.

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If the only kettle bell you’ve got lying around is on the heavier side, always make sure you can successfully hold the grip ’s position steadily. Some options (particularly the semi-conventional bottom-up grip with you holding the handle) work much better with a lighter bell, so make sure you’re lifting smart.

Your fingertips might sweep the ground as you grasp the weight securely with your hands on either side of the bell. Especially if you’re working with a heavier weight, feel free to carefully shimmy your palms toward each other to form something of a cup for the bell to rest in.

While maintaining a stable grip, you should still be relaxed enough to be able to flutter your fingertips at the top of a swing. If you’ve been dead lifting with a kettle bell in lieu of a bar, you might find your barbell instincts kicking in and trying to slide in with a hook grip.

The set up is similar to a double-handed center grip, but you’ll curl your index and middle fingers around to grasp your thumb on the underside of the handle. If you grip the handle directly in the center and then try to rack it, you’re almost guaranteed to slap the kettle bell onto your wrist or forearm.

Every day your grip strength is being used whether carrying shopping, opening a jam jar, holding a tennis racket, swinging a golf club, or playing with your kids. Having a strong grip is not only useful to accomplish daily tasks but it also helps maintain a healthy injury free body.

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Most athletes report an increase in their overall weight training lifts when they improve their grip strength. Personally as a climber and martial artist I’ve seen first hand the importance of grip training.

If you are a frequent kettle bell lifter then you will have been training your grip strength without you even realizing it. Listed below are 7 kettlebellgrip strength exercises starting with the easiest and finishing with the most technical.

Keep your arms straight as you practice passing the kettle bell from one hand to the other around your body. You can wrap tape, a cloth or cardboard around the handle to really challenge your grip strength.

When you feel like you are going to drop the kettle bell set it down for a few seconds to allow recovery and then pick it up and continue. Start a grip workout : Select a specific distance and see how many times you have to put the kettle bell down before reaching your destination, then change hands and walk back again.

You will find that during high repetitions of swings your grip will work hard especially as your hands start to get slippy with sweat. Start a grip workout : Work up to 60 seconds of swings on each arm before setting the kettle bell back down on the floor.

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The kettle bell clean is based on the dead lift movement pattern so you should be able to lift some nice heavy loads which is excellent for overloading the grip. Again, the thicker the kettle bell handle and heavier the load the more challenging the exercise will be.

Keep your elbow tucked in and see how long you can maintain the bottoms up position before you have to take the kettle bell back down to the floor again. Beginners will really work hard in the top position as they improve their body alignment in order to keep the kettle bell upside down.

Start a grip workout : Practice the bottoms up clean with various different weights, work up to 10 reps holding for as long as possible in the top position. Kettle bell High Pulls Exercise kettle bell high pulls exercise works the grip both in the bottom part of the swing and also in a more technical way at the top.

At the bottom part of the high pull the kettle bell swings in between your legs and will try to escape from your grip. During the top portion of the high pull your grip must stay strong to prevent the kettle bell handle from rotating through your hand.

Perform as many snatches as possible in 10 minutes changing hands as many times as you wish but never putting the kettle bell down. Strengthening your grip in a variety of ways with kettle bells can help you to: fix forearm and elbow issues, improve sports performance, and increase your overall lifting strength.

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Kettle bell training has a huge amount of benefits and improving your grip strength is only one of them. Kettle bells provide simple, unique exercises that build functional strength and range of motion.

However, kettle bells are expensive and nearly impossible to travel with. With Kettle Grape you'll get your full workout at a range of weights anywhere you can find a dumbbell. Kettle Grape is a great addition to your home gym or travel bag.

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Perfect for the home gym, traveling fitness enthusiast, or trainer/gym owner with limited space; Kettle Grape gives you a full kettle bell workout at a range of weights anywhere you can find a dumbbell. More than 20 grips are covered, download your copy for free below.

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The handle will generally lie across your callus pads with a slight downward angle toward the pinky side of the hand. 1) The center grip keeps the kettle bell balanced so it won’t roll in either direction around the forearm.

This in turn, makes the landing less stable, the kettle bell is harder to control, and the shoulder can move around and become unpacked. Remember our snatches are Hard style, we use the force and speed of the hips to outrun the arm, and the fist punches through the handle fast.

Once mastered, the kettle bell snatch using a center grip is both powerful and smooth, with no unnecessary movement at the lock out. If we hold the kettle bell at an angle during heavy presses, it puts the emphasis on the pinkie side of the palm which turns on mostly the triceps and lats.

The corner grip turns off the part of the hand (thumb side) that facilitates the neurological connection with the pecs, biceps and anterior Delta. The corner grip turns off the part of the hand (thumb side) that facilitates the neurological connection with the pecs, biceps and anterior Delta.

By grabbing the kettle bell in the center with the handle flat across the line of the calluses, we are able to activate both buttons. Slowly lower yourself down while only contacting the ground on the outsides of your hands (pinkie), and then come back up.

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There are certain populations of kettle bell lifters who will benefit from opening the fingers at the top of the snatch. When the fingers open at the top of a snatch, it allows the hand and grip to relax at the lockout.

This is especially good for people with tight shoulders who need more mobility at the lockout and for high volume of snatching where the grip fatigues. Opening the hand at the top of a snatch rep can also help to slow people down if they are rushing through the lock-out.

However, if someone is running out of time during a snatch test, make sure they keep their hands closed, as it will give back a second more for each rep. As a side note, those who tend to over grip the kettle bell handle are often not using their hips and glutes to drive the movement, instead they are pulling with their arms and back.

So fix the hips first, and that may alleviate the need to open the hand at the top of the snatch. Secondly, the open grip should only be used during high volume snatches, never for grinds like presses or get-ups, windmills or carries.

The corner grip is also encouraged for clean & jerks, since the triceps and lats are doing most of the overhead work to finish the lock out. For jerks and push presses, the lower body initiates the movement and drives the kettle bell overhead.

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Also, because beginners are typically using smaller, lighter kettle bells which sit higher on the forearm where it is more sensitive. But, the bigger kettle bells really do sit lower on the forearm and are more comfortable to hold in the rack and overhead.

If someone’s lock out is forward of the shoulder, then most of the weight of the kettle bell will go directly into the forearm. Until the mobility issues are addressed, they will continue to feel the pressure from the kettle bell on their arm.

Big-chested men and women, powerlifters or bodybuilder physiques, might find it hard to hold a kettle bell in the rack position. In all these examples, using a wrist guard can help protect the forearm and make the kettle bell position safer and more comfortable.

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