Kettlebell Front Press

Danielle Fletcher
• Friday, 18 December, 2020
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The kettlebellpress is a popular workout technique used to strengthen and build muscle in your deltoid, upper pectorals, and triceps. Every well-balanced training program should incorporate an overhead press in some manner, and kettle bells are a great piece of equipment to utilize in your workout.

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Watch as Kettle bell Kings trainer Mike Salem and our good friend Justin Andrews from Mind Pump Media break down the essentials for a high-quality kettlebellpress. In their training experience, Mike and Justin have seen a number of people fail to maximize the use of their muscles and put themselves at risk by using the incorrect form.

Justin notes that some bodybuilders perform a “half- press,” in which the arm is only half-extended above the head, in an attempt to better isolate certain muscles, but this variation is not necessary and may even be less effective overall. By utilizing the correct form for your press, you not only work these muscle groups but you also generate a safer movement that reduces the risk of injury.

Although this is the standard position, you also have a range of angles you can place your arm in that isolate different parts of the upper body and allow you to perform more repetitions. If you’re only using kettle bells for swings and Turkish setups, you’re sorely missing out on some killer total-body work.

These two movements Omar Golden, former Broncos safety and Super Bowl 50 champ, demos in a superset workout: the double kettle bell push press and double kettle bell goblet squat. “ wicked kettle bell superset will have your core on fire,” he writes (with the help of emojis) in the accompanying caption.

For the push press, you’ll clean both bells up into a front rack position, and take an athletic stance with your feet under your hips. As you lower the bell back into the front rack, bend your knees slightly to help absorb the weight.

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That means your ribs aren’t flaring towards the ceiling, and your lower-back isn’t rounding when you press the weight overhead. But because you’re only pressing one weight overhead at a time, the offset load means your abs and obliques have to work to keep you stable.

Descend as low as you can without dropping your chest or shifting into your toes, then drive off your heels back up to the start. Because the weight is front -loaded, the bells are going to pull your body forward as you lower into a squat.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. I quickly learned that kettle bells are unjustly overlooked as strength equipment ; they are often only favored as endurance tools for high-rep ballistic movements like swings and snatches.

They're equally adept and providing muscular overload on slow, heavy lifts like squats and presses. Because of their odd shape, kettle bells actually make the body do more work than traditional implements such as barbells and dumbbells.

The reason the double- kettlebellfront squat is so much more challenging than its barbell cousin is due to leverage. Consider the rack position: With a barbell, the load rests near the top of the spine, across the collarbone and the front of the deltoid, just below the head.

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In this arrangement, the barbell becomes virtually one with the lifter, making it easier to move the external resistance. The bells try to pull your body forward and off-balance, which forces your entire midsection to reflexively contract in order to keep you from folding in half.

To pick one painful example for many lifters, a strong rotator cuff stabilizes your shoulder joint so you can safely bench press. Double Kettle bell Military Press I'm also of the opinion that one of the causes of what are commonly called workout “plateaus” are actually stabilizer muscles that are weak or don't work properly.

If you find you have a strength imbalance, resist the urge to let your stronger side set the pace. Train both sides to be relatively even with each other, both in the number of reps and the amount of weight you put over your head.

You may feel like you're holding back at first, but don't be surprised if your big barbell lifts get stronger as a result. Strength is a worthy goal on its own, and it's more than enough reason to try kettle bell squats and presses.

Whether you are looking to burn fat, increase muscle, maintain good joint health or improve your cardio the kettlebellfront squat is a great choice. The kettlebellfront squat is a full body exercise that can be performed with either one kettle bell or two.

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Activates the often lazy buttock muscles Increases hormonal responses through the body for better growth Improves core strength and stabilization unlike the back squat Develops better joint health through regular pumping of nutrients Speeds up metabolism for fat burning 24/7 Challenges cardio without the need to move your feet The squat is a vital human movement pattern that is used in daily life whether getting in and out of your car or sitting and standing from a chair.

Don’t wing your elbow out to the side or allow the kettle bell to drift forwards off the chest. If this happens your shoulder will get tired quickly and even the worst may result in an injury to your rotator cuff muscles.

From the racked position you perform a regular high quality squat movement. Stop at the bottom position and pause for 3 seconds before pushing the floor away from you and standing up.

At the top position squeeze your buttocks tightly together and don’t lean backwards. If during the squat exercise your shoulder does begin to fatigue then you can use your opposite hand to help support the kettle bell.

Many people have weak buttocks and hips and therefore tend to find their knees caving in towards each other during the squatting movement. You must work hard to prevent this from happening by pushing your knees outwards during all phases of the squat movement.

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The double kettlebellfront squat enables you to overload the movement as well as balance out the load on both sides of the body. You can link fingers to help keep the kettle bell handles together if you find that more comfortable.

After each set just change sides so the heavier kettle bell is now being held in the opposite hand. For those short on time or wishing to choose an exercise that is effective for fat loss then the kettlebellfront squat to overhead press is a great choice.

Beginners can practice this exercise by holding the kettle bell in both hands and performing the squat and then the overhead press. As this exercise is very demanding and uses most of the muscles in your body you need to be careful with your technique as you quickly start to fatigue.

The kettle bell is held with both hands at chest height which helps balance the squatting movement. Barbell front squats are an excellent choice for building sheer strength and bulk in the legs, buttocks and hips.

Holding one kettle bell in each hand and then squatting ensures a better balance throughout the body as each shoulder is working independently compared to the other. You will also find that due to the more forward position of the kettle bells during the squatting movement that the core muscles are forced to work even harder to stabilize the upper body.

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Once you have practiced and feel comfortable with the kettle bell squat here is a full body workout you can try: The kettlebellfront squat is a highly effective and fundamental exercise that all kettle bell practitioners should be using.

Not only does the kettlebellfront squat benefit the legs, hips and buttocks but also the core and back muscles. The squat also keeps the joints healthy, helps promote fat loss, and challenges your cardio without the need to move your feet.

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