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Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Some programs focus strictly on gaining mass, some focus entirely on sport specific practice, some can’t get enough speed and agility, and others have no real basis at all. Limited equipment Often times equipment can be limited in the weight room, but when implementing kettle bell training with youth athletes it’s very easy to have 2-4 athletes train on one kettle bell in multiple small groups.

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This is also another way to add team building into a training program. It’s the perfect reason to train outdoors but not necessarily touch on sport specific practice on the field.

Ease of implementation Much of Kettle bell training is based off of Olympic Weight lifting variations, but with slightly less technical requirements. Cost This is a big factor, especially when dealing with limited school budgets.

This is really just the introduction to youthKettlebell training, there are far more topics to explore such athletic development, power endurance training, general fitness, and the list goes on. I first met Moses Dung ca in December 2019 at the Seattle Kettle bell Club Pro-Am competition.

He stood at the junction of the chalking station and the lifting platforms where the energy of the athletes was most palpable. The area was lit with ultraviolet lamps that clung to fluorescence, and you could feel the cool, damp air of the Pacific Northwest.

I believe Moses strategically chose to stand in this specific location because it was the only setting in the gym that could mirror the energy and passion that this man has for coaching and kettle bell sport. Moses is the Head Coach at Kettle bell Sanctuary in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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He was a competitive gymnast from 1980 to 1992, and he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1997 where he earned a living as a performer. He has coached and trained numerous Master of Sport athletes and US record-holders, and he holds the USA Kettle bell Team close to his heart.

Because of his passion for the USA Team, he has diligently sought ways to grow a healthy kettle bell community in the United States. Ok, well maybe it didn’t happen exactly like Doc Brown in Back to Future, but five years ago, Moses Dung ca did have a realization that he needed to start a grassroots kettle bell program for kids that would serve as a feeder program for the USA Kettle bell Team.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Dung ca on his innovative design of youth and transition kettle bells. At that time, the program utilized a 5 level system of developing the gymnastic skills of young athletes.

Most of the time a kettle bell enthusiast introduced it to their friend or a personal trainer/KB instructor notices that his/her student seems to like doing KB's. About 5 years ago I brainstormed with 2 other KB coaches and said that I really wanted to create a grassroots program, but the properly sized equipment didn’t exist.

So, I decided to measure all the bells I had in my training facility and came up with specific dimensions to create my first model. The most important part was developing a handle width that allowed kids to have the same exact experience as adults including all the nuances of gripping that we go through.

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I didn’t want any child having to grip a handle too thick and not learning how to really utilize the fingers like a hook. I couldn’t make 2 kg and 4 kg out of steel, because the walls would be way too thin and it would easily dent or crack.

The benefit of teaching children the kettle bell sport movements is that they master these top three keys at an early age: first, anatomical breathing; second, eye-hand coordination; third, discipline. Developing children’s eye-hand coordination, as well as their attention to detail on specific stabilizing/balance positions, is highly beneficial.

Furthermore, a grip of steel and an “iron core” can be acquired at a young age which is of immeasurable value to the athlete. No kid will be able to just pick up kettle bells and keep them moving at a certain pace without really putting in the hours to develop their technique and endurance.

With KB sport there is a performance component as well, and athletes who begin cultivating their skill at an early age will be more naturally successful. “Hey Coach Hoover, I have a 12-year-old athlete that can pick up a 12 kg weight and keep it moving for 10 minutes and not stop.

Do you want to know more about her?” “Hey Coach Johnson, I have a 15-year-old athlete that can pick up a 20 kg weight and keep it moving for 10 minutes and not stop. Do you want to know more about her?” “Hey Coach Smith, I have a 17-year-old student that can pick up (2) 24 kg weights (106 lbs) and can put them up over his head for 10 minutes and not stop.

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In all of my Youth KB Workshops, I begin by explaining the importance of starting from a solid foundation. With those 2 main components, you’ll help the child learn how to properly stack their joints for appropriate support of the kettle bell (s).

It is highly important to teach children the proper fixation in order for them to be safe and excel in this sport. I wanted to create a program that makes sense and properly prepares kids without forcing them to move up.

I now have bells in the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Finland, Peru, Mexico, Canada, France, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. Right now I want to be in a different city every weekend conducting Youth KB Workshops as well as helping to spread Kettle bell Sport for adults.

I want desperately to be in a gym filled with people, kids, and adults, spreading the love of KB Sport. Similarly, these same conversations can be initiated with teenagers and small-framed individuals that pick up Dung ca Transition Kettle bells.

More importantly, we now have new avenues to draw individuals into the sport and develop the strong bonds and relationships that are forged through hard work, perseverance, and personal growth. Moses Dung ca bravely innovated the design of the youth and transition kettle bell and opened doors of opportunity for the masses to train with this implement that we all have grown to love.

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Teach these moves individually or get a qualified kettle bell instructor to help your kids learn the techniques, and then put them together in a circuit or pairing. Divelbiss recommends a coach be present at all times and be strict about keeping perfect form before letting kids advance.

Avoid letting them train to the point of muscular failure, as this encourages poor form -- each repetition should be executed perfectly. Once the kids are comfortable with basic squats, swings, presses and rows, start them going with other more complex moves like get-ups, snatches and cleans.

Overall, it provided me with some great insight in to what should and should not be done at certain age ranges, due to growth and development of the skeletal system. Non-machine based (for the most part) strength movements that lend themselves to developing balance, strength, coordination, and transfer into the lives of these young individuals while they play their sports. I have been using the kettle bell to instruct 'grinder' movements to my young athletes, and have been witnessing some great success.

Hi Ryan, Most of my athletes are in high school, however, I see no reason why the swing wouldn't be an early exercise to add to children's training. Students are sitting behind desks reinforcing negative patterns from a very young age, so having some swings in there is a real positive.

I'm always wary of adding too much load with children, however, the swing really doesn't place a lot (negligible if any) negative stress on your body when it is taught conservatively and with the right patterning. My concern with adding swings at a younger age (8-11 in females and 9/10-12 in males) is the shear force without the presence of compression on open growth plates through the spine.

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I understand, with absolute clarity, what benefits can be had in the adult populations with the swing. However, the quantitative data that Stuart McGill has shown through his research with the swing leads me to question if these young age ranges have the neuromuscular capability to be able to use their musculature to protect the shear force from being placed on the open growth plates.

Especially with the fact that the swing is beneficial either in high repetition set schemes, or with heavy weight. Through two years of 'coaching' my current sports performance program, I have witnessed great benefit from instructing goblet squats, several forms of KB dead lifts, and the TGU but have only taught the swing to a select few.

Have any other coaches here noticed potential cause for harm in instructing the swing with younger ages? I highly value coach-to-coach interaction and think that a greater good can be reached by peer-to-peer education.

Kettle bells don’t require expensive machines or designated facilities. The kettle bell swing is a surprisingly intricate movement that includes various muscle groups and coordinated focus.

And you’ll learn to become an expert in an exercise that is commonly used in personal training. The exercise benefits of the kettle bell swing for developing lower body strength and power.

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