Kettlebell For Women Over 50

Carole Stephens
• Wednesday, 21 October, 2020
• 6 min read

It is better to begin with a light weight to master form to prevent injury to the back, shoulders and knees. A circuit kettle bell routine can help banish the excess adipose tissue that accumulates around the midsection during menopause.

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The moves can help you burn calories, aiding in fat loss and increased lean muscle mass. Perform two to three sets of walking lunges, single-leg squats, figure eights between the legs, single-leg dead lifts and single-arm swings for 15 to 60 seconds.

Banish batting arms with upper-bodyexercisesinvolving 5- to 8-pound kettle bells, such as snatches, high pulls, bent over rows, alternating shoulder presses, farmer’s walks and overhead triceps extensions. So when reviewing the 7 kettle bell exercise for seniors please realize that not everyone always fits into the same bracket.

Your focus as a senior should not be to break any liftingrecordsor to push yourself to complete exhaustion. One of the most important aspects of your health that you should work on as you age is your joint mobility.

As you get older and move less you ability to take your joints through their full range diminishes. A lack of joint mobility will not only affect your posture but also your ability to move correctly.

I recommend that you run through a full joint mobility routine before each workout. For many people this mobility routine can have more of an impact on their lives than the workout so please don’t skip this section.

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The great thing about neck mobility is that you can practice anytime of the day even while seated watching TV. The upper back or thoracic spine is one of the areas that is getting more and more restricted with modern lifestyles.

Watch a video of the upper back mobility warm upexercisesbelow: Regular wrist mobility will help keep the jointshealthyand improve circulation.

Watch a video of the wrist mobility warm upexercisesbelow: If you don’t walk over varied ground or take part in sports then your hip mobility will probably be limited.

Poor hip mobility will affect your walking gait as well as force your lower back to move more than it should do. Simple body weight squats are one of the bestexercisesyou can perform and will strengthen your full body.

Good ankle mobility will improve yourbalanceas well as prevent further leg injury while walking or tripping on uneven ground. Often one of the most overlooked areas of the body a simple ankle mobility routine will also improve circulation.

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Try to keep the kettle bell close to the neck line and don’t bend the head forwards. Work hard to keep your back flat and use your buttocks and legs to perform the heavy lifting.

Watch a video of the kettle bell single arm dead lift exercise below: You will also find this is a great exercise for seniors with limited mobility as it lengthens the hamstrings and mobilizes the hips.

I recommend practicing the exercise without a kettle bell first in order to master the movement. Not only is the kettle bell step up highly effective at raising the heart rate and strengthening the legs and buttocks but also has a great cross over into your daily life.

You will find walking up hills and stairs much easier if you work on this exercise. There are not many muscles that the goblet squat doesn’t activate when performed correctly.

You will also quickly raise your heart rate, pump vital nutrients around your body and improve your movement strength and skills for daily life. Failure to get a full 90 degree bends in the knees will limit the amount of buttockactivationachieved.

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The ability to get up and down from the floor is an important activity as we get older and very challenging for many people. Everyone should practice the get up without a kettle bell first, if need be you can hold a tennis ball or glass of water in the hand.

Practice : when you can perform 10 alternating repetitions without a kettle bell then slowly start to add some load. Start off steady and use a light kettle bell for the first 2 weeks before slowly increasing the load.

You should feel out of breath at the end of each circuit if not add more load or pick up the pace. Using kettle bellexercisesfor seniors and older adults can be highly effective at improving health, fitness and well-being.

Regular kettle belltrainingcan improve balance, strength, your metabolism, help with fat loss and confidence. Older adults can move and be just as strong, if not stronger, than those half their age so there are no hard and fast rules for what weight to start with.

I’ve included a kettle bell circuit that you can follow 3-4 times per week just add load steadily as you get stronger. Always seek professional medical advice and take your time and listen to your body as you exercise.

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All that aside, kettle bellworkoutsalso just didn’t seem necessary since I have dumbbells and resistance bands to cover lots of fitness routines. However, given the inherent difficulty of attending gyms right now with a face mask and the potential risk of exposure, I decided to shake things up and took the plunge: I ordered a kettle bell.

If you’re likewise looking for the best kettle bells to buy, you’ll quickly find lots of options and some might seem very similar to others. I’ve found a lot of value in even basic exercises, which challenged my body in gym-worthy ways, an especially significant value in workout gear as we head into winter.

It’s easy to use and ultimately gives you unrivaled flexibility with what weight size you want in your kettle bell given you have the appropriate dumbbells to match with it. Heidi Pocono, apersonaltrainer andmanageroftrainingat GYMGUYZ, recommends a vinyl coated cast iron kettle bell.

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