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• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
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Unless you are brand new to the fitness lifestyle, you have no doubt heard of testosterone and the life-changing benefits it brings with it as it rises… And how disastrous it can be if it plummets. Whilst women do indeed have small amounts of the magic elixir, it’s incredibly unlikely that any single female would have levels even close to that of a man.

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As you may have guessed, testosterone is one of the reasons that men are typically much larger and more muscular than the fairer sex. From the examples above, you can deduct that having a high testosterone level will allow you to gain more muscle, lift more weight, lift that weight for more duration and recover fast so you can be back on your grind the next day and the days after that.

Raising your T-levels via steroid injections can come with a whole host of side effects and long term repercussions that can cause you problems down the road. Especially for young guys, who may have to continue to take these shots daily or weekly for the rest of their lives just, so they can keep a normal hormonal profile.

Luckily for everyone, there are far safer and more productive ways that you can raise your testosterone levels naturally with zero negative side effects or issues. Big compounds lifts like the Dead lift and the Squat and even Sprinting have been shown to be effective techniques to increase T-levels.

Any more than that and your body and central nervous system (CNS) may find it too stressful to handle. The higher your cortisol, the lower your testosterone falls, generally speaking.

Developed in the 1700s in Russia, the kettle bell is a ball-shaped weight with a handle on top for the trainee to grasp. They can be utilized in a variety of ways in order to build strength, speed or stamina.

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The weight is concentrated on the ball segment rather than the handle making them perfect for building power and strength due to the explosive and ballistic movements. Your body produces more testosterone in relation to how many muscle fibers are being recruited in the exercise.

It positively stresses your body greatly but without the harshness that a dead lift would, meaning you can do more swings, more frequently without the negative consequences. Sprints boost testosterone by using the entire body and really pushing it to the limit.

Kettle bell swings are superior because they allow a similar effect whilst staying in the exact same place and without putting undue pressure on your joints by smashing them on the road. If you want to have a high testosterone level naturally, you will have to incorporate kettle bells into your workout.

Lighter weights can still be effective but you won’t be taxing the actual muscle mass as much as you would your cardiovascular system. Due to the asymmetric weight being focused on the ball, you have to utilize your entire body to stabilize the weight in pretty much any common exercise type, thus recruiting more muscle groups and muscle fibers.

Let’s cut to the chase, kettle bell training will add some serious muscle mass all over your body. Many of these exercises are hardcore, this will drive your testosterone levels to a new dimension, giving you the respect that you deserve in and out of the gym.

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Now let’s have a look at how the right exercises can boost your testosterone levels, build up your muscle mass and overall strength. (1) This will happen to you, as kettle bell swings use all the major muscle groups, this takes your testosterone to a new level.

When you are banging out some bicep curls in the gym, you are only really working the ‘mirror muscles’. Unfortunately you are neglecting the back of your body (posterior kine ct chain), this means that these muscles are often under trained.

The back of your body (posterior kinetic chain) are the group of muscles that help with: The above 4 factors are important in increasing the weight and improving your success rate on the ‘big lifts’ e.g. deadline, squats and rows.

Are you starting to see the bigger picture on the real benefits of kettle training? In addition, when you kettle bell train, you increase the recruitment of your type 2 muscle fibers (fast twitch fibers).

Add strength to your back, preventing you from getting unwanted injuries (lower back pain) Improving your posture, creating confidence in and out of the gym Improving your success rate when performing the ‘big’ lifts. Start on your back, holding a kettle bell with palms facing in & arm fully extended The leg on same side should be bent 90 degrees at knee with foot flat on floor Drive through heel of bent leg to lift chest and hips At same time sweep other leg behind into a kneeling lunge position Keep back flat and core engaged at all times Reverse motion to get back into starting position.

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The force created with hips drives KB into high row Drive elbows to ceiling, load of KB close to body & back flat at all times Squeeze your lats Your thumb of hand holding KB should in line with collar bone.

Just order 90 days (3 months worth) or more of Testified testosterone booster and you will be covered by our cast iron guarantee. “ Kettle bell swing training improves maximal and explosive strength.” The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 26.8 (2012): 2228-2233.

Phillips, Stuart M. “Strength and hypertrophy with resistance training: chasing a hormonal ghost.” European journal of applied physiology 112.5 (2012): 1981-1983. By swinging this ancient metal object around in a series of movements, has a huge impact of your testosterone and growth hormone levels.

GH is effectively a stress hormone which boosts the amount of glucose and free fatty acids in the body helping it to repair itself and promote new cell growth. Numerous testosterone supplements can help replicate this effect or even promote more GH production.

In the beginning, assuming you’ve never used kettle bells before, I would recommend by doing 3 morning sessions per week before breakfast. So if you want to get the best results from kettle bell swings for growth hormone production, you can always train fasted at other times of the day.

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Keep the exercises short and sweet (think high burst intensity doing 20/50 swings to start with). An excessive number of people will start using kettle bells, but as they don’t change their diet, they give up and become discouraged.

So, armed with this knowledge we call common sense, it only leaves room for one thing when it comes to dieting, and that’s; eat clean whole foods as often as possible. If you can change your dietary patterns and increase the amount of healthy habits every day, then you’ll boost growth hormone levels sky-high when combined with kettle bell swings fasted.

Okay, we’ve all heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that is absolutely true! Adding more protein to your eating routine can help to reduce food cravings, and at the same time, control blood sugar.

Numerous studies have been done on the benefits of dark green vegetables and growth hormone production. If you really want to boost your testosterone and growth hormone levels, you need to make sure you’re eating the right minerals and vitamins on a daily basis.

Minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B6 all play a vital role in overall hormone health and production. So, you’ll never be short of exercises to improve your growth hormone levels using a kettle bell.

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