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Maria Garcia
• Wednesday, 21 October, 2020
• 2 min read

Checking 'include nearby areas' will expand your search. Akron / canton (CAK) Albany, NY (alb) altoona-johnstown (AOO) Annapolis, MD (ANP) Shaula, OH (Jon) Baltimore, MD (bad) Binghamton, NY (BGM) buffalo, NY (BUF) Catskills (cat) central NJ (CNJ) Charleston, WV (CRW) Charlottesville, VA (UVA) Chautauqua, NY (CHQ) Cleveland, OH (CLE) Cumberland valley (CBG) Danville (DNS) Delaware (DL) eastern CT (NLO) eastern panhandle (ewe) eastern shore (ESH) elmira-corning (elm) Erie, PA (era) finger lakes, NY (AGL) Frederick, MD (FDP) Fredericksburg, VA (EZF) glens falls, NY (GFL) Harrisburg, PA (hrs) Harrisonburg, VA (SHD) Hartford, CT (HTF) Hudson valley, NY (HUD) Ithaca, NY (with) jersey shore (jays) Leigh valley (alt) long island, NY (ISP) Lynchburg, VA (Lynn) Melville, PA (MDV) Morgantown, WV (WSU) new haven, CT (Han) new river valley (VPI) New York city (NYC) Norfolk / Hampton roads (NFL) north jersey (NY) northern panhandle (who) northwest CT (NCT) neon, NY (on) outer banks (box) parkersburg-marietta (PKB) Philadelphia (phi) Pittsburgh, PA (pit) Poconos (POC) reading, PA (REA) Rhode Island (PRV) Richmond, VA (RIC) Roanoke, VA (ROA) Rochester, NY (RCS) Scranton / wilkes-barre (AVP) south coast, MA (SMA) south jersey (SNL) southern Maryland (SD) southern WV (SWV) state college, PA (PSU) Syracuse, NY (SYR) Tuscaroras co (of) twin tiers NY/PA (TTS) utica-rome-oneida (UTI) Washington, DC (WDC) Watertown, NY (WTN) West Virginia (old) (WPA) western Maryland (WMD) western Massachusetts (MA) Williamsport, PA (wet) Winchester, VA (OK) Worcester / central MA (for) York, PA (ark) Youngstown, OH (Yang) Janesville / Cambridge (AVL) + show 76 more...

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Albany, NY (alb) Binghamton, NY (BGM) Boston (beaus) buffalo, NY (BUF) Cape Cod / islands (cap) Catskills (cat) central NJ (CNJ) eastern CT (NLO) elmira-corning (elm) finger lakes, NY (AGL) glens falls, NY (GFL) Hartford, CT (HTF) Hudson valley, NY (HUD) Ithaca, NY (with) jersey shore (jays) Leigh valley (alt) long island, NY (ISP) Maine (MNE) New Hampshire (NHS) new haven, CT (Han) New York city (NYC) north jersey (NY) northwest CT (NCT) neon, NY (on) plattsburgh-adirondacks (PLB) Poconos (POC) potsdam-canton-massena (Ltd) Rhode Island (PRV) Rochester, NY (RCS) Scranton / wilkes-barre (AVP) south coast, MA (SMA) Syracuse, NY (SYR) utica-rome-oneida (UTI) Watertown, NY (WTN) western Massachusetts (MA) Williamsport, PA (wet) Worcester / central MA (for) + show 37 more... Checking 'include nearby areas' will expand your search.

Well-made, smooth grip I recently purchased a 26 Kg. I have in the past also purchased 5 other bells from PB (14Kg., 18 Kg., 2 24Kg plastic coated, and 28 Kg.).

$35 shipping for a 26 Kg bell adds considerably to the cost. Even so, PB is still my go-to store for kettle bells. Great product, excellent service Nice finish, even, and consistent shape.

My only complaint is that even during PB “free shipping” times, the kettle bells are not eligible for it. Swinging on the block Since Covid-19 has hit, I've needed to up my home gym game.

This 32 kg Kettle bell has already paid for itself, and I only received it a couple of weeks ago. Not only does a few kettle bell swings get you sweating in no time, but it lets everyone know who the alpha on the block is.

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Shirtless workouts on the driveway throwing this big boy around lets a passerby know not to try a home invasion here. This Kettle bells has helped transform my physic into that of an Olympic GREC roman wrestler and turned my street into Electric Avenue. I'm gonna need to up the weight here pretty soon. Highly recommend this product.

Beach Season implies there's an off season, and there is now off season when it comes to your fitness. If you are looking to maintain your incredible body throughout the whole year, this 20 kg kettle bell will do the trick no doubt. A lot of people may have to start out doing their exercises with 2 arms, but after a few short months, you will be dominating this kettle bell with one arm. There's nothing worse than seeing your gains get destroyed because you decided to take a few days (which turned into months) off.

You will not only get stronger, but you will see the fat melt off of you. If you have read this far and haven't already entered in your credit card I don't even know what you are doing anymore.

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