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Made for: total body exercise Moves with: durable solid iron construction Must-have features: no-roll base, easy-grip handle, non-slip vinyl coating Checking 'include nearby areas' will expand your search.

Daniel Brown
• Monday, 28 December, 2020
• 7 min read
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Take the guesswork out of gifting kettle bells and grab your favorite lift a KB USA gift card! Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device

Checking 'include nearby areas' will expand your search. Akron / canton (CAK) Ann Arbor, MI (AAA) appleton-oshkosh-FDL (app) Shaula, OH (Jon) battle creek, MI (BTC) Bloomington, IN (BMG) bloomington-normal (ban) central Michigan (CMU) Champaign Urbana (chm) Chicago (chi) Chillicothe, OH (CHL) Cincinnati, OH (in) Cleveland, OH (CLE) Columbus, OH (col) Dayton / Springfield (day) Decatur, IL (DIL) Detroit metro (DET) Dubuque (DBQ) Erie, PA (era) flint, MI (FNT) Fort Wayne, IN (FWA) Green Bay, WI (GB) Holland, MI (had) Indianapolis (ind) Jackson, MI (Jon) Janesville, WI (JAL) Kalamazoo, MI (KO) kenosha-racine (RAC) Kokomo, IN (OK) La Crosse, WI (LSE) la sale co (LSL) Lafayette / west Lafayette (Leigh) Lansing, MI (LAN) Lima / Findlay (LMA) Madison, WI (mad) Mansfield, OH (mid) mattoon-charleston (MTO) Melville, PA (MDV) Milwaukee, WI (mil) Monroe, MI (Mr) Muncie / Anderson (mun) Muskegon, MI (MKG) northern Michigan (NMI) northern WI (WWI) Peoria, IL (Pia) port Huron, MI (fan) quad cities, IA/IL (MLI) Richmond, IN (in) Rockford, IL (RFD) saginaw-midland-baycity (MBS) Sandusky, OH (sky) Sheboygan, WI (SBM) South Bend / Michigan (son) southwest Michigan (sum) Springfield, IL (SPI) Terre Haute, IN (they) the thumb, MI (THB) Toledo, OH (to) Tuscaroras co (of) upper peninsula, MI (yup) Wausau, WI (was) Youngstown, OH (Yang) Janesville / Cambridge (AVL) + show 63 more...

1908 Milo Triplex Ring Weight (kettle bell). Plate loaded kettle bells like this one were used by Russian troops in the 1980s during their fighting in Afghanistan.

Hot sale products Customized packaging (Min.

Rizal Bullying cast iron kettle bell set China (Mainland)ShandongPlace of Origin China (Mainland)Brand NametongyuanModel Number4---92Typecross fitnessusenessfor fitness/weight liftmaterialcast iron quality standardsISO9001weightfrom 4 kg to 92 kg color standard Caloocan with your own logoPackingCartonCertificationISO9001FunctionBody BuildingMOQ1000kg

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Whether it is your first time using a kettle bell in a full workout or you are looking to develop your skills, an instructional DVD is the best way to go. Even if they are a successful fitness instructor, using a kettle bell is a whole other level of training.

Many workout DVDs will use a famous face to attract buyers. Sometimes a DVD can seem expensive but end up being a bargain due to the amount of instruction included.

Although a beginner might mean well they won’t always be able to properly judge the usefulness of the workout. Bob Harper: Kettle bell Sculpted Body 1 Disc — 50 Minutes$$$4.2 Even though the lengths of the DVDs have been listed here, it is still crucial to check.

Reviews will often mention how much of the time is filled with useful workout routines. High-quality DVDs will include useful tips on choosing the right style and weight for your specific needs.

For all of those who have heard of Dasha Li bin’s training classes and her workouts will know that this DVD is serious. Dasha is famous for leaving her class more exhausted than they have ever been before but buzzing from the workout, she has managed to translate this effect over into DVD form.

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The biggest reason to choose this DVD collection is the sheer amount of workout routines that are included using your kettle bell. At the end of each of the four sessions you will be drenched in sweat and know exactly why this is the number one kettle bell workout DVD.

For all of those Jillian Michael's fans, you will certainly have heard the fitness trainer praising the use of kettle bells in her workouts. For beginners, and even for more intermediate kettle bell users, the instructional section of Shred-It With Weights is extremely useful.

It will give you great tips on positioning, holding the kettle bell correctly as well as having full control. There is large difference between the two in terms of difficulty, which means Shred-It With Weights will be a favorite of both beginners and more advanced kettle bell users.

The first two DVDs in this four part set are instructional and this is where you will find the talents of Sarah Lure are particularly helpful. This trainer knows exactly the kind of information that both beginners and more experienced kettle bell users need.

The third DVD is a Boot Camp styled challenging workout that will add an edge to your work out. For the final challenge there are two workouts on the fourth disc, Iron Core Warrior I and II.

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Orbit Fitness stocks rubber coated kettle bells to avoid damage and bumps to your expensive floor coverings. We have 8 stores across the WA including Osborne Park, Joondalup, Malaga, Bunbury, Rockingham, Canning ton and Dragoon.

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2020)Kettle bells are an awesome workout tool that can train your entire body. The kettle bells were originally used as counterweights for weighing goods at the market.

People would throw them around for entertainment and around the year 1900 Dr. Vladislav Chayefsky, a Russian fitness pioneer began using them in for strength and bodybuilding, and they slowly grew in popularity from there. Kettle bells of today are usually a round hunk of metal with a handle.

There is a bit of sticker shock involved in kettle bell hunting especially if you are looking for the first time. These are typically the plain round ones too so it is basically just a cannonball with a handle on it, it shouldn’t really cost that much, not to mention dumbbells of equal size are way cheaper than kettle bells are.

We scoured the internet looking for an answer and were unable to come up with any real reason why they cost so much. Our conclusion — while writing this article we found that many companies were out of stock on some sizes, this leads us to believe it is a matter of supply and demand at least when it comes to specially designed kettle bells like we are covering in this article.

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For your regular kettle bells, it may also be a matter of supply and demand or that they charge that much simply because they can, kind of like with razor blades and printer ink. Ok, enough chit-chat, it’s time to get to check out some sweet kettle bell designs.

These kettle bells are all made in America and are pretty freaking cool if you are an animal lover or just want something unique or badass. These skull bells are also covered in a black powder finish to prevent chipping & corrosion even under heavy training, so they should last a very long time.

It also has a nice wide handle so you won’t have any trouble with the grip as well as a flat base to keep it from rolling around. Some reviewers said it was a bit larger than regular kettle bells that are the same weight so be prepared for it to be bigger than expected.

This bad boy is perfectly weighted and fully-functional and also features a chip-resistant coating. The smooth surface also minimizes friction with the arm and body during a workout.

The downside with the Iron man Bells is they are only available in the 40lb size, if you want anything bigger or smaller you are out of luck. Also, on the downside, they are often sold out but you can sign up to be notified when they are back in stock so you can be sure to get one.

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Iron skulls are totally badass and these are a bit unique from the other kettle bell designs on the list (even the other skull ones). With the Iron skulls you can get the kettle bell in the traditional flat black or you can get one of their custom paint designs.

13lb Kitty Bell — $44.99 for solid black, customizing art $10-$60 extra 18lb Skull Bell — $59.99 for solid black, customizing art $15-$60 extra 26lb Skull Bell — $64.99 for solid black, customizing art $15-$60 extra 35lb Skull Bell — $84.99 for solid black, customizing art $15-$65 extra 45lb Skull Bell — $94.99 for solid black, customizing art $15-$65 extra 53lb Bulldog Bell — $109.99 for solid black, customizing art $15-$100 extra 53lb Skull Bell — $109.99 for solid black, customizing art $15-$100 extra 63lb Skull Bell — $139.99 for solid black, customizing art $15-$100 extra 70lb Skull Bell — 139.99 for solid black, customizing art $15-$100 extra 88lb Skull Bell — $169.99 for solid black, customizing art $15-$100 extra 215lb Mega Skull — $589.99 for solid black, customizing art $150 extra The only real negative that comes with This is if you get a nice customized kettle bell you may not want to actually use it.

It’s like a piece of art and you might be too afraid of chipping it or damaging if you go ahead and start slamming it around. As you can see these are kettle bells that are shaped like grenades made by the people at Mad fitter.

Mad fitter was started by a Logan Barton who has 11 years of active duty in the navy and is also a Cross fitter. He is also partnered with 2 other gentlemen who are military members and Crossfires to form the Mad fitter team.

Another cool part about Doorbells is that a portion of the profits goes to charities to help past and present service members. Each Boom Bell is painted Flat Army Green Powder Coat that is chip resistant and can take serious abuse.

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3 sizes were out of stock when this article was written, seems to be a common theme among the uniquely designed kettle bell manufacturers as you will find out with the remaining options. Innit sells various supplements and workout gear including kettle bells and some others pretty cool stuff you don’t really find in from elsewhere like these cool Captain America Shield Barbell Plates.

Aside from the possible sharp edges which I think is likely an isolated incident, the Primal Bells are currently sold out on the 72lb and 90lb kettle bells as this article is being written. I mean, what guy wouldn’t want to play with a set of boobs and get a workout right?

There was a big buzz about them in 2013 saying they were soon to be coming out that October, but we cannot find them for sale anywhere or any info of them being sold. They were designed by Ukraine based team at 306 Creative Communication Agency, and we are not sure whatever happened with the Bob-boobs or if they may still be coming out sometime soon.

The good news is all the reviews on the Zombie Bells are very good and these designs are really cool especially if you are into The Walking Dead or zombie movies or just want a really cool kettle bell. I guess they were a limited edition item that once they sell out they wouldn’t be back but apparently, they sold so well that they might be making a comeback.

Demon bells are another really cool set of kettle bells from a company based out of San Diego. They feature different styles of demons in different sizes along with a pretty cool Spartan Bell.

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The Sugar Skull sizes are available in hot pink or the traditional black. While the designs are pretty cool there are a lot of bad reviews on their website and on their Facebook page with people never receiving their product and very bad customer service if any at all.

Not sure if this is still the case but I would use caution when ordering from them, perhaps see if they will take a COD so you don’t end up getting stiffed. These kettle bells are all pretty awesome, unfortunately, availability is not what we had hoped for on many of the designs.

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