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70 Pounds of Vinyl Coated Kettle bells WI... Description Kettle bell training has taken the fitness world by storm and can be used to work a complete range of muscles.

Assassin Competition Kettle bells are top quality and made of a solid piece to ensure they all perform exceptionally and have a long life! The chrome handle ensures a good grip, even after a heavy workout, as well as allowing it to take more of a beating.

Important Pre-Order Information Due to the fulfillment process of the pre-order products any cancellations may will be charged 30% of the overall value to cover the costs incurred. Rating is available when the video has been rented.

Show preshow less Loading... The man most notable for Westernizing the kettle bell is none other than Pavel Tsatsouline, chairman of Strongest Inc. and former drill instructor for Smetana.

It can be manipulated in a multitude of ways, allowing for swinging, pressing, pulling, carrying, throwing and stability-based exercises. Entire workouts can be executed with nothing more than this one piece of equipment, whether the aim is strength, hypertrophy, power or endurance.

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It is relatively small (though I dare not say light depending on your selection) and relatively affordable in comparison to many other gym accessories. Compared to training with machines or even dumbbells, the kettle bell provides variability and offsets the load so that no one rep is ever truly the same.

Kettle bell exercises can at times be the biggest bang for your fitness buck, targeting numerous muscle groups and moving you through multiple planes of motion. Two of my favorite exercises are completely unique to the kettle bell and the bread and butter of Tsatsouline’s work.

It targets the posterior chain and teaches individuals how to hip hinge properly with some force. This exercise involves holding the kettle bell with both hands (although there is a single arm version) and using the hip hinge to forcefully drive it in front of yourself as well as through your legs in a smooth motion.

Once this exercise is mastered, it is an excellent addition to any program or a convenient stand-alone option for a conditioning day. It may sound simple, after all it only involves standing up from a prone position with a weight over your head.

It involves an extraordinary amount of shoulder stability, core strength, hip mobility, and focus to execute properly. Kettle bell Swing is a challenging exercise that effectively targets the gluteus muscles, hamstrings, upper part of the quadriceps and the lower back.

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Kettle bell Swing is a good exercise to build conditioning, mobility, stability, power and speed. Your upper back should be at an angle of 45 degrees with hips lower than the shoulders and let the kettle bell hang down.

Take a deep breath, exhale then explode by driving your hips forward to throw the kettle bell over and above your head. This will place compression forces on the lower back as you rebound from the bottom position to begin the next rep.

Kettle bell Sumo Dead lift actively engages the core section to support the lower back and maintain correct upper body position throughout the exercise. Kettle bell Sumo Dead lift will help build strength, balance, stability and power.

Assume a “Sumo” stance; feet wider than shoulder width. Hips are higher than the knees but lower than the shoulders for a stable flat back position.

Bend at the hips then the knees to return the kettle bell to starting position. Another common fault would be to straighten the legs at the first pull which exposes your lower back and hamstrings to injury.

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Free Range CrossFit improves the lives of our members by inspiring and developing a lifestyle of fitness. We blend elements of gymnastics, kettle bells, Olympic weightlifting and mobility to create fun and challenging workouts for all levels.

Personal Training, fitness. Kettle bells are Fast Becoming The #1 Tool Every Personal Trainer Needs in Their Training Tool Box.

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