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Kettlebell For Jiu Jitsu

Using kettle bells for BJJ conditioning is the most efficient way of developing all the athletic attributes you need in a short amount of time. Even better, training with kettle bells for BJJ conditioning means you do not need much space, nor much equipment.

Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 20 October, 2020
• 8 min read
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We bring you the best kettle bells for BJJ workout exercises that’ll turn you into a grappling machine For a long time, barbell training was considered to be the golden standard of strength and conditioning for sports.

The staple exercises of squatting, dead lifting and pressing are present in virtually every program you can find. However, if you do not have access to a barbell or hate training in commercial gyms, how can you get in shape for grappling?

These marvelous tools are going to provide you with the option of training every fundamental strength move. Well, for starters, they’re oddly shaped objects which tend to move through the air very differently to dumbbells and barbells.

SO if you want to develop bone crushing strength and a gas tank to match, choose kettle bells for BJJ conditioning. So, you’ll need to focus only on certain exercises that actually work for Brazilian Jim — Jitsi.

That said, the idea strength and conditioning training session for grapples should look something like this: You’ll need to spend the least amount of time while getting the maximum benefit. Click for full video instructional there’s only one move you can do with kettle bells for BJJ, then this is it.

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It engages both the upper and lower body as well as a number of different pulling and pushing muscles. The double clean and press is going to help you develop strength and power for grappling better than any other tool.

On a plus side, the complex nature of the move has a strong conditioning effect as well. Make sure you learn the proper form before going really heavy to reap maximum benefits.

Furthermore, kettle bells provide a different balanced resistance to dumbbells, again mimicking BJJ. Technically speaking, the double floor press hits both the shoulders and the chest.

Click for full video instructionalThis is the antagonist move to the double floor press. The double bent over row builds back and biceps strength like no other exercise.

Moreover, it provides balance in a training program when done along with a horizontal push like the floor press. Click for full video instructionalThis is the one lower body specific move on our list.

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You don’t need them The double kettle bell front squat has both your quads and hamstrings covered. This is due to the rack position of the kettle bells which are held in front of your body.

As with all other kettle bells for BJJ exercises, the front squat has upper body implications as well. When you’re looking to build tremendous power for Jim — Jitsi, this is the exercise you must do on a regular basis.

What you’ll get in return from this exercise is increased power, explosiveness, better flexibility and an unbelievable gas tank. Click for full video instructional you can do only two kettle bell exercises, then the Turkish get up should be the one to complement the double clean and press.

Every range of motion, from pushing, pulling rotating and stabilizing is included in the Turkish Get-up. Depending on the movements and rest times, it is going to help you develop high-level conditioning as a bonus.

Now that you know the 6 essential exercises, it is time to organize them into the perfect grappling training session. One of the most known Strengths and Conditioning coaches Mike Perry brings you his life experience with kettle bells training.

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Check the best KettleBells instructional for Grapples by Mike Perry — use Checkout Code FANOM10 for 10% off Guest post by Will Afford, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach who trains under Andre Galeão in San Diego, CA.

It’s versatility and construction make it extremely useful for developing functional strength, power, and endurance that will carry over to the mat. This exercise works your entire body and improves power, strength, and cardio capacity.

This exercise puts a twist on the Single Arm Bent Over Row and assumes a low takedown stance as if starting a match. Do not rest the non-working hand or arm on your knee, but use the core to maintain the position with a flat lower back.

The Cossack Squat is an excellent move for grapples and fighters because it works single leg strength and mobility. If you’re new to the Cossack Squat, chances are you won't have the adequate mobility to get full range of motion for the movement.

This exercise works the small muscles around your hips and upper leg that get exhausted from playing guard and forceful passing from the feet. A staple in the kettle bell tool set, the swing delivers explosive hips, enduring grip, and lungs that won’t quit.

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The one arm variation will tax your grip even more and require your core to work overtime to prevent the torso from collapsing. The goal is to maintain a symmetrical position with the body while managing an offset load, similar to the One Arm KB Thruster.

Again, we rarely find ourselves pushing evenly though our muscles when grappling so this movement will develop unique strength and endurance that translates perfectly to the mat. This may be the most beneficial KB exercise to grapples, as it works the entire body, develops mobility, and reinforces proper movement patterns when standing up.

It builds healthy and resilient shoulders and requires you to perform a sequence of specific movements while under stress (much like BJJ.) This is the final part in a series of four articles by Jason Brown, a jujitsu coach known for his deep understanding of supplemental training methods.

In Part 3 of Kettle bell Training for Jujitsu we added a sit-back to the TGU with high-bridge. Also, consider putting flows at the beginning of the circuit while your most fresh and coordination isn’t limited by fatigue.

I find it’s great to combine kettle bell flows with an upper-body pulling movement like a suspension trainer row or a pull-up. This keeps the upper back alive and helps to maintain shoulder stability and control during the kettle bell movements.

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Do you have the habit of washing your belt in Jim — Jitsi or are you one of those grapples that are afraid of losing their “Mojo”? If you belong to the “non-belt-washing” type though, you might just think that BJJ and kettle bells are a match made in heaven.

Well, regardless of what Joe Roman says about them, the reality is that even he doesn’t exclusively do kettle bells for Jim — Jitsi. In all honesty, kettle bells for Jim — Jitsi are great, but they have been hyped up way too much lately, thus creating unreal expectations.

Today, there’s a kettle bell rack next to the dumbbells in any gym worth visiting across the world. That said, kettle bells are awesome tools for developing certain athletic qualities.

And, when it comes to kettle bells for Jim — Jitsi, those athletic qualities are even fewer. This is particularly true when training explosiveness for grappling, where you never explode with just one body part.

Another huge caveat of kettle bells for Jim — Jitsi is balance and coordination. That means that they employ complex movements where the weight shifts a lot.

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You need to learn the proper form, and that takes time and attention. If you’re looking to get ready for a tournament but have never done kettle bells before, you might want to skip them in favor of more traditional methods.

Unless you learn from an expert and train with the correct weight, you expose yourself to two main risks. Secondly, you risk over training due to the explosive nature of the movement, which will definitely hinder your Jim — Jitsi.

IN many cases, if you’re not experienced and rush with kettle bells for Jim — Jitsi, you actually risk both at the same time. Finally, a word of caution for those that hate training at commercial gyms.

I can’t stress the point about hiring a trainer to teach you how to manipulate kettle bells. SO, if you’re thinking about stacking up on kettle bells for your home gym, be prepared for some major investment.

Finally, let’s look at how you can avoid the drawbacks and only get the best of what kettle bells have to offer to grapples. Skip all the throwing and juggling stuff that’s becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

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To that extent, let’s cover a few crazy effective kettle bells for Jim — Jitsi moves and how heavy you should go. Remember that you can easily throw your lower back out, so make sure you have perfect form.

Other than that, you’ll hardly find a better exercise to train your hamstrings, glutes, core, shoulders, and hips at once. Here, you get to work all for the muscles of the swing, plus your traps and lats, which are hugely important for Jim — Jitsi.

The thing with this one is, you HAVE to start light, It is deceivingly difficult and has the most potential for serious injury. Kettle bells for Jim — Jitsi require smart programming and knowledge.

You can’t just go out and do the same thing Gregory (competitive kettle bell lifting sport) competitors do.

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