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James Lee
• Saturday, 26 December, 2020
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These kettle bell workouts are designed to strengthen the muscles which help your golf game by hitting the ball further and having more control over the club path. Vitamin D and calcium help avoid osteoporosis, a common problem for golfers in the hip and lower-back regions.

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Studies now show that targeted strength training is one of the most effective ways to counter osteoporosis. Dead lifts, squats and shoulder presses significantly increase bone density which helps a golfer’s body endure the stress of repeated golf swings.

At the completion of the training period, the participants recorded significant improvements in their golf driving power. Their maximum club head speed increased 6 percent (5 miles per hour), even though they did not practice golf during the two-month study period.

Our instructor, Mike Salem, is a Kettle bell Master of Sport and has been weight training his whole life. 14 of the last 17 Major Championships were won by golf professionals advised by a TPI certified expert.

Kettle bell halo: Holding the handles with the bell inverted in front of your face, rotate the weight around your head keeping your torso as still as possible. This exercise improves upper-back mobility and shoulder strength while training your core to stabilize the trunk as you move.

It will help you swing a golf club on plane and decelerate it post impact while reducing the risk of injury to the soft tissue around your shoulder sockets or the bones of the cervical vertebrae. This exercise helps train the butt and hip muscles to give your a power boost in your downswing.

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Kettle bell bottoms-up curl-to-press: Holding the handle with one hand at your side, perform a hammer curl until the bell becomes inverted, and then do an overhead shoulder press before reversing the sequence back down. You'll be able to swing through the rough more powerfully and help protect your elbow joints from soft-tissue injuries such as tendinitis.

Power is a combination of strength and speed, while control is the ability to maintain joint stability through a range of motion. If your muscles, joints, and ligaments are not trained and conditioned correctly, you’re more prone to sustaining an injury.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you’re performing targeted strength training increasing not only bone density but prepare your ligaments and joints to endure the stress of repetitive golf swings. No matter what fitness level you’re at, kettle bell workouts are a great all-around exercise to strengthen the right muscles to improve your golf game.

Other exercises like the bench press, back squat, and running do not target the specific muscles and body parts that golfers use the most. Kettle bell training can provide the perfect workout for golfers looking to improve their swing, increase their strength, and condition their body to avoid injuries.

Therefore, we recommend that golfers follow the suggested workouts on Kettle bell Kings website (also shown below) that are tailored to those who want to improve their golf game. Kettle bell Kings partners with experts to bring you workouts that help you hit the ball further, control the club path, build muscle, prevent injury, and increase mobility.

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The halo exercise is the continuous movement of the kettle bell around your head from the front upper half of your body to around the back in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion for 60-seconds at a time. This workout is all about focusing on good alignment and generating a powerful hip snap.

The window (the space between the bell and handle) of the kettle bell is smaller and more curved than other models. This model is designed to help kettle bell sport competitors reach personal records in strength, endurance, and competitions.

A golf swing is a compound movement that uses many muscles in the body simultaneously including the core, hamstrings, glutes, and shoulders. By training with kettle bells, you can help you become a better and more competitive golfer by improving your strength, flexibility, and conditioning.

It is not intended as, nor should it be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, suggestions, diagnosis, or treatment of any kind. Always seek the advice of your personal healthcare provider before changing your health regiment.

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Let’s face it, not everyone has the time to spend an hour or more a day working out to improve their golf game in order to hit it further and straighter than ever. A kettle bell is a valuable piece of equipment that can be used for a wide variety of exercises to counteract the daily grind of your work life.

Stability, balance, and explosiveness are the three components these exercises are focusing on in order for you to reach your full potential on the course. Absence of stability and balance in a golf swing leads to inconsistency in both shot direction and distance.

In order to get the most benefit in only a limited amount of time, we need to make sure we get a full body workout in while also hitting on aspects of the golf swing. Below is a set of exercises that will help you strengthen your golf muscles and allow you to continue working on range of motion.

Lying prone on the ground, pick the kettle bell up in one arm with the heavy end vertically in the air, and create a 90* angle with your forearm and the floor. By developing a stable lower body, you will be able to unwind quickly and on balance in order to deliver the most power to the golf ball you can.

This is also a great exercise to counteract the detrimental effects of sitting at a desk all day! Using the momentum of your hips and arms, swing the bell up to shoulder height and back down to the starting position.

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Really emphasize the shoulder turn in order to make sure you eliminate any unnecessary movements such as only using your arms. The hip motion will help you find the perfect set up in your golf swing as well as making it stronger and more repeatable.

The range of available kettle bell weights varies greatly, and it’s sensible to get a few to suit your individual strength and to enable you to safely execute the variety of exercises you’ll be doing. Excellent technique is crucial in kettle bell training and even if you’re fit and strong it’s best to go low weight and slow speed the first time to attempt any of the exercises to ensure you’re practicing safely and effectively.

Kettle bell lifting is a weightlifting sport practiced with kettle bells of fixed weights (24 kg for women and 32 kg for men) and each sport consists of a maximum number of lifts in a fixed time. The European Union of Kettle bell Lifting (Full) was created in 1992 from five Eastern European countries: Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The headquarters of the organization is based in the town of Tali, in Latvia. The Full became the first official international organization in the field of kettle bell lifting, with the idea of developing a European movement.

Andrea Du Cane's anti-aging master plan for seniors, The Kettle bell Boomer Andrea Du Cane possesses a razor sharp mind and the kind of attention to detail that separates the high-end professionals from the Alsatians.

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Kettle bells are the only handheld weight that allows you to exercise aerobically, for cardio as well as anaerobically, for strength training. The kettle bell is the unique “gym in your hand” that can reward you with decades of high-yield health benefits.

The first time he saw the dead lift, this man walked over to the bar and literally ripped 225 pounds off the ground. Assuming that a retired man would play golf I told him that this exercise would improve his game.

I go and grapple with my old buddies who train this stuff every day and I hold my own very well. The Kettle bell Goddess possesses a razor sharp mind and the kind of attention to detail that separates the high-end professionals from the Alsatians.

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