Kettlebell For Endurance

Paul Gonzalez
• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
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From dumbbells to rowing machines, there is a seemingly endless list of options for building strength from a home gym. This old-school method of building muscle and burning fat consists of a ball with a large handle for gripping with one or two hands and a flat base.

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Kettle bell exercises provide a full-body workout that builds muscle while burning calories. Ahead, learn about the three types of kettle bells and what features you should take into account when determining which one to purchase.

They also feature wider handles that allow for a two-handed grip when needed, making them more diverse than a competition kettle bell. This means you won’t be able to perform two-handed exercises, such as halos, goblet squats, and two-handed swings.

An adjustable kettle bell allows you to change its weight to suit your ability level and the type of exercise you’re doing. This type of kettle bell is an excellent option for those with limited space in their home gym or multiple users with different strength levels.

Kettle bells cast from a single piece usually have a more accurate weight and size and a more consistent balance. Powder and rubber coatings offer durability by adding a protective layer that prevents rust from forming on the kettle bell.

Rubber coatings also prevent the kettle bell from scratching smooth surfaces in your home, such as hardwood floors. When you become more experienced, it may make sense to purchase a second kettle bell to complete more advanced workouts involving both sides at the same time.

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The kettle bells below feature one-piece designs with coatings that promote a good grip while protecting the metal from rust. They are forged from one piece of iron instead of scrap metal, giving them accurate weight and a balanced feel.

A broad base allows users to set these kettle bells down easily without them rocking or rolling over. With its quality construction and affordable price, this kettle bell is an excellent choice for those setting up their home gym on a budget.

This model features solid cast-iron construction with no gaps in the handle or body, which provides proper balance. A black-painted exterior prevents rust and corrosion from forming on the iron, while a textured surface allows for a better grip.

Kettle bell Kings polishes its weights after forging, eliminating any seams or rough edges that might cause discomfort. They also use their own unique powder-coating formula to create an exceptionally smooth finish for optimal grip.

With that in mind, this adjustable kettle bell from Titan Fitness is a suitable choice for beginners. It offers unparalleled versatility with nine cast-iron plates that individuals can add or remove to adjust the weight between 10 and 40 pounds in 5-pound increments.

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A tough plastic lock holds the weights firmly in place during exercise. A flat base adds stability when setting the weight down, while a black powder coating prevents corrosion and rust.

Each head is cast out of chip-resistant iron and features a black powder coating that resists corrosion while creating a rough surface for a solid grip. A weight that is too heavy could slip free from your grasp during a two-handed swing, hurtling through the air to damage property or injure a bystander.

Protect your back by positioning yourself so the hips and legs absorb the force of the kettle bell. A good foundation is key to ensuring you can handle the added weight of a kettle bell without slipping.

A good set of athletic shoes will help create a solid base for lifting. However, if you’re dealing with heavyweights, chalk can assist with grip, helping to minimize the chances that a kettle bell will slip from your grasp.

If you’re still wondering what kettle bell you should purchase, look below for answers to some of the weightiest questions about these free weights. For beginners, you should find a kettle bell that you can comfortably grip and lift while still receiving a decent amount of resistance.

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Given that many kettle bell exercises focus on strengthening your core, they are a very effective means of burning belly fat. Whether you want to get lean and burn fat or get bigger muscles and improve your strength, a kettle bell workout is one of the simplest ways to get in shape.

These full-body movements and short rest times challenge your cardio, coordination, and mental fortitude. Grab kettle bell with right hand, and clean it to the rack position, so your fist is close to chin; squat until hips break parallel, explosively stand, then lower kettle bell to floor for 1 rep. Do 3 reps on right side, then switch sides.

Immediately do another swing, but when it’s at shoulder height, catch kettle bell in the front rack position. Drop bell, hinge back, swing a third time, and, at the top, catch it overhead so arm is straight up and wrist faces out (B).

Stand with feet closer than hip-width apart, knees soft, core tight, resting a kettle bell upside down, on sternum, to start. Hallo kettle bell by rotating it counter- clockwise around head (see explainer, below) and returning it to rest on sternum.

Kettle bell training is a versatile modality that can be readily adopted into the supplementary strength work performed by endurance athletes. So with swim-bike-run specific demands in mind, let’s look at four kettle bell movements and their application to triathlon.

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A well-executed kettle bell swing requires a full range of posterior motion of the hips. That mobility is key in getting comfortable in a low-front-end time trial position on your bike.

A factor that is very relevant for anyone riding in the steep aero position mentioned above. Just about every major posterior muscle in the human body has a role to play in powering a kettle bell from between one’s knees to a full lockout overhead.

That sort of neuromuscular training is wonderful for motor cortex plasticity. The upshot is increased ability to master the intricacies of other complex movements(like those of a swim stroke).

While the majority of the power delivered to the bell still comes from the glutes, the middle portion of the lift is driven by the latissimus Doris and rhomboid muscle groups (these power your swim stroke, and stabilize you on the bike and during the run), while the finish recruits postural support groups in the abdomen, shoulder and upper arm. It is easier to execute than the snatch, and can be used as active recovery between heavier or more intense sets too.

While it’s not a perfect analogue for the cross-body action of a swim stroke and run stride, the muscles involved are the very same. The stall component of the lift stresses those same muscles in an eccentric manner.

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As you are forced to resist further trunk rotation, you are training muscle groups that will support your torso on the bike and the run. This is a good spot for an important disclaimer: While kettle bell practice is perfectly safe when performed correctly, the technical nature of some of these movements and the very fact that the weight often ends up overhead, behooves any would-be practitioner to seek coaching on correct mechanics.

Watch this video to see all the above exercises, as well as tips on proper form and kettle bell swing mechanics: Here are four kettle bell training exercises for endurance athletes to improve core strength and sport-specific movements.

Kettle bells are known for bridging the gap between strength work and stamina; their constantly changing center of gravity replicates the forces that you’d encounter in day-to-day life. Movements in every chipper workout are made intense by pace, load, reps or the combination of them.

Blue Three weeks of high rep kettle bell snatches maintained general strength and increased sprint-based work capacity. Background and Study Design We conducted a 3.5-week Mini-Study using remote lab rats to test the transferability of high repetition kettle bell snatches to max effort strength, strength endurance and sprint-based work capacity.

The next day the lab rats completed a 90-second kettle bell snatch assessment (women @ 12 kg, men @ 16 kg) for reps. One note … a handful of the male lab rats completed more than 50x reps during their initial 90-second Kettle bell Snatch Assessment.

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The lab rats were not allowed to complete any other fitness training during the 3-week study period. Results and Discussion A total of 12 individuals completed the entire training 3.5-week cycle.

Monday and Thursday’s assessment-based kettle bell Snatch intervals carried a solid work capacity punch. The study results indicate that work capacity gained doing kettle bell snatches transferred to another mode (shuttle sprints).

Not surprisingly, the greatest area of improvement (17.8%) was in the 90 second kettle bell snatch assessment. The kettle bell snatch is a unique loaded exercise as it can be completed in high repetitions, is a total body movement, and brings with it a work capacity and potentially, endurance, component when completed in high repetitions.

However, the transferability of fitness improved doing high repetition kettle bell snatches is limited. For the coach, the kettle bell snatch is an incredibly versatile exercise … it’ takes only one piece of equipment, needs only a 3-square foot area, and can be completed by athletes recovering from injury … indeed I personally completed this study (sans the strength and prone to sprint assessments) while recovering from a full hip replacement).

Several of this study’s lab rats reported struggling with hand tears, and we don’t recommend doing high rep snatches without wearing gymnastic straps or similar hand protection. Athletes who scored more than 50 snatches on the original 90-second assessment were asked re-assess at a heavier kettle bell.

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We’ll likely not repeat this full study, but if we used the 90-second assessment and progressions in future programming, will use the 40+ rep standard for bumping up kettle bell size. In the future we’ll do a similar study and replace the kettle bell snatch with high repetition barbell clean and presses, sandbag get ups, Curtis P’s or another total body exercise which carries a significant work capacity hit.

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