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Brent Mccoy
• Wednesday, 14 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Even the most experienced exerciser who has a clear understanding of how to properly execute a variety of exercises can struggle with laying out a simple, effective program. Designing a workout to fit your goals does need to be thought out.

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Over the years I have worked with many clients, including fitness professionals, who unfortunately design poor programs, which then cause them to become frustrated with their lack of results, and often create imbalances and injuries. As much as it’s exciting to constantly have fancy and fun exercises, keeping it simple and balanced is what will deliver the most results.

This program is for individuals who have continued goals of moving better as well as increasing their overall strength and conditioning. This, of course, will also have the great side effects of fat loss and a lean body.

The first workout is a balanced combination of both strength and conditioning. However, it’s nice to have a day here and there of just light, fun conditioning.

They all contain skill work practice and a balance of exercises that require a push, pull, leg and full body. Keeping those aspects involved in the majority of your practice sessions will decrease the chances of developing major imbalances and weaknesses in areas along with too much strength in others.

For example, you don’t want to have too many workouts that focus on high rep push-ups and presses. If you wonder why you are losing clients due to injuries you may want to rethink how you structure your program.

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If you did workouts like this several times a week, you’d be injured and imbalanced very quickly. If you cannot understand why doing five minutes of Turkish Get Ups at the end of a high volume workout is unsafe contact me and I’ll explain it to you.

Choose a size kettle bell that ensures you can perform each exercise with perfect form, yet is challenging. If you find the rep range suggested is much too easy then make sure to use a heavier kettle bell next time.

Focus on working 75-80% of your maximal efforts with this workout. Pick a kettle bell that feels “easy” so you can maintain perfect form.

Choose the type of Volume you know your body can handle. If you participate in sports and/or other exercise such as running as the lower volume week would be my suggestion.

The kettle bell swing is one of the most dynamic loaded movements in any athlete’s training arsenal. The KB swing gets butchered with this common mistake over and over again until a proper hip hinge fundamental movement pattern is grooved.

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Accentuating your strength work with high velocity, high rep KB swings will add a metabolic component into your routine while also getting every last ounce out of your glutes, adductors and hamstrings before your workout leaves you on the floor dry heaving. I am going to preface this article by making it clear that I am, by no means, a kettle bell guy” that believes that the cannonball with a handle is the most intelligently designed resistance apparatus known to man.

This was mostly due to the cult following those ROC’s and other kettle bell certified fitness professionals buy into, and their single mindedness when it comes to exercise prescription and equipment use. The key to success is to evolve with the times, and, when warranted, implement new techniques and movement only when it proves to be FAR superior to your previous protocols and teachings.

If you are having trouble keeping this position, fire the glutes harder to stabilize the hips. Since the eyes lead the rest of the spine, it is important to maintain a neutral position from the top down.

This is a common mistake with newbies to the swing, or to those whose squat technique is ingrained in every movement they complete with their lower body! To enhance your intra-abdominal pressure and stability your lumbar spine, coordinate your breath with the swing.

Lately, I have been using the kettle bell swing exclusively for lower body emphasis day lift finishers. Accentuating your strength work with high velocity, high rep kettle bell swings will add a metabolic component into your routine while also getting every last ounce out of your glutes, adductors and hamstrings before your workout leaves you on the floor dry heaving.

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I have lived, and I have learned…to coach the kettle bell swing because there is truly no other loaded movement like it available to athletes and trainees today. The swing, along with loaded carries, prove the kettle bell to be a necessity in any type of training program.

Dr. John Resin is an internationally recognized coach, physical therapist, speaker, and writer, whose published over 200 articles in some of the most widely regarded media outlets in the industry like Men’s Fitness, Testosterone Nation, Mountain Dog Diet, Bodybuilding.com, and Muscle and Strength, to name a few. Along with an impressive laundry list of publications, Dr. John works with some of the world’s most elite athletes, including Gold Medalist Olympians, NFL All-Pro Quarterbacks, MLB All-Star Pitchers, Professional Bodybuilders and World Class Iron Man Triathletes.

Here's a 15 minute kettle bell and body weight strength and conditioning workout. This is a great session when you are pressed for time and want to hit a full body workout with on kettle bell.

Show preshow less Loading... Kettle bells were originally used in the 1700s in Europe as a weighted device to measure products such as grain and flour for trade.

The Soviet Union utilized kettle bell training as their main strength and conditioning component for their Smetana Special Forces soldiers. Some physiotherapists are now implementing light kettle bell work as part of their rehab programs to improve strength for patients suffering from numerous injuries or surgeries.

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My old coach, Valery Federico, used to tell me in his deep Russian accent, “Kettle bells make your ligaments and tendons like iron cable.” Some people prefer a few simple supplemental movements to add to a Met-con style program for fitness where technique isn’t much of a priority.

If you’re snatching you only have one hand change during your ten-minute set and it is a grueling test of strength, conditioning and mental toughness. To excel in Gregory Sport you must fine-tune your technique to utilize the most effectiveness and explosiveness with controlled effort and eliminate any energy leaks during your set or you will fatigue and fail.

Gregory Sport training is the ultimate template for improving posterior and shoulder strength, conditioning, explosiveness, work capacity and mental toughness. I’ll be following up this article with subsequent articles outlining kettle bell programming for Gregory Sport training, Hard Style strength training, GPP and some supplemental movements that will strengthen your back and add explosiveness to your dead lift.

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