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James Lee
• Friday, 01 January, 2021
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I think the question arises because there doesn’t seem to be any conventional chest based exercises that can be carried over from the body building world that seem appropriate for kettle bell training. One of the main benefits of kettle bell training is that the exercises are dynamic and flow from one movement to the next.

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Suddenly moving onto a bench and performing a set of chest presses as you would with dumbbells or a barbell just doesn’t seem to fit. Those with more experience can take the arm out to the side at 90 degrees but you will find your range of movement limited by the floor.

Exercise Tip : To increase the amount of PEC muscle activation push the kettle bell in towards the cent reline. The Kettle bell Half Get Up Press is similar to the Half Get Up (shown in the image above) except the kettle bell starts at the shoulder rather than with the arm fully extended.

You will get great core development from this exercise as well as taking the shoulder and chest muscles through varying degrees of activation and stabilization. I would recommend that you start with the regular half get up before adding in the press to the movement.

If you want to take the elbow deeper and increase the chest muscle activation then you can perform a kettle bell bench press but an even better option in to use a stability ball. As you press the kettle bell overhead from the lying position there is a great deal of torque produced through the body so you will have to use your core muscles in order to counterbalance the movement.

Once you are strong and comfortable with the push up then you can intensify the exercise by perform the movement with your hands on a kettle bell. Exercise Tip : Keep the elbows in and moving backwards during each repetition to improve shoulder health.

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For an advanced kettle bell exercise for the chest you can use the push up to renegade row. First you will need a good plank position, push up technique and solid core muscles in order to maintain a nice straight and tight posture throughout the exercise.

Exercise Tip : It is important to keep your core and glutes tight throughout the movement to prevent the hips from sagging below the cent reline. You can now put together these exercises to create an effective workout for the chest muscles.

It should also be noted that the tricep muscles work very hard during all the kettlebellchest exercises mentioned above so combining any overhead work following these chest exercises will reduce your stabilization capacity. One chest exercise that I do see being promoted is the crush grip kettlebellchest press but for safety reasons I do not recommend it.

As your hands get sweaty during each repetition the danger of you dropping the kettle bell increases. So it is for these safely reasons that I do not recommend the crush grip chest press.

Above I have listed 5 of my favorite kettlebellchest exercises, variations and workout ideas. You don’t need to lie on a weight bench in order to work your chest using a kettle bell you can activate more muscles by using the exercises above.

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Many kettle bell exercises like the Snatch, Overhead Press and Turkish Get Ups do use the chest muscles indirectly so don’t be surprised if mixing up some of these exercises with the ones above creates additional fatigue. In order to exercise your chest you need to add a horizontal pushing movement to your workout.

The kettle bell floor press is the most intense kettlebellchest exercise but variations of the Turkish get up are more practical. It has hundreds of workout plans available but it is not easy to find kettlebellchest exercises everywhere.

Kettle bells are equally great in chest workouts and help users gain mass and become exceptionally powerful. Let’s learn about these kettle bell workouts to improve your body shape and strengthen chest muscles.

These kettle bell exercises are harder to perform and require better focus for the whole body. You can use the kettle bell workouts for a proper body weight routine and to improve your overall fitness.

Here are the best ways to improve your chest muscles with kettle bell pectoralis workouts. Chest fly exercises are usually performed with dumbbells, but they can be done in the same way using kettle bells.

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The motion is going to be the same but the way of holding kettle bells for chest fly will be different. If you are up for a bigger challenge then you can try the one arm kettle bell bench fly.

The chest press exercise is performed in the same way as the kettle bell fly workouts. Kettlebellchest press is a little difficult because the weight of the kettle bell is also on the back palm of your hand.

Note: If you put a fitness ball under your upper back, then you will have more balance in your body. Because of the way kettle bells are made, you can easily balance them against your body.

Frank Robert shows how he uses the chest push/pull exercise to create depth in the muscle and bring out veins. Next we have Kettle bell upper chest press and muscle workout exercise.

The upper chest press exercise mainly targets the shoulder muscles. It is perfect for those who want to train the upper part of the pecs and to hold them tight.

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The kettle bell bench press can be done with a barbell rod and bands. In short, you will have to hang the kettle bells to the rod using bands.

You can do the same exercise with weights, but when done with kettle bells, the stabilizer muscle group will be activated. Add these exercises to your workout routine to train your pecs from different angles.

Similar to the narrow grip pull ups, Kettle bell squeeze press workout targets the pecs, upper body, triceps, and hand grips. These are perfect for all those who want to remain in great shape and improve upper body strength.

Make sure you go below the tops of the kettle bells to benefit from the increases range of motion Maintain tension and control the whole way down, you might need to practice This movement will promote good mobility, flexibility and range of motion which builds the entire muscle If this is your first time reading one of our posts, we create kettle bell workouts like this one in collaboration with kettle bell lifting champions and experts which are designed to give you maximal results and not take up much of your time.

We recommend you read more about receiving a quick, free, dynamic kettle bell workout every week you can click below. Also, we recommend you subscribe to our posts so you can be notified when we publish helpful content for kettle bell workouts.

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Our goal is always to create helpful, informative and safe content for you to explore the world of kettlebells, and we think using kettle bells for building muscle mass is an untapped area in our world and theirs. About Mind Pump: The guys at Mind Pump have a really popular podcast in which they shed truth on health, fitness and a host of other topics by providing unique perspectives on workout programs, supplements and faux science.

You can find more from Mind Pump on iTunes, Sticker, Podcast Republic or Google Play. The lifts that are listed down below put emphasis on the upper body.

Look at this as a bonus not a downside, you’re getting more bang for your buck and hitting more muscle groups in one movement! A lot of these kettle bell movements and exercises are the exact same as regular lifts you’d do with a dumbbell or barbell.

This lift emphasizes the anterior or front part of the shoulder. To do this lift, start by curling the kettle bell up, and holding it so the “bell” part is on the backside of your hand and your palm is facing your body.

Twist and press until your arm is fully extended and your palm is facing away from you. Do this by bending your knees and tightening up your lower body when the weight is at your chest.

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This lift emphasizes the lateral or side part of the shoulder, and the traps. Stand in an athletic stance and pull the kettle bell up while flaring your elbows out to the side.

Slowly lower the weight back down in a controlled manner. This exercise makes it so you have to use your shoulders and core as stabilizers as you lower and raise yourself with your triceps.

If you want it even more challenging, put your feet on top of a boss ball like the woman in the video! This exercise works your core, shoulders, arms, and of course the chest.

You don’t have to raise yourself off the floor like the gentleman in the video, but that is one variation you can do to target the lower chest. You can also do a single arm variation where you are only pressing one kettle bell at a time.

The kettle bell row is a great exercise to work the back. This exercise will also test your balance, as well as work your core and legs a little.

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With your other arm grab the kettle bell and pull the weight up using your back. Lower it back down in a controlled manner and repeat until you’ve does the required amount of reps.

The kettle bell frontal raise is a great exercise to work the front part of your shoulders! In a controlled manner raise the kettle bell up to shoulder height.

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