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Maria Johnson
• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
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Most kettle bell exercises use large multi-jointed movements which rely on hundreds of muscles being activated at a time. The more muscles that you use the greater the demands on the cardiovascular system as it produces oxygen to power the movement.

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Below I’ve listed 25 KB cardio workouts that will elevate your heart rate quickly starting with the most basic for beginners and finishing with the more complex. These beginners cardio workouts will help you master the basics and provide you with a solid foundation for building upon.

All beginners should master this exercise before progressing onto the kettle bell swing for cardio, clean, and snatch. The goblet squat is one of the most important full body kettle bell exercises.

Ensure that you squat down so your thighs are at least parallel with the floor in order to fully activate your buttocks. As well as being a huge kettlebellcardio exercise the goblet squat will also strengthen the legs, hips, buttocks, core and back muscles.

Mixing the goblet squat with the single arm dead lift exercise produces a great full body kettlebellcardio circuit. Moving sideways targets different muscles in the legs and buttocks from the regular lunge or squat based exercises.

Again adding in the single arm dead lift gives you a great combination workout hitting hundreds of muscles in the body. For this workout we are adding the kettle bell sit and press into the mix.

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The kettle bell sit and press creates mobility in the hips, conditions the core muscles and develops the shoulders. Actively moving from the kettle bell goblet squat and then down into the sit and press creates a peripheral heart action.

The heart has to work hard during this combination as the blood is shunted from the top squat position down to the lying sit and press exercise. The kettle bell clean is a full body exercise that many beginners find difficult to master.

Taking the time to get great at this kettle bell exercise is well worth the effort. Once you can perform the kettle bell clean well you can segue into so many other exercises from the racked position as you will see later.

Once you have mastered this exercise don’t be afraid to go heavy and really experience the cardio benefits this workout has to offer. I still remember performing this workout with a 32 kg on a rooftop in London and feeling the benefits for days afterwards.

The racked reverse lunge focuses deep into the buttocks as well as being a huge cardio based exercise. Mastering the kettle bell swing will open up a whole new set of exercise choices as well as combinations.

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Here we combine the full body two handed kettle bell swing with the push up exercise. At the end of the workout you will have completed 200 kettle bell swings and 55 push-ups.

Changing hands every rep really switches on the mind and makes the swings more challenging. You get to practice all the kettle bell swing exercises with this KB cardio workout.

You will get great rotation through the body for this exercise, working deep into the core muscles. Care must be taken not to hit the front knee as the kettle bell comes across the body.

The ability to flow will not only keep your heart rate elevated for longer but also add to the enjoyment of these kettlebellcardio workouts. For this kettlebellcardio workout we add in the large full body exercise of the clean and press.

The two handed squat and press is an excellent full body cardio exercise. For this kettlebellcardio workout we use 4 of the important movement patterns : lunge, squat, dead lift and press.

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Make sure that you do not cheat the squat movement and get your thighs down to at least parallel with the floor to activate your buttocks correctly. Be prepared for some serious heart raising action with this kettle bell workout.

Don’t rush through the lunge exercise and ensure your back knee gets as close to the floor as possible with every repetition. You should have mastered the two handed squat and press before advancing onto the kettle bell thruster.

Be sure to complete a full deep squat before driving up and using your momentum to press the kettle bell overhead. This demanding cardio workout will work your full body hard in 2 different directions.

The deeper the kettle bell side lunges are the more buttock and leg muscle activation achieved. For this kettlebellcardio workout we add in the kettle bell reverse lunge and press.

The kettle bell reverse lunge and press is a big full body movement that requires a huge amount of energy and thus makes it very cardiovascular. Try to keep your elbow up and wrist tight as you pull the kettle bell towards you.

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The kettle bell snatch is another full body exercise that will raise your heart rate quickly. I recommend that you practice the kettle bell exercises extensively before attempting any of these kettlebellcardio workouts fully.

Kettle bell Deck Squat x 5 reps Push Ups x as many as possible Rest and repeat 2-4 times It’s a full body kettle bell exercise that will certainly raise your heart rate.

You will need good hip mobility in order to perform the kettle bell deck squat. Due to the huge amount of muscle activation and strength involved this kettle bell exercises is very cardiovascular.

Using a resistance band, strap or Tax attached in front of you can be a great help when practicing the movement. Be careful as you fatigue during this workout and make sure to keep your chest up throughout.

I’ve also tried to include a variety of kettlebellcardio workouts for those from various different skills levels whether using the kettle bell swing or not. As with all individual kettle bell workouts these do not constitute a formal training program.

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One study stated that 20 minutes of continuous kettle bell training was about the same as running at a six-minute mile pace. Pick 3-5 full body exercises like the swing, thruster and lunge.

In a recent research, experts compared kettle bells with treadmill workout. They compared the duration, heartbeat, distance, strength, and a couple of other parameters.

This meant that cardiovascular system responds more to weight lifting rather than running. Make sure that you perform all the motions correctly and keep the intensity to benefit from your chosen routine.

First start off with cardio exercises to stretch your muscles and get the blood flowing. Now, start with warming up and continuing with a truly intensive session to work the entire body.

The workout targets all your core muscles and help improve cardio strength by burning around 250-350 calories. The workout will target all your body muscles including biceps, triceps, chest, legs, and abs.

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The high intensity workout routine is perfect for all who want to burn fat faster and in less time. The workout is only 10 minutes long and burns calories with 40 seconds intervals in between.

Alternating Single Hand Swings Crush Curls Clean and Press (one full interval on each side of the body) Halo Triceps Extensions Burpee Jerks Weighted Toe Touch Crunches Lunge Drops + Rows Two Handed Kettle bell Swings It focuses on explosive power and functional strength because of muscle flexibility and equal weight distribution.

The kettlebellcardio workout is harder to perform but it offers a complete routine for all girls. It is a complete fat burner and abs improve kettlebellcardio workout routine for beginners.

This is a complete cardio workout with kettle bell circuit, body weight and plyometric activities. Kettle bells are one of the best cardio workouts that improve your endurance, intensity, and functional movements.

Kettle bells are a lot easier to work out with in comparison with dumbbells because they don’t let you get fatigued. You can enjoy workout for a lot more time and keep pushing yourself to newer levels.

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These intensity workouts can be combined with resistance bands to improve weight or pressure on the body. In return, the user gets higher heart rate and this leads to increased stamina, more fat burning, and better cardio routine.

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