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• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
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With a single set of kettle bells, you can perform dozens of different exercises, and train your entire body. A few standard kettle bell techniques can incorporate just about all of your body’s major muscles, enabling you to get full body training instead of a narrowly focused workout spent isolating single muscles.

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This will boost your conditioning and overall fitness a great deal at the same time that you’re building strength. As mentioned, a single set of kettle bells will go a very long way for you, and you can design an entire workout based around them and them alone.

Kettle bell training on the other hand is going to provide you with real, functional strength. In addition, the off-center balance of gravity and the types of exercises performed will incorporate many of the smaller stabilizing muscles that almost never get targeted otherwise.

If you have access to some dumbbells, you can perform a simple test to give you an idea of what weight you might want to purchase. There are dozens of different kettle bell techniques you can master, and which will pay dividends for boxers of all levels.

Turkish Get-Ups : Lie down straight on the floor, on your back, and place a kettle bell by one side of your body. The key is to keep the kettle bell straight over your head the entire time, and to keep your core muscles tight the whole way through.

Begin the exercise by swinging the kettle bell through and behind your legs, almost like hiking a football. Then swing the kettle bell forward and stand up in an explosive motion, extending your arms straight in front of your body to chest level.

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Hopefully you’ve learned a few good techniques and ideas, along with the fundamentals and benefits of kettle bell training for boxers. This exercise program fits boxers well because the exercises are easy to learn, they require simple equipment, and there is a low risk of injury with kettle bell for boxers.

Book, slow strength work using heavy weight, low reps and an adequate rest interval has a tonic effect on the nervous system and will actually improve your skill. This circuit is two exercises both done with kettle bells; see-saw presses followed by a one to three-minute rest interval, then front squats.

I have also incorporated Turkish setups and windmills into the slow strength day workouts with my more advanced athletes. One arm snatches, followed by a one-minute interval of jump rope.

This circuit is great for cutting weight and developing strength/endurance and cardio for a fighter. An important note: skipping rope is extremely easy for my fighters, this is not the case with most fitness people I have seen.

Second jump Rope This kettle bell for boxers circuit focuses on hand, wrist, and forearm strength. This drill imitates the kind of contraction you need to snap a punch.

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This next advanced kettle bell for boxers circuit I use with one of my pro’s, Shaun Reagan. Jump Rope 1 minute One arm snatch, 40 reps, switch after every 10.

He calls it ‘6 Minutes of Heaven’ … We do the rope first, because it works better for Shaun. “Got to express the phenomenal difference the Dragon Door mentality and training has made for this 14-1-2 Professional Boxer climbing up the ranks as well as for the South Shore Police Athletic League.

Since competing for over 7 years as an amateur and 5 as a professional, I’ve truthfully never felt better or stronger. For 2 months, I’ve been periodically practicing joint mobility drills, one-arm snatches, jump shrugs, see-saw presses, and front squats.

Being a hunter/warrior and soaring like a falcon is how I want to live… There are no words for what Steve Bacardi (and ultimately Pavel Tsatsouline) has incorporated into my training regimen. Jump Rope or shadow box as an active rest.

One arm snatch, five times per arm Two KB Clean and Push-press, five times; you must clean the bells before each press Alternating clean, ten times non-stop Jump shrug, ten to fifteen reps from a quarter squat. Do 1 through 4 nonstop, followed by one minute of passive rest.

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Kettle bell workouts increase strength, endurance, agility and balance challenging both muscular & cardiovascular systems. Polished Smooth Chrome handle and rubber encased weight.

Kettle bell Training Poster features 12 kettle bell exercises and shows the starting and finishing position of each along with bullet point instructions for proper execution. Our Power Systems traditional cast iron Kettle bells vary from 5 to 100 lbs.

KOR Kettle balls are scuff free, color coded and uniform in size for better technique making them ideal for core training in small group or fitness classes. Clean, Snatch, Press, Swing with the smooth, steel handle and vinyl encased cast iron bell.

Given that we’re looking for exercises that fit kettle bells the best, you have to start with the question of what that means, and then choose the most effective movements accordingly. So let’s walk through that discussion and I’ll share what I believe to be the three most effective kettle bell exercises for the advanced trainee.

Kettle bells also offer a nearly unprecedented amount of variety to train the shoulder girdle. Among the many benefits of using long cycle, he found that it contributed to improved military PT testing and other varied athletic events such as obstacle courses (the infamous “WTH effect”).

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In addition, body weight increased, blood pressure decreased, and in Return of the Kettle bell, Iron Tamer Dave Whitley (former Master SFG) is quoted as saying, “The long cycle added 15lb to my dead lift , even though I had not done dead lifts in over a year.” For those wanting some research that is a little more modern and Western, there is ample evidence to back up the use of faster eccentric training for muscle growth.

If you’re after big arms and shoulders as well as some serious strength endurance, then long cycle may be the best kept secret in the training world. Having had the luxury of being around the kettle bell scene for quite a while, I can remember a time when the famous “program minimum” (what would later become Pavel’s Simple & Sinister) did not include the get-up.

It was the bent press and the snatch, not the swing and get-up, that were regarded as being the two most essential exercises, provided you had the requisite shoulder and hip flexibility. But the thing to remember about steroids is that while in the right dose they can help deliver powerful athletic performances, they can also give you cancer and you can die.

In other words, the windmill and bent press are more powerful than the get-up as exercises and train more components of movement to higher degrees, but for many people they may be too much to begin with. Strength pioneer Bob Hoffman wrote in 1938, “The bent press is the making of a lifter.

It promotes efficiency in all lifts, and its practice will promote a great increase in strength development.” To perform the bent press, and its earlier progression the windmill, you will need a good hip hinge and flawless thoracic rotation. Exercises like farmer walks and rack carries are a fantastic way to develop real-world core strength and stability.

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But not many people have access to a free-range style of gym like mine at RPT, and they lack the space to effectively carry. The anterior load makes squatting better easier, as it forces the abdominal to engage fully, which in turn allows the hips to free up and work better.

That placement of load also allows for a more upright torso angle, meaning there is less stress on the lower back. Speaking of your back, the lats, which are an essential element to core stability, will have to fire up like crazy to stop you dropping the bells in front of you as you squat.

The windmill and bent press include high degrees of hip and shoulder mobility and stability, which will injury-proof you and keep you supple and strong. He has trained hundreds of athletes and clients up to Olympic and World Championship levels.

He is both a black belt and an Iron man and has been honing the craft of training for over twenty years. Having trained alongside industry leaders in everything from Taekwondo to Brazilian Jim Jitsi to boxing, as well as kettle bells, running, triathlon, and weightlifting, Andrew has a wealth of experience to draw from.

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