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• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
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So when reviewing the 7 kettle bell exercise for seniors please realize that not everyone always fits into the same bracket. If you are in a position where you feel that kettle bell training could be right for you then this guide will act as a great starting point for seniors and older adults.

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Increases bone density due to the additional forces put through the joints and bones by the kettle bells Adds muscle mass, something that you lose quickly as you reach older age Improves balance, great for preventing falls and better footing Increases grip strength, another attribute that disappears quickly as you get older Improves mobility, nothing symbolizes old age like an inability to move naturally Rehabilitates joint issues, the frequent nutritional pumping movements of kettle bell training improves joint health Improves circulation, kettle bell training actively pumps the blood around the body for better circulation Increases cardiovascular health, your heart rate will be elevated and lungs forced to work harder Raises metabolic rate for fat loss, an increase in metabolism means more calories burnt at rest Increases confidence, feel stronger, mobile, fitter and have better balance for a more confident you Improve mental health and produces a more positive attitude towards life in general Your focus as a senior should not be to break any lifting records or to push yourself to complete exhaustion.

As you get older and move less you ability to take your joints through their full range diminishes. A lack of joint mobility will not only affect your posture but also your ability to move correctly.

For many people this mobility routine can have more of an impact on their lives than the workout so please don’t skip this section. The great thing about neck mobility is that you can practice anytime of the day even while seated watching TV.

If you don’t walk over varied ground or take part in sports then your hip mobility will probably be limited. Poor hip mobility will affect your walking gait as well as force your lower back to move more than it should do.

Watch a video of the hip mobility warm up exercises below: Simple body weight squats are one of the best exercises you can perform and will strengthen your full body.

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Watch a video of the knee mobility warm up exercises below: Good ankle mobility will improve your balance as well as prevent further leg injury while walking or tripping on uneven ground.

Often one of the most overlooked areas of the body a simple ankle mobility routine will also improve circulation. Try to keep the kettle bell close to the neck line and don’t bend the head forwards.

You will also find this is a great exercise for seniors with limited mobility as it lengthens the hamstrings and mobilizes the hips. I recommend practicing the exercise without a kettle bell first in order to master the movement.

Not only is the kettle bell step up highly effective at raising the heart rate and strengthening the legs and buttocks but also has a great cross over into your daily life. You will find walking up hills and stairs much easier if you work on this exercise.

Watch a video of the kettle bell or dumbbell step up exercise below: You will also quickly raise your heart rate, pump vital nutrients around your body and improve your movement strength and skills for daily life.

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Failure to get a full 90 degree bends in the knees will limit the amount of buttock activation achieved. The ability to get up and down from the floor is an important activity as we get older and very challenging for many people.

Everyone should practice the get up without a kettle bell first, if need be you can hold a tennis ball or glass of water in the hand. Practice : when you can perform 10 alternating repetitions without a kettle bell then slowly start to add some load.

Start off steady and use a light kettle bell for the first 2 weeks before slowly increasing the load. You should feel out of breath at the end of each circuit if not add more load or pick up the pace.

Using kettle bell exercises for seniors and older adults can be highly effective at improving health, fitness and well-being. Regular kettle bell training can improve balance, strength, your metabolism, help with fat loss and confidence.

Older adults can move and be just as strong, if not stronger, than those half their age so there are no hard and fast rules for what weight to start with. I’ve included a kettle bell circuit that you can follow 3-4 times per week just add load steadily as you get stronger.

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Always seek professional medical advice and take your time and listen to your body as you exercise. These cannonball-shaped weights, with a handle that requires you to work to manipulate its off-center mass, encourages balance in older exercisers just when they most need it.

Best of all, both men and women can counter the loss of muscle mass associated with aging with a strength-training modality that also provides impressive cardio benefits compared with barbells and dumbbells. In addition, “know your limitations; if you have chronic back pain, you’re not going to perform the swings,” states New York-based kettle bell trainer Lorna Seaman.

“Incorporate movements that enhance specific ranges of motion -- such as the halo, presses or rows,” Seaman recommends. First master a modified squat that entails holding the bell in your hands while sitting and standing from a chair, Seaman suggests.

“If you can perform a squat -- it doesn’t have to be deep -- and have the ability to hold a dumbbell with a straight arm in the overhead position, then begin larger movements such as gentle swings, push presses with the use of legs or high pulls,” she says. These moves help build lean muscle and maintain bone strength, endurance and balance as well as reaction time, she notes.

But our nation's weight problem is a big issue that most people aren't confronting. We're of the belief that shedding those pounds in the gym is the best way to take back your health.

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Get some preworkout ready to go, because we're bringing you the best kettle bell workouts to melt away fat and build muscle like you've been in the gym for years. Your back, hips, hamstrings, and glutes all come into play and determine the effectiveness of your workout.

Start with your legs shoulder width apart and line the kettle bell up between them using the money part of your ankle. Keep your lower back flat, almost parallel to the ground, and bend at the knees.

Proper form is important here as it will teach you a good hip hinge (bending forward at the hips with a flat lower back and bent knees). Swings work all the same muscles as the dead lift, but also add in your core and cardiovascular system.

This makes them a great tool for building muscle as well as burning fat. It's not a bad idea to end your workout with swings and follow up with a light cool down jog.

To do a kettle swing, get into the dead lift position with the kettle bell several feet in front of you. Squatting is fundamental movement pattern and one of the best compound moves that builds huge lower-body strength and more powerful glutes.

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This kettle bell exercise works your legs, glutes, quads, hamstrings and back. Start with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart, standing up straight and holding the kettle bell by the horns in the front of your chest.

Bend your knees and squat down to the position when your legs are parallel to the floor or just below. Make sure to keep your torso upright and don’t round your back while bending at both the hips and the knees.

The kettle bell press works your shoulders, traps, triceps, and core. The focus of this exercise is to generate your power through the floor, moving energy from the balls of your feet, through your core, and into your arms.

Your shoulders do the heavy lifting, but the rest of the body works to generate the momentum. Extend your arm upwards, keeping your bicep next to your head, and your wrist perpendicular with the ground.

This is a great workout to strengthen your shoulders stability and mobility and your core and increase hip flexibility. Pick up the kettle bell with your right hand, and send it over your head keeping your elbow locked.

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Return to start position keeping your left arm extended. Proper technique is extra important here, both for your safety and to see maximum results.

Return yourself to the starting swing position and repeat the exercise without the bell touching the floor. They're a staple in any gym but are widely available to purchase and great at home devices.

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