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• Monday, 14 December, 2020
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You can also find a large collection of exercise benches, cages & racks and bars & collars to complement your at-home gym. Weight training involves muscle strengthening whereby heavy objects act as resistance to muscle force generated by contraction, and free weights are one of the most popular and convenient types of weight-training tools you can use at home or at a neighborhood gym for exercises that can work the whole body.

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Benefits of free weights include increased strength and muscle mass in the targeted areas of your body, in addition to decreased body-fat levels and stress reduction. With popular products including dumbbells, barbells, sand bells and kettle bells from which to choose, you have a large variety of options to get beach-body ready in no time.

They provide better ballistic abilities for the athlete due to the larger mass in the body of the kettle bell. The slimmer handle also helps to prevent fatigue and lateral slippage.

KBs displace the weight differently than a dumbbell which is one of the reasons we love them so much at Fitness Warehouse. They’re the perfect piece of equipment to add to your training regime as you can use them for full body workouts.

In-stock OEM parts inventory for all major brands available to ship, pick-up or deliver Equipment Depot worked with our team to develop and implement a comprehensive fielding plan.

If the new equipment fails to perform as promised and you’re not satisfied, we’ll buy it back. If the new equipment fails to perform as promised and you’re not satisfied, we’ll buy it back.

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“We provide a one-stop source and holistic approach to solving your specific operational challenges.” Since 1939, our team members strive to be committed, responsible, friendly and helpful.

Move, stack, or store it, with forklifts, reach trucks, pallet jacks and more. With RENTAL EQ ®, access newer, reliable equipment fleet with on-time delivery guaranteed.

Our dedicated team provides full-service, tailored solutions coast-to-coast and a commitment to service with our Performance.

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