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Kettle Bells & Ply boxes Kettle bell bell weights pair 15 lbs Brand New Kettle Bells 35 lbs Demos Weight Training Kettle bell, 18 lbs Tone Fitness 10 lb Dumbbell Pair

Paul Gonzalez
• Friday, 25 December, 2020
• 5 min read
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Brand New Kettle Bells 35 lbs Demos Weight Training Kettle bell, 18 lbs

Tone Fitness 10 lb Dumbbell Pair 30 piece exercise equipment lots

Fit Index Resistance Trainer — New, unopened 15lb kettle bell set $45 OBO

Gym Guys Kettle bells 5Lb and 10Lb Ankle weights, dumbbells pair & kettle bell.

Thanks to their incredible combo of simplicity and versatility, kettle bells are a hugely popular home fitness item these days. But if you’ve gone shopping for them online recently, you may have noticed that the wonderfully handled weights are a little, UMM, scarce.

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Perhaps even worse, some are being sold for the doughiest of prices — as much as $3,000 on Amazon for a product that won’t arrive until the end of next month, at the earliest. Brands like Rogue Fitness are now retooling and rehiring American companies to ramp up production, which is great.

To address this issue, we connected with fitness pros across the country in search of DIY solutions, homemade hacks that can mimic kettle bells in a pinch. “There are quite a few large load laundry detergents with nice thick handles,” says Lynn Montoya, ACE, a hard style kettle bell -certified instructor.

“My clients have been keeping moving using water jugs,” says Bay Area trainer Jonathan Jordan, NASM-CPT, a Kettle bell Athletics L1 coach. And for heavy we fill up with loose change.” Jordan has created a 12-move milk jug workout, with videos showing all the moves.

“A weighted backpack is a great swap,” says Ryan Palermo, manager, head coach and trainer at New Jersey’s CrossFit Turbocharged. Cushion with a towel or t-shirts so your household items don’t move around.” Palermo has demonstrated a backpack kettle bell workout on Instagram.

“Outdoor home and gardening items tend to be closer to a kettle bell,” says trainer Robert Lemur, who runs Simple Fitness Hub. “Planter pots made from cement, ceramic, or stucco are great, especially when doing squats or Russian twists.

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“I would caution inexperienced kettle bell users to refrain from starting now in their homes,” says personal trainer Jim Faith, founder of TopFitPros. “However, a sturdy gym bag loaded with canned goods, books or magazines offers a great piece of homemade exercise equipment.

Note: Dick’s stores are temporarily closed and this product is not available online, but the chain is offering curbside contactless pickup at select locations. “ Kettle bell Kings will have stock available for pre-order after April 20th and will be shipping first week of May,” says co-founder Jay Perkins.

“We have six full containers of kettle bells over the next five to six weeks, close to six-thousand bells coming in, so we will have a ton available for people.” Perkins also mentions that the brand offers home workout plans at its training site, living.fit. “ FacebookMarketplace and Craigslist are constantly being updated, and because people are mostly at home, it is easier to arrange immediate shipping or a drop-off.”

“I myself have lent equipment to current members and have charged a premium for non-members.” While this particular resource could be tapped out at this point, it’s worth a shot. The internet's favorite pan features a modular design that includes a detachable wooden spatula, domed lid and a nesting steamer tray.

Bring your briefcase up to speed by swapping it out for one designed by the same folks who create bags for wild lands firefighters and active-duty members of the military. The Sabra Elite Active 85t are sports-focused headphones with noise-canceling technology and great sound quality for listening to music and taking calls.

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The Rolls-Royce of hot sauces, Trough delivers an unprecedented, high-class take on one of the most versatile items in your kitchen. These take the classics up a notch with the brand's Body Modal fabric — an ultra-soft blend that keeps you comfortable all day.

Proof has mastered technical apparel that captures city style while standing up to the harshest conditions. This popover boasts 80g fill down, Dr coating, and soft, stretchy material making it practical for everyday wear.

Our pick for best electric standing desk because working from home on your couch could be wreaking havoc on your posture. It has adjustable straps to keep your fit dialed and comes with three replaceable filters that block out 95 percent of particles.

Type III trucker style and a fuzzy Sherpa lining join forces to make a jacket you will want to wear every day. Loved by sneaker heads and the wider population for its simple, straightforward look and ubiquity to complement any fit.

It might be slightly less sleek than some of our other favorites, but it's just as rugged and capable of keeping your goods cold for extended periods of time. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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Buy and sell items locally or have something new shipped from stores. Buy and sell items locally or have something new shipped from stores.

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