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An open space filled with heavy iron, benches, cable setups, and if you're in a big box, plenty of cardio stations and machines. Most of the weights are probably barbells, both on squat platforms and benches, or dumbbells, sitting stacked along the wall on a rack.

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Using either one or two kettle bells, you'll hold the load in such a way (demonstrated above) that you'll be forced to engage your core to prevent your torso from tipping over. This simple, incredibly effective movement is a great way to build shoulder stability while working the core.

Try the exercise for 10 to 20 reps per side to start before adding extra features, like the kneeling position in the video or even a squat, for more of a metabolic impact. Goblet Pulse Squat Crush your legs with a little bounce with this dynamic exercise.

Your upper body will get a challenge, too, since you'll be using your arms and bracing your core to keep the kettle bells in the racked position. Try 3 to 4 sets of 10 reps, lowering down into position slowly and pausing at the bottom to create a ton of tension.

Turkish Getup This multi-part movement takes some time and coordination to master, but it's an effective full body exercise once you nail every step. Keep the weight light to start (run through the first few times without any), then add heavier loads as you progress.

If you're bold, set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes, then alternate 5 reps per arm for the whole period. Since you can easily hold and maneuver the implement, you can use it as a load for some traditionally body weight movements.

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30:60:90 Bodywork Blast your body with this intense interval ladder from trainer Hannah Eden. Take the longer approach with this routine designed to ramp up your metabolic conditioning.

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Kettlebellexercises for men will build muscle, burn fat and create a lean muscular appearance. Using the correct kettlebellexercises will activate 100’s of muscles which will reduce workout time and increase fat burning potential.

I have also added a section on kettle bell workouts for men in order to know how to use these kettlebellexercises most effectively. However, the kettlebellexercises that I have included below have a much deeper focus on the upper body than any others so if your goals are to add muscle to this area then these are for you.

The kettle bell halo is an important exercise because it opens up and mobilizes the shoulders and upper back. You should focus your eyes straight ahead of you as you roll the kettle bell around your neck.

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I recommend that you master and open up the joints with a lighter kettle bell before increasing the weight. Using a heavy kettle bell incorrectly will only add to neck and shoulder issues rather than correcting them.

The kettle bell regular row will add muscle to the mid back, lats, core musculature and biceps. It is important to keep the back flat throughout this exercise and the core braced nice and tight.

Row the kettle bell straight up as if your elbow is being pulled back and towards the ceiling. Don’t rush through the exercise, the lowering part of the movement is just as important as the row.

The kettle bell half Turkish get up will develop strong stabilization in the shoulders as well as excellent core strength. Overhead pressing, as mentioned later, is important for building big, strong shoulders but without good stabilization strength there can be a potential for injury.

Practicing and working through the half Turkish get up will build the foundation you require for future lifts. Keep your kettle bell arm straight and heels in contact with the floor throughout the entire exercise.

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Return slowly to the floor by using your core muscles, 5 seconds down is a good guideline. From a half kneeling position with the back knee on the floor press the kettle bell overhead.

Keep your buttocks pinched tight and core muscles braced as you press. Working from a half kneeling position will focus the press directly into the shoulders and leave no room for cheating.

The kettle bell push press is an excellent exercise for building strength and size in the shoulders and upper body. As you press the kettle bell overhead use your legs slightly just to add a little momentum to the lift.

The bottom part of the lift is always the most challenging so adding a slight knee bend before driving the kettle bell overhead will give you a mechanical advantage. The kettle bell push press is great for lifting heavier weights that get stuck in the bottom position or when you start to fatigue and you want to complete a few final repetitions.

The kettle bell goblet squat is one of the most important kettlebellexercises for men and developing the legs, hips, buttocks and core muscles. Keep your weight back on your heels and try to prevent the knees from caving in towards the cent reline as you squat.

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Make sure that you squat so your thighs reach parallel with the floor to engage your buttocks correctly. Shallow squats will only develop the legs and can produce muscle imbalances.

Those comfortable with the goblet squat can practice holding two kettle bells, one in each hand against the chest in the racked position. The kettle bell single arm dead lift will develop strength, and size in the legs, hips, glutes, back and core muscles.

Keep your weight back on your heels and feel the hamstrings and buttocks engage as you lift. The kettle bell racked reverse lunge is the ultimate leg and buttock developer.

When squats and dead lifts start to get too easy with the weights that you have available then switching to the kettle bell lunge is a great progression. The depth of the lunge is important to fully activate the buttocks, the back knee should drop as close to the floor as possible.

Keep the chest up and eyes forwards throughout the entire exercise. If you find you start to wobble during this exercise then bracing your core muscles should help to stabilize the movement.

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The kettle bell pistol squat is a very challenging movement that will develop strong legs, buttocks, core muscles, mobility and cardio. For those new to the pistol squat then practice without a kettle bell first and using a band or Tax attached in front of you for support.

Descend into the bottom of the pistol squat slowly before pausing for a few seconds and then driving back up to the top position. Adding a kettle bell to the exercise will help with counterbalance but also load the shoulders and back muscles.

You will need good hip mobility and inner thigh flexibility in order to perform this exercise well. The kettle bell double lunge is a tough exercise that will overload the legs, hips, buttocks and core muscles while working your cardio at the same time.

Be sure to drop as deep as possible with both lunges and keep your chest and head up. There is a huge amount of muscle activation with these full body exercises so you can expect a quick increase in your heart rate as it challenges your cardio.

These kettlebellexercises for men are complex so care should be taken to master the prerequisites of each movement before loading up the exercise. The kettle bell swing will activate most of the muscles in your body, test your cardio and improve your posture.

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The movement of the kettle bell is generated by the aggressive thrust of the hips forwards with a tightening of the buttocks. With the kettle bell at the top of the swing the body should be fully upright with the glutes tight and abs braced.

You can practice a quick workout of 10 reps, rest and repeat for 10 circuits. The kettle bell thruster will strengthen most of the muscles in the body while at the same time challenging your cardio.

Start with a regular racked squat before driving the floor away from you with your feet and using the momentum to press the kettle bell overhead. Note that this exercise should be performed in a fluid movement with a pause between the squat and the overhead press.

Again squat depth is very important to ensure the buttocks are activated fully and you should be aware of the possibility of cheating as you start to fatigue. If your shoulder starts to ache then you can use your opposite hand to help hold the kettle bell in the racked position during the bottom portion of the squat.

You begin the exercise with a kettle bell clean which is an explosive movement that activates the legs, hips, buttocks and back. You will find that you can lift heavier weights with the clean part of the exercise than the press.

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This kettle bell exercise for men is fast and dynamic and requires good coordination and timing. Care should be taken when practicing the high pull because beginners often collapse at the wrist and the kettle bell can travel towards the face.

As with many of these kettlebellexercises for men be sure to stand tall at the top of the movement and squeeze the buttocks tight. The most common problem beginners have with the snatch is the kettle bell flopping over at the top of the movement and banging the wrist.

The kettle bell should also travel close to the body on the way up rather than looping around as if a continuation on from the swing. Throw your hands forwards to gain momentum and allow you to get your hips underneath you before standing back up again.

The single leg dead lift using 2 kettle bells is a great way to overload the hamstrings, glutes core and back without the need for very heavy weights. Keep the reps low (5) and descend slowly to a count of 3 to benefit from the eccentric loading part of the movement.

It goes without saying that you should have first mastered all the individual parts of this exercise, the clean, squat, and overhead press. You can rest momentarily after each rep by returning the kettle bells to the ground or use your stretch reflex at the bottom of the movement to go straight into a second repetition.

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This kettle bell exercise for men first requires you to hold a good solid front plank both on two hands and one. With both hands on the kettle bell handles row the one arm backwards pulling through the elbow towards the ceiling.

The hips should stay perfectly inline with the body while preforming the exercise and the buttocks should be squeezed tight. Care should be taken to use the correct type of kettle bell to prevent them from rolling to the side and crushing your fingers on the floor.

Beginners can practice this exercise by using just one kettle bell and having the other hand on a box, Paraclete or bench. Simply put you will be performing fast alternating kettle bell cleans, one up one down.

Now you have a comprehensive list of kettlebellexercises you can put them together into a full body kettle bell workout for Men. For those men who are more advanced you can add a 4th exercise to the list from the Double kettle bells category.

There are of course many other kettlebellexercises available but these are the ones that will activate 100’s of muscles per movement therefore increasing your metabolism, growth hormone and challenge your cardio. Unlike other forms of exercise you should be careful not to overdo it, just a short workout 3-5 times per week is enough for most people.

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Many kettlebellexercises train the full body in one movement including the swing, snatch, clean and press, Turkish get up and more. We've all turned up to the gym, short on time and motivation, only to find every piece of equipment we need for our workout isn't free.

Faced with this scenario, you have two options: ditch the workout and go home or find a piece of versatile equipment that is underused and undervalued by most of the gym-going community. Packing the same weighty punch as dumbbells, kettle bells are likely to be found in a dusty corner of the gym.

Much like the humble rowing machine and versa climber, most gym bros steer clear of the cast-iron 'bells, helping you get an effective, time-efficient workout in, without having to worry about your kit getting pinched. This and the growing popularity of sports such as CrossFit and Strongman have helped drive kettle bell training and workouts into the mainstream.

On top of this, owing to their design, kettle bells are one of the easiest weights to move around during your workout in a short timeframe and can be stored away easily, from your car boot to your garden shed or garage. “Kettle bells give you the opportunity to move athletically with additional resistance from a variety of angles and more challenging positions,” explains Jon Lewis, a personal trainer with fitness outlet Industrial Strength.

Not only that, but exercises such as kettle bell swings can help increase your heart rate, burn extra fat and tone muscle, but where they really come into their own is in building strength throughout your posterior chain. As these are your body’s biggest muscles, you’ll also torch calories,” says Rob Blair, PT at The Commando Temple.

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Additionally, kettle bells are an incredibly useful tool for those looking to build their base of strength and mobility, so if you're struggling with your barbell back squat, for example, utilizing the kettle bell goblet squat is a good way of practicing proper form with a safer exercise that can then be upgraded as your strength increases. Well-suited for swings, presses and carries, kettle bells also lend themselves to more dynamic movements, where a dumbbell or barbell may be more difficult to use.

Usually, kettle bell workouts are built on a high-rep range, meaning that several muscles are worked at once and, if kept at a consistent pace, can offer similar aerobic benefits to HIIT training. Similarly, by performing kettle bell circuits three times a week, you’ll pump up your VO2 max by 6 per cent in just under a month, according to the NSA’s Sac Report.

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research also found that kettle bell training contributes to a healthier lower back, owing to the loading and movement patterns. “Kettle bells are arguably one of the most versatile bits of equipment you can find in a gym,” says Sam Wrigley, a London Bridge-based PT.

“This exaggerated flexion and extension at the hip puts a lot of force through the lower back.” When it comes to getting injuries from poor form, the “arching of the back and not engaging the glutes in an overhead press or folding in a goblet position” can put you at risk of busting your lower back. Stand with feet set wider than shoulder-width and bend your knees to grab the kettle bell with both hands.

Drive your hips, keep your back flat swing the weight up to shoulder height. Initiated by a powerful hip thrust from your hamstring and glutes, opting for heavier weights (once the move is mastered, of course) for up to 90 seconds a set will vastly improve your anaerobic fitness, accelerating your heart-rate and ignite a fat-burn that the bench press can only dream of.

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Instead, by combining a front squat with an overhead press, you're transforming a drab move into a compound, multi-joint exercise that demands full-body power. In one swift movement, slightly jump off the ground and raise your arms to extend above your head.

Land softly on your feet with your knees bent as though you're doing a squat and extend your arms straight above you shoulder-width apart. Powerlifting moves needn't be restricted to barbells bending under crippling weight loads.

Instead, the kettle bell clean and press offers the opportunity to increase grip strength, become stronger in overhead movements (your shoulder press will thank you) and will help you learn the lesson of maintaining a rigid core during all lifts. Plus, the researchers found that participants performing the kettle bell snatch usually maintained 86 to 99 per cent of their maximum heart rate, making it an essential move for easy weightless.

Drive through the heel and bring yourself back up to standing position, without letting your leg touch the floor. Functional and an easy gym brag, the kettle bell pistol squat is the king of mobility moves.

Stand with your legs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, clasping a kettle bell in each hand in front of your chest with palms facing each other. Bend your knees and lower yourself into a squat, keeping the kettle bells in the same position and ensuring you don't round your back by tensing your glutes throughout.

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Keep your arms strong and walk short, quick steps as fast as possible. Ideal for building grip and plugging onto the end of a tough workout, farmer's walks also pack heavy-duty muscle onto your upper-back while fighting lower-back pain and being a useful conditioning tool and fat-loss.

Drive your hips, keep your back flat swing the weight up to shoulder height. Increase the demand you place on the shoulder stabilizing muscles by doing kettle bell swings with one arm.

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We watched the best kettle bell workout videos on the Internet and are bringing you the results. Basically, a kettle bell is a cast iron or steel ball that resembles a cannonball and comes with a handle attached to the top.

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Portable and heavy in equal measure, it’s used primarily in ballistic exercises and weightlifting routines. Thanks to its compact design and offset center of mass, the kettle bell enables high-repetition sets while infusing an extra tier of leverage into your regimen.

Ideal for beginners and experts alike, the best kettle bell workouts accelerate heart rate, burn calories, and build muscles with impressive alacrity. Culled from websites, magazines, and videos, here are the 15 best kettle bell workouts for men.

Pick up the kettle bell and hold it between your legs, using both hands in an overhand grip. Staring straight ahead, arch your lower back and bend at the hips until the kettle bell is behind your legs.

Squeeze your glutes, extend your hips, and swing the kettle bell upward. Extends the hips and knees so that the swing reverses course on its own momentum, beginning your next rep. Use the natural momentum of the kettle bell and your hip gestures to keep the weight swinging.

Muscles worked: hips, glutes, hamstrings, lats, abs, shoulders, pecs Difficulty level: Beginner-intermediate Focus: power, strength This overlooked kettle bell exercise combines a front squat with an overhead press and works your full body in the process.

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Hold the kettle bells in the rack position (so that the weight is resting on the back of your shoulders). Hold for a second and then power upward with all your might, pushing through at the legs and heels.

As you reach the upright position, use the natural momentum of the kettle bells to press them up. In one graceful movement, jump slightly off the ground while raising your arms.

One of the best kettle bell workouts for fat loss, the snatch reportedly burns about 20kcals a minute. When the kettle bell reaches shoulder height, rotate your hand and push upward until your arm is completely straight.

Muscles worked: glutes, quads, hamstrings, core, upper back, shoulders, grip Difficulty level: Advanced Focus: developing aerobic capacity A true exercise of champions, the kettle bell pistol squat fires on all conceivable cylinders (no pun intended).

Before we dive in, a quick word of advice: master this exercise using just your own body weight before bringing a kettle bell into the mix. Push through the heel to bring yourself back to the upright position, all without letting your raised leg touch the floor.

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Muscles worked: quadriceps, gluteus (max, medium, minimum), gastrocnemius, rectus abdominal and obliques, lower back, hamstrings, deltoid and shoulder Stabilizers Difficulty level: advanced Focus: cardio Bend at the knees, lower into a squat, and tighten your glutes, all while keeping the kettle bells in their original position.

Muscles worked: quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, scapular stabilizers Difficulty level: beginner Focus: strength, power, endurance This kettle bell exercise targets the upper-back muscles, wards off back pain in general, improves grip, and helps with fat loss.

Should you be executing a full kettle bell set, save this routine for the end. Keeping your arms flexed, take short steps as you walk forward as quickly as possible.

Staring straight ahead, get into the full squat position, going as low as you can. You might want to watch some of the best kettle bell workout videos YouTube can muster before giving this one a go, as it comes in various forms and can be quite tricky to execute.

Using your opposite arm, raise the kettle bell to your shoulder, extending through the legs and hips as you go, and rotating your wrist until the palm faces forward. Bend at the hip while sticking your glutes out, slowly leaning until you can touch the floor with your free hand.

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Here’s another one that might require some intensive visuals (i.e. kettle bell workout videos or DVDs). Lie on your back and grab one kettle bell with your left hand, holding it on your chest.

Bend your left knee while your right leg stays straight on the ground. Push off with your left foot as you roll lightly toward your right hip, leaning onto your right elbow.

Push onto your right hand and bring your back off the ground, keeping the kettle bell locked in its raised position. Swing your right leg back into a kneel, tighten your core, and thrust into the standing position.

Drive one kettle bell into the floor while rowing the other one up to your chest, your shoulder retracting and your elbow flexing. Lower back to the starting position, then bring the opposite kettle bell into a row.

Hold a kettle bell just below your shoulder using one hand, palm facing your chest. Bend your knees and drive through your heels as you raise the kettle bell overhead, rotating your palms so that they’re facing forward.

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Muscles worked: hamstrings, core, obliques, gluteus, trapezium, forearm Difficulty level: beginner Focus: balance, coordination, muscle strength and development Grip the kettle bell and raise it toward your stomach, retracting your shoulder blade and flexing the elbow.

Muscles worked: shoulders, biceps, back, abs Difficulty level: intermediate Focus: strength Kettlebellexercises can fall into both camps, but they can also be effectively implemented into a training routine to optimize adaptions, and help men meet their goals.

RELATED: RECOMMENDED PLANS FOR YOU We also use kettle bells in the strength and conditioning program for the collegiate men ’s lacrosse team that I am involved with. Kettle bells are versatile and can help men from any background meet goals for improving core stability, ballistic power, dynamic agility and overall strength.

Grab the kettle bell with both hands by the horns and let it swing like a pendulum backwards between your legs like an American football “hike”. Forcefully drive your hips forward as you stand tall, swinging the kettle bell in front of you.

(TIP: Don’t use your arms; let your hips transfer the force from your posterior chain muscles through your forearms. The “hike” is the same, but for the clean you will pull your elbow back (like you are starting a lawn mower) as you push your hips forward.

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As you stand tall you will snap your elbow to your side and catch the kettle bell in the racked position. Depending on your sets x reps, make sure to periodically rotate the kettle bell between your right and left hands.

The kettle bell snatch is a complex exercise that requires a lot of technique training, so don’t be afraid to start light to make sure your form is impeccable, before progressing to higher weights). The snatch ends with the weight straight up overhead, with the kettle bell resting on the back side of your forearm.

In addition to the benefits of hip extension power, the snatch has the ability to train the musculature of the upper back for a rock solid physique, to balance out all the bench pressing that men like to do. An effective core exercise for shredded abs and obliques (the so-called love handles ”).

Loading the squat movement pattern on the front side, engages the core to develop killer abs during a kettle bell exercise also targeting the legs. The split stance used in the lunge is similar to the mechanics of running and can effectively improve your individual leg strength.

The single leg stance provides dynamic ankle stability, while developing strength in the back, which is important for posture and running economy. Men who aren’t runners can benefit from this unilateral upper body strength exercise too.

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When integrated into your workout program, these 8 kettlebellexercises are effective for improving total body strength. Whether you are looking for new exercises to add some spice to your current routine, or you are trying to tighten up your weak spots, kettle bells can be implemented and help you to reach your goals.

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