Kettlebell Everyday For Fat Loss

James Lee
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
• 10 min read

Kettle bells are uniquely capable of helping you lose weight, and boost aerobic capacity, apart from increasing strength. To take advantage of this valuable exercise device, you can try out the 100 kettle bell swings a day weight loss program.

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To benefit from the 100 kettle bell swings a day weight loss program, you must do it right. Without proper form, a kettle bell swing workout may cause more harm than good.

This is particularly important since you’ll adapt a bent-over posture during specific phases of the workout. To initiate the forward swing, push your hips up in a forceful motion.

If you don’t have anyone nearby, you can record yourself with a camera during the workout to check for poor form. In the study, participants experienced increases in both maximum and explosive strength from kettle bell workouts.

21 men, aged 18 to 27 years, went through a 6-week training program with bi-weekly workout sessions. Although the study didn’t involve daily workouts, it’s a useful indicator of the potential benefits to your lower body strength.

An interesting aspect of kettle bell swings is they promote positive hormonal responses, which enhances body- fat -burning. Researchers from the University of North Texas performed a study to verify this.

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Their research showed significant increases in growth hormone and testosterone levels (10). The participants did only 12 sets of kettle bell swings involving 30-second workouts with 30-second rest periods, and they only used 35-pound (15.8 kg) bells.

Once you determine the exact calories you expect to burn, you will know how well to complement the 100 kettle bell swings a day fat loss program with an appropriate diet plan. In the study, 10 men and women aged 29-46 years performed 20-minute-long kettle bell workouts.

Shutterstock However, the actual number of calories you can expect to burn will vary dramatically based on multiple factors, including: Your age : Younger people may have more muscle mass, which gives them the capacity to burn more calories.

Your gender : Men tend to have higher metabolism levels compared to women. As you can see, the specific calorie burn can vary immensely due to variations in all these factors.

You can use a heart rate monitor to get a more accurate estimate of your calorie burn. This is because the kettle bell swing is an all-round fitness workout, much like a cross between circuit weight training and running.

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Fortunately, kettle bell swings also improve your aerobic capacity, as well as your dynamic balance and core strength. This was tested and proven in one study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) (1).

In the study, researchers tested and found a significant boost in the VO2max (maximum rate of oxygen consumption) of 18 volunteers. The National Research Center for the Working Environment in Denmark performed a study to uncover this benefit (4).

Researchers found that the workouts help reduce pain in the lower back, shoulders, and neck. To answer that question, you need to consider physical activity recommendations by reputable organizations.

This is a useful guide since kettle bell swings are a combination of aerobic workouts and weight training. This gives you at least one rest day for your muscles to recover and avoid injuries.

This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind.

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Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility! I started thinking about all the kettle bell exercises for weight loss and which would get the job done the quickest.

There is no doubt in my mind that the chosen kettle bell weight loss exercise would have to use as many muscles as possible. So, rather than single out just one kettle bell exercise for weight loss I decided to list 7 starting from the easiest and progressing to the more technical.

Almost every muscle in the body is activated during this kettle bell exercise, plus it is very cardiovascular so will raise the heart rate quickly. The kettle bell squat also acts as a pumping mechanism driving blood around the body and lubricating our joints with healthy nutrients.

The thighs must drop to parallel with the floor in order to properly activate the buttock muscles. Beginners can get huge benefits from just performing the kettle bell goblet squat but for those more comfortable with the exercise the press can be added to the top of the movement.

Watch a video of the squat and press kettle bell exercise for fat loss below: Kettle bell swings for fat loss, like the squat and press, work most muscles in the body but has more of an emphasis on the back.

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The hamstrings, buttocks, lower, mid and upper back all work hard during the kettle bell swing for weight loss. As with the squat and press the feet do not need to move so impact is very low and minimal space is required.

The top part of the swing is also very powerful at developing the abs when performed correctly as it simulates a standing dynamic plank position. The kettle bell clean and press is based off the dead lift movement pattern which simulates how you should pick anything heavy up from the floor.

The legs, hips, buttocks, core and back are heavily involved in the kettle bell clean movement. Beginners should start with just the kettle bell clean and when mastered add the press to the movement.

Again the feet do not need to move so it’s an excellent kettlebellfatloss exercise for small spaces and for those trying to avoid impact. When in full flow the clean and press is also very cardiovascular because the heart has to work hard to move the kettle bell from the floor to the top position and back down again.

Watch a video of the clean and press kettle bell exercise for fat loss below: You also get a huge amount of cardiovascular output from the kettle bell lunge which often surprises many people.

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The kettle bell lunge has lots of cross over for sports and improves hip mobility for daily life. The kettle bell lunge must be mastered first before attempting to add the overhead press to the movement.

The kettle bell clean, squat and press is certainly not for beginners and seriously challenges your technique throughout the movement. Again the feet are not moved during the whole exercise so only a small space is required along with minimal joint impact.

Again this is not for the beginner and you will need to have mastered the swing and high pull before attempting this kettle bell exercise. The feet stay planted so not much space is required and the impact on the leg joints is very low.

It’s a super cardio exercise as the kettle bell is practically pulled from just above the floor to straight overhead. Just be careful not to add too many overhead press exercises next to each other or your shoulders will fatigue too quickly.

As a general rule I’ve found these to be the best starting weights for men and women: A good fat loss exercise is a full body movement that uses hundreds of muscles while raising your heart rate at the same time.

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All 7 of the kettle bell exercises listed above will generate some amazing results for fat loss. I’ve also shown you how to use these kettle bell exercises by putting them together into weight loss workouts of your own.

Are kettle bells good for fat loss Yes kettle bell workouts, when programmed correctly, provide a full body mix that will increase your metabolism and generate fat burning hours after your workout has finished unlike conventional cardio methods. If you use the correct exercises and train at good intensity then a 10-minute workout can be more than enough.

I want to repeat that because it’s so important, proper technique is key for training effectiveness. For your understanding, the Russian swing projects the kettle bell horizontally to approximately shoulder level.

This “can be” all that’s needed for a high level of cardiovascular conditioning and elevated metabolism for fat burning benefits. Tracy experienced a dramatic body transformation by incorporating the kettle bell swing into her weight loss program.

Instead, she focused on the kettle bell swing twice per week for an average of 15-2o minutes. The two-handed (or one-handed) kettle bell swing has been called a fat -burning athlete builder by Dan John, which may very well be the best description of the exercise I’ve ever heard.

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My experience has demonstrated over and over again how powerful and effective the kettle bell swing is for fat loss. When I want to accelerate fat loss, I simply increase the kettle bell swing volume and intensity for brief periods.

There is no other exercise that combines the cardiovascular benefit and resistance training advantage like the kettle bell swing, in my opinion. The swing is the foundation of kettle bell training and virtually anyone can learn how to perform it with proper coaching.

Please use caution with YouTube videos, as many DO NOT teach the swing with a proper hip hinge. This will give you the fundamental understanding of the Russian style (or hard style) kettle bell swing.

This may vary depending on current strength levels, general conditioning, and more (sedentary vs. active, lean vs. overweight, young vs. old). Of course, this entirely depends on current conditioning levels, so this is just a general beginner’s guideline and can be adjusted as necessary.

If you learn how to perform a proper swing with good technique, you will get results. Tim Ferris's noted in his book, The 4-Hour Body, that he performed 75 reps of kettle bell swings just twice per week (Mondays and Fridays) and in 6 weeks he dropped to his lowest body fat percentage in years.

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I’ve found that anywhere from 50-100 reps total is typically effective, but this will “depend” on many other things. Not only in this a 4-week crash course in body recomposition, but it’s a test of mental toughness and grit.

In brief, it is a very efficient way to burn fat, and you do not get the same effect from traditional “cardio” efforts, as we’ve come to know. Secondarily, the swing is a marvelous and mighty movement for toughening and shaping the ass, limbering the hamstrings, and strengthening the low back.

Instead, chunk it down into sets of ten, twenty, or maybe even fifty, and work them sporadically throughout the waking hours. If I may venture an idea, do simply leave your kettle bell in a highest area of traffic in your house, say, the kitchen, and each time you encounter the cumbrous thing, work a set of swings to whatever number delights you.

For an added bonus knock a set or two off right before you feed and right after, too, to ensure whatever gourd you take aboard is shuttled off preferentially to the hungry muscle flesh and not promptly converted and deposited where it might come off as unappealing. I said the program is 300 kettle bell swings a day, and that premise, I believe, is plain enough to avoid any further elaborations.

This 300 swings a day protocol is simply a splash of hot sauce, which can decorate nearly any dish and do it one better.

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