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The kettle bell is one of the world’s oldest and most effective instruments for developing fitness. It was popularized in Russia in the 1800s, but some evidence suggests that the kettle bell was even used in Ancient Greece for their Olympics.

Maria Garcia
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
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Perhaps for the same reasons as the Russians and ancient Greeks, CrossFit loves the kettle bell for its versatility and ability to build strength, muscle, increase cardio, and develop power in athletes. When performing a kettle bell swing, snatch, or get-up, maintain this straight back position, allowing your knees to bend and glutes to help absorb the force as the weight comes back down.

Don’t break at the waist and put unnecessary stress on your back. Good foot positioning (wide stance, weight in heels) will keep you from getting dragged forward by the bell.

Standard sets of 3×5 for strength training or higher reps for accessory work can help grow muscle over time. Increased cardiovascular fitness — High rep kettle bell snatches and swings are perfect exercises to get you breathing heavily.

Explosiveness- Focus on the hip drive and activation with explosive kettle bell swings (Russian or American variation) and you may notice more power in your snatch and clean. Great for warm-ups — Perform goblet squats, hip bridges, or other light kettle bell exercises to prepare your body for a tough Won.

Depending on your goals, you can tailor your kettle bell workouts to train muscles you want to get stronger or bigger. A kettle bell swing starts with the knees bent, a tight back, and the bell hanging off the ground.

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Using power from your glutes and hips, you thrust the bell to above eye level or higher. The difference is mainly in height (Russian to eye level, American goes fully overhead) explained in this video.

Generally speaking, unless the Won specifically writes “Russian Swings”, assume that you should lock the bell out overhead. Depending on the athlete, you’ll sometimes see a different return phase of the bell.

The kettle bell snatch sets up very similarly to the swing, with the obvious different that it is a 1-handed exercise. Matt Chan, former CrossFit Games athlete breaks down the 1-arm kettle bell clean and press here.

Here are five CrossFit workouts that can test your fitness, build strength, and increase muscle using kettle bells: In terms of functionality, versatility, and benefits, the kettle bell is easily one of the most effective pieces of gym equipment ever created.

From the Russians to modern day CrossFit, it’s no wonder that it continues to develop fitness all over the world. I think we can all agree that there are not enough CrossFit Words utilizing those door stoppers in the gym called Kettle bells, I’m here to change that.

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I’ve created a challenging full body workout utilizing kettle bells. The first part of the Won will challenge every muscle in your body, it requires coordination and planning, as you don’t want to be messing about placing the kettle bells in position.

This part will leave you feeling like you usually do at the end of a Won, but the great thing is, it’s not over yet, we’re just getting started. That’s when the Swings come in, you want to test your skills, 6 minutes is a good time to show you’ve mastered the Swing and complete the six minutes without putting the weight down, pick your weight wisely, not too heavy, but definitely not too light or you won’t get the required resistance you need to properly utilize and activate the lower-body.

You want to pick the weight that will leave you struggling to get that one hundred and fiftieth rep out, and then you collapse on the floor, wondering who took your arms. I’ll do my best to give you the main pointers on each exercise, but be aware, this article does not cover all intricacies involved with kettle bell training.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I like to see or hear where everyone is at, also like to keep everyone honest, I do that with a whiteboard to put a mark down for every round completed. © RX'd Photography Full-body exercise with emphasis on the shoulders, back, core and legs.

The reason I’m calling for an Overhead position and don’t define how you should achieve that is because you can decide based upon your skill or preference, for example, it can be: Once the kettle bells are overhead, you want to achieve a good lockout by pushing the chest out, pulling your shoulder blades down, and engaging your triceps.

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Lower your kettle bells into racking position by coming off the heels and meeting the bells, absorbing the weight with the legs; keep the handles close in the midline of your body, if your fingers are away from the handle (racking safety grip) you can even let them cling. Note: not recommended with anything other than competition kettle bells due to the larger base for stability.

If you place your bells right on the second rep, which is right in line with your shoulders, then you can smoothly transition into the second exercise, Renegade Rows. With the bells placed in line with your shoulders you put your hands on the handles, the ball of your thumbs on the handle, wrists straight as possible, elbows locked out, kick your legs back into a plank position, with the feet wider than normal, this is to have a better support to row from; if your feet are close together as they normally would be in a plank position, then you would quite quickly see your hips shifting or losing balance.

© RX'd Photography In the right position you want to engage all your muscles, your quads for good knee lockout, glutes for neutral pelvic alignment, abs engaged for the spine, lats engaged for the shoulders, everything nicely aligned; then you want to perform one Tricep Push-up; if you placed the bells right and your shoulders are directly above the bells, then you’ll find your shoulders coming past the bells on the bottom position of the Tricep Push-up. Bring the bell back to the ground, find yourself a stable position with good lockout and balance, then row with the other side.

After your last rep of the Renegade Rows, the bells should be in place for the third exercise, Bent-over Wide Rows, you simply kick your legs in, you hip hinge, push your belly-button (followed by the spine) and chest out, to get a good neutral spine position; your palms are facing backwards, thus you’ve also turned the handles; squeeze the glutes to protect the lower back, and row by pulling the shoulder blades together, elbows going outwards, 90° between your elbows and ribs; let the forearms relax, don’t turn it into a bicep curl; and return to start position. You could call it a full body exercise, as whenever you’re in a plank position, you’re isometrically contracting—you should be—your gluteus Maximus, quads, abs, lats etc.

On your last rep of the rows you want to put the bells far apart for the fourth exercise, Archer Push-ups, one arm is completely straight and hand placed on the bell; come into push-up position and perform a push-up while focussing on one side only, the side with the hand on the ground. At the top of the swing, full hip extension, active core, chest out, let the bell drop back down about a quarter of the way, then break at the hips and follow through with either a pendulum or insert, wait for the bell to want to come back out, then push the heels into the ground to truly activate the hamstrings and squeeze the glutes at the same time.

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These last two tips will greatly help protect the lower-back and prevent lifting with the back—letting the back lead and pelvis follow. The task is to complete 150 Alternating Strict Presses, how you switch hands upon each rep is up to you.

If you’re good at swinging (hip hinging), then swing switch, if you prefer a more explosive squatting movement, then go for the Dead Clean, i.e. you put it down on the ground, switch hands and Dead Clean into Press. Start your first rep from the ground with a Dead Swing Clean, straight into a Strict Press, then bring your body closer to the weight by coming on the balls of your feet, heels off the ground, take the impact with your legs, stay upright, let the bell fall down approx.

If your Won music is banging, your frame of mind is right, you get into the rhythm and it starts to feel like dancing, you know you’re doing it right. The Complete List of Kettle bell Words — 35 Workouts

The kettle bell is an extremely versatile tool, and especially handy for your home Words. Exercises you can do include kettle bell swings, Turkish get-ups, goblet squats, thrusters, kettle bell snatches and any exercise involving a pressing motion.

9 Burpees Jimbo: 12 Min AMAP. Perform this couplet as many times in 12 minutes — scores number of rounds completed in that time.

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7 Rounds for Time: 25 KB Swings. 10 Pull-ups 20 minute AMAP: 25 KB Swings.

10 Pull-ups 8 Rounds for Time: 25 KB Swings. Complete the 5 exercises 5 times as fast as you can — score = total time (Can use kettle bells for extra weight if required).

3 Rounds for Time: 25 KB Swings. Mom perform 5 box jumps.

Perform 100 kettle bell swings for time. Every minute on the minute complete 5 box jumps until the 100 KB swings are complete.

Complete 15 Burpees then cycle through the exercises once and then complete 15 Burgess — score = time. Score = time (Can sub in kettle bell thrusters).

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15 KB Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls. Every time KB dropped 4 hollow rocks.

Complete as many rounds of the 3 exercises as you can in 16 minutes — every time the kettle bell is dropped complete 4 hollow rocks — score is a number of rounds completed. 20 KB Swings 5 Min AMAP.

20 KB Swings 11 Min AMAP. 20 KB Swings Cupola Focal: 12 Min AMAP.

Can sub in kettle bells instead of med ball if required score = time. Box Jumps — full extension at top.

20 Butterfly Sit Ups. 20 KB Swings 8 Min AMAP.

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20 KB Swings 13 Min AMAP. 20 KB Swings Judd: Double 7 Min AMAP.

4 Burpees & so on increasing in 2s until 7mins elapsed. 4 Push Press & so on increasing in 2s until 7mins elapsed.

Score is rep numbers reached in each 7min AMAP combined. 25 double under 6 Rounds for Time: 25 KB Swings.

10 Pull-ups 2 Rounds for Time: 25 KB Swings. 5 Clean & Jerk 50% 1RM 4 Rounds for Time: 12 Burpees.

10 KB Snatch each side 20 Min AMAP. 20 Wall balls 5 Rounds for Time: 25 KB Swings.

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10 Pull-ups Burn It: 12 pull ups, 400-meter run, 21 kettle bell swings The athlete 1: 10 push ups, 20 kettle bell swings, 200-meter dash Kettle bell It: 90 kettle bell swings, 100 goblet squats The workouts, exercises, and other movements provided on this website are for informational and educational purposes only, and are not intended for use as a substitute for professional programming.

Always consult a physician or qualified healthcare provider before beginning any exercise or fitness program. For twenty minutes straight perform as many rounds as possible of the above exercises.

No Ads (Upgrade) No Ads (Upgrade) Intended Stimulus: The stimulus of this workout should be conditioning and muscular endurance in bending, equating, upper body pushing and grip. From this workout you can identify lack of muscular endurance in either of this whether it is bending, equating, upper body push or grip.

Unlock more categories containing advanced filters for 5x more popular workouts Find the workout you want with advanced filters like modality (gymnastics, weightlifting, cardio) and target area (upper body, lower body, core) Get 100+ new Words each month Access 365 days of workout inspiration from our Won Calendar and no more ads !

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