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They range from glorified sweat bands to well-designed equipment which provides protection exactly where you need it. Keep reading and you can find out why you’d want them (even if you have good form) and how to choose the best wrist guard for kettle bell training.

The insert is pretty sturdy and does a good job of preventing bruising. This is also one of the few wrist guards to come in multiple sizes and tons of color options.

Lightweight and comfortable Lots of color options Multiple sizes available Affordable Good durability Instead of having one molded plate, the Harbinger Human guard has multiple plastic inserts sewn into individual pockets.

A lot of pro athletes use them (the smaller version is approved for UK and GSF championships). What makes KettleGuard different from the other top kettle bell wrist guards is that the inserts are removable.

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Note that the sizing runs a bit small, so this is best for women and men with smaller wrists. Here’s another cheap kettle bell wrist guard for newbies who want something to wear while perfecting their form.

So, even if you do have perfect form, there are plenty of reasons to (proudly) wear kettle bell wrist guards: Well, that means your skin can easily get pinched against the kettle bell resulting in blisters and rashes.

Otherwise, you’ll probably end up with a big bruise on your forearm that could prevent you from training for a week. But the truth is that it takes a lot of time and practice to perfect form.

Wearing a wrist guard while you learn form will spare you the agony of bruises. When sweat is dripping down your arm onto the kettle bell, it can affect your grip and result in injury.

They simply aren’t strong enough to hold your wrist in a fixed position to remove strain. When a kettle bell bangs against your forearm, your wrist will bend slightly backward.

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Cheap kettle bell wrist guards are just glorified sweat bands with plastic inserts. Yet, it is actually better if the inserts are flexible because they won’t interfere with proper motion during exercises.

The thick inserts will provide better protection, but are bulkier and uncomfortable to wear. A good rinse with soapy water is usually enough to clean kettle bell wrist guards.

With a smooth, slightly textured handle, the grip is so incredible that chalk is unnecessary for most people. A matte powder coating is what gives this piece of equipment its superior grip.

With glossy enamel, your grip is not going to be as secure and the coating can often cause cuts on your hands. Rep Fitness is priced slightly on the high end, especially for the lower weight versions.

This product comes highly rated and reviewed by real-life users and is a perfect option for those of you with limited space. The weights are made of metal and covered with a scuff free and chip-free plastic coating.

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A matte powder coating gives the CFF K2 superior grip in comparison to models with glossy enamel. Since it’s made from one solid cast, there are no welds, meaning it’s super smooth with no sharp bits that could hurt your hands.

CAP Barbell is a leading brand in the fitness equipment industry. Their enamel coated cast iron kettle bell is one of their best-selling products for good reason.

Read more This kettle bell is available in several weights to choose from, so you can pick your poison and get a great workout whenever you use it. This option is made of solid cast iron and is one of the highest quality models on the list.

It’s designed to hold up against wear and tear, and its handles are reinforced with steel for extra durability. It is shaped like your typical home kettle bell and has a wider handle for a more comfortable grip.

With multiple measures put in place to ensure its durability, this is a great choice for anyone planning to use this piece of equipment for the long-term. The flat bottom makes upright storage super simple, as well as being great for exercises that require a flat-bottomed kettle bell for home use.

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The finish is black paint which coats it to prevent corrosion and gives you a better grip. The wide handle is slightly textured, which makes chalk unnecessary for most people.

Sunny Health and Fitness is made from high-grade cast-iron material and is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable model. Read more While the product line is limited in weight, the casual or average user will benefit from this kettle bell.

The handles are designed to be incredibly smooth, so you can use your kettle bell at home comfortably and have good grip. It is available in several weights to choose from and is compact so that it won't take up a ton of space when it is not in use.

Their sleek Deluxe Vinyl is perfect for workout enthusiasts of all different fitness levels. This kettle bell for home sue is a great option for those of you with smaller hands or who struggle with your grip.

It is comfortable to use and the flat bottom ensures that it stays stable on the ground when you set it down. They are vinyl coated which makes them durable, but their paint may end up chipping sooner than others.

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The handle is narrow but the opening is wide so you can easily and comfortably grip the kettle bell. For the price, you will get 3 different home kettle bells, a DVD, ad a workout chart for you to refer to.

We know what you are thinking and yes, some users say this product's unique appearance does affect a few exercises. It comes in several weight options and is perfect for a lot of different exercises--not just kettle bell swings and goblet squats.

The handles are made extra large and thick for a surer, firmer grip. This sleek design from Gymnast provides users with an easy and secure grip and is offered in a variety of weights for various strength levels.

Users love that the exterior of this design is coated with a soft neoprene finish that won’t chip the paint on your basement floor and feels soft against your skin in case you accidentally bonk yourself in the head! Using a solid design means that there is little to no risk of the handles breaking away from the bell base with continued use over the years.

If you are in the market for something with a sleek finish that makes it easy on your basement or hardwood floors, this is a great option. The solid iron construction with a powder-coated finish holds up incredibly well for years of brutal workouts.

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If you love a good drop set, you know that stocking up on weights is expensive and also takes up a lot of room. The handles of this design provide a sharp glossy powder-coated finish for a comfortable grip.

The price tag on this design packs a bit of a punch, but when you take into consideration how many weights are included with one set, it's actually incredibly affordable! If you want to load your home gym with various weights to really build muscle without too much of an impact on your bank account.

What we loved most about this model from Power Systems is that it is offered in super lightweight to heavy options to accommodate various levels of strength. Small changes in the design features as the weight gets heavier makes this option really stand out from the rest.

Read more The entirety of this solid cast iron design is covered in a sleek and shiny powder-coated finish for a smooth and easy grip. It also has a durable rubber plate along the bottom of the unit to provide an easy landing without chipping your flooring.

Weigh options start out at 5 and run all the way up to 100 pounds, which really allows the user to build strength for easy drop sets. If you are in the market for a model that pumps up the intensity with heavier units, this design from Power Systems is one of your best options.

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The rubber plate on the base helps to protect your floor, and the change in grip widths makes heavier options easier to handle. The contoured shape makes it easier to handle a wide variety of workouts.

Instead of boasting a rounded shape, it’s curved inward to be a little less awkward when engaging in workouts such as clean and presses and most tricep work. It is composed of a solid mold of cast iron that makes it incredibly durable for years of continued use and users won’t need to worry about the handles becoming weak.

It is coated in a thick layer of neoprene that won’t scuff or chip your floors in your home. This model is offered in a wide variety of color-coded weight options, and it rocks a smart grip that makes it easy to use.

It is composed of high-quality materials that hold up quite well over time and is perfect to use in rooms not built for workout equipment. This design is composed of a solid mold of cast iron which means that the handle will not lose strength over time.

The base of the unit is coated with a thick layer of neoprene that provides a soft and secure landing that won’t chip your floors. There is also a different neoprene coating for each weight level to keep track of your drop sets.

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Users love the wide grip that is easy to hold for single-handed lifts, or double-handed clean and presses or dead lifts. Read more The very first thing that we noticed is that it is coated in a thick layer of colorful rubber that helps you keep easy track of all of your weights.

The coating also helps to protect your flooring when you place your weights down even a little of force. Users also love that this design also boasts a flat handle that makes it easier to work with.

This means that when engaging in exercises such as swings, tricep extensions, or clean and presses, you will maintain a safe and easy grip. If you are willing to pay the extra money to select a style that comes from a trusted brand, this option is a great choice.

It isn’t coated with any protective materials such as neoprene and rubber, so it’s in your best interest to keep these in the garage to be used on a workout mat. Read more The first thing that we noticed about this design is that the base, as well as the handle, are coated with a matte powder-coated finish.

Not only does this finish give this piece of equipment a sharp design, but it also serves a practical function as well. The handles are large enough that you can comfortably hold one weight in two hands with plenty of room to spare for dead lifts or clean and presses.

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If you are in the market for something that is composed of heavy-duty iron and comes from a trusted brand, this option from Valor Fitness is a great choice. Plus, it boasts a very minimalistic design which means there is no chance of chipping powder-coated paint or ripped neoprene.

Read more This design is composed of a solid mold of cast iron for an incredibly sturdy frame. It boasts a glossy hammertoe finish to smooth out any of the hard edges that can dig into your hands as you lift.

It’s important to note that this design doesn’t have a rubber pad on the bottom, so you must be very careful when placing it on the floor to prevent chipping. The handle of this design is curved and a bit narrow, which makes it difficult to work in double-handed exercises.

Plus, it has a sharp design that is perfect for your home gym or even your living room without fear of damaging your floors. This design is composed of PE (polyethylene) on the surface, and it doesn’t use harsh chemicals such as phthalates and latex.

If eco-friendly materials and cost is something that is important to you, this design is a great option that is worth checking out. It comes in at an affordable price point and is made from quality materials that hold up quite well over time.

The ball shape of many of the standard designs can prove to be a little awkward and cumbersome, and this option works to solve that aggravation. Read more The slim and narrow design of these weights makes it much easier to accomplish lifts such as tricep extensions and dips without a ball bumping up against your head or hips.

Users also love this design because it doesn’t take up that much room in your home gym. While most options are made from cast-iron (which can be rather expensive), this design is filled with a mixture of sand, cement, and water.

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