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Daniel Brown
• Friday, 01 January, 2021
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In today’s post, we have decided to review what we believe to be the 13 best adjustable kettle bells and adjustablekettlebell handles for you to use at home. Our review aims to help you quickly find the ideal adjustablekettlebell or kettle bell handle by comparing various features that make each so unique.

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Most fitness centers will have multiple kettle bell weights lined up on a rack, ranging from 5lbs up to as much as 50lbs or more. However, for many of us who work out from home, owning that many kettle bells would not only be expensive but would also take up quite a lot of space.

In this review, you will find kettle bells such as the lighter weighted 5-12lb Empower, the medium ranged 10-40 lbs Titan Fitness, and up to the heavy-duty 5-100lb Kettle bud adjustablekettlebell handle. From beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders, adjustablekettlebell weights are the perfect addition to your workout routine and home gym.

Kettle bells rank up there with dumbbells and are among the most versatile weights one can use for any full-body workout routine. Kettle bells can be used for upper body exercises to strengthen, tone, and build muscles in your arms, shoulders, back, and chest.

Additionally, they can be used to strengthen your core muscles such as abdominal and lower back. Furthermore, if you’re looking to build bigger glutes, or strengthen your leg muscles, kettle bells can be used for that as well.

Adjustable kettle bells are extremely versatile and there really is no limit to how many various exercises you can perform using them. This gives you great flexibility to adjust your weights to fit a wide variety of exercises.

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The following is a quick feature comparison of all adjustablekettlebell weights in our top 13 list below. All kettle bells use solid interchangeable weights except for the Hyper wear Softball which uses soft neoprene bags filled with steel shot similar to sand.

Titan Fitness Best AdjustableKettlebell OverallNatural Feel & Look; 10-40 lbs; 7-in-1; easy adjustable. The following is my list of top 13 adjustablekettlebell weights that I have extensively researched and consider to be the best adjustable kettle bells for your money.

You can easily remove and add plates to the handle and quickly lock them in place with a heavy-duty plastic clamp. The Titan adjustablekettlebell has a 1.5” wide black powder-coated iron cast handle for a better grip and better workout flexibility.

The two smaller plates on the top and bottom of the kettle bell each weigh about 4.6 pounds each. Titan Fitness is known for its quality products, very responsive customer service, and excellent warranty policy.

I would also highly recommend using a kettle bell wrist guard for anyone using this adjustablekettlebell. This will make overhead exercises more comfortable, especially after removing some weights from this kettle bell.

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Its steel outer shell encasing the iron weight plates and a 35 mm handle makes it hard to distinguish it from the real deal. Just imagine how much it would cost you to buy 19 kettle bells, not to mention how much space you would need to store them.

35 mm handle Weight increments: 12-32 kg (except 13 & 31 kg); 26-70 lbs 12 kg steel outer shell (26 lbs) 7 cast iron plates: 2,2,2,3,3,4 and 4 kg No movement or rattle Plates & base secure tightly The Powerboat is much smaller than the original version which was very bulky with hard edges and shaped like a block.

This much more ergonomic design has the feel and comfort of your ordinary solid iron kettle bell. Quickest adjustablekettlebell with magnetic weight selector pin; great design and all solid steel parts; 4-in-1 (18, 22, 26, 35lbs).

In a matter of only seconds, you can remove and add the selection pin to your desired weight. It has a very smooth and comfortable contoured design and is constructed from solid steel to make it last for many years to come.

The Apex adjustablekettlebell starts at 20lbs and can be adjusted up to a total of 60lbs by replacing the removable spacer disks with standard 1” (not Olympic) size 2.5lb, 5lb, or 10lb plates (not included). The handle and body part of this kettle bell weighs 15lbs and the bottom plate 5lbs for a total of 20lbs (that is without replacing the spacer disks).

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Made from solid cast-iron and reinforced with powder coating, this kettle bell is built to last for many years. This kettle bell with its soft-touch plastic shell and wide grip handle makes it super comfortable and easy to use.

This kettle bell offers a patented click-and-twist design that makes it effortless to adjust the weight from 5lb to 8lb to 12lbs in a matter of seconds. The Stamina X Versa-Bell has the look and the feel of a traditional kettle bell with a smooth exterior and sturdy cast iron handle grip wide enough for one or two-handed workouts.

The round base is also flat and sturdy enough to support your body weight for doing push ups. A simple locking pin makes it quick and easy to adjust the kettle bell weight from 16lbs, to 20lbs, 24lbs, 28lbs, 32lbs, and 36lbs.

A square base pad is included to protect your floor for when you remove or add weights. Some users have encountered a slight clinking sound at certain weight increments, but nothing loud enough to make this a deal-breaker.

The only drawback I see currently is that you cannot order specific soft weight plates separately. The Kettle bud is an extremely durable and highly adjustablekettlebell handle that can support up to a whopping 100 pounds of weight.

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This kettle bell handle and body are made of durable military-grade 356 cast aluminum. The dual 3/8” wire-lock hardened steel quick-release pins with 2000lbs shear strength will safely hold plates securely in place.

With high quality, superior balance, and precision fit cylinder weights, there is practically no noise and the center of gravity is maintained at all weight levels which is highly important. The Rocket has high customer ratings and is by far the highest quality adjustablekettlebell we could find.

The weighted interior cylinders are milled from solid steel which fits snugly inside the kettle bell body. These are held securely in place by a molded polyurethane cap with an easy-slide locking mechanism.

This adjustablekettlebell can handle up to 100 lbs of weight which can be tightly secured in place with a screw-in clamp for worry-free workouts. The Treadle Fitness kettle bell handle is designed with a solid steel 1 threaded shaft with easily adjustable star collars.

Easily adjustable star collars Uses Standard 1 sized plates Weights not included The following are some tips and recommendations to help you decide which adjustablekettlebell is right for your specific workout needs.

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It is very important to know your weight range for the exercises you normally would perform when using traditional kettle bells. If you are a hardcore bodybuilder or CrossFit enthusiast you may be looking for something that is super sturdy and heavy.

If you perform a lot of overhead exercises, you might look at a softer or smoother outer shell. But if you are looking for the easiest and fastest adjustablekettlebell I would recommend the 4-in-1 Powerboat which offers weight increments of 18, 22, 26, and 35lbs.

This kettle bell is all steel including the lock pin which you can easily slide in or out to drop or add weights in about 2 seconds flat. If you have a small home or apartment and lack the space to store 7 or 8 conventional kettle bells, then an adjustablekettlebell is the perfect space-saving alternative.

Each has its own unique design and method of adjusting the weight increments. And in most cases, it is a quick and easy process that takes no longer than just a few seconds.

If you are on the go a lot and in and out of hotels, an adjustablekettlebell can offer you an easy way to get a full-blown total body workout without lugging around 5 or 6 kettle bells. With that said, put one in your car on the backseat floor or in your trunk and it's ready to use anywhere you travel.

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When you purchase an adjustablekettlebell you are for the most part paying for convenience, flexibility, and weight. Adjustablekettlebell with the added benefit of not having 70lbs of kettle bells lying around your home.

The following is a quick Q&A to some of the most common questions asked about adjustablekettlebell weights. Although, it may be more difficult or uncomfortable for some users depending on the size and shape of the kettle bell.

If you are performing a lot of overhead exercises on a regular basis, I would suggest the more traditional looking models such as the Stamina X, the Empower, or my favorite, the Rocket adjustablekettlebell. This can expose your skin to weight plate edges that may feel uncomfortable on your arms.

A quick and very effective remedy for this problem is to use kettle bell wrist guards. It is especially important that you learn the mechanics of your kettle bell and how to properly remove, and add weights.

You might also question how easily adjustable and versatile the kettle bell will be for your specific workouts. We have tried our best to answer most of your concerns in our review in order to help you make a more informed decision and hopefully save you time in the process.

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I would like to thank you again for reading our adjustablekettlebell review and wish you much luck in all your health and fitness endeavors. We write topics that range from weight training tips and exercise routines to home workout machine and fitness related product reviews, to name a few.

A kettle bell is a vital workout tool for any person that wants to exercise, stay healthy, and remain fit. They’re specially designed to add a different form of strength training to your exercise routines.

Space-efficient design Ergonomic handle Easy weight switching Professional workout videos Bow flex Selected AdjustableKettlebell in a perfect workout product for people that want a stylish but durable unit.

This unit allows people to make changes to the resistance levels from 8lbs-40lbs. The features don’t end there; this kettle bell comes with 24 trainer-led workouts that will help you perform squats, twist, swings, rows, and several other exercises.

Powerboat is a reputable brand that has dominated the fitness industry for long. It comes in a stylish matte finish and features a compact design for easy storage.

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Besides, the compact design allows for easy maneuvering during several exercises, such as the dead lift, Russian twist, swing, and snatch. This kettle bell also comes with a contoured shell to ensure you enjoy exceptional comfort levels.

For those who are busy attending gyms and plan to work out from home, Stamina 36-Pound AdjustableKettlebell is the perfect fitness tool to purchase. The cast-iron hand grip provides a comfortable hold as you perform various exercises.

It features plastic construction so that it will give you a better grip for a comfortable workout. It’s a great addition to your travel bag or home gym, and it will let you perform different exercises from anywhere.

Besides, the unit is adaptable, and it will fit most dumbbell handles so you can never miss on your workout sessions. The bottom part has a foam padding that will ensure a firm and comfortable grip.

Lightweight design Convenient to use Solid feel and construction Easily transportable Don’t let the tight work schedules mess with your workout sessions when you can purchase Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Kettle bell.

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As for the handles and plates, they’re all feature durable metal construction for extended use. The locking mechanism is efficient and convenient to use, which means you will not struggle as you make transitions.

The unit doesn’t have any unnecessary padding, thus making it a perfect choice for people on the move. You just have to fill the shell with the most convenient material, including rocks, mud, dirt, or even sand.

Full Kettle bell set Support maximum weight of 300 pounds Made with high-Grade Solid Stainless Steel Smooth Finish 35 mm Thick Handle Rust-resistant With this item, you get the opportunity to progressively increase the weight to your required size each time you get stronger.

This product is constructed using high-grade stainless steel that is very durable, ensuring that you get extended time of service when you buy it. Its great flexibility allows you to use it both when losing and gaining body weight.

The Rock Solid Wholesale Kettle bell is one of the most fantastic items you’ll find on the market. Both advanced athletes and beginners prefer kettle bell due to their great comfort.

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With this Rock Solid Wholesale 5-20 lb Kettle bell, you’ll be able to do all your exercise with ease due to its high flexibility. When you buy this item, you don’t have to worry about its storage due to the flat base that makes it extremely flexible when not in use.

Apart from the sturdy build, this fitness equipment is adjustable, and you can easily lock, twist, and add weights depending on the intended workout. The U-bar handle on this kettle bell offers a superior grip, which allows you to carry out large movements.

With the weight increment range from 10 to 40 pounds, this unit is sure to cater to beginners and professionals alike. The tool provides a combination of strength training and cardio workouts to build the legs, arms, and core.

Lifespan Training Kettle bell is a sturdy and durable fitness equipment that’s specially designed to give you better workout experience. The cast iron construction will allow for several years of optimal performance.

This unit has a wide flat base that will let you perform several exercises, including push ups and renegade rows. The grip is smooth to give a perfect holding place as you perform different exercises.

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When you search for new adjustable kettle bells, you should look for quality products that guarantee the user’s safety. One thing that you should remember is the fact that kettle bells are quite heavy, and when you buy a low-quality model, you’ll be risking ending up with injuries when they break.

These materials are sturdy, and they’ll ensure your kettle bell lasts for a long time. Some models are made of rubber and plastic, and even though they will still help you exercise, it’s not recommended purchasing such kettle bells because they can withstand long-term use.

A durable product will minimize the possibility of injuries during different workout sessions. If you intend to perform basic workouts, then you can opt for lighter kettle bells that have few increments.

Besides the comfortable grip, ensure the model that you buy has a big window between the bell and the handle to allow your hand to pass through. For people with big handles, you should opt for extra wide windows that will fit the two hands.

Also, if your hands are small, you should still ensure it’ll be comfortable when closing the grip on these handles. When you have an effective locking system, it will provide the weights can’t fall, thus guaranteeing safety.

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Either way, always consider a locking mechanism that’s easy to use, solid, and holds the plates in place. For instance, you can opt for gray, blue, or red color based on your personal preferences.

This feature enhances the functionality of kettle bells and ensures they can withstand rough usage. Vinyl is another efficient coating that you can opt for if you don’t want to damage floors.

They combine strength and cardio conditioning to ensure you get an active workout session. The size of the shell makes them slightly larger than the standard models.

On the other hand, kettle bells are designed for explosive movements that will require the use of several muscle groups at any given time. However, the increased popularity has attracted several brands into the market, which means you can miss out on some low-quality models.

The picks in this review are all durable and proven to deliver excellent results. Each kettle bell was rated based on adjustable range, durability, comfort, versatility, customer reviews, and cost.

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The Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Exercise Kettle bell was by far the best one we reviewed that was at a reasonable price. You just turn the knob at the bottom of the kettle bell to remove the pin that holds the whole thing together.

Weight adjustable from 20 to 50 pounds U-bar handle Cast-iron construction Comes with 4 spacer disks This kettle bell can be adjusted from 1 to 45 pounds by your choice of sand weight, making it completely customizable to your workout.

The grip is an ergonomic ally designed, durable plastic that won’t tear up your hands and the size is compact enough that you can use this bag without diverting from your typical form with a standard kettle bell. It closes securely with two Velcro strips that roll and then a zipper will ensure no extra mess is made for your workout.

Because this kettle bell set doesn’t come with spacers or weights, it is much less expensive than most other models. The grip is decently comfortable and the clamp design makes adjusting the weight pretty easy.

Uses 1” standard plates Inexpensive Made with soft metal Adjustable from 6.15 pounds AdjustableKettlebell by Kettle Grip Try this soft kettle bell if you’re new to fitness or tired of your legs getting banged up.

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The AdjustableKettlebell by Kettle Grip is a completely adjustable soft kettle bell with a unique design. This kettle bell holds most dumbbell handles, allowing you to adjust the weight within a wide range.

Titan Fitness 10-40 lb AdjustableKettlebell This kettle bell is designed to stand up to rough-and-tough workout routines. If you’re looking for a kettle bell that can stand up to the toughest workouts, give the Titan Fitness 10-40 lb AdjustableKettlebell a try.

Kettle bells are a versatile fitness tool and are used in a variety of workouts. Those who are just getting into fitness and experts who are looking to shake things up will likely benefit from a kettle bell.

They’re wonderful for those with time constraints, as they let you shove cardio and weight exercises into one routine. If you’ve pushed yourself and are in need of a way to ease that discomfort, be sure to check out How To Relieve Sore Muscles After A Workout.

In order to keep up with this tough routine, any kettle bell you choose needs to be durable. This material is both durable and heavy, which is useful if you’re trying to squeeze more weight into the small fitness tools.

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Types of metal can also work well and are typically used for less expensive kettle bells. Metal won’t be as heavy as cast iron and isn’t quite as durable, but it can be a decent, cheaper material.

A kettle bell is not going to do you much good if you have to spend twenty minutes to adjust it by five pounds. A kettle bell should preferably only take a few moments to adjust and should be able to accommodate a large range of weights.

These tend to be a little more expensive, but the included weights mean that you can start using the adjustable kettle bell immediately. These plates can make your kettle bell more balanced if you aren’t putting tons of weight on it.

Be sure whatever kettle bell you purchase has a large enough handle for you to grip comfortably with two hands. Most kettle bells come with a warranty of some sort, but it is a good idea to check before you make a purchase.

It is nice knowing that if a kettle bell doesn’t work out for you, you can get your money back. Basically, these are large, weighted balls with a single handle that are swung or held while working out.

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Adjustable kettle bells are useful for those who need different weights for different exercises or beginners who expect that they’ll need to increase their kettle bell ’s weight in the near future. Beginners can also learn kettle bell exercises easily, which cannot be said for all workout tools.

This means you won’t have to carry around or store multiple kettle bells for all your different exercises. Some have a pin on the bottom that is turned and removed, allowing you to add or take off weights as necessary.

Others have clamps that can be disengaged to take weights off, and others are compatible with different sizes of barbells. Many gyms have kettle bell classes, where you can learn different exercises, or you can check out an online guide, like this one found at Runner’s World.

Available in 16 or 24 kilograms, or 40 pounds, this kettle bell is designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. This product is the perfect kettle bell for people who live in small homes and have limited storage space.

This adjustablekettlebell eliminates the need for 11 different kettle bells by utilizing plates of various weights. With small jumps in weight of 5, 8, and 12 pounds, this adjustablekettlebell set is perfect for the woman who has just started her workout routine.

titan kettlebell adjustable fitness weight lb swing lifting workout kettlebells
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Switching between weights is easy, all you need to do is slide a lever then insert the desired amount of plates. This product offers variable weight adjustments without altering the shape of the kettle bell.

To adjust the weights inside the kettle bell, simply place the shell over the plates and insert the retention pin. This uniquely designed adjustablekettlebell can replace 5 individual kettle bells by itself.

This sandbag kettle bell is perfect for use indoors and inside home gyms. This product is an inexpensive option for those who live a highly mobile lifestyle and travel frequently.

To better suit a mobile lifestyle, this sandbag kettle bell is virtually leakproof so you don’t have to worry about spills in your vehicle. This product is ideal for those who do not yet know if they prefer more traditional styles of kettle bells.

Inexpensive Supports weights up to 10 kilograms, or 22 pounds Canvas construction This adjustablekettlebell can be filled with anything, whether it’s sand, dirt, gravel, lead shot, or water, and is leakproof.

kettlebell adjustable titan fitness 5lb 35lb lb weight
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It is made with military-grade Cordoba with ballistic nylon webbing, offering over 1800 pounds of tensile strength. If you value a minimalistic and utilitarian approach to fitness, this kettle bell handle is for you.

Capable of supporting a wide variety of weights up to 500 pounds, this one handle replaces a huge set of kettle bells. This kettle bell handle is another product that appeals to weightlifters that appreciate minimalistic and utilitarian fitness equipment.

Featuring a threaded design along its shaft, this kettle bell handle can fit a vast array of weights. This kettle bell handle is designed to fit seamlessly and work in tandem with other Iron master products.

Lifetime warranty Works with Iron master plates and dumbbells Easy to use This kettle bell handle is designed to fit some of the most common types of plates found in almost any gym.

Fits most common plates Highly durable cast aluminum construction Quick-release pins Men’s Journal aims to feature only the best products and services.

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We update when possible, but deals expire and prices can change. Problem is, a set of kettle bells is heavy, unwieldy, and expensive.

Bow flex’s Selected 840 adjustablekettlebell is without a doubt the gold standard. But you can score an awesome deal on adjustable kettle bells by other brands at Amazon.

An adjustablekettlebell lets you choose the weight you want depending on the type of exercise you’re doing. Then, when it’s time for swings or lunges, just dial the weight back on.

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