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The all new Original Kettle bell complements your full body workout with the cardio you crave. Access our free workout guides and kettle bell tutorials to build your routine and get the most immersive fitness experience right from the comfort of home.

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Join our waiting list and be notified instantly when new items are in stock. Strategically Digital Marketing Ltd Trading as Original Kettle bell.

Company Number 11898834 registered in England & Wales. Once a Russian farming tool, used to counterweight grains and produce, the Kettle bell has now been introduced into the health and fitness industry and is becoming one of the most popular pieces of equipment, due to its strength and conditioning results and a total body workout.

Our range is so extensive, you’ll need a Kettle bell Rack just to house them all. Kettle bells originated in Russia, where they were used by Olympic athletes during their training.

Thanks to their versatility and effectiveness kettle bells have now become a hugely popular mainstream piece of fitness equipment. Available in a range of weights and finishes kettle bells are a great addition to any training routine.

One of the key benefits of introducing kettle bells to your routine is that all kettle bell exercises recruit your core muscles, engaging your abdominal, hips, glutes and back. A strong core makes you less prone to injury as well as improving balance and stability, which are vital to maximizing your training no matter what your goals are.

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Working out with kettle bells combines both cardio and resistance training, which is ideal whether you are looking to burn fat, bulk out, build cardio endurance or just tone up. Because of the variety of exercises you can do with kettle bells they are also a great piece of kit to use to keep your workouts fresh.

If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive and effective piece of equipment then kettle bells are the perfect choice. These are the original type of kettle bell made from a ball of cast iron with a curved handle, all made from a single piece of cast iron so there are no joints.

The main benefits of these kettle bells are that they are robust, highly durable and their non-slip finish makes them comfortable to lift, even at higher weights. Gorilla Sports Pro Vinyl Kettle bells also come in weights ranging from 4-32Kg.

Finished in durable and robust silver-coloured vinyl with colour-coded weights printed on them these are good-looking, value-for-money kettle bells. Finished in black vinyl with a white Gorilla Sports logo these are the perfect, inexpensive introduction to kettle bells.

This works your whole body, especially your rules, hamstrings, quads, lower back, arms and core muscles. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding the kettle bell handle in both hands.

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Bend your hips back and swing the kettle bell backwards between your legs. Pause with the kettle bell hanging downwards between your legs and then use your hips, glutes and abs to explosively swing it back up to around shoulder level.

You can also introduce kettle bells to boost the intensity and add a new twist to an of a whole range of familiar exercises including squats, lunges, rows, chest press, curls, fly and sit-ups. These kettle bells come in large variety of shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s needs whether one is a beginner or a serious athlete looking to boost his strength.

Choose from lightweight kettle bells for beginners, heavyweight sets for seasoned veterans, or quick-start kits to get you up and running right away. Since a Kettle bell workout can include strength and cardio components at the same time, it is the most efficient modality at your disposal.

One-Arm Overhead Kettle bell Lunge Execution: Grab a kettle bell, bend over slightly and do a kettle bell clean, then lift it over your head Keep the opposite arm to the side for balance Keep feet close and take a big step forward Lunge down, keeping the torso straight (gently touch your knee to the ground) Push back up to the initial position Repeat the movement on the same leg When done, switch the kettle bell to the other arm and repeat the same thing on the opposite side If you’re having a hard time developing that overhead squat mobility, the two-arm version of the kettle bell lunge may be even better.

Two-Arm Overhead Kettle bell Lunges Execution: Grab two kettle bells, bend over slightly and snatch them up to shoulder level, then lift them up and over your head Keeping that static position, take a big step forward, keeping the torso straight Lunge down slowly, gently touching your knee to the ground Push back up to the initial position and do the same on the opposite leg Alternate between legs Another physical quality that traditional weight training can’t develop optimally, is coordination between limbs.

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This is where the lunge pass-through can come into play, to help you develop not only strength and coordination, but also core stability. Note: If you are uncertain of this exercise, make sure to have a personal trainer watch over your form.

Kettle bell Reverse Lunge Execution: Take two kettle bells and keep them by your sides Keep torso straight and head looking forward Step with feet parallel to one another, placed at about shoulder-width Take a step back and lunge down carefully, maintaining core stability Return to the initial position and repeat on the opposite leg To change up the exercise and engage more muscle groups and fibers, you can utilize different variations of lunges.

How to Perform the Kettle bell Side Lunge | Powerful Leg & Glute Exercise Including side lunges into your workouts allows you to develop more hip, knee and ankle mobility, while also activating different zones of the leg muscles.

Whether you are working with barbells, dumbbells and machines or just kettle bells, we ALWAYS recommend finishing the workout with some form of body weight jumps. Kettle bell lunges are an exercise that may help bring greater diversity to your lower body workouts like no other movement as they work muscles in different ranges of motion, improve balance, and can help you lose weight.

While heavy compound exercises are the best option for muscle and strength development, doing more dynamic movements such as kettle bell lunges can: Provide greater hip mobility: Increases range of motion (ROM) that improves your functional everyday movements Improves balance and coordination: Lunges are a unilateral exercise where the single-leg movement pattern requires stabilization from your core and back Can aid in weight loss: Kettle bell lunges strengthen large lower body muscles that can reduce body fat.

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Alright, you can combine different kettle bell lunge variations and exercises, but should you throw in barbells and dumbbells as well? If you are primarily training for a discipline that requires explosiveness, such as sprinting, kettle bells might turn out to be your best friend.

Especially if you are a beginner, odds are you are still learning the proper execution of basic, compound movements. If however, you just want to diversify, get more dynamic, work on stability and break loose from the chains of the fatiguing heavy weights, then kettle bells are your best option.

The lunge is one of the best exercises to target the quads, hamstrings and glutes, while also engaging the lower back and the rest of the core to stabilize the torso. Even if you are mostly engaged in strength training with barbells and dumbbells, including dynamic kettle bell exercises can be good for breaking up stiffness and developing more mobility.

Ultimately, you should be looking to include as many free weight exercises as possible, simply because all of them have a certain benefit, that can improve your muscular performance and looks. Or perhaps you’ve learned how important kettle bell lunges are for lower body mobility and posture.

Uk) Soft fitness power sand bag free moving weight for functional training This smart piece of kit is a perfect hybrid, offering the simple design of a kettle bell and the durability of a medicine ball.

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It’s filled with sand, meaning it can be dropped, thrown or rolled without causing damage to your floors and walls. It also means the weight can be adjusted, by removing or adding more sand, making this an incredibly flexible piece of training equipment.

Kettle bell exercises are wonderful for strengthening arms, shoulders, the back, legs and even improving cardio. Simply snap the product open, place a dumbbell inside and carefully close it and voilà, you now have a kettle bell.

Ideal for travelling, the Kettle Clip Booster weighs a measly half a kilo and ensures you can maintain any kettle bell routines you like even if you are unsure of a gym or workout station has them.

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