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Christina Perez
• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
• 6 min read

Unlike other companies, KettlebellKitchen meals only last 2 days! Ironically, one of my shipments arrived a day late as well.

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I let them know about the delayed shipment and warm food, and they did give me store credit though. So far we’ve had pretty good luck with freezing and unfreezing them.

Taste 1/5 Macros & Nutrition 5/5 Ease of Website 3/5 Packaging & Shipping 1/5 Selection & Customization 4/5 Price 2/5 *This ranking is lower than my reviews of Factor 75 and Freshly.

So much so my husband was asking me when more Bison Sliders and Buffalo chicken were coming. I started to notice feeling a little sick from the Pork Egg Roll (shown above in this post), but I assumed it was from the oils and seasonings put on it.

In order to get in enough healthy fat, they add in oils and dips to a lot of the recipes. Since I wasn’t used to such a fancy type meal, I figured my body was adjusting to it.

The next night we opened up Turkey Nuggets with Buffalo Cauliflower (also featured in a picture above). The reason this is relevant…the Turkey Nuggets tasted like the wood vanish smelled.

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So needless to say, after the pork egg roll and now this meal, I wasn’t looking forward to Thursday’s delivery. The combination of the couple bad meals and the smell of the hot ones did me in.

They gave me a credit for the Turkey Nuggets and ruined meals. I personally think I’m done with this particular meal delivery service, but I did order Jake some Bison Sliders and Buffalo Chicken meals he loved.

I mentioned it earlier, but the shipping and packaging was horrible! The first two orders were slightly warm, but I felt safe eating them.

The box was soggy, the food stank, and the ice pack was completely melted. I mean, it’s rare to find Veto and Vegetarian options all at one delivery service.

The only way you could cut that out is if you have a local pick up place close by. We were spending quality time together, and her presence soothed me enough to cope with the occasional stress.

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The majority of our dinners came from Blue Apron, and we had time in our schedules to cook during most nights. Every workday he would stop by the nearest gym, pick up a meal, heat it up and chow down.

Nonetheless, it was the only legitimate service I could find that delivered healthy, balanced meals I could simply heat up and eat. I have this running theory that the executives at KettlebellKitchen instruct their delivery workers to have a Batman-style approach to service.

Every time I receive a KettlebellKitchen order, the bag is sitting outside my door, and there’s no one in sight. The deliveries are always on time, and I don’t need to worry about someone knocking or asking me to open the door when I’m in the middle of something.

KettlebellKitchen has meal plans based on goals related to fitness, weight loss and nutrition. Customers on meal plans have the option of a free 30-minute consultation call with a KettlebellKitchen nutritionist.

I didn’t take advantage of this benefit, but I’m sure it’s great for people who want extra advice. In terms of flavor, don’t expect it to taste as good as something freshly cooked.

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Blue Apron took me an hour to cook, and there was a lot of cleanup and dishes to deal with. Including the shipping and delivery to my home, the service cost me about $100 a week for six meals.

I'm in a committed relationship with intuitive eating, but I've considered side flings with the IIF YM lifestyle. I find the math behind bulking, shredding, reverse dieting, carb cycling, etc., intriguing but ultimately not worth the effort and restriction.

KB has several types of meal plans to choose from, or you can order à la carte. Plans include paleo, veto, vegetarian, and Whole 30 options, one for endurance athletes, and one for weight loss, and they're easy to pause or cancel.

The food is free of gluten, dairy, soy, and refined sugar across the board. The following week I picked up my food at a CrossFit box that serves as one of the company's pickup locations (home delivery for a fee is also an option).

When I chatted with a nutritionist named Kim and discussed my goals two days in, I found out that-plot twist-I was doing it wrong. I should've been eating an extra 400 calories outside the meals to stay in “maintenance mode,” or even more if I wanted to gain muscle.

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It was only then that I bothered to read through the PDF guide that's emailed with the Build meal plan, which gives tips on how you should be snacking, along with other pointers. Having a complete guide and someone to bounce all my nutrition questions off of definitely made the program feel user-friendly.

I also ate smaller amounts of fruit and veggies than usual, though that extra 400 calories left room to play. Six days isn't long enough to see a difference there, so I didn't bother to step up my workout routine during the week.

But I can say that the meals seemed on par with typical bulking macro ratios from what I know, containing some fat, a lot of protein, and even more carbs (and an overall calorie surplus once I added snacks). So yeah, if you're on the fence, I'd say go for it, but with one warning: Even if you only last a week, going back to grocery shopping afterward will suck.

We recently tried several meal delivery services, and now we’re comparing Freshly vs KettlebellKitchen side-by-side. When it comes to finding the best ways to feed yourself and your family, you have options to consider in the meal delivery realm.

If you’re new to the idea of having food delivered right to you at home, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and join in on all the fun! This post will be a great resource for you because we’re sharing our thoughts and personal feelings after trying out both of these services.

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They cater to fitness-minded people and busy professionals; therefore, they offer meals that are Veto, Core, and vegetarian as well. You can even sign up for one of their meal plans to have a bit more consistency in your eating patterns throughout the week.

Since the meals arrived at ice, I found that it caused a bit of an issue in them being as cold as they needed to be. And if you’re looking at these two meal options for your family, you’ll find more choices readily available with Freshly.

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