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Kettle bell training is an awesome way to develop athletic curves and a strong figure. Not only does it help to accentuate different areas of your body by providing a strong toning effect, it also burns a huge amount of fat.

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Throw in some high-intensity interval training with those bells and you’ll turbocharge your gains and melt fat. Use high intensity interval training boosting fat loss, ramp up fitness and sculpt a leaner, more athletic body.

We’re here to give you the lowdown on the most effective 20-minute kettle bell Hit workout on the planet. Firmer, more toned muscle Next level fat burn Athlete levels of endurance Greater strength, skill and power A time-efficient way of working out around your hectic lifestyle

By adding in recovery periods between intervals, you can work harder than ever, accelerating calorie burn and fat loss. The impact on your cardio system builds endurance, stamina and real fitness too.

If your fitness is looking good, test yourself by either longer work reps or shorter duration rest periods. If you want all-out fat loss you can perform your workout on a bike or a running track.

But if you want to build some sexy curves while shredding fat you need to think about throwing some resistance in there too… and that’s where kettle bells come in. In just 20-minutes 3 times per week you’ll develop a completely new physique and mindset… and a whole gotta sass.

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Women were meant to lift heavy, and now’s your time to grip, rip and teach those kettle bells what it’s all about. You can do this kettlebellHIIT workout in the gym, your front room, in your garden and even on the beach in full bikini.

Make sure you’ve got a strong grip as that baby will be swinging at some speed. As you extend your hips, the kettle bell will naturally travel in front of your body, maybe to around eye level.

When the kettle bell begins to fall, bend at the hip again and use the momentum to swing back and into the next rep. Bend your knees slightly to gain some momentum and drive the kettle bell upward as you press it overhead.

Reverse the actions to return to the start position and change grip during the following movement to train your right side. With the weight close to your chest, squat down making sure you push your knees out and avoid leaning forward excessively.

Get the kettle bell into a goblet position, again with the weight resting close to your chest. With your feet at shoulder-width apart, take one long step back with your right foot, bend your left knee and sink into a lunge.

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Start with exercise one and push for as many good quality reps as you can for that first 30-second period. This brutally-effective 20-minute kettle bell Hit workout has been designed by the pros to shake off the cobwebs and help you develop a fitter, leaner figure in a matter of weeks.

Build up the intensity gradually and when you’re ready just add in another round or two for maximum effect. It’ll take a little longer than 20 minutes, but at some point your new fitness levels will need an extra boost.

I haven’t done them in a while, but they are always excellent workouts that work me well and make me feel great during and afterwards. It has some cardio intervals but it is primarily metabolic strength.

During each exercise there is a timer in the lower right-hand corner of the screen counting down the intervals. Like most of Heather’s workouts, this is done to awesome music with no talking.

Squat & row (wide squat with one single arm row while in squat) (25# KB) Repeat #1 on with other arm Ninja hop and press (start in a deep squat holding KB in front of chest by the handles, bell facing ceiling, push KB straight in front of you then place it on floor, jump feet out to plank then jump them back in to deep squat) (12# KB) Curl & press (R) (single arm bicep curl into overhead press) (15# KB) Repeat #4 on left arm Toe taps (place KB on floor on its side, with hands behind head, alternate hop tapping toes to KB) Overhead lunge (R) (extend KB overhead with one arm and hold it stationary while doing a reverse lunge with opposite leg–never lower KB) (12# KB) Repeat #7 on left leg Bear hop & row (start in bear pose (hands and toes with knees bent) with KB under chest, jump feet in, grab KB handles in both hands, stand, do an upright row, squat and place KB on floor again and jump feet to bear pose) (20# KB) Dead lift with side squat, alternate sides when squatting (curl KB up in front of chest when squatting) (20# KB) Repeat #1-10 Curtsy & press (L) (cross-back/rear curtsy lunge, at top of lunge do a double arm overhead press holding KB by handle) (15# KB) Repeat #1 on right leg Swing & switch (alternating single arm KB swing) (20# KB) 1-Leg dead lift (R) (20# KB) Repeat #4 on left leg Tricep press combo (lay on back, knees bent and feet on floor, hips lifted and held isometrically in glute bridge, hold KB handles in both hands, do a chest press with KB into an overhead tricep extension) (20# KB) Knee driver (hold KB by handles with bell facing ceiling, do alternate knee raises bringing KB to knee when it raises) (10# KB) Plank reach (in elbow plank, KB is on floor in front of you, alternate tapping hands to KB) Bent knee V crunch (sit on mat, knees bent with feet raised off floor, torso is leaned back, holding KB by handles, extend legs straight, so they are a few inches off the floor while also lowering torso so mid back is on the floor then return to starting position) (10# KB) Burpee + press (full burpee–hold KB handles in both hands, lower into squat, place KB on floor, jump feet back to plank, do a tricep push up, jump feet back into squat, stand and do a bicep curl into an overhead press) (20# KB) Repeat #1-10

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Tagged Kettle bell, metabolic strength training, total body workout Kettle bells are a great tool for functional training, which utilizes movements performed in life’s daily activities, such as walking, bending, lifting, and climbing stairs.

Training with kettle bells is a beneficial way to switch up your strength and conditioning routine and can be beneficial in injury rehabilitation and prevention. To take kettle bell training to the next level, incorporate high-intensity intervals.

HIIT kettle bell workouts trigger excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (Epic), which is commonly referred to as “after burn.” The all-out efforts in these five workouts increase your body’s need for oxygen during the workout and create an oxygen shortage, causing your body to ask for more oxygen during recovery. The more oxygen that gets inside your body, the more fat your body burns, so activating Epic translates to a metabolism boost for up to 48 hours after a high-intensity routine. Build cardio endurance, boost metabolism, and increase strength with these five HIITkettlebell workouts.

DIRECTIONS Partner 1 holds a plank while partner 2 performs 10 reps of the kettle bell clean and press, with one kettle bell in each hand. Set 1 Partner 1: PlankPartner 2: 10 KB Clean and PressPartner 1: 10 KB Clean and PressPartner 2: Plank

Set 2 Partner 1: PlankPartner 2: 9 KB Clean and PressPartner 1: 9 KB Clean and PressPartner 2: Plank Set 3 Partner 1: PlankPartner 2: 8 KB Clean and PressPartner 1: 8 KB Clean and PressPartner 2: Plank

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Set 4 Partner 1: PlankPartner 2: 7 KB Clean and PressPartner 1: 7 KB Clean and PressPartner 2: Plank DIRECTIONS Using the same kettle bell for this entire workout, start with two reps each of the following three exercises.

Repeat the circuit 30 seconds with no rest between the different exercises. Made famous by Mr. Tabatha but developed by the Japanese Speed Skating Coach, this type of training uses short periods of intense exercise followed by a short rest period of half the work interval.

Tabatha Interval Training has been proven to increase your Aerobic and Anaerobic threshold much quicker than steady state cardio lasting 60 minutes. Variations — try changing the weight each round, so you can start light and go heavier or move from heavy to lighter.

Benefits — the kettle bell bob and weave encourages lateral or sideways movement that is often neglected in workouts. The bob and weave will not only increase your cardio capacity but will also develop good strength and mobility in the legs and hips.

Variations — try changing the weight each round from lighter to heavier and vice versa. Using just one hand puts more strain on the shoulder joint and also pulls the body into rotation so you get more core activation.

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Swinging nice and low will enable you to quicken your pace whereas head height will give you more hang time. Benefits — the clean is a full body movement that when performed at a good pace will really elevate your heart rate and strengthen your hips, legs, core and back.

I remember performing a very tough kettlebellhiit workout of 60 seconds of 32 kg cleans many years ago. When you add in a press you gain the benefits of more core involvement and shoulder conditioning as well as cardio.

Benefits — high pulls are the prime candidate for an advanced Tabatha workouts, they are fast and super cardiovascular. You will also get lots of activation of the muscles in the back of the body as well as the hips, glutes and legs from this exercise.

Variations — try changing weight each round to see how it impacts your high pulls speed Benefits — the snatch is an advanced kettle bell exercise but excellent for Tabatha workouts due to its intensity.

Benefits — double lunges are tough on the legs, you can expect to be sore from this exercise and have your cardio seriously tested. Variations — if the full movement is too intense you can always put your foot down briefly between forwards and backwards lunges.

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You should keep the work and rest periods brief to encourage full commitment and maximum effort for every round. Next, sticking to the Tabatha protocol you can integrate somebody weight exercises to increase the intensity even further.

Benefits — adding push-ups to this workout means you hit the only area that swing is not able to address, the chest. Benefits — as if squatting and pressing was not enough adding floor based fast mountain climbers cranks your heart rate up even higher.

Benefits — another full body blast that is tough on the core muscles and cardio as well as the shoulders. Benefits — you’ll be glad of the bob and weaves during this workout because your heart will be racing from the high knees.

Another full body workout that takes in some nice lateral movement for the legs and glutes. Kettle bell Tabatha workouts are very effective for both beginners learning a new exercise and for the more advanced athlete looking to be efficient with their time.

Tabatha workouts have also been proven to drastically improve your cardiovascular threshold and burn fat more effectively than slow steady rate cardio. Tabatha workouts have been proven to dramatically improve your cardiovascular threshold and burn fat more effectively than using slow steady rate cardio.

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You can increase your Aerobic and Anaerobic threshold much quicker than using steady state cardio lasting 60 minutes.

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