Is Kettlebell Good For Your Back

Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 10 November, 2020
• 5 min read

If you are already an experienced kettle bell user, this is likely already evident, but if you are a patient with back pain, read on and open your mind to some extraordinary possibilities. A personal history of back pain resulted in my professional transformation from a general interest in the brain and spine, to a holistic focus on the cause, treatment, and philosophy of back pain.

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However, most of my patients are not innocent teenagers and tend to regard their back pain with anxiety. After obtaining an MRI, I discovered that I not only had a herniated disc, but also had a chronic stress fracture with a laxity between my L5 and S1 bones.

Our capacity to change as a result of stress is called phenotypic plasticity. Recent research has shown that much of what was once thought to be meaningless DNA in our genome is likely dedicated to individual cells’ capacity to adapt to environmental stressors.

This biological matching of functional demand to structural design is called symmorphosis. An alternative approach to the same heart event would be to make the coronary arteries bigger.

Focusing on causing the cells, organs, and body to adapt to a stressor is quite different from the “quick fix” most of my patients crave or have come to expect. The pain may be the result of a herniated disc or spondylolisthesis (which was the case with my situation).

Back strengthening in this setting can also result in less pain by diminishing the motion between the spinal bones. Thus, the back can be held stiff while bending or getting up from a chair, preventing the sensation of pain.

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However, we healthcare providers are currently doing a poor job of treating back pain. When I send patients to physical therapy, therapists often suggest that my measures are Draconian.

Kettle bell instructors are indispensable in this paradigm, as proper form, technique, variety, and safety are essential to success. The key to treating the patient with back pain is to find the “sweet spot”.

Proper supervision by kettle bell instructors maximizes the potential for healing. This is a perfect conceptual guideline for exercising with kettle bells as a treatment for back pain.

Kettle bells provide for a larger range of mobility than barbells or even dumbbells, helping to maximize the pump and working on different types of muscles or focusing on one in particular. Besides looking great, strong back muscles can help to improve your posture and align your spine.

Bad posture has become quite the epidemic lately due to the large amount of desk jobs and smartphone use that is rampant in our society. There are numerous benefits to correct posture, including deeper breathing, reduced strain on bones and joints, and more energy.

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So, now it’s time to bust out your favorite kettle bell and let’s get to work on buffing those back and shoulder muscles! Stand with your feet hip-width apart, hold your kettle bell by the handle with an overhand grip.

Squat and sit back with your hips, load the heels and keep your shins vertical. This exercise can be slightly difficult for beginners, as there are a lot of factors that you need to consider when performing it.

Watch the video below by kettle bell expert Greg Brookes in addition to reading the instructions for best effect! Stand with feet hip-width apart, and hold your kettle bell using both hands in front of your chest, arms straight outwards.

Sit into the stance, pushing your butt outwards and moving your chest forwards. Correcting this will place more emphasis on your shoulder muscles and also your core will have to work overtime to counteract this rotation.

A properly performed kettle bell swing will work your entire body, promoting stronger shoulders and back as well as a strong core and more flexible hips. Bend slightly at the knees but concentrate your movement on hinging your hips, then grasp the kettle bell.

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Performing a good clean can be somewhat complicated, as there are a lot of moving parts to the exercise. Step out with one leg landing wider than shoulder width apart, squatting at the same time.

Adding a kettle bell means more muscles have to work to stabilize the weight, making it an even more effective exercise. Start in plank position, while keeping your right hand on a sturdy object that won’t easily move, like a bench or chair.

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