Is Kettlebell Good For Beginners

James Lee
• Friday, 09 October, 2020
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Use this routine to build strength and burn fat now, and develop the requisite stability and mobility to graduate to more advanced exercises at a later date. Perform the exercises as a circuit, completing one set of each in sequence without rest in between.

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When you’ve completed the entire circuit, rest 1–2 minutes, and then repeat for 3 total rounds. Take a deep breath into your belly and twist your feet into the ground (imagine screwing them down without actually moving them) and squat, keeping your torso upright.

Place the kettle bell on the floor and take a staggered stance with your right foot in front. Rest your right elbow on your right thigh for support and reach for the kettle bell with your left hand.

Stand tall holding the kettle bell in one hand at shoulder level. TIP: “Don’t get fixated on achieving a full overhead lockout right away,” says John Wolf, Innit’s Chief Fitness Officer.

“Just going to where your elbow is bent 90 degrees and holding it isometrically is a ton of work for most people.” If you need to arch your back, causing your ribs to flare in order to lock out your arm overhead, you’re not training the shoulder effectively. Stand with feet between hip and shoulder-width apart and hold the kettle bell by its horns, pulling the bottom of the bell into your lower sternum.

Draw your shoulder blades together and down (“proud chest”) and cast your eyes on a spot on the floor approximately 15 feet in front of you. When you feel a stretch in your hamstrings, extend your hips and squeeze your glutes, tucking your tailbone under as you lock out.

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Set up as you did for the shoulder halo but hold the kettle bell by the handle at arm’s length and make circles around your hips. In this article, which was wonderfully written by one of our Dark Iron Fitness writers Tina NGA, we explain everything a beginner should know and might have questions about when it comes to using kettle bells.

By the end of this article you’ll be walking away with the knowledge of a fully certified kettle bell swinger ready to swing away ;) Once you join you can get 10% off our genuine leather wrist wrap guards for kettle bell workouts.

A kettle bell is a cast iron weight shaped like a bowling ball with a thick suitcase-style handle. Kettle bells first appeared in Russia over 100 years ago., and were used in fairs and markets to balance scales when weighing heavy objects.

The Russian military began using them within their training regime because they work the bodies’ energy systems simultaneously. A Food is an old Russian measure of weight, which equals 16 kg, or roughly 35 lbs.

In terms of weight lifting equipment kettle bells gained popularity in the east while dumbbells went to the west! They actually have pretty decent article on the benefits of kettle bells that can get you some extra additional information.

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Legs: Lunges and squats are some of the most popular moves in a kettle bell workout. Glutes : Tighten and tone by using the kettle bell for added weight during lunges and squats.

Weight-bearing exercises increase bone density and make the muscles in the body stronger. With older athletes, or people who are just starting a workout program, focusing on proper form and choosing an appropriate weight for your fitness level is crucial.

So rather than moving to a heavier kettle bell you can complete more reps or change the exercise to a more difficult one. You can get a great strength and endurance workout without necessarily having to use the heaviest weight you can find.

You’ll work up a sweat doing a series of fast-paced cardio and strength-training moves like kettle bell swings, lunges, shoulder presses, and push-ups. It won’t take long to understand why celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, and Katherine Hall are dedicated fans of kettle bell workouts.

Kettle bell training is also an excellent complement to heavy barbell work. Whether your main focus is strength or endurance, the kettle bell will fit the bill.

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The kettle bell alternates periods of intense contraction and controlled relaxation to give you a superior workout that combines both strength and endurance training. It's round shape lends itself to unique exercises and its odd center of gravity forces you to stabilize your muscles to create explosive movements with the bell.

It’s also a good tool for helping teach Olympic lifts safely with a small learning curve. It’s much easier on the wrists and shoulders to rack kettle bell cleans and to hold for front squats than it is to use a barbell.

The main muscle groups that are involved and strengthened the most with the basic kettle bell swing motion are the hamstrings, glutes, quads and abs. When learning how to “clean” the kettle bell, people often experience some banging of the bell on the backside of the wrist.

If you are new to strength training or have small hands, check to see if the kettle bells you are comparing have different handle sizes for different weights and buy accordingly. Wrap one hand around the handle to make sure the tips of your fingers are only a couple of inches from your palm.

Your kettle bell shouldn’t be too heavy or too light; you should be able to press it over your head with control and stability, but with some resistance. The 4 kg may not be heavy enough to provide a solid weight lifting effect for most women.

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When it comes to kettle bells proper breathing is so important and often overlooked in most exercise studios. Focus on quickly squeezing your glutes and thrusting your hips forward to create momentum that will launch the bell into the air.

Explosive power from your butt will protect your lower back, not hurt it. Working out with a kettle bell gives you what fitness pros call a “functional” workout.

However, when performed incorrectly it is also a movement that can create back, hip, or knee injuries. ALWAYS be aware of your form and periodically have a certified trainer evaluate your swing.

Be sure to squeeze the glutes and quads every time you swing and tighten the abdominal muscles as if you are bracing hard for a punch. Swinging correctly will make you stronger and more flexible than ever before, however incorrectly performing the movement can create or increase back strain or pain.

Make sure the area immediately surrounding you is clear and you have room to swing and move freely. Don’t wear running shoes with a high, cushioned platform; you could roll your ankle.

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Ultimately learning in person is the best scenario, but a quality DVD is definitely sufficient if that is your only option. The workout gets your heart pumping and uses up to 20 calories per minute: about as much as running a 6-minute mile.

Kettle bell workouts offer a lot of flexibility. Sign up for a kettle bell class at the gym or online to learn how to do the moves safely.

It won’t take long to understand why celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, and Katherine Hall are huge fans of kettle bell workouts. You’ll work up a sweat doing a series of fast-paced cardio and strength-training moves like kettle bell swings, lunges, shoulder presses, and push-ups.

Most kettle bell workouts include squats, lunges, crunches, and other moves that work your abs and other core muscles. The kettle bell is used as a weight for arm exercises like single-arm rows and shoulder presses.

Lunges and squats are among the most popular moves in a kettle bell workout. Your tush will be toned by using the kettle bell for added weight during lunges and squats.

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Using a kettle bell for a dead lift helps tone your back muscles. The kettle bell is an effective weight that will build muscle strength.

You may want to sign up for classes in person or online to learn the basics of a kettle bell workout. Yes, if you take a class or pick a DVD that's for beginners and use a lighter kettle bell.

Depending on the program, you may be getting both your strength training and your aerobic workout at the same time. If you choose a kettle bell that is too heavy or if you have poor form, you are likely to lose control of it.

This can lead to a serious injury to your back, shoulders, or neck. Start out with an experienced trainer who can correct your technique before you hurt something.

Adding a kettle bell to your existing workout is great if you want to burn through more calories in less time. This type of high-intensity workout is not for you if you would rather do a more meditative approach to body sculpting, or if sweating isn’t your thing.

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With your doctor’s OK, you can include kettle bells in your fitness routine if you have diabetes. Muscle burns energy more efficiently, so your blood sugar levels will go down.

Depending on the workout, you may also get some cardio to help prevent heart disease. Continued Using kettle bells in your workout puts some serious demands on your hips and back, as well as your knees, neck, and shoulders.

If you have arthritis or pain in your knees or back, then look for a less risky strength-training program. If you have other physical limitations, ask an experienced instructor for advice on how to modify your workout.

They’re small and inexpensive, yet highly effective for building muscular endurance and burning fat for both men and women. If you want to add enormous amounts of muscle mass to your frame, then kettle bells will perhaps not be something you use every day.

Because the kettle bell is not large or cumbersome, it’s ideal for interval training and burning calories while simultaneously sculpting and defining the musculature. What follows is a kettle bell workout that emphasizes shoulder mobility, so it’s good for beginners as well as athletes over the age of 50.

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Opt-in to my weekly email update and you’ll get instant access to whichever report you believe can make the most positive difference in your life at this moment: Keep your spine long while crunching in order to give your abdominal muscles room to flatten (instead of bulging out like a punching bag).

Concentrate on flattening the waistline and engaging your side oblique muscle. Russian Twists are helpful to do because they mimic some actual movements of daily life, such as reaching for your seatbelt, etc.

Watch the video provided with this article to understand the “skip,” which is setting the kettle bell down, twisting, then picking it up again. To protect your lower back, keep the navel pulled in tightly the entire time.

Keep your ribs compressed (not popping forward) to prevent your lower back from swaying. Considered the pinnacle of kettle bell movements, the swing is outstanding at conditioning the body, but only if done correctly.

Usually, they’re turning the movement into a “front arm raise,” trying to use the strength of their shoulders to lift the kettle bell. Hold the squat at the bottom as you do a hammer curl, then return up to the starting position.

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Hold the bottom of the squat while you pass the kettle bell around the front and back of your body. When your legs start to burn, just remember: that is the feeling of your thighs getting stronger and firmer.

Executed properly with good form, the above kettle bell exercises can help to give you a defined, sculpted body and improve your overall physical conditioning. Dane earned a master’s degree in Counseling Depth Psychology from Pacific Graduate Institute.

Currently, he’s facilitating the new online course Silver and Strong: How to Get Fantastically Fit After Age 50,” which helps people learn to eat for lean strength. Kettle bell training is not a fitness trend, they have been around for 100’s of years and trusted by some of the best for the incredible results they can generate.

There are plenty of books about kettle bell training but I felt there was something missing, a guide that really starts at the beginning and teaches the kettle bell basics. I want to take you by the hand and walk you through getting started with kettle bells so you reap the rewards without all the confusion or downsides of injury.

After over 20 years since I took my first fitness qualifications and teaching 1000+ kettle bell classes I want to show you how to get the basics right, the correct order of things, for safer, and better results. I want to walk you through this complete guide so that you have confidence starting with kettle bells either by yourself or with a qualified instructor.

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It is my hope that you will develop an understanding of not only the key kettle bell basic exercises but why they should be performed in a certain way. A kettle bell is a solid metal heavy ball with an offset handle just large enough to place your hand through.

The origins of the kettle bell are a little vague, but they can be traced back hundreds of years. Weights with handles were often used during fitness challenges for both carrying and throwing events and it’s believed that the kettle bell simply evolved from here.

Later the Kettle bell was adopted by the Soviet forces for training their soldiers and then finally gained popularity in the west. In fact, you should never require a space larger than 6 feet square for any kettle bell workout.

Kettle bell workouts when designed correctly use multi joint movements incorporating over 600 muscles at a time. You don’t need any special footwear, in fact many people exercise without shoes at all.

One kettle bell can be used to push you to your limits with more advanced exercises or made very manageable with more beginner based movements. The exercises can be made to flow from one movement to the next without having to change weights or rearrange your grip.

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The flow of exercises enables you to keep your heart rate elevated and muscles constantly engaged. Due to the intensity of the full body exercises and the dynamic nature of kettle bells good workouts should not last more than 10 – 20 minutes.

Kettle bell training is dynamic and involves absorption and regeneration of force in an explosive manner. Mix force control with practical and natural movement and you can see why kettle bells are great for strengthening athletes.

Kettle bell training burns fat and increases muscle tone fast. The body recruits 100’s of muscles in order to control and maintain balance of the kettle bell.

Unlike lots of other training tools kettle bells focus intensely into the back of the body and especially the buttocks. The buttocks being the largest muscles in the body require huge amounts of energy to survive and so are great fat burners.

Many of the fundamental exercises work into your postural muscles counteracting sitting and modern day living. But kettle bells prevents this from happening by working deep into the muscles that really matter.

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Just by performing the kettle bell swing for 30 seconds can feel like you have just sprinted 100 meters without even moving your feet. If you suffer from bad knees then exercises like the kettle bell swing can give you an amazing cardiovascular workout without damaging your knees whilst at the same time strengthening your body from head to toe.

In fact as you press a kettle bell the weight rests nicely on your forearm. Swinging a kettle bell increases its overall mass and takes added strength to hold onto.

Perhaps you won’t be able to bend nails but you will notice a definite improvement in your grip strength. Kettle bell training will teach you exciting new skills, unseen exercises and a great feeling of achievement as you master new movements.

I know people who have taken their kettle bells on holiday with them, personalized them by painting them and had withdrawals from them after only a matter of days. It is very important that you progress slowly when kettle bell training and allow time for your muscles, ligaments and tendons to adapt to the additional strain.

Kettle bells also involve a lot of eccentric movements meaning that you are lowing a weight under tension. Eccentric movements cause greater degrees of muscle soreness after your workouts so be prepared.

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Ultimately it is better to train less and more often in the beginning than going in ‘ all guns blazing ‘ and then being sidelined with an injury that prevents any kind of exercise at all. If you struggle with simple body weight exercises like Squats, Lunges, Planks etc.

Women hold babies under one arm that are heavier than 15lbs/8 kg or pull suitcases around that are twice the weight of a starter kettle bell. The handles are smaller and squarer to allow for less movement of the hand.

Shoes with a raised heel pushes your weight onto the front of the body and makes it slightly more difficult to activate the correct muscles at the back. Different holding positions will allow you to perform variations of the same exercise and also unique kettle bell movements.

Grab by the horns of the kettle bell and keep the weight close to your chest with elbows tucked in towards your body. Don’t let your elbow drift out like a chicken wing or your arm will get very tired, very quickly.

As the weight is pressed or held overhead then kettle bell will rest comfortably again the forearm. Before you start any workouts warming up is always a good idea to prevent injury and improve the activation of your muscles.

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Your warm up doesn’t need to take too long (5-10 minutes) and shouldn’t be too strenuous so that you are exhausted but should be enough to raise your body temperature. Lack of movement through your joints is a sure fire way to encourage an injury.

I encourage you to perform them in this order from head to toe (except for the wrists) because it helps to ensure you do not miss an important joint. Spend more time on joints that feel tight and restricted and less on your more mobile areas.

5 -10 minutes is a good target for the complete joint mobility routine. Try to learn all these joint mobility movements ‘ off by heart ‘ they will be one of the best investments in your health over your entire lifetime.

For some people getting this far can be a workout in itself, if this is the case for you then spend a week just working through this warm up every day before moving onto the exercises below. To get the most benefits from your kettle bell training I recommend that you focus all your attention on just 4 exercises.

The 4 exercises listed below will build a solid foundation, hit more muscles and burn more calories than any other. In fact, you could stop your kettle bell training at these 4 exercises and still be getting a more efficient workout than most of the people and even personal trainers you know.

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Unlike the swing exercise the Turkish get up strengthens your stabilizing muscles and improves your full body mobility. In other words, this exercise will strengthen you from the inside out and prevent future injuries.

I always recommend that you start off exercising less but more frequently than a totally body annihilation once a week. Once you can comfortably complete all 10 rounds of the kettle bell swing it’s time to add in the Turkish Get Up.

Once you add in the Turkish Get Ups ensure that you alternate your workouts with the Swings, like this… After 2 – 4 weeks of this format you can start to add in the Squats in just the same way as you progressed the swings.

If you try and progress too quickly or push yourself too hard then you risk an injury and that will put a stop to ALL exercise. I hope you have enjoyed this guide and will use it as a point of reference to keep your kettle bell training on track.

Keep your workouts simple and learn to master each exercise and progress slowly allowing your body to change and adapt over time. Beginners can perform full body exercises that feel very natural and can activate 100’s of muscles per movement.

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It is very important that you progress slowly when kettle bell training and allow time for your muscles, ligaments and tendons to adapt to the additional strain. This post may contain affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy HERE.

How are they boosting endurance and creating great results? Kettle bell Workouts for Beginners can end the time-consuming gym visits.

Kettle bell workouts can target almost every major muscle group in your body. This includes your shoulders, core, back muscles, quads, and hamstrings.

The result of this is that you get a quick, full-body, cardio and strength building workout at the same time. Studies show that performing too much cardiovascular exercise can damage your body.

Running, for example, can damage several joints and knee muscles if performed a lot. These kinds of workouts give you a chance to get your heart rate elevated.

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Research has shown that adults experience 3-8% muscle mass reduction every decade. This means that more dangerous fats can store on the body.

Especially around major organs like the heart or liver which can be a huge health risk. Using kettle bell workouts can target the fat stored around the organs.

Strength training can also prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. This can also improve general physical performance and movement control.

Because many kettle bell workouts for women target the muscle groups. And at different angles during kettle bell workouts for men, you experience full-body results.

Practice moves that target specific areas of the body. Kettle bell workouts for men can target every area of your body.

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Try some kettle bell arm exercises while your cycling at the gym or at home. If you’re training in public where there is the added fear of being seen using the kettle bell wrong.

Don’t worry, we’ve provided a few basic kettle bell workouts for beginners to get you started without a hitch. Feel the burn while ensuring that you can actually repeat the exercise many times.

Then in kettle bell workouts for beginners, we’ll cover some basic terminology to get you up to speed. And the challenge of using the same muscle groups to complete ongoing tasks.

Resting too long between sets won’t challenge your muscles as much. Depending on your strength and ability, you might be able to complete higher reps per each set.

The weight of your kettle bell will factor into how many reps you want to complete in your workout routine. While you want to push yourself to lift more weight to challenge those muscle groups.

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If you can lift the 20-pound kettle bell for about 4 reps and do this for two sets before you’re completely winded. Your muscles will be more engaged and challenged for a longer period of time.

The Basic Kettle bell Swing: Engages your quadriceps, hamstrings, and core muscles. Act like you are sitting in a chair and engage your hamstring and quads to keep yourself steady.

When you swing the kettle bell in front of you, straighten your legs and come back up. As the kettle bell moves behind you, lower yourself back into that squat position.

The Lunge & Press: Engages your quadriceps, glutes, and shoulders. Use the opposite side arm of whichever leg is bending for the lunge.

As you alternate sides you may also begin to feel your core engage in the movement. You may feel your bicep and tricep muscles as you lift the kettle bell above your head.

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The Weighted Squat and Lift: Engages shoulders, biceps, core, and leg muscles. Try keeping your feet flat on the ground as well to involve those calves.

Opening your chest and pulling the core muscles up, using the shoulders. Try alternating between heavier kettle bells during each set as an added challenge.

So get your entire body engaged in your workouts to increase strength and blast more fat. This simple beginner kettle bell workout will blow your mind.

Prior to jumping into the kettle bell circuit, don’t forget to do some mobility warm up (you can see our warm-up routine here): Nothing too crazy, just something to “grease the groove” and get your body used to movement so you don’t pull any muscles once you start swinging the kettle bell.

In other words, preparing your muscles and joints to move some weight around! A few minutes of running in place, air punches and kicks, some jumping jacks and arm swings, should get your heart rate up and your muscles warmed for the Kettle bell Workout.

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Your muscles are broken down when you strength train, and then they rebuild themselves stronger over the following days of recovery! Don’t forget to download our Beginner Kettle bell Worksheet, which covers the above sequence from Coach Matt.

Tip from Coach Matt: with your halos, remember to keep the movement smooth. Grab the kettle bell with two hands “by the horns,” aka the handle.

Tip from Coach Matt: for the goblet squat, focus on depth. It’s more important to practice doing a full squat than to pump out reps.

Tightening your muscles will engage your core, offering a fuller body workout. Tip from Coach Matt: during the kettle bell swing, focus on hinging your hips.

The swing is like a dead lift movement, so you should feel it in your hamstring and glutes. Pick up the kettle bell by driving your elbow up into your rib cage.

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Tip from Coach Matt: try to keep your back straight and stomach tight during the row. This will help engage your legs for stabilization as you pull the kettle bell towards your stomach.

Grab the kettle bell with one hand and rest the weight between your arm and chest. Step your leg back (the same side your kettle bell is on) and lower down until your shin is parallelism with the ground (or as low as you can).

Tip from Coach Matt: for the lunges, again keep your back straight. By keeping your shoulders back, you’ll get a fuller body workout when you come in and out of your lunge.

Our spiffy mobile app lets you send video of your exercises directly to your coach, who will provide feedback so you can perfect your technique. In case you’re still on the fence about grabbing a kettle bell, let’s dig into them a little more.

Which one you pick will come down to personal preference, your budget, and your experience with kettle bells. A standard traditional kettle bell will be cast iron, and as the weight goes up, the dimensions go up.

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No matter their weight, competitive kettle bells will have the same dimensions for bell shape, base, and handle width. In general, pick a weight that allows you to complete a workout with good form.

If you’re forcing me to pick one for you, knowing NOTHING about you, I’d say consider purchasing a 16 kg if you’re a male or 8 kg if you’re a female. You’ll often hear the terms ballistic and grinding in kettle bell workout discussions, for fast and slow movements respectively.

For ballistic movements, you might actually want a heavier kettle bell, to help with momentum. For grinding movements, less weight might be in order to help with control.

If the handle has rough edges, you’ll feel each and every one of the movements scrap into your hand. I’ll end our discussion on handles by saying they are generally standardized at 35 mm for thickness.

Not too expensive and decent quality, Cap Barbell kettle bells can be found on Amazon or at any Walmart. The Cap Barbell is the most highly reviewed and reasonably priced kettle bell we have encountered.

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If your goal is weight loss, you have to eat less than you burn each day. This can be through eating less and burning more (from the kettle bell workout above) Processed foods and junk food make it really tough to lose weight : They have lots of calories and carbs, low nutritional value, don’t fill you up, and cause you to overeat.

If you don’t like veggies, here’s how to make vegetables taste good. Soda, juice, sports drinks: they’re all pretty much high-calorie sugar water with minimal nutritional value.

Get your caffeine from black coffee or tea, fizzy-drink fix from sparkling water. Track your calories and work on consuming slightly less each day.

Like most things in life, the important aspect of any exercise regimen is starting it. No matter what strength training program you choose, start TODAY.

Join our free community with a biweekly newsletter, and I’ll send you our Beginner Kettle bell Worksheet. By using the 4 simple steps outlined below you can progress to the kettle bell swing without the risk of injury or developing bad habits.

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The kettle bell swing will also radically improve the often neglected postural muscles at the back of the body. The kettle bell swing is very cardiovascular and can be performed anywhere without the need to even move your feet which is a great way to challenge your cardio without the need for high impact.

Below I have listed the most effective progression for beginners to learn the kettle bell swing safely. Next push your hips backwards as you lean forwards keeping your back flat.

Continue leaning towards the floor until you feel your hamstrings tighten at the back of your legs. Pause for a few seconds and then return to the standing position squeezing your buttocks tight at the top.

When you feel you can comfortably complete the kettlebellgood morning workout above move on to exercise number 2 below. Kettle bell Single Arm DeadliftThe single arm kettle bell dead lift takes the hip hinge movement and adds a little more knee bend while at the same time keeping the back flat.

The single arm dead lift will condition your legs, hips, buttocks and back. When performed with a decent weight and for higher repetitions the single arm dead lift can be very cardiovascular too.

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Think about picking up a heavy object from the floor and you have the basis for the kettle bell dead lift. Keep your weight back on your heels and push your hips backwards to take your hand towards the floor and grab the kettle bell handle.

With a straight arm and a tight grip drive your hips forwards in order to use your legs to pick up the kettle bell. To return the kettle bell to the floor push your hips backwards keeping your weight back on your heels.

The single arm dead lift is the strongest of all the human movement patterns so you will be able to lift more with this exercise than any other. If you wish to progress to the kettle bell swing then make sure you are comfortable completing the above workout before moving to step 3 below.

If you have been working hard on the single arm dead lift exercise then the two hand swing should continue nicely by replicating the same hip movement. Snap your hips forwards aggressively squeezing your buttocks and abs as you stand tall.

The kettle bell should reach chest height and only be driven up by the thrust of the hips and NOT the shoulders. Beginners should keep repetitions of the kettle bell swing low to begin with.

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Sets of 10 repetitions before stopping and resetting is a good starting point. However, if you choose a kettle bell that is too light then the beginner has the temptation to use the shoulders rather than the hips.

10 x Two hand kettle bell swing Rest (20 – 60 seconds) Repeat 3 – 10 rounds Due to the natural rotation of the upper body during the one hand swing the core muscles have to fight hard to maintain position.

As with the two hand swing the wrist should touch the inner thigh and go no deeper than that in between the legs. Due to the overload on the shoulder joint you should start by keeping the reps under 10.

As your shoulder stabilizers strengthen over a matter of 4 weeks you can increase the number of reps. If you want to use the same kettle bell for the one hand swing then take it slowly and keep the reps low.

You will have discovered example workouts for you to use along with kettle bell weight recommendations and exercise techniques. Take your time as you progress and don’t rush into the kettle bell swing before mastering steps 1 and 2.

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As part of my FAQ section, I want to help you choose the best weight to start your Kettle bell Training with. Depending on the source you go, to there will be differing opinions on this, so I am recommending these weights based on how I see many beginners cope and with consideration to the type of training I do here.

This is the most vulnerable group, as these individuals need as much focus to be on good form for the exercise, rather than being distracted by the struggle to hold a heavy weight too. I think some beginners put a lot of stress on themselves to be great, especially those who already train.

Strength with Kettle bells takes time to build, and this cannot happen without first understanding what the heck you are doing. Making sure you can perform the exercise effectively before increasing the weight is SO important, which is why I am playing it safe with my recommendations.

When we become arrogant and proud is when we stand to get hurt the most (which doesn’t just apply to Kettle bells). Once you get the hang of the exercises, your confidence will improve and you will feel happier about using that heavy KB.

So there is no reason to be afraid of weight progression, provided your form is good. Many women often struggle with strength, stability, power and confidence, so these things will be overcome quickly with KB training, provided the correct progressions are made.

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I can attest to that personally because I have trained with KB's, in this fashion, for over 2 years now and the only part of me that has become “bigger” is my booty! The high intensity and explosive nature of KB training make it very difficult for you to gain much muscle; instead will get a lot stronger and very well conditioned.

Which translates as “tighter” and “leaner” (provided your diet supports your training goals). This may seem “too safe”, but I have seen many men struggle to complete my workouts with weights they normally find easy.

Men tend to try and progress the weight too rapidly, and they end up not mastering good technique. It just happens that the genders do behave differently around weights, and even more so when there are spectators present.

Many people assume that because they can lift Kg with a Barbell or Dumbbell, that they can go right to the equivalent with a KB. I’d recommend testing your SKILL (not your strength) by choosing one of the lower weights first.

However, women should realistically be using 16 kg regularly as an intermediate and moving on to 20 kg and 24 kg as they advance (depending on the exercise). The advantage of these is that the Bell is fairly compact and can be easily racked by smaller individuals and will not be as likely to get in the way of females’ breasts.

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The Competition/Pro Grade Kettle bell (usually more expensive): Made of Hollow Steel, they are all the same size no matter the weight. The advantage of this is that your technique never alters to accommodate a different weight through progression.

Personally I love my Pro-Grades, as they have a very stable base for doing push-ups, renegade rows etc, plus the handles are thinner and smoother than most Standard KB, making grip less of an issue. I recommend sourcing good quality Kettle bells with smooth (single cast are best), rounded handles.

I have bought Kb's from Rogue in the past, but I am not a fan of the handles as they are very thick and rough. This article will provide you with all the information you need to pick the correct kettle bell weight and perform exercises with proper form.

And to make things easier for you, we have included a simple 15-minute kettle bell workout video to get you in the best shape of your life. There are a few problems with picking a kettle bell weight depending on your training experience.

I need you to throw away your current perception of weight training, and look at the kettle bell as something new and different. While you may not think you need to, having at least one session with a trained kettle bell professional will make an enormous difference in your results.

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You’ll be using multiple muscle groups at the same time through ballistic, full-body movements. A kettle bell professional can show you the basics; like, the Clean, Swing, Goblet Squat, Windmill, and Turkish Get Up.

When performed properly, kettle bell movements will improve your body control, shorten your workout time, and give you functional results (and physique). The core movements in kettle bell training have exploded into hundreds of new exercises and techniques.

When done properly, kettle bell movements will improve your body control, shorten your workout time, and give you functional results (and physique) unlike anything you’ve been able to achieve in the past. A big mistake is selecting a weight that is too light (again, assuming that you have trained with a kettle bell professional).

Areas of your core (back, abdominal, and upper legs) will be on fire during your first session. To maintain proper form, you need a weight that is in proportion to your skill level, which may be low initially.

Men who have never used a kettle bell are especially susceptible to muscling through a movement, rather than performing it with proper form. You will hear this term used more in CrossFit boxes and by most traditional kettle bell instructors.

Innit Kettle bells are made with a high-quality, chip-resistant coating that’s strong enough to endure your most punishing workouts. 1) A chip-resistant coating, smooth enough for stamina-building work sets without irritating your hands, yet with just enough texture to take gym chalk.

Whether you’re a trainer or fitness enthusiast the kettle bell should have a place in your training for the results it can deliver in less time. Whether you decide to use your kettle bell to supplement your training or as a stand-alone tool you will gather the exact system on how to do so.

The benefits of the kettle bell are immense and with this single tool one can create incredible strength, power output, and stamina if used to its potential. At the Innit Academy we believe the kettle bell can create powerful athletes regardless of your chosen sport and with this system you will have everything they need to do just that.

At the Innit Academy we believe the kettle bell can create powerful athletes regardless of your chosen sport and with this system you will have everything they need to do just that.

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