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There are 4 single kettle bell lifts to choose from within full and half-marathons events, these are: • Jerk • Long Cycle • Snatch • Half Snatch To lift as an elite athlete you need to achieve a minimum of CMS rank level.

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Please check the IMF Ranking tables to establish your CMS requirements. This was developed by Kim Henning and is run by the IMF annually.

There are 3 rounds each year and you can compete in any of the 4 lifts, all of them if you are feeling brave enough. These are sometimes carried out at dedicated UGC events or if these aren’t available in your area, a video submission to your countries representative is acceptable.

The IMF hold European and World Championships annually as well as National competitions which are organized and hosted by that particular countries representative. Until 2010, it was considered more of a personal challenge than a competitive sport. Today the popularity of kettle bell marathons is increasing around the world, and the IMF is leading the way in standardizing rules and promoting competitions.

Since 2020, IMF has been open to other disciplines such as IMF games (created by Stéphane Diverge, IMF founder president) and pentathlon (created by Valery Fedorenko) in order to reach out t a wider audience. It can be used for general fitness purposes, or more specifically to get started with Kettlebellmarathon training.

You also get the classical GS manual Kettle bell Sport and Athlete Preparation” for FREE with this e-book! To make the most of this program, it is essential you know how to perform the foundation kettle bell and barbell exercises.

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The 12-week plan tracker makes is easy to follow the program and see the results. The exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles groups you need to handle heavier clubs, improve your cardiovascular fitness, and build your skills to learn more complex moves.

All activities that keep the heart rate elevated and make you breathe hard for long periods of time. Strength based exercise involves developing the muscular system so you can jump higher, run faster, punch harder, lift heavier etc.

However, if you use a challenging weight and put together a selection of kettle bell exercises into a circuit then you will raise your heart rate and keep it elevated for a long period of time. A kettle bell circuit like the one above will not only build strength but also keep the heart rate elevated making it a cardio workout too.

Here’s a video showing how kettle bell exercises can flow keeping your heart rate elevated for great cardio: Kettle bell workouts are inherently strength based because you are lifting a weight that challenges the muscular system.

As most kettle bell exercises involve the use of hundreds of muscles at a time they require a great deal of energy produced by the heart and lungs. It is due to this fact that kettle bell training is becoming more and more popular as a tool for saving time while generating some great results.

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This article and following training regiment is for those who want to take their lactic acid threshold through the roof, increase their “wind”, and become a nonstop powerhouse. I'm one of those rare breeds of iron men who strive on new challenges and the thrill of new ways to test my “Herculean” physique.

I assume this gross overproduction is the reason I am still a struggling unheralded strength guru. Soon however I began to turn other friends of mine onto Pavel's ideas and soon enough one of my good buddies bought a kettle bell.

You see as a believer in the collective nature of man I felt that this was a perfect opportunity to take my friendship with my buddy Ian Mother to a whole new Platonic level. I wanted to invent a protocol that had great variety but that could also keep me in a state of continuous work without failure while at the same time building my lactic threshold.

For activities like boxing, wrestling, NHS fighting, basketball, rugby?etc. Going along with the insights of Charles Poltroon, I went along with the assumption that the build up of lactic acids in the body also increases the output of growth hormone.

This release of GH has positive effects on both muscle growth and fat burning, for all the hidden pretty boys on the board. The initial idea came while I was reading a book dealing with the training of marathon runners.

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I thought to myself that in order to build the type of endurance necessary for sports like wrestling and boxing, two sports in which I am engaged in and have been overlooked by the professional ranks, one should concentrate more on time than reps. What I mean to say is that I began to focus more on timing my sets than counting reps. As in the old Catch Wrestling matches wrestlers had to be able to wrestle aggressively as well as rest while engaged in battle, being that there were no breaks. This enables the person to sustain an increased heart rate and lactic threshold for an extended period.

As a result, after performing the routine three or four times you will find that your “wind” and your ability to sustain a powerful output have greatly improved. In general activities like hitting the bag or running up and down the basketball court my level of stamina has gone through the roof.

So my comrades, if you are interested in accepting the advice of a greatly unappreciated, as genius always is, mastermind of physical training please take up the MarathonKettlebell Challenge. Russian stamp with kettle bell lifting theme (snatch and jerk depicted).

The sport consists of three main lifts: the snatch, jerk and the long cycle. Jerk and Long Cycle can be performed with one bell or two kettle bells of equal weight.

Valery Fedorenko demonstrates a basic snatch maneuver. The lifter is given ten minutes for each event to perform as many repetitions as possible.

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Biathlon involves the Greek (kettle bell lifter) performing a set of jerks for ten minutes, with at least 1-hour rest, followed by a set of snatches for ten minutes. Long cycle involves the Greek performing a set of clean and jerks for ten minutes.

The American Kettle bell Alliance is also a member of the International Union of Kettle bell Lifting and represents American athletes in international competitions including the world championships, which is the largest and most prestigious annual international kettle bell sport competition in the world. The International KettlebellMarathon Federation is main organization for marathonkettlebell lifting which was previously sanctioned by GSF.

International KettlebellMarathon Federation (IMF) hosts competitions using the traditional lifts (One arm--jerk, snatch, long cycle. It also organizes World Championships (individual and team (club affiliation)).

Edition Year Host City Country Events 1 2010 ]{{}}2 2011 ]{{}}3 2012 ]{{}}4 2013 TyumenRussia5 2014 HamburgGermany6 2015 DublinIreland7 2016 AktobeKazakhstan 8 2017 Seoul South Korea Edition Year Host City Country Events 1 2017 ]{{}}2 2018 Costa Reunited States Disclaimer: I was sent a Rep Fitness kettle bell in exchange for a fair review.

A kettle bell loads differently than a dumbbell and you have to work harder to balance the weight. The kettle bell swing also strengthens the posterior chain, which in turn improves your running form.

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But what a kettle bell does offer be a way to incorporate power-building exercises into your routine, especially when you do not have access to barbell weights. Rep Fitness, a Denver-based company specializing in home gym equipment, sent me a 12 kg (26 pound) kettle bell to review.

The options available on Rep Fitness’ website are affordable without sacrificing quality. I did not feel nervous about wielding this bell and I even found it more comfortable to hold in a rack position than other kettle bells.

I am genuinely impressed with the quality, comfort, and durability of the Rep Fitness kettle bell and would purchase from them again. You can use the kettle bell to load basic movements: single leg dead lifts, lunges, squats, shoulder presses, rows, and more.

If in doubt, consult a strength and conditioning coach or personal training for guidance or watch tutorials from certified trainers (such as this video on how to do a kettle bell swing). When doing kettle bell workouts, be sure the area is clear of any fragile objects, pets, or small children.

Valery Fedorenko is a Russian world record kettle bell lifter and coach who founded the World Kettle bell Club in 2006. While competing in Kettle bell lifting, Fedorenko achieved the title of “Honored Master of Sport”, which is the sport's highest level of recognized skin.

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Stephane Diverge, the founding president of IMF, has received permission from Valery Fedorenko to organize the IMF World Pentathlon Championships. These are deemed as realistic numbers that can be achieved within the given time constraints and with good form.

No additional points are scored for reps over the preset maximum. The competitors are allowed to choose a maximum of 5 different weights for their kettle bells.

If the weight is set down whilst there is still time left on the clock, the set is ended but all reps will count up to the point when the bell was placed down. Also, if the competitor hits maximum reps whilst still having time on the clock, the kettle bell will be put down and that competitor will gain additional rest.

Unlike the full snatch movement, the half snatch is lowered from the overhead position to the rack position before lowering for a back swing into another rep. There needs to be a rack position on the way back down (a stop and go) There is solid fixation at the top of each rep with good alignment The bell is caught at the top position with a straight arm.

Doping is prohibited at IMF, all athletes tested positive for an anti-doping test will be severely punished or banned from IMF. Let’s compare the two exercises based on three categories: cost, strength gains, and effective weight loss.

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So, people turn to indoor options like purchasing a treadmill ($900 on the low end) or going to the gym ($20–100 monthly). If that seems too heavy for your current strength level, start with a lower weight and work your way up.

It also makes you much better at an incredibly practical skill and burns tons of calories. There is a very clichéd picture that I feel compelled to show that illustrates this point perfectly.

Kettle bell swings are one of the single best exercises a person can do for multiple reasons: It drills the hinge pattern, one of the best ways to improve your ability to pick things up off the floor.

It can be done for an aerobic or anaerobic workout, meaning it totally counts as cardio and lifting. When done properly, the kettle bell swing teaches you how to brace and forces you to do many short interval planks.

It works your whole posterior chain, specifically targeting your hamstrings and glutes, but it even gets your lats firing. Figuring out the number of calories burned is far easier to do for running than it is for kettle bell swings.

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Both running and kettle bell swings are incredibly effective calorie burning exercises. I think it’s fair to say that performing light to moderate weight kettle bell swings for 15 minutes burns roughly the same amount of calories as a 40-minute jog.

While the calories burned will only change slightly, the heavy resistance training will have a gradual effect on your resting metabolic rate (i.e., calories burned throughout the day when not exercising). In a study that observed the changes' strength training had on Mr in men ages 50–65, researchers found that after 16 weeks of heavy-resistance strength training, Mr increased by an average of 7.7 percent.

Then you do a 16-week heavy-resistance strength training program, and boom: your Mr is now 7 calories short of 2,000 (an increase of 142.45). With that same information, we can estimate that you would burn about 137 calories as a 5’10, 180-pound, 60-year-old man running a respectable nine-minute mile pace.

So theoretically, thanks to weightlifting, your body burns additional calories equivalent to running an extra mile every day. Although kettle bell swings are not the same type of simple resistance training used in the study, it is safe to say that performing them routinely will also lead to an increase in Mr.

And because there is nothing better than burning more calories sitting on the couch, this category has to go the way of the previous ones. Overall, kettle bell swings dominate running in the categories that most people are concerned with.

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But if your goal is to get the most efficient workout with the least amount of equipment, you can’t beat the kettle bell swing. Kettle bells come in all shapes and sizes, and it is hard to know which ones are top-notch when starting your home gym.

Don’t be deceived by soft handles and bright colors, the best kettle bells are simply a big piece of coated metal. Beginner Budget Option : This is a bundle of lightweight bells that you can start off with.

Premium Option : Kettle bell Kings, Dragon Door, and Rogue make the best bells. Kettle bell Kings is the only company with extensive options on Amazon, so I featured them.

If you ever intend to start competing with Kettle bells I strongly recommend exclusively training with competition bells. Strength training increases resting metabolic rate and norepinephrine levels in healthy 50- to 65-yr-old men.

This article will discuss running and kettle bell swings as a means of weight loss for beginners which is the most common scenario. Generally the question “Can kettle bell swings replace cardio” has to be answered with no as there is a lack of context.

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When posting a fitness question it is always important that you do not forget what the purpose is in the first place. Ask yourself the question if you want to kettle bell swing or do cardio as both of them are just a means to an end.

Quantify them, break them down over months and have a look at how much time you are willing and able to invest to reach these goals. After getting random nose bleeds from high blood pressure once to twice a week my wife said she would leave me if I did not do anything about my health and fat body.

I wanted to stay strong while running and got two 14 kg kettle bells from my wife for my birthday in October 2013. I and kettle bells parted ways from 2014 to 2017 when I picked them up again as a warm up to my Juggernaut method training.

The most common context for beginners is that they are searching for the best way to keep fit with the least amount of hassle, money and time invested. This leads to a bit of a belly and being out of breath when chasing the kids around the playground on the weekend.

In addition, you might even want to look a bit more attractive for your spouse or potential partners you meet at social gatherings. Kettle bells leave less room for excuses based on weather, not having the right gear or having to go to the gym.

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To ensure good form and execution read Simple and Sinister from Pavel Tsatsoulin and get yourself assessed by a Strong first certified professional. On the other hand, if you are an outdoor person and like to socialize the better route for you to travel is to join a local running club.

Based on my experience bringing someone who is not on your level, is your spouse or worse, both, will lead to unnecessary tension at home. Others might want to cut some minutes and seconds of their established long distance times.

In my personal case I found that strength training decreased my risk of injury when I ran. If you eat 5 Mars bars a day, drink one bottle of Coca-Cola and smoke a packet of cigarettes and then go out for a walk around the block and pat yourself on the back you are misguided.

Of course, getting out at all is better than doing nothing but with this kind of intake you have to work ten times harder to get results as someone who does not shoot himself/herself in the foot on a daily basis. After a month of half the intake cut out one of the three (I recommend the cigarettes, my mother died of lung cancer aged 52.

After another month cut out the next thing (I recommend replacing Coca-Cola with water). I cut out all of my alcohol intakes in 2013 in preparation for the marathon after living in a bachelor pad where Guinness was always readily available from the fridge.

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No surprise, that this experience is not pleasant and you say “F*** this, can I do kettle bell swings instead or glue some electrodes to my body while I watch the Superbowl”. Once reached continue running at a slower pace which lets you recover and repeat the process.

Kettle bell swings are another method to lose unwanted pounds and stay fit. As long as you do not want to build your resume as a marathon runner or triathlon competitor kettle bells can replace running and might even be the better overall exercise for weight loss for beginners with limited time.

I think treadmills are as useless an invention as wireless cables (which have actually been sold on eBay...) or alcohol-free beer. If you want to dig deeper into why I think that for the target group who usually poses the question “Can kettle bell swings replace cardio” it does not really matter which of the two is picked read the book the first twenty minutes.

It provides good insight on why it matters that you do something for twenty minutes in terms of exercise (but not what) and that the return on investment quickly diminishes outside this window for average Joe's/Jane's. The technical debate among professionals mainly circles around two studies which have been conducted in 2010 and 2013 lead by exercise scientist John Forward of the University of Wisconsin-La Cross.

Here kettle bell swings were used with inexperienced subjects who gained in strength as well as cardiovascular capabilities which were unexpected. Most online articles will reference one or both of these studies to support the cardiovascular benefits of kettle bell swings when compared to running.

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