How To Start Kettlebell Juggling

Paul Gonzalez
• Thursday, 17 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Although kettle bells have gained in popularity over the past decade, most people are unfamiliar with this particular style of training. The kettle bell doesn't offer a unique benefit when you're doing a press or a squat, as compared to using a dumbbell or barbell.

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Part of the benefit a lot of people experience with kettle bells is simply because they start training with more whole-body exercises, rather than the isolation exercises commonly done in most commercial gyms. In fact, I've taught people who are beginners with kettle bells the basic juggling moves, and they've been able to get started right away.

But the truth is you can get started with the basic moves right away and by the end of this article you‘ll know how. Now, I will admit that it is more dangerous than the average kettle bell movements or other forms of exercise.

But part of this training is that you build faster reflexes and coordination so you're able to avoid the weight when it does come crashing down. Secondly, by working all the odd angles and awkward movements you're actually injury proofing your body.

By starting with a light weight and building up to more complex moves your body is able to handle forces that might make “normal” people scared. For a long time I was able to make the claim that I never hurt myself kettlebelljuggling.

But then I finally did hurt myself when I tried a very complex trick (picture doing a cartwheel with a kettle bell in hand) with too heavy of a weight. A common idea is that juggling should be done with steel-toed shoes, but I’d rather have my feet be able to move quickly, so I like to be barefoot.

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If you do it indoors, then you better have thick rubber mats to protect the floor (and then be careful of the resulting bounce). Now let's talk about some benefits kettlebelljuggling brings you that the normal kettle bell ballistic exercises don't.

The regular kettle bell ballistics are great in building hip extension and the posterior chain. A simple flip of the kettle bell can also be trained to the point of efficiency, but it will always take more effort than the swing itself.

And when you move into some of the more complex stunts, and definitely when using a heavier weight, you'll see just how quickly the endurance is jacked up. By working in all these different angles, including in places many trainers would have you believe you should never go, such as a rounded spine with rotation in it, you're strengthening your weak points.

By building up in this manner over time, which is done by progressing through the kettlebelljuggling skills, all your weak links become much stronger. Sure, if you have a completely uncoordinated person who is just getting started with kettle bells they will build some coordination, but it's only up to a minor level.

With the swing you are absorbing force at the bottom and then redirecting it, reapplying it as you do the next rep. Kettlebelljuggling takes us to a whole other level. There are few other things where you’ll find you want to continue your practice past the point of fatigue or even exhaustion, but it has been known to happen with kettlebelljuggling.

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I frequently tell people that if I had to spend 45 minutes on a treadmill, I wouldn't want to exercise either. There's even more benefits than this, but this list gives you a fairly well-rounded picture of what you can gain from doing kettlebelljuggling.

Kettlebelljuggling is extremely hard to teach through the written word. Then you can progress to reverse flips, helicopters, the uppercut drill, and much more.

For those interested, I’ve created a whole progressive path of kettlebelljuggling mastery. We made this kettlebelljuggling tutorials to help you understand the difference between swinging kettle bells for Gregory sport or hard style, and juggling.

Learn how to properly release the kettle bell before attempting a spin, and how to move with the kettle bell. Variations include single and double kettlebelljuggling exercises.

You can get the same information in a course format with additional videos and exams, this is called Kettle bell Fundamentals Graduate L2.0, if you want to take it a step further and receive everything plus also get assessed on form and technique and receive coaching for improvement, then Kettle bell Fundamentals Trainer L3.0 is the product to choose. You can see a product comparison based on the kettle bell fundamentals information here.

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Our premium kettle bell starter package is highly recommended if you’re still not sure what product to go for and want a mixture of everything included. If you know what you want from kettle bell training and just want to understand the kettle bell swing then we have several suitable products, the first one is The Quick And Concise Kettle bell Swing Guide for which optional personalized online coaching can be purchased additionally, the second product is Master The Basic Kettle bell Swing, whereas the first one is more of an informational approach the second one is more of a step-by-step approach, both are great, and truth be told, for less than a night out on town you can own both.

You already know the fundamentals and want to take your kettle bell training to the next level then our specialized products for the clean and snatch are perfect! Not only will it refine one of the most essential exercises, but it will also provide you an enormous amount of exercise variations which will allow you to program exciting workouts and even lay the foundation for your journey into kettle bell flows and/or juggling.

This product comes as a book Master The Kettle bell Clean or as an online course the course is available with exams, assessments, and coaching or without, L2 is without and L3 is with, L3 is also split into two with the second one being the more advanced kettle bell cleans. The kettle bell clean courses are a vital piece of information for want to be jugglers.

If you want to become advanced with kettle bells than we recommend you follow the path from basic to advanced as laid out on this page and over a duration of time complete all the courses or read all the information. Once you have mastered the fundamentals and all exercises it will become time to string them together, to work with double kettle bells, etc.

Whether you’re after just workouts or already know the fundamentals, i.e. you are not injuring yourself nor experiencing annoyances when training, then it’s time to work out. We have several awesome products that will provide you with content to train for years.

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The next and best level of kettle bell workouts is our Caveman Inner Circle which is a private and select group of people from all over the world with one thing in common, they want to get fit strong, and lose fat by receiving a new kettle bell workout to complete each week. Furthermore, they get to ask the kettle bell coaches questions, post their videos for assessment and feedback, but most of all, the group provides motivation to work out each week.

Listed last, but should really be priority number one, even before picking up a kettle bell is to make sure your body is ready to handle the load, meaning, you are not going to injury yourself, instead you make sure you develop some base of strength, control, and flexibility, all to injury-proof yourself. Taco Fleur Russian Gregory Sport Institute Kettle bell Coach, Caveman training Certified, IFF Certified Kettle bell Teacher, Kettle bell Sport Rank 2, HardstyleFit Kettle bell Level 1 Instructor., CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Judges Certificate, CrossFit Lesson Planning Certificate, Kettle bells Level 2 Trainer, Kettle bell Science and Application, MMA Fitness Level 2, MMA Conditioning Level 1, BJJ Purple Belt and more.

Not only will it work your strength from all angles, but it’ll build huge levels of conditioning depending of course on the weight you use and how long you go. This video will show you a variety of possible moves with different size weights, including some double kettlebelljuggling.

Once you can do it, catching with the same hand or the opposite, all you have to do is put a little force on the handle to do a flip. What I really like about this skillet is it is something you can gain experience in quickly, often being able to do several new moves every single practice session.

What I like about kettlebelljuggling (besides it being fun though that is one of the best aspects) is that it build strength, endurance, hand-eye coordination, explosiveness and shock absorption all across the body. For more information I have an entire site devoted to this, with free videos that will help you get started.

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Also, several years ago, I put up the following article covering the technique I started with in kettlebelljuggling, the Kettle bell forward flip and catch. I’ve seen guys do it behind their back, going between their legs, and even juggling more than one bell at a time.

While you may also have the goal of mastering the art of kettlebelljuggling, it’s important to start out on the right foot or else you could get very frustrated and maybe even injured by improper technique. The way I started out was by performing what I call the Forward Flip and Catch.

In order to get started with kettlebelljuggling, it’s important to understand a few simple points. Once the kettle bell is in this position, you have a window of opportunity to impart other forces upon it to make the juggling possible.

If you are no good at kettle bell swings, then you should master that movement before moving on to juggling. The bell is projected to this height not just by lifting it with the shoulder and arm, but rather it is propelled to that position by the lower body, especially the power of the hips and glutes.

After the kettle bell is pulled through the legs, the hips are snapped and the bell travels upward in its trajectory. Unfortunately, it is difficult to express any power into the kettle bell if your arm is straight, so it is necessary to transition the swing into a high pull.

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It is this slight back pull that brings the bell closer to your body where you can then exert other forces into it and make it flip around so that you can juggle it. With this in mind, you can also slightly shift your hand into radial deviation so that you can optimize the positioning of the thumb and propel the bell forward to initiate the flip.

If your technique is dialed in you will catch the bell in almost the same exact spot you flipped it. Once you get the feel you will be able to move your hand to find the kettle bell handle and secure it again in your grasp.

However, just like any other kettle bell lift, efficiency is important in order to put together a string of Forward Flips. If they try to catch the bell and drop it straight down, they will lose a lot of momentum.

By maintaining this arc, you can more easily explode back into another swing, high pull, and flip. Notice the path of the bell upwards, the location of my hands, and the quick transition into the next repetition.

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