How To Program Kettlebell Sport

Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
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We have posted pretty frequently breaking down the lifts involved in Kettle bell Sport. What we have created for you now is a free 4-Week Training Programs for beginners in Kettle bell Sport.

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The Benefits: great goals to motivate your workouts blend of strength, endurance, balance and coordination in one workout equals efficiency build amazing mental tenacity, this carries over to other aspects of life Each email will list your workout each day of the week as well as links to demonstrations about how to perform each lift correctly.

Lifts That Are Covered In The Program : All of these movements will build you strength, endurance and burn calories! About The Texas Kettle bell Academy: Coach Vivian has the distinction of being the first student, outside of Russia, of the legendary Sergey Nikolaevich Mishit, former Russian National Team Coach, who was the first Honored Master of Sport of Russia in Kettle bells.

He also picked up a pair of 30 KG KettlebellSport style kettle bells that day, which we really appreciated. As such, designing a training program for this unique sport requires a special blend of both strength and endurance work.

The Academy ranking tables, for example, may serve as a sort of map to guide the lifter from beginning to world-class level. Pick a competition or a future date to test yourself and work backwards to design your training program.

How much time you have will help you determine what you’ll need to focus on and what kinds of training milestones you should strive to hit. An intelligent training plan will progress the lifter from lighter kettle bells up to competition weight so that he or she is ready to give a true max effort on test day.

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Intervals: 30 seconds to 2 minutes x 5-20 sets at a pace much faster than in competition; rest period should be about equal to working time. There are a number of ways to add variety to this framework to customize the training program to the athlete’s individual needs.

Each training session should serve the purpose of bringing the athlete closer to his or her goal. We recommend you read more about receiving a quick, free, dynamic kettle bell workout every week you can click below.

Chris Done is a competitive KettlebellSport athlete and coach, nutritionist, doughnut enthusiast, and self-proclaimed Excel ninja based out of Oakland, California. He is a Master of Sport ranked KettlebellSport competitor, multiple time national champion, national record holder, and one of the top lifters in the U.S. His experience is drawn from more than ten years of weight lifting and endurance training, lots of personal experimentation, and a unique blend of formal and unconventional education.

Chris currently trains at OK North in Berkeley, California and offers online or in-person coaching for KettlebellSport and nutrition. In fact, if you add up the total number of hours I spend training each week it would definitely qualify for at least a part-time position.

Then there’s also the research: reviewing footage of my lifts, critiquing my technique, watching other lifters, and reading relevant articles. It’s the same way powerlifters, bodybuilders, CrossFit Games competitors, fighters, and other athletes think about their sports, too.

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For the uninitiated, I think the easiest way to describe it is “endurance Olympic lifting with kettle bells.” Two or three sets of equal duration (between two and five minutes), with an unspecified rest period allowing the athlete to fully recover.

Just like in other endurance sports, the athlete’s result in each particular style of training is a good indicator of how well he or she will perform in competition without actually going the full distance. Similarly, it’s rare to go the full ten minutes with competition weight and pace in kettlebellsport training as such an intense effort would require an extended period of recovery.

Of course, these are not the only training methods used and it’s common to see a variety of times, weights, and paces implemented in any given workout depending on the athlete’s needs and goals. But it’s important that the athlete and coach remain flexible and sensitive to external stressors that could affect training.

While different coaches have different methodologies for their assistance work, one thing remains fairly consistent: high reps. Lighter weights and higher reps are favorable to build the muscular endurance specific to kettlebellsport.

Yes, it’s awesome if you can dead lift 400 pounds, but that kind of strength doesn’t necessarily translate to more reps in the kettle bell snatch. Powerlifting requires different techniques and constant tension whereas the kettlebellsport athlete should focus on finding ways to relax.

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Kettlebellsport is a unique endurance sport and traditional long slow distance (LSD) training is definitely a staple to build a strong aerobic base. How these exercises are implemented will depend largely on the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as where he or she is in the training cycle.

Monday : Long cycle sets, upper body assistance work Tuesday : Running, 3-5 miles at moderate pace (optional) Wednesday : Long cycle sets, lower body assistance work Thursday : Running, 3-5 miles at moderate pace (optional) Friday : Long cycle sets, circuit training (various exercises, 10-15 minutes total) Saturday : Running, 5-7 miles at easy pace (optional) Sunday : Rest, yoga/mobility work For those interested in kettlebellsport for fitness or for competition, it is highly recommended finding a reputable coach.

Find someone with experience who can guide you through all aspects of the training such as gear, assistance work, pacing, recovery, and preparation. While the rate of injury in kettlebellsport is low compared with other sports, it is important to learn proper technique and training progressions to ensure safe lifting.

These ‘cannonballs with a handle’ are excellent tools to improve your fitness, especially when you do not have the room or desire for a home gym. If you want to build serious muscle size and strength, barbells and dumbbells are hard to beat.

You can even use barbells and dumbbells to burn fat and get lean, providing you stick to compound exercises, that is. And, for bodybuilding, they aren’t as good as dumbbells because you can’t gradually increase your weights, which is an essential consideration for effective progressive resistance training.

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Kettle bell Pros But, before you turn your back on kettle bells, you’ll be interested to hear that, for improving your body composition and sculpting a lean, athletic physique, they’re pretty tough to beat. Because there is nothing to adjust, when you work out with kettle bells, you can transition quickly from one exercise to the next.

Pick the weights that work for you, but always start lighter than you think you can handle. There is no reason to take on too much too soon and end up with an injury that only prevents you from the training you wanted to do.

It’ll help you burn fat, increase your muscular endurance, and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Work your way down the list and, after you’ve completed the final exercise, rest a minute or two and then start back at the top.

If this all sounds a little daunting, don’t worry; there are several modifications that will make this workout a little easier. The simple answer is that it makes it easier for you to regulate the difficulty of your workout.

Therefore, the actual number of reps you complete will depend on your fitness and the weight of your kettle bell. If this kettle bell workout circuit calls for 12 reps, but you’ve only got a light KB to train with, that might be too easy.

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Improper form makes the exercises less beneficial and could lead to injury. If in doubt, check out some videos below, or ask a personal trainer or gym instructor to show you what to do.

To do this exercise, hold your kettle bell in front of your legs and stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Not only does this exercise work your deltoid and triceps, but it’s also good for your core.

Keeping your body tight, press the weight up over your head with your elbow remaining aligned with your shoulder. Do 4 – 6 reps and then switch hands, alternating till the timer runs down.

To do this exercise, hold your kettle bell by the vertical handles in front of your chest. Brace your core and lift your chest, pulling your shoulders down and back.

This exercise is good for upper body conditioning and mobilizing your shoulders and thoracic spine. Hold your kettle bell upside down in front of your face by the vertical handles.

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It’s a little easier than the KB swing, but that’s no bad thing as you’ve done quite a lot of training to reach this point. Like swings, make sure you do not round your lower back during this exercise.

To do Romanian dead lifts, hold your kettle bell in both hands in front of your legs. Push your hips back, hinge forward, and lower the weight down the front of your legs as far as your flexibility allows.

This exercise is tricky for people with poor hamstring flexibility, but just lean as far as you can, and you’ll be fine! To do the kettle bell windmill, hold your weight in your right hand and press it above your head.

Thrusters Your final exercise works your entire body. If you feel exhausted, use your light kettle bell and not the heavy one we’ve prescribed.

Hold your kettle bell in your upturned palms in front of your chest. Push your hips back and squat down until your thighs are about parallel to the floor.

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While you can use cardio to lose weight and get fit, it’s not much use for toning, strengthening, or conditioning your muscles. In fact, doing too much cardio, especially during a low-calorie diet, can lead to muscle loss.

Strength training, and especially kettle bell workouts, corrects these issues. Not only will lifting weights preserve your muscle mass, but fast-paced circuit workouts are also better for fat loss.

They trigger something called Epic, which is short for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. In simple terms, Epic increases your post-exercise metabolic rate for as long as 48 hours, leading to faster fat loss.

You don’t need to quit cardio forever, but it definitely works best when combined with some high-intensity strength training. And don’t forget to always get in a good 30 minutes a day of some type of cardio, like walking.

Try this kettle bell workout and experience the fat-burning power of strength training for yourself. The kettle bell swing is an excellent way to strengthen your posterior chain dead lift muscles and introduce you to the hip hinge movement.

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