How To Do Kettlebell Upright Row

James Lee
• Friday, 27 November, 2020
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The above is an excellent exercise for people who are still new to the idea of using kettle bells for fitness as well as those that want to better their workout routine. It is for this reason that you will also find the bells in varying quality depending on the manufacturing brand.

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Additionally, this form of the upright row will help to increase the flexibility of your shoulder joints, help you gain swiftness, build your endurance and also boost your cardiovascular body activities. There is no point in over indulging i.e. too many reps and using heavy weights when you are just starting out unless you are a pro fitness enthusiast.

Just start simple and slow and move on only when you feel like your body is ready for an additional challenge. The kettle bell exercise as also stated in the first paragraphs is very fundamental in building upper body muscles and strength.

Step 1: Warm Up As you get started with your work routine, the first thing you should always do is to warm up to avoid muscles snaps as cold muscles do snap easily. To prevent injury, in this case, heat up your body by doing some light cardio or aerobics for at least 10 minutes.

You can choose to light jog, dance, cycle or even just brisk walk in the gym or wherever you are exercising from. So assuming you have good quality bells with you, hold them with both hands in front of your body and using the over hand grip (gives you a steadier and firm hold for this type of exercise). At this stage, ensure that your upper body is tipped forward and your hips are slightly pushed back.

Step 4: Pull The Weight With both of your hands gripped on the handle of the bell, pull the weight off the ground in a controlled movement until it is slightly below your chin (shoulder height). Anytime you work out, there are a few things that you must take into account to perform the exercise correctly and to get desirable results.

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Using a reasonable amount of weights especially for a beginner exercise Always maintain a shoulder stance when doing the exercise while standing In the upright position, ensure that you engage your abdomen and gluteus for better results i.e. by contracting them when pulling the bells upwards. Always rest in between sets to regain momentum and to avoid exhaustion Ensure that your shoulders are pulled back to prevent arching of the spine Maintain a straight back and also keep your head straight and eyes focused When pulling the kettle bells, always raise your elbows high up than the handles of the bells.

Find the best time when you can efficiently workout and organize your exercises focusing on your needs and how you can attend to them. It will also help you to achieve an efficient workout routine whose results will not just show physically but also internally.

Conclusion Evidently, the kettlebelluprightrow is an exercise that if performed in the correct manner and enthusiasm can be very beneficial to one’health and fitness goals. So if you were figuring out whether you should try it out, I believe this article has convinced you enough to make the exercise a part of your upper body workout routine.

There you have it, a very simple, efficient and convenient kettle bell exercise that will provide you with unbeatable cardio conditioning, and muscle workout. The upright row is a controversial exercise due to the amount of strain that can be placed on the shoulder joints and the rotator cuff.

Doing this exercise with a kettle bell allows for a more naturally oriented grip and places less strain on the shoulder joint overall. Scoot your butt back as if you’re going to sit on a stool, and grasp the handle with an overhand grip.

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Raise the elbows higher than the handle of the kettle bell to squeeze the upper back and shoulders. Lower the bell with control, back to the starting position and repeat for repetitions, or a set duration.

If you keep the shoulders firmly pulled back into their sockets, you will prohibit arching of the spine. In the full upright position, make sure that your glutes are squeezed and your abdominal are engaged as if you are bracing for a punch.

I'm a Personal Trainer, e-500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and expert group fitness instructor. Beginner kettle bell exercises are an excellent way to add variety to your workout routine, whether you're new to strength training or just getting a little bored with your go-to dumbbell moves.

The beginner kettle bell workout we've created below will hopefully allow you to challenge your muscles in new ways, which is key to seeing strength gains. To help you get to know this excellent training tool, Andy Speer, co-owner of Soho Strength Lab in New York City, picked a few kettle bell exercises for beginners.

Let's lay down some terminology, too, since different exercises have you holding different parts of the kettle bell : The bell refers to the heavy sphere at the bottom. The handle (the loop attached to the bell) can be gripped at the top, or on the sides, which are called the horns.

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Holding a kettle bell in a racked position means you'll hold the top of the handle and allow the bell to rest on the outside of your forearm, with your hand held at shoulder height. You can incorporate this beginner kettle bell workout into your typical training routine two to three times per week or select just a few exercises to try as you see fit.

You can do whichever variation you're in the mood for, however the reverse lunge with overhead hold and the two-handed kettle bell swing are the beginner-friendly options. The first several moves should help improve stability while the swings at the end offer a nice cardio bonus.

Hold the horns of the kettle bell with the bell facing up at chest height. Lift the bell and slowly circle it around your head in a clockwise direction.

Both left and right sides equals 1 rep. Do 8-10 reps, then repeat with the other leg staggered forward. Hold the kettle in your right hand in a racked position at shoulder height.

Step back with your right foot and bend both knees to 90 degrees to drop into a lunge. As you drop into your lunge, press the kettle bell straight up extending your hand overhead.

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Hinge at your hips so your torso is at a 45-degree angle to floor, keeping your spine neutral and your core engaged. Hold the kettle bell in your right hand in a racked position at shoulder height.

Do a half-squat by hinging at your hip, sending your butt back, and bending both knees just a bit. As you stand and return to the starting position, press the kettle bell overhead in a quick, powerful motion.

Return the kettle bell to the racked position and immediately sink into another half-squat to start the next rep. Do 10 reps. Then repeat on the other side. Hold the kettle bell in your right hand in a racked position at shoulder height.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly turned out, and hold the kettle bell by the horns with elbows bent and the weight at chest height. Do a squat by hinging at your hips, sending your butt back, and bending both knees until your thighs are parallel to floor.

At the bottom of your squat, do a bicep curl by straightening both arms and allowing the weight to drop toward till it touches floor. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold the kettle bell by the top of the handle with both hands with your arms straight in front of you.

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Bend your knees slightly, then hinge at your hips to swing the kettle bell between your legs. Stand up and thrust your hips forward explosively, squeezing your glutes and letting your arms swing forward to chest height (but not higher than your shoulders).

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold the kettle bell by the top of the handle with your right hand only, with your arm straight in front of you. Bend your knees slightly, then hinge at your hips to swing the kettle bell between your legs.

Now allow your left hand to bring the weight down, hinge at your hips, and move immediately into the next rep. As you stand for the next rep, pass the weight back to your right hand. Hold the kettle bell with both hands by the horns at chest height, with the bell facing up.

With your core engaged and hips tucked, press the weight overhead. Straighten your arms to lift the weight up and return to your starting position.

This is especially true for fighters---who need to work on mobility, dynamic range, and overall structural strength in order to compete and win. For example, ballistic training is exceptional for recruiting your fast twitch muscle fibers.

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That's important because this specific type of muscle fiber is integral for anaerobic power and explosive strength needed in combat sports. Strong and mobile hips enable you to kick harder, punch faster, and retain your guard better.

This translates well to any athletic pursuits that require balance and strength, such as grappling, kickboxing, etc. Adding some kettle bell variations let you mix things up, invoke some fun and creativity, and expand the range of movement in your routine so you're targeting more muscle groups for a full body workout.

Functional fitness refers to any movements that strengthen your approach to everyday living, and especially emphasizes motion, twisting, bending, etc. Kettle bells by their very nature require dynamic movements that enhance functional strength.

Because all kettle bell workouts are dynamic, you need to be fully aware of your coordination and body movements. This enhances proprioception, which is your mindfulness of how your body and joints are moving through space, and brings with it numerous benefits to your martial arts, such as enhancing your reaction timing to an opponent’s moves.

Because they're ballistic and require explosive movements, you'll be improving your cardio endurance, your strength, and your flexibility/mobility. If you want to enjoy all these benefits of kettle bell training to enhance your fight game, try the following 12 exercises for a full body workout today.

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The goal is to build functional strength and work your cardiovascular system so that it translates in the ring. In general, all kettle bell exercises hit a wide range of muscle groups throughout your entire body.

Below are some of the most effective exercises for a full body workout, broken up into specific key areas. Stand vertical with your feet a shoulder’s width apart and your knees slightly bent.

Hold the kettle bell in front of you with the palms of your hands facing your body. Push your hips backward while dropping the kettle bell between your two legs, then with explosive force, push your hips forward while swinging your arms up and above your head whilst gripping the kettle bell tight.

For the best results, keep your glutes contracted and tight, and your core sucked in towards your spine, while completing the swing. Stand tall with your feet close together and a kettle bell held in front of your body with your right hand.

Lunge forward with your left foot while pressing your right hand into the air with the kettle bell. Pause, then return to the starting position and repeat, alternating to your right foot and left arm.

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Muscle Focus: Your core throughout all movements, as well as your shoulders, upper and lower back, arms, butt and legs. Stand tall with your feet spaced apart slightly wider than your hip width.

Contract your core and glutes, and get down into a deep squat while maintaining the kettle bell ’s position. Lie facing the ceiling with your arms straight or, if you have lower back pain, your knees slightly bent.

Forcefully propel yourself upward, straightening your legs while pulling the kettle bell up to your shoulder. As you get into a standing position, shoot your arm up over your head with the kettle bell.

Muscle Focus: Your entire body but especially your core, shoulders, arms and chest. Push the kettle bells toward the ceiling until your arms are straight, then return to the starting position.

Sit on the ground with your legs straight and a kettle bell held against your chest. With a kettle bell pressed against your chest and your legs and hips steady, contract your abs and lift your shoulder upward until you’re sitting up.

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