How To Do Kettlebell Swings With A Dumbbell

Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
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Improved movement at the hip great conditioning in a small space increased strength of the glutes and hamstrings improved coordination of bracing and relaxation make ya look better naked I've put together a quick video to show you how to swing your dumbbells from the end plate.

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You'll feel a lot less like you're missing out because your gym lacks kettle bells and you'll reap the same benefits. If you're looking a for a great simple addition to your training for better work capacity and conditioning try adding 100 swings a day.

Plus we'll send you a copy of Brian's Push Ups & Tacos, Your guide to fun & fitness in San Diego. There are a TON of exercises that you can do with a kettle bell, and they work well for muscle engagement, strength building, and cardio.

You can convert a dumbbell into something that works very much like a kettle bell by using a piece of equipment called the Kettledrum. There are also many other exercises, like dips and overhead presses that can be done effectively with both kettle bells and dumbbells.

The instructor explains the moves with dumbbells to start and then kettle bells. Some exercises like the kettle bell snatch aren’t as easy to do with an unmodified dumbbell.

In this case, there is a great piece of equipment on the market called the Kettle Grip. The Kettle Grip lets you put a kettle bell handle on almost any dumbbell, this greatly increases the amount of kettle bell exercised you can do with a dumbbell.

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This product seems a bit weird when you first look at it, but the construction is good and it does exactly what it says it does and provides a solid kettle bell grip onto almost any dumbbell. TIP: If your dumbbell has a straight handle, the Kettle Grip will work.

Here’s another short video showing some different kettle bell moves with a dumbbell that has a Kettle Grip handle. Overall, the Kettle Grip is a solid choice for turning dumbbells into something close to a kettle bell.

When using the Kettle Grip it’s important to remember that the weight distribution is a bit different from a traditional kettle bell, but the workouts that can be achieved with the Kettle Grip conversion are quite similar. Even though you can use a dumbbell in place of a kettle bell for many exercises and you can extend its functionality even more with a Kettle Grip, these two pieces of equipment are not the same.

I personally love Bow flex equipment because of how easy they are to use and the quality of the products. Overall, the most important thing you can do is some level of resistance training.

Lifting weights at the gym can help you develop the endurance and strength you have been looking for a long period of time. However, one of the mistakes we do make is falling into the pit of lifting weights all the time we visit the gym.

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In fact, over a century ago, the dumbbell swing was a great exercise among the weightlifters and bodybuilders. If you are looking for a way of adequately developing all the parts of the body, simple exercises such as dumbbell swings can do you good.

Dumbbell swing is a great exercise which combines control of the body muscles and momentum. One of the most significant reasons why you need to carry out the dumbbell swing is the benefits the exercise has on your back.

If you do have challenges with the traditional lower back exercises such as the dead lifts, the dumbbell swings should be your best option. The dumbbell swing can be a great way of developing the lower back and the movements are easier than compared to the other exercises.

Other muscles worked out when carrying the dumbbell swing exercise include the deltoid, hamstrings and the forearms. In addition, the force created by the swing can also engage the shoulder muscles and ankles giving you the body flexibility you have been looking for.

A well performed swing should be carried out in a slow movement style by making sure the hips have been punched forward. The use of lower loads when carrying out the exercise and the multiple swings carried out when doing the exercise is the main reason why the dumbbell swing is preferred by most of the people who want to avoid the back injuries.

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According to McGill this is referred to as muscle flushing and it plays a great role in releasing the lactic acid in the body which can sometimes lead to back pain. When your spine is stable, the brain will register that and you will have more power to carry out the exercises at the gym.

Carrying out the dumbbell swing is so easy and you can easily remember all the moves you used during the execution. There is no additional equipment required except the dumbbell which you can easily hold when carrying out movements.

Building your endurance requires you to work harder especially in lifting the weights and increasing the time before taking rest. Always make sure you use a lighter weight when carrying out the exercise and ensure you have performed a high number of reps.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights that one should have at least 75 minutes of a vigorous exercise on each week to boost their health. Combining the different sets of the dumbbell swing with light exercises such as jogging or carrying out fast walking can help you achieve the above.

Dumbbell swings are mostly used to increase the strength of athletes and the conditioning training programs. Eric Crossed, founder of Crossed Performance says that due to the increased posterior strength due to the exercises, the power and performance of the trainer on the field will be increased.

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The training exercises target the lower back muscles, gluteal and the ham strings. On the other side the dumbbells can be adjusted and the movements can be slow since you will make sure there is no occurrence of an accident.

Both exercises can be carried out to improve strength of the lower back muscles and the hamstrings. The dumbbell one-arm swing is a great way of working on your shoulder muscles and the legs.

Sink your butt into the squat mode and carry out dumbbell one-arm swings before you drive yourself forward. Carry out the movement many times before swapping to ensure both arms have been involved in the exercise.

The main essence of the exercise is to make the weight remain static over the head. It would work for you if you have not mastered the exact way of bringing the kettle bell into place.

Even more than that it is a move that lets us explosively express what’s called “hip extension.” If you do those things right (and because we increasingly sit so much, we occasionally do it wrong), you’re squeezing your glutes and your lower body is driving your ability to stand up.

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This action is crucial to moving and standing correctly, and critical to improving your athleticism (and your squat and dead lift movements). This doesn’t just miss the point of a kettle bell swing (hip extension) but it’s dangerous for your shoulders, too.

You end up trying to finish the swing with your shoulders, placing your rotator cuff tendons in a compromised position. The height of the kettle bell is strictly a function of how aggressively you straighten your legs and squeeze your glutes.

Problem two: if your shoulder mobility isn’t ideal; you'll compensate by arching through the lower back. You absolutely must maintain the stiffness through your torso over the life of your swing set.

Ex says: This is a lower body move, and your arms shouldn’t be anything more than a lever for the bell. If you explosively and powerfully stand up, and really exaggerate that glute squeeze, your torso will naturally pop up and the bell will translate forward.

Ex says: Critical in the kettle bell swing is not letting your lower back drive the movement. If you’re having trouble getting that response, think of actively squeezing your glutes to drive the bell.

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Brett Williams, NASA Brett Williams, a fitness editor at Men's Health, is a NASM-CPT certified trainer and former pro football player and tech reporter who splits his workout time between strength and conditioning training, martial arts, and running. Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S., is the fitness director of Men's Health and a certified trainer with more than 10 years of training experience.

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