How To Do A Kettlebell Windmill

Ellen Grant
• Thursday, 22 October, 2020
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The KettlebellWindmill exercise is a highly effective kettle bell movement that works deep into the shoulders, strengthens the core muscles and improves overall joint mobility. So kettle bell windmills act as an exercise to help strengthen the body from the inside out.

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Watch a video of the basic top hand KB windmill exercise: Here are the basics of how the KB windmill is performed with the kettle bell in the top hand.

Feet should be double hip width Both feet pointing 45 degrees in one direction Load the back heel pushing the hip out Raise the rear hand keeping it straight Focus on the top hand Keep both legs straight as you lower taking the bottom hand over the knee towards the floor Drive back up to the top position and ensure that you straighten the body You will instantly notice during the movement that if you keep both legs straight that good flexibility is required through the hips and hamstrings.

If you find that you cannot reach the floor or opposite ankle without bending your knees then you have two options: I highly recommend that you practice the windmill without a kettle bell before advancing to the loaded kettlebellwindmill as mentioned above.

As mentioned earlier the kettlebellwindmill is a very demanding exercise on the shoulders and your hip and hamstring flexibility. As you descend through the movement the instability of the kettle bell overhead makes the shoulder stabilizers work very hard.

Finally, we are on to the official kettlebellwindmill with the kettle bell held in the top hand. Remember to descend slowly keeping the hips slightly rocked out to the side.

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The addition of an extra kettle bell increases the demands on the core muscles as well as the hamstrings. You need to be careful when warming up with the windmill that you don’t overdo it and leave your shoulder stabilizers weak for future exercises.

The kettlebellwindmill exercise is a more advanced movement that works deep into the core and shoulder muscles as well as improving hip mobility. Work on increasing the depth of the windmill while still maintaining perfect technique.

Keep the repetitions low when using this exercises as a warm up or stand-alone movement and be careful not to over fatigue the shoulder stabilizer muscles before a more demanding workout. The windmill exercise opens up the hips, stretches the hamstrings and strengthens the core and shoulder muscles.

The windmill is performed by turning the feet to 45 degrees, pushing the hips out and then reaching down steadily with your weight on the back leg. The Kettle bell (KB) Windmill is a valuable exercise for shoulder stability, upper back flexibility, better movement in the hamstrings and hips (which helps with back pain).

Starting Position (master the half kneeling KB windmill before doing the standing version) Hold for 3 seconds, exhale and drive your hips back through to return to starting position.

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You will find when you go slower you get the full benefits of the exercise while reducing your chances of injury. When you doKettlebell Windmills, focus on the feel and use that as reference points to relate to clients when they are doing this exercise.

Ian Nimblest, CFC, CSS, NFPT-CPT and is a functional strength & conditioning coach, personal trainer, and author. He is the founder and owner of Premier Fitness Group LLC in South Salem, NY, a world-class functional training facility that provides private, semi-private, and group training.

Our perspective is that an athlete should have just as much strength in slow, controlled movements that require a high degree of stability as they do in high speed barbell movements that display power and athleticism. The kettlebellwindmill is an excellent tool to train the former and reveal weakness.

The kettlebellwindmill is very good at forcing the training aspect of strength, and is highly proficient in training strength in the shoulder, lats, obliques, hamstrings, adductors and glutes. In addition, it is a great tool to work active mobility in the hip extensors, as well as stability in the shoulder and in the anterior core, specifically the obliques.

Bell should sit in the meat of the thumb pad, not the fingertips. “Knuckles to the sky.” When descending, shift the weight into your back hip.

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Width of feet will depend on the athlete’s hamstring and adductor flexibility. Build up with light weight and leave your ego at the door.

We're talking functional strength, mobility and stability gains here, not to mention targeting multiple muscle groups in one fell swoop. It might not be your run-of-the-mill (sorry) kettle bell move, but it closely mimics the kind of movement you're more likely to perform in everyday life, says personal trainer and founder of The Fit Hut Sussex, Kate Rowe-Ham.

'You will also improve strength in the muscles of you core, and increase flexibility in the hamstrings and hips.' Start standing with your feet wide, holding a kettle bell in your left hand, then press it straight up.

If this is your first time, her, windmilling (welcome) then we suggest you go sans kettle bell or weight until you're used to the mechanics. Cut through the noise and get practical, expert advice, home workouts, easy nutrition and more direct to your inbox.

The kettlebellwindmill offers core strength training and effective body conditioning in one neat kettle bell exercise. One of the best stability and mobility-based kettle bell movements around, the windmill is a must if you’re looking to become more supple or cross-training for activities including swimming, running, and team sports.

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Before we dive into the benefits of kettlebellwindmill, watch our quick tutorial video by Luke Baden, Kettle bell Master Trainer. Power & flex: The classic kettle bell windmill is a smooth controlled movement, meaning that it will significantly increase your hip strength while making your hamstrings flexible.

Essential if you’re an athlete looking to optimize your performance or a sedentary worker searching for ways to keep your body in good shape. As a major flexibility-enhancing and core-building tool, the kettlebellwindmill focuses on the mid and upper sections of the body.

Working these muscles out will improve both sitting and standing posture while giving your core the boost it needs to succeed. Abdominal: As pivotal torso-based muscles, strengthen and conditioning your abs will fortifying your core while making you look good.

Perform this movement slowly while keeping your eyes on the kettle bell with your arms extended. The dip: Keeping your eyes locked up at the extended kettle bell, slide your free arm towards the floor slowly in a smooth movement as far as you can comfortably go, remaining in position.

Focus on getting the movement just right, going slightly lower over time until you can touch the floor with your free hand. Instead, choose your kettle bell size wisely, using heavier weights incrementally as your strength and flexibility improve.

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Kettle bells have gained popularity over the years and for good reason: They are effective and efficient. So a 20-minute workout could be a 400-calorie scorcher while challenging multiple muscles at once, especially your core.

Ryan Cotton of Vector Kettle bells says, “Runners need to focus on exercising the muscles to improve strength, core stability, endurance, balance and overall running power.” This exercise mobilizes your joints and sets off a firing sequence throughout your posterior chain of muscles, especially your glutes.

With a hip-snapping motion, swing the kettle bell forward (arms straight) and up to chest level. WINDMILLS Increase range of motion in your hamstrings, activate your glutes, strengthen your core, and stabilize your shoulders with this move.

Turn your feet out slightly (about 45 degrees) and engage your core. Once you’ve reached your foot, lift back up to starting position.

SINGLE-LEG Deadline With one move you can strengthen your hamstrings, core and lower-back muscles, while improving balance. Keeping your right leg straight with a slight bend in the knee, hinge forward.

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Once the kettle bell is a couple inches above the ground, use your core to lift back to starting position. AROUND THE WORLD A strong core will help you run faster.

This exercise increases power in the abdominal wall and the obliques. Scott PRESS The move builds massive core strength while helping the shoulders and legs endure whatever you might throw at them.

This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. Always check with your doctor before changing your diet, altering your sleep habits, taking supplements, or starting a new fitness routine.

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