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With the explosion of kettle bell training over the last 10 years there are now many shapes and sizes available to buy. Common kettle bell exercises involve swings, lifts, and presses, but unlike weightlifting or powerlifting, kettle bell training can be performed bilaterally and unilaterally in all planes.

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The Single Arm Dead lift exercise can be performed with any type of kettle bell : As you can see from the competition kettle bell image above the handle is much smaller and is squarer in design.

The advantage of these types of kettle bells is that your hand doesn’t slide around due to the limited space plus you can get used to the size even when the weight changes. If you choose to go for the cast iron kettle bells then there is still a few more things that you need to know before you buy.

Make sure you don’t buy a kettle bell with a handle that’s too thick. A kettle bell with a handle that is too thick is going to quickly tire out your forearms and finishing repetitions of an exercise can be very tough.

The bottom of the kettle bell should have a natural flat but it shouldn’t have an attached rubber or plastic base. Bases can be good for preventing marks on your floor but unfortunately they’re going to really dig into arm and into your body when you’re using the kettle bell.

The fourth thing is to make sure that there are no sharp edges on the kettle bell handle. Look out for kettle bells that have sharp bits of paint and also check where the handle meets the body that there are no small nicks that can cut into your hands.

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Avoid a kettle bell that’s a round ball with a big, sharp handle stuck on the top There should be a nice smooth bit of continuity with the kettle bell from the body into the handle.

If the handle spacing is too small you’re going to find it really digs into your wrists when in the racked position or overhead. If it’s too big, then the kettle bell will lie too far down on the arm and it’s going to dig into your forearm.

It seems to be trendy to coat kettle bells in vinyl or plastic to avoid marking floor etc. However, due to the huge rise in popularity there are now many weight sizes in-between the ones listed above.

At a later date more experienced kettle bell practitioners may work on overhead presses with the 32 kg plus may need to bridge the gap between the 16 kg and 24 kg with a 20 kg for single-handed exercises. I have to say that I’ve learned the hard way and bought lots of kettle bells that turned out to be completely useless.

Here are one brand that I have consistently used over the past few years without any problems, they are very reasonably priced and available on Amazon.com in the USA: For those based in the UK, head on over to Wilkerson Fitness and check out their black series of kettle bells.

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Cast Iron kettle bells are the most diverse and excellent for beginners and almost anyone not interested in going in to competition. If you are more advanced and want to focus on purely single-handed exercises than the competition kettle bell may be for you.

I’ve also outlined above what size kettle bell women should use and also the recommend starting weights for men too. Kettle bells is a type of free weight commonly used in professional gym center and workout at home.

Ketllebell exercise offers an ultra-effectiveness that benefits your entire body such as building muscle, burning fat, increasing balance, improving the cardiovascular system, etc. Yes, from head to toe, kettle bell workout offers a ton of benefit, however, it is very vital to consider your exercise goal in accordance with a right weight.

If you are intending to choosekettlebell for workout but still get confused in a range of selections, here we have advice for you. Even if you are familiar with dumbbells training, kettle bells are still quite difficult in the beginning.

In turn of cast iron kettle bells, with different weights then the sizes also come variable. In the gym fitness equipment market today, most of the kettle bell is made of cast iron or steel.

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Some are fully cast iron made, some are rubber coated at the bell part and bare cast iron handle, or rubber-coated at the bell part and Knox handle. With adjustable netball, the bell is arranged by a few cast iron weight plates and the PVS or ABS frame.

You will really feel weight in your hand with solid cast iron kettle bell without coating, hence it stimulates your exercise effectively. The cast iron kettle bell with rubber coating avoids impact, keep safe and protect gym infrastructure better.

While the Knox handle featuring smooth gripping surface will help to protect your hand from being scratched. Choosing material mainly depends on your hobby, budget, and exercise goal.

Lifts movement: including swings, cleans, toss, juggle… Grinds movement: including windmills, bent presses, overhead presses, … In comparison, the lift exercises will require a heavier weight than grinds.

Therefore, if you want to practice fully both of these two exercise, it is better to vary your kettle bell size. And finally, to build muscle and burn fat effectively, scale up the kettle bell weight to your maximum, usually 20 kg or more depending on your strength.

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The bottom surface of the bell must also be flat and not bumpy, otherwise the kettle bell will be unsteady and may roll over while exercising. If you have a serious and professional need to exercise, we recommend competitive kettle bell, but if you simply want to exercise at home or improve your health and strength, cast iron kettle bell are the choice for you.

How to choosekettlebell for exercise is very important, not only determining the effectiveness of the training session, but also preventing you from being injured. Consider VIC above advice while choosing Lutterell in accordance to your workout goals and budget.

Also, don’t hesitate to share your experience and request on related topics in the comment section to contribute your idea and build a better world of health and fitness. Our Powder Coat kettle bells vary by size and dimensions based on the weight.

Our Competition style kettle bells are all the same size regardless of weight within their respective series. The starting weight you choose can vary based on your kettle bell experience as well as fitness and strength level.

While it is hard to make specific recommendations without knowing you personally, there are some guidelines that have come to be over the years that we believe are helpful. This is a great starting weight even for a strong man as he learns proper form.

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A man with good gym strength can continue to get great workouts with this weight because of the unlimited possibilities of kettle bell training. Remember, you want a kettle bell you can grow with, even if this seems like a lot of weight at first, you will fairly quickly be able to increase your reps through regular use and the workouts you do.

First because it will allow you to grow with your kettle bells and give you some variety as your strength increases for certain movements, but also because of the heavy discounts which are applied to sets versus individual purchases. Within each type of kettle bell, both cast iron and steel, we have a number of different options.

Within Cast Iron Kettle bells we have models based in KG & American style LB increments. Our competition ketlebells are made of steel and are the same size and dimension across the weight range.

The handle is flat across on top, and joins the body of the kettle bell vertically. These are designed for high repetition snatches, jerks, cleans but are also great for boot camp and high intensity workouts because of the wide flat base and uniform size ideal for push-ups, dips, farmer's carry and more.

Once beyond the learning phase, the curved handle of the cast-iron kettle bell is the clear winner for swings. Since competition kettle bells are designed for high repetition snatches, jerks, cleans but are also great for boot camp and high intensity workouts because of the wide flat base and uniform size ideal for push-ups, dips, farmer's carry and more.

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We get asked frequently when one should consider increasing the weight of the kettle bell they use, the answer is it depends! Powder Coat kettle bells are made from Cast Iron and then painted with Powder Coating to protect the iron and improve grip texture for grueling workouts.

Powder Coating is one of the most durable types of paint available on top of kettle bells. The Kettle bell Kings logo pictured above is recessed in the bell for increased comfort during lifting.

Additionally, if the logo is not in the bell itself it is inserted or glued in which will come out over time and create discomfort during lifts. SMOOTH FINISH, when kettle bells come out of the mold they are still rough with edges and seams that tear up your hands if not polished off.

Our bells are polished free of imperfections when they come out of the mold and then painted with powder coating to improve grip texture. Casting a kettle bell leaves a seam or sharp rise across the middle of the underside of the handle.

Some companies do not remove this sharp seam and this can carve up your hand. Kettle bell Kings Powder Coat Kettle bells have a smoother finish because our casting process creates a smoother surface and imperfections are moved before applying the powder coat.

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Imagine a mold that steel is poured into, the shape of the kettle bell is upside down and the steel fills the mold to the precise weight of the kettle bell as it is poured. The Fitness Edition kettle bells are all black with colored bands on the handles.

Competition kettle bells are made of steel and are all the same size regardless of weight for a uniform training experience at all times. If you have used barbells, think about when you train with plates that are all the same size regardless of weight so your form is always the same during Olympic lifts.

NO FILLERS, each weight has an individual mold to cast precisely to the correct weight.traditional competition kettle bells are made with ONE mold and filled with fillers like saw dust and ball bearings to achieve desired weight, this leads to imprecision in weight and contents shifting during lifts NO WELDING, cast as one solid piece instead of welding parts. WINDOW, size and curvature compared to other models is designed for easier insertion with comfort overhead and in the rack position during lifts.

More comfort and easier insertion equal better workouts and new personal records in strength, endurance and competitions. The Fitness Edition kettle bells are made from steel and are all the same size regardless of weight.

The key difference between these and our other two competition kettle bells are that these are made in American style LB weights like 25,30,35,40 as opposed to being based in kilograms like the other two. New features include pitted handle, wider grips for kettle bell swings and slots on the side for comfort during High Intensity style training and Boot camp type exercises.

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Additionally, the sides of the handle called the cones are larger on this model. This is designed to make it more comfortable for insertion during kettle bell sport lifts.

HANDLE, TEARDROP SHAPE, the handle is modeled after Ural style bells with a 'teardrop' shaped handle which is 35 mm from top to bottom and 33 mm side to side CONES, enlarged cones on side angle of bell for greater comfort on hands, wrist and forearm in wrack and overhead position This creates better balance during lifts as normal competition bells with welded bottoms and fillers can shift and rattle around with movement making it harder to complete your workout.

If you see a competition style kettle bell without an opening in the bottom it is filled with sawdust and ball bearings or other fillers to achieve the desired weight. These will unsettle overtime and make the lift feel unbalanced as the contents shift around inside.

Traditional competition kettle bells are made with ONE mold and filled with fillers like saw dust and ball bearings to achieve desired weight, this leads to imprecision in weight Forget dumbbells and let us introduce you to this underrated workout tool that you will easily find in the gym.

If you have noticed these unconventional workout tools at the gym but have been too scared to try them out, you have come to the right place. This workout tool features a hard cast iron ball attached to a handle.

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This creates the need to stabilize and counterbalance during your workout, enhancing core strength. The vinyl coat not only protects the metal core but enhances the appearance of the workout tool.

Color coatings are often used to differentiate weights in the gym not to mention, they protect the floor from damage. The kettle bell features a chrome finish that ensures the handle is perfectly smooth.

This results in a better grip that eventually leads to a more efficient workout session. This type of kettle bell is shock absorbent and strong, perfect for an intense workout session.

Men with moderate strength and fitness levels (ideally those who can perform 40 push ups) can start with a 20 kg kettle bell. Women with average fitness levels who are used to training with barbells can start with a 12 kg kettle bell.

Men with excellent fitness levels who have trained extensively with dumbbells and barbells can start with a 24 kg kettle bell. Women with excellent fitness levels and experience can start with a 20 kg kettle bell.

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For a comfortable workout session, it is imperative the handle feels right in your hands. Steel handles that offer a bit of roughness are ideally your best option.

That’s right, kettle bell training means you don’t have to worry about expensive gym memberships and leaving the comfort of your home. Kettle bells are compact workout tools that can easily fit inside your bag.

Not to mention, kettle bell training does not require much room so you can work out in your cozy apartment. Kettle bell training tones muscles and burns fat at a faster rate.

Most kettle bell exercises improves posture and counteract the effects of modern day living and sitting. Postural muscles are often neglected while working out but kettle bell training will drastically improve results.

Unlike dumbbells that might strain your arms and other workout techniques that have a high risk of injuries, kettle bell are comfortable to use and do not pull on your muscles too hard. In fact, the weight of the kettle bell will rest comfortably in your forearm, without feeling too heavy.

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Some manufacturers have come up with weird kettle bell shapes and sizes hence beware of products that are not designed with proper safety in mind. If the handle spacing is too large, the equipment will lie uncomfortably on your forearm.

Keep these important factors in mind the next time you go shopping and avoid purchasing kettle bells with the above-mentioned features. Kettle bell workouts are highly effective and are sure to deliver fruitful results if performed properly.

Kettle bell workouts not only burn calories but target multiple muscle groups. If you are having trouble, consider going to your local fitness store and seek advice from the sales associate.

Keep your feet shoulder width apart with your arms down the sides. Focus your gaze on a point 6 feet away from you on the floor, keeping your head and neck position neutral.

Breathing properly is essentially no matter what kind of exercise you perform. In order to protect your spine, you need to use your breath to tighten your abdominal muscles.

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If you are not able to comprehend video tutorials, consider seeking the help of a personal trainer. In addition to maintaining proper form, ensure you are using the correct weights for your exercises.

Using heavier weights can automatically compromise your form, leading to serious injuries. Safety comes first so carefully select the weight of the kettle bell to reduce the risk of injuries.

However, your clothes shouldn’t be too tight either or else it will restrict movement and not allow you to move freely. Wearing shoes with raised heels will push weight to the front of the body, making it difficult for you to balance yourself.

Wearing flat shoes will help activate the right muscles, resulting in a more effective workout session. Additionally, with the right shoes, you will be able to maintain balance which means you won’t have to worry about bouncing around with weights.

Leave your wedding band and wristwatch at home or pack it safely in your workout bag. Wearing rings will cause problems when holding a kettle bell, resulting in calluses and skin irritation.

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Your fingers are also likely to be marked and damaged, hence it is best to remove all kinds of jewelry before training. Wearing wrist bands is optional and depends on your level of comfort.

Some people like wearing sweat bands on their wrists for extra protection, especially when holding kettle bells in the racked position. Unlike other forms of exercises, you won’t be moving around too much and will not require too much space.

Wristwatches may be a distraction and might get damaged while you are exercising so don’t use a timer on your wrist. Additionally, the flat, wide base ensures the weight of the kettle bell rests firmly on the floor without rocking.

Weighs 13 pounds and features gray handle Constructed using powder-coated, machine-finished cast iron Flat, wide base that retains balance Features color coded handles for easy sorting The Yes4all Vinyl Coated Kettle bell Set have been manufactured whilst keeping quality standards in mind.

These kettle bells are great for easing back pain and can also be used for building stability, power and strength. Additionally, the shiny vinyl coating prevents damage and results in a shinier appearance.

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Cast iron material encased in vinyl to protect your floor and reduce noise Wide, textured handle for better grip Suitable for indoor use only Weight set includes 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 lbs. The PRI Deluxe Vinyl Kettle bell has been designed whilst keeping high quality standards in mind.

Kettle bell training is a frequent weightlifting exercise among many people. Therefore, selecting the kettlebell's right size is inevitable because it helps you attain the training's full benefits and prevent injury.

In this article, we'll cover how to choose the right kettle bells weight regardless of your fitness level, gender, experience, and age. It is the type of work out that simulates the everyday ballistic movement in humans.

These weights apply to men and women above 18 years of age. It is defined as a grind because it requires a lot of dedication and constant training.

Grind exercise is perfect for all levels of fitness and involves less stress. The suitable kettle bell size for grind exercise lets you press over your head for 8-10 times.

Ensure that you are consistent with the size you choose for this exercise. These weights apply to men and women above 18 years of age.

The intermediate level includes people with bench press strength higher than 200lbs (91 kg). The advanced level trainers have a lot of weight training experience, and they have control over their full-body movement.

They have massive strength, and they can lift heavier weights than the corresponding levels of trainers. The reason for undergoing weight training contributes immensely to the success of the practice.

Because it influences the type of exercise you need and the kettle bell size for your goal. The purpose of kettle bell exercise for many young and adult weight trainers is balance and coordination.

The progressive movement increases body balance and coordination. Kettle bell flows are the most suitable form of exercise for balance and coordination.

To attain balance and coordination, the recommended kettle bell sizes are: The kettle bell Turkish get-up is particularly crucial for agility because it builds and develops a stable movement foundation and stabilizes the muscle.

To lay a solid body foundation and muscle stability, you must select the best kettle bell size to give you the best results. Another critical goal of people who train with the kettle bell is gaining more strength.

Before you can be an expert in kettle bell exercise, you must control your body movement, which requires power. This type of training builds up your stabilizing muscles and thus helps you to balance your posture.

This ballistic exercise involves moving the kettle bell in a pendulum motion from in between your knees, up to eye level. The kettle bell swing uses many muscles in the body to exert a lot of effort during the process.

Thus, it gives faster results than the corresponding weight training exercises. Despite the considerable benefit of the kettle bell swing, it should acquire the set goal and avoid injury during the procedure.

The controlled movement: The grind exercise requires you to be slower with the flow, which involves a lot of dedication. To gain perfection with the kettle bell squat exercise, you must use the right kettle bell size to avoid poor techniques, resulting in body pain.

Whenever you want to choose a kettle bell size most suitable for your exercise, you should consider the age and current fitness level. Your current fitness level, measured by the bench press strength, determines the kettlebell's size.

For example, if your bench press strength is below 200lbs (91 kg), you will use kettle bell sizes for beginners. In contrast, people with bench press strength above 200lbs (91 kg) will use kettle bell intended for intermediate and advanced level individuals.

One of the most frequently asked questions about kettle bell exercise is that can kids do such activity? Although, the type of exercise your kids perform will be different from the one for adults, and the kettle bell size will be lighter than adult's kettle bell sizes.

However, if your child wants to undertake any kettle bell exercise, ensure that you will guide them. Your kid's fitness level will determine the number of repetitions between kettle bell exercise and always prevent them from passing over their limit by engaging them only in simple activities like goblet squat and dead lift.

Whenever you are referring to adults in kettle bell exercise, it relates to men and women above 18 years of age. Adults fall into three categories depending on their weight training experience and fitness level.

Their goal for doing kettle bell exercise is to strengthen their bones and keep it firm. The joint health of seniors determines the kettle bell size recommended for them.

The kettle bell size of 15-18lbs (7-8 kg) is suitable for an average senior female. This is a crucial question because buying the right kettle bell with the best quality will make the exercise easy.

Check the kettle bell to ensure that the handle, horn, and corner are smooth because kettle bell smoothness influences gripping, making the exercise comfortable. In comparison, your friend may wish to get a kettle bell with a thicker handle diameter.

There are different types of kettle bells, each with its specification and uniqueness. This type of kettle bell consists of a piece of cast iron.

They are coated with powder to improve the texture and gripping of the metal. This type of kettle bell is built of steel, and they are of the same size, irrespective of the weight.

This type of kettle bell has a full window, which can accommodate two hands during exercises. So that people with smaller hands can make a firm grip.

However, you should master the art of a single kettle bell exercise before you move to swings and snatches. Having at least two kettle bells is good because it allows you to scale up your exercise and gives you flexibility in your training.

However, if you are not familiar with weight training and have not used equipment like dumbbells, your first exposure to kettle bell may shock you because it requires attention to detail and works many muscles. This range accommodates all categories of men, including the inactive types.

The kettle bell you need is the type that can quickly increase your number of repetitions. A Food is a unit for measuring the weight of kettle bells in Russia.

In your journey for a balanced and coordinated body, ensure that you select the best kettle bell size after considering the factors analyzed above. Just like dumbbells, barbells, steel maces, and other weightlifting equipment, there’s no one-size-fits-all with Kettle bells.

According to the Russian Food standard, 1pood is equal to 35LBS of weight (1pood = 16 kg = 35LBS) and it is from this equivalence that other kilogram values are gotten for Kettle bells. Before the end of the 19th century, Russian girl had found its way into the sphere of competitive weightlifting sports in Russia and some parts of Europe while the term, Kettle bell,” was widely adopted at the dawn of the 20th century in the Western world.

Unlike the simple structures of Dumbbells and Barbells, Kettle bells have complex, equally-important parts, each of which contributes to its uniqueness. The anatomy of a Kettle bell, as seen from the above picture, includes the Handle, Corner, Horn, Window, Bell, and Base.

The Bell is the center of mass of a Kettle bell while the Window is the space that separates the Handle from the Bell, affording the user convenient and flexible movements that are lacking in Dumbbells and Barbells. If you are new to weight training, it's best to start at a beginner level so you can learn proper mechanics.

Your age, fitness, and experience determine the type of Kettle bell training you can take-on. Kettlebell grinds are not only the best for beginners, but they are also very great for experts as its technique is perfect for building muscle and strength.

We will discuss more on each of these factors and recommend the best sizes for you in our thorough guide to buying the right kettle bell weight below. Note: Although those increments may seem big, a jump from training with 15lbs to 20lbs is normal for kettle bell lifting.

For one, it gives users greater flexibility to choose between the wide range of weights and ease scaling-up a bit if they please. For another, it affords kids and other not-so-strong individuals the opportunity of having the Kettle bell taste.

Kettle bell sizes you will most easily find on the market include: When we talk about men here, we mean active males starting from the age of 18 years.

The most important thing is an improvement, the ability to fulfill your potentials as your training progresses. It is our professional recommendation that you start with a weight that is proportional to your skill level and fitness.

This helps you to maintain a good form while you scale up with smiles and less stress. Starting with anything in this range will help you to conveniently learn how to use proper techniques whether you’re training on your own or with a trainer.

Like we mentioned with men, the talk of women here refers to females starting from age 18 years. While we advise everyone to carry just enough weight, some women have been found to underestimate their strengths, opting for Kettle bell sizes that are too small.

A general rule of thumb is for you to carry a Kettle bell weight with which you’re able to do 5 repetitions (reps) of any workout you’re starting with. Also, if you’ve reached a stage whereby you can conveniently do 20 reps of that workout, then it’s the right time for you to pick up something heavier.

The American Academy of Pediatric shad since the year 1990 asserted the potential benefits of monitored weightlifting for children and adolescents on health and athleticism. A kid’s Kettle bell size for a workout will depend on fitness and age.

In the end, it will be the level of fitness that will determine the number of Kettle bell workout reps each child will perform. Kettle bell lifting for kids should be limited to simple exercises.

They can help you build your strength and balance, as well as improve your cardiovascular fitness. And it will be wiser for you to focus on cardio-based kettle bell exercises such as swings, squats, cleans, and presses because you're no longer trying to build excessive muscles, but just enough to keep your bones together and covered.

When you aim to do a lot of ballistic workouts with the kettle bell and you have never done any of such activities before, starting with 18LB is good for women while 26LBS will be alright for men. If you had done some moderate ballistic workouts before, 35LBS is a good start for men and 26LBS is okay for women.

When you aim to do lots of slow lifts with the kettle bell and you have never done anything like that before, starting with 22LBS is good for you as a woman while 30LBS for you as a man. Some people start doing kettle bell workouts because they want to build their size and strength.

To build your size and strength using kettle bells, you need to focus on exercises that can give you the most beneficial results. Additionally, you can include another free-weight equipment in your Kettle bell exercise to get the most out of your workout.

Excellent free-weight equipment you can combine with Kettle bells for incredible muscle build-up is the Steel Mace. You can learn more about how to get the best out of these two weightlifting equipment from our Steel Mace and Kettle bell Arm Blast Workout.

The kettle bell swing is a ballistic exercise that you can use to train your posterior chain muscles and it’s most useful in building your hip power and speed. To perform the kettle bell swing, you need to move the bell in a pendulum motion from between the knees to anywhere at your eye-level or above it.

For average active men doing Basic Goblet Squats, the best Kettle bell size is 40LBS. The Goblet Squat is a typical beginner’s exercise to help new Kettle bell lifters get positional awareness, accumulate basic squat strength and technique, and get a better balance.

You can learn more about perfecting your squat by reading our How to Fix Hip Pain article. The Kettle bell Turkish Get-ups are very useful for developing your solid movement foundation as they tend to focus on your small stabilizing muscles.

Not only does it reveal your problems, but it also helps you develop a functional core, serves as a safeguard against back pain and improves your posture. Beginners, intermediate and advanced flows exist for individuals fitting each level.

It is best to use the Kettle bell size that you are most comfortable with for two to three exercises you want to put into a flow. Complexes can be done in a sequence or one exercise after the other (i.e. 5 x squats then 5 x presses then 5 x sumo dead lifts, without resting or putting the kettle bell down).

Unlike other Kettle bells, their handles and other parts are always of the same shape and dimension regardless of their weights because of the need to maintain consistency in competitions and fairness among competitors. They are usually based in kilograms and range in 2 or 4 kg increments according to international standards, each weight having varying color for convenient identification.

A kettle bell workout is a great way to tone your body, burn fat, earn some killer abs and keep fit. For average active women, the best Kettle bell sizes for tone-up, burning fat and keeping fit is 18LBS for beginners, with a gradual build-up to 26LBS as you get used to the bells.

For average active men, the best Kettle bell sizes for tone-up, burning fat and keeping fit is 26LBS for beginners, with a gradual build-up to 44LBS. If your goal is to burn fat, you want a weight that you can use with little rest and for HIIT workouts.

This means you should go lighter than what you would use for traditional sets and reps workouts with longer rest. If we had to choose the three overall best Kettle bell sizes, we'd go 26, 35, and 44LBS or 20, 30, and 40lbs, depending on the supplier you buy from.

It enhances core strength and stability through its multi planar and unilateral movements. It’s the most convenient way to reduce body weight, burning up to 400 calories in 20 minutes.

The Best Full Body Kettle bell Workout for Beginners December 03, 2020 You’ve breached the barbells and dominated dumbbells, but if you’re still steering clear of kettle bells you’re missing out on arguably the best burn at the gym.

Think about a baseball bat, says trainer Jason C. Brown, creator and owner of certification program Kettle bell Athletics. “Kettle bells create a longer lever arm, which requires you to use more force to move an equal weight the same distance,” Brown says.

The general rule of thumb is the more joints involved, the heavier the kettle bell weight you can use. The dead lift is a multi joint move, so the average guy can probably handle 32 kg/70 lbs here to start, Brown says.

When you feel confident that you have the form down sans resistance, reach for a 12 kg/26 lb kettle bell. Since form is so imperative here, Lopez says you shouldn’t move up a weight until you’re able to maintain perfect vertically with your arm, keep the elbow fully locked throughout all 14 steps, and feel comfortable going slow (most people rush due to discomfort).

But because it doesn’t require swinging momentum or extension, a carry has a lower risk of injury than other kettle bell moves, which means you can go a bit heavier. Grab a kettle bell that’s the equivalent of half your body weight to carry in each hand, Brown recommends.

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