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• Thursday, 24 December, 2020
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Knowing when you should be resting and when you should be performing your kettle bell workouts will make a huge difference to the results you achieve along with minimizing injury potential. We achieve results when we exercise by forcing our incredibly adaptive body to perform movements out of our comfort zone.

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Once the body experiences discomfort through exercise it then starts to adapt in order to prepare for future similar stimuli. You lay down more muscle fibers, the energy system improves and soft tissue becomes more pliable.

If you are working out to a high intensity and the overload on your system is great then the ability to rejuvenate and restore homeostasis will take longer. As you progress deeper into your workouts and start to lay down more muscle you will require more time to repair and restructure your system.

Making simple adjustments to your sessions and a little trial and error can soon sort this out. My first adjustment is usually to add an extra days rest and see how that goes for a few weeks.

You may find that after your initial growth period things start to plateau. However, don’t keep jumping from one kettlebellworkout to the next every session, it is important to see progression and to have goals.

There are many answers to this type of question, which all depend on many variables, such as how long you’ve been training for, what other workouts you are doing, what your goals are, etc. So whether you’ve already got your hands on new weights or you are still shopping around for the best kettle bell sets, here is our guide to how often you should be doing this kind of workout.

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If a home kettlebellworkout is the only form of training you are currently undertaking then a lot of people would recommend you perform your kettle bell workout roughly three times a week and I would have to agree. In order this make this increased schedule work for you, I would recommend doing some kind of split routine.

Examples would be the dead lift, (renegade) rows, pull ups (not with a kettle bell) and bicep curls. But when it comes to kettle bell training, most exercises don’t just work one part of the body or one muscle group.

Due to the dynamic nature of kettle bell training, and what makes it so effective, you are hitting all kinds of muscles and body parts when doing exercises like Turkish get ups, swings and dead lifts. So invariably, you are getting in a great home kettle bell ab workout no matter what exercises you perform, despite not targeting them directly.

By following a well-rounded kettle bell routine, there is no need to have a separate section of your workout devoted just to your abs. By having between one or two rest days between your workouts, you will be giving your muscles enough time to repair and grow before you hit them again.

When I first started working out with free weights I tried to go to the gym five days a week and I did the same exercises each time. If you have any specific questions about your routine and how best to train at home with kettle bells, leave a comment below.

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Jay loves blogging about fitness, especially the best ways to get in an effective workout at home. Imagine you’re a soldier posted at a foreign military base.

Western : occasional soul-crushing, long, brutal workouts followed by days of weakness as you recover. Eastern : easier, shorter training performed every day with little weakness or recovery.

Pavel Tsatsouline, the “father of the kettle bell ”, focused his entire career on the Eastern strength approach. Here’s what I learned from trying one famous method of daily kettle bells training called “Greasing the Groove”.

Ask 100 coaches, and you’ll hear a divide on everyday training: Everyday training can help or hinder you depending on the type of exercise, duration, and your recovery.

Age Environment Sleep Fitness level Diet Stress Genes & epigenetics Supplementation Activity outside the gym Work Deliberate recovery practices Each factor impacts your recovery and ability to train intensely.

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Most famous for his always leave one in the chamber philosophy of strength training, Pavel introduced the world to a concept he called “Greasing the Groove.” Greasing the Groove (GTG) is a micro- workout approach to every day kettle bell training.

Instead of long dedicated blocks of all-out workouts, Pavel prescribes light sessions every day. Best of all, light, every day kettle bell training doesn’t require recovery.

Greasing the groove can stand alone as a complete workout, or layered on top of an existing routine for faster results. Intense kettle bell training should be relegated to three to five days per week.

Like conventional barbell and dumbbell programs, intense kettle bell training tests your ability to recover. If this all seems too confusing, Pavel designed a great program for everyday Kettle bell Training called Simple & Sinister (Amazon).

He gives you daily kettle bell routines and lays out the common rookie (and veteran) mistakes. While exercising, the moment your form slips up just a tiny bit, STOP.

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I can trace back most of my injuries to ignoring poor form cues. For the best results, perform 70-250 kettle bell swings daily before breakfast when hormones and enzymes are primed to burn stored body fat.

For an average strength man, he recommends 24 kg for KBS and 16 kg for TGU. For an average strength lady, Pavel recommends 16 kg for KBS and 8 kg for TGU.

I’ve found that I can complete a workout of Kettle bell Swing and Turkish Get-Ups in just about 10 minutes. Most people begin noticing big results and improvements in 2-4 weeks.

Cardio and strength benefits begin earlier, while goals like weight loss can take a little longer to show. You’ll notice that your usual everyday activities become easier.

Every time you enter the room, hit a few kettle bell swings. The Eastern workout approach is the antithesis of the way I trained.

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I started GTG and reclaimed 15 hours previously consumed by the gym. Paradoxically, swinging kettle bells kept me consistently near full strength while I continued to build muscle.

I no longer spent 90 percent of my weeks recovering from monstrous personal-record setting workouts. I hack my workouts with an incredible technology I wrote about called blood flow restriction training.

Every day I make a point to get a few minutes of a little exercise “snack”. Generally speaking, to improve overall fitness or strength, a serious session 2-3 times a week can work very well.

Mobility work and active rest between sessions is always a good idea. A: The idea of the kettle bell practice session is a very powerful way to train–especially if you’re really wanting to drill down on the techniques.

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