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Maria Johnson
• Sunday, 18 October, 2020
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Knowing when you should be resting and when you should be performing your kettle bell workouts will make a huge difference to the results you achieve along with minimizing injury potential. We achieve results when we exercise by forcing our incredibly adaptive body to perform movements out of our comfort zone.

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Once the body experiences discomfort through exercise it then starts to adapt in order to prepare for future similar stimuli. You lay down more muscle fibers, the energy system improves and soft tissue becomes more pliable.

If you are working out to a high intensity and the overload on your system is great then the ability to rejuvenate and restore homeostasis will take longer. As you progress deeper into your workouts and start to lay down more muscle you will require more time to repair and restructure your system.

Finally, your overall health and ability to repair damaged muscle tissue will also play a large part in your recovery. Making simple adjustments to your sessions and a little trial and error can soon sort this out.

My first adjustment is usually to add an extra days rest and see how that goes for a few weeks. You may find that after your initial growth period things start to plateau.

However, don’t keep jumping from one kettle bell workout to the next every session, it is important to see progression and to have goals. Changing your complete kettle bell workout program every month is usually enough.

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There are many answers to this type of question, which all depend on many variables, such as how long you’ve been training for, what other workouts you are doing, what your goals are, etc. So whether you’ve already got your hands on new weights or you are still shopping around for the best kettle bell sets, here is our guide to how often you should be doing this kind of workout.

In order this make this increased schedule work for you, I would recommend doing some kind of split routine. Examples would be the dead lift, (renegade) rows, pull ups (not with a kettle bell) and bicep curls.

But when it comes to kettle bell training, most exercises don’t just work one part of the body or one muscle group. Due to the dynamic nature of kettle bell training, and what makes it so effective, you are hitting all kinds of muscles and body parts when doing exercises like Turkish get ups, swings and dead lifts.

So invariably, you are getting in a great home kettle bell ab workout no matter what exercises you perform, despite not targeting them directly. By following a well-rounded kettle bell routine, there is no need to have a separate section of your workout devoted just to your abs.

By having between one or two rest days between your workouts, you will be giving your muscles enough time to repair and grow before you hit them again. Failing to give them adequate time to recover will stunt your progress.

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When I first started working out with free weights I tried to go to the gym five days a week and I did the same exercises each time. If you have any specific questions about your routine and how best to train at home with kettle bells, leave a comment below.

Jay loves blogging about fitness, especially the best ways to get in an effective workout at home. The kettle bell swing is a move that builds power and explosive strength in all the muscles at the back of the body, known as the posterior chain.

These muscles include those of your back, glutes, hamstrings and calves. The amount of time you should rest between sessions depends on your fitness level and how hard you're working, notes strength coach Marc Perry.

For instance, if you constantly try to swing a heavier kettle bell for a low number of repetitions and work to fatigue, you'd definitely need those rest days. Many kettle bell advocates actually recommend performing swings daily.

Pavel Tsatsouline, who popularized Russian kettle bell training in the West, advocates doing swings every day based on a concept called “greasing the groove.” The idea is that by practicing something frequently and with good technique, your body adapts to it and becomes proficient at the movement.

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Did you know there is a single exercise that will increase your full body strength and explosiveness while building your aerobic capacity and functional fitness, too? In fact, the benefits of kettle bell swings are so outstanding that we decided to ask our experts for their take on the movement as well as their best tips, techniques, and tricks for getting the most out of it.

Kettle bell swings are a full body movement that puts focus on building the posterior chain. While other movements have one particular focus, the great thing about the kettle bell swing is that it creates power and explosiveness throughout the entire body.

In those movements, you initiate with the hip, load the glutes and hamstrings, keep the core engaged and then you stand and squeeze. If you are new to the kettle bell swing, make sure to choose a light enough weight to build proper mechanics.

With a slight bend of the knees and your back flat, you will then reach down for the bell (keeping quarter squat in mind.) You will drive the kettle bell through the legs, keeping it close to the groin, shoulders pinned back, and your core engaged.

Keep your shoulders relaxed and make sure to not add an extra shrug that tends to happen when you first start to get it to move. The key point of error in the kettle bell swing happens when the exercise is performed as a squat movement through the forces of external rotation.

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As the bell travels back between the thighs, an athlete making this error will turn the knees outward by flexing the glutes and quads and externally rotating within the hip capsule. This common error results in the hips being inhibited from a pelvic tilt, or hinging pattern.

The reason this is alarming is that in this “locked” position, the hips can no longer create the desired range of motion and the lumbar spine will then act as a fulcrum to the loading of the kettle bell. Although the muscles of the lower back are capable of flexion and extension, it is not their primary function which is why swings done in this manner often cause excessive muscle swelling of the low back or worse yet, acute or chronic damage to the spine.

The solution to this low back pain epidemic is to teach proper patterns of hinging and internal rotation. Allowing the pelvis to tilt lets an athlete use the proper musculature of the movement pattern to carry the majority of the work.

In the case of a hinging pattern, such as the kettle bell swing, the hamstrings function to extend the hips in the safest and most efficient manner possible. The pelvis, in this way, is much better suited to absorb the eccentric loading of a kettle bell swing than is the lower back.

On the other hand, the external forces of a squat can be activated with the opposite action of “twisting” the toes outward or “spreading the floor,” again, without any actual change in the position of the feet. External and internal forces are both essential to optimal human function, but will be dependent on the type of movement.

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As a hinging pattern, the kettle bell swing must be exercised as internal rotation to move best and safely. The external forces of a squat inhibit the athlete from achieving the proper range of motion and for that reason; the low back will be the primary flexor/extensor for the swing.

The power of the swing is generated from the hips while the spine is held perfectly stable and neutral. At the apex of the swing, the bell is at chest level, and the athlete’s glutes are contracted, quads are engaged (pulling the knees-up), belly is rock solid and braced for impact, and lats are actively pulling the shoulders away from the ears.

So, we must start by mastering the short, concise, powerful Russian swing before attempting to move on to the American swing…or a hybrid. That answer depends entirely on whether you have three things: The thoracic mobility to achieve the finishing position without overextending at the lumbar spine.

The midline stability and coordination to achieve the finishing position without overextending at the lumbar spine. That point between Russian and American just before you start to lose your stable midline and neutral spine position is your unique version of the hybrid swing.

In our group sessions at Invites, we will often suggest that most of our athletes swing the kettle bell to eyebrow height. This hybrid swing allows us to provide a common standard that can be met by the vast majority of our athletes.

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It’s a compromise position that we have taken in group coaching, but for athletes training for competition, we want to see them swinging the kettle bell as high as they can without sacrificing good movement, a neutral spine and stable midline. For athletes out there looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit, we suggest swinging to the height that makes the most sense for you and your possible mobility restrictions until just a few weeks prior to the competition season.

It will not take long to make the adjustment to American swings, and you will have enjoyed many months of training good mechanics. You will also buy yourself many months to work on your mobility so that when the competition season comes around you can repeat our little test and hit the full range on an American swing with perfect mechanics.

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