How Much Is A Kettlebell Set

Elaine Sutton
• Friday, 13 November, 2020
• 5 min read

The kettle bell -- a type of dumbbell shaped like a bell with a handle on top -- may seem like any other weight you use for strength training. “The kettle bell is probably the most underrated piece of equipment in the gym,” Lauren Kan ski, certified personal trainer and founder of the K Method previously told CNET.

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“The way the bell is shaped allows you to train power, endurance and strength all in one little piece of iron.” Kettle bells can add challenge and variety to your workout routine -- whether you're looking to build strength in your core muscles and glutes or get some cardio in -- or a combination of both.

Amazon Diva premium kettle bell comes in a wide variety of weight increments (from 5 to 50 pounds) making it a great quality kettle bell for beginners or more advanced exercisers. This kettle bell from Power has a coated handle and the base is covered in vinyl, making it less susceptible to rust or corrosion in addition to a different grip feel.

Amaranths adjustable cast iron kettle bell is a great pick for advanced exercisers or those who already lift weights and want to be able to progress with their kettle bell weight quickly. Amaranths kettlebellset is great for beginners since it comes with three lighter kettle bell choices (weighing 5, 10 and 15 pounds).

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Level 7 Valued Member Elite Certified Instructor I'm UK based so hoping to get my own Strongest bells when the become available.

Well like the post above, I'm just curious how complete can the arsenal be ?? My goal is to reach my certifications on SFG and then have a business working with clients, preferably private sessions, I see there is also a 40 kg and 48 kg, known as the beast.

I have to admit I'm in love with this type of training, You know, I like the old school way of “a male should have a classic set of 16-24-32 kg” Use it for swings and get ups and then for snatches and presses.

In a recent thread some people wrote that snatching the 32 kg unlocked 1H swinging a 40 kg or even a heavier bell. That way one could get super strong with only three bells. Personally, I also like my 12 kg for mobility work and play (arm bars, halos, BU stuff).

However, a lot of interesting plans call for doubles and even for 4 kg jumps. And different exercises call for different kind of jumps (a lot of people say that 4 kg increments are recommended for pressing).

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Pick up a pair of 12's and another 16 and you will be good to go for 90 % of your future private sessions. I plan to only 2H swing anything over 40 kg anymore (just turned 57), thus for me the Core Blaster is a cheaper/more versatile option than the 48 kg.

You know, I like the old school way of “a male should have a classic set of 16-24-32 kg” Considering purchasing a second 24 once I can find one in stock. I think buy the classic set, then pair the 16 and 24 is probably the most generally useful progression...after that depends on the goal.

Besides, when I started this journey, I never thought that I would acquire the Mighty 'Bell. Bit the bullet & ordered a 48 kg.... That's 2/3 bodyweight, so I'm betting I'll never need heavier.

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