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How Long Should Your Kettlebell Workout Be

In general, if you are doing a kettle bell -only workout with the goal of increasing your strength or building muscle, then yourkettlebellworkoutshould not be longer than 30 minutes.

Daniel Brown
• Thursday, 08 October, 2020
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If you still feel like you have gas in the tank and can go on lifting that kettle bell after 30 minutes, then I would suggest you haven’t been working hard enough! If you are working out at home with just a couple of kettle bells you aren’t going to have access to the testing facilities that professional athletes do.

The above 30-minute rule applies to resistance training, where strength and muscle gains are the main goal. If you are doing a cardio kettlebellworkout at home, with the aim of burning calories and fat, or improving your fitness levels then you could go longer than 30 minutes.

A gentle, steady state cardio workout with a kettle bell could go on for up to an hour without negative consequences and is a good way to burn fat, especially if done on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Doing hardcore high intensity interval kettle bell training in a fasted state isn’t going to do you any favors at all, and will most likely result in muscle loss and severe fatigue.

This can be affected by things like how much food you have eaten before you start the exercise session, how long since your last meal and exactly what you ate. Use those 30 minutes effectively and push yourself to the limit and you will be well on the way to a great physique, without ever having to set foot in a gym.

This article from the Home Workout Ideas site looks at the best kettle bells on sale right now and which ones are best for achieving certain goals. With kettle bell training, you can burn a ton of calories, lose fat, and boost your aerobic capacity, all while increasing your strength and putting on muscle.

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In this guide, we are going to explain exactly how you can lose weight (in the form of fat) with kettle bells. We will provide specific exercise examples as well, so you will know exactly how to approach your fat loss goals with kettle bell workouts.

It’s a double whammy that offers fat loss and muscle building effects. Kettle bell exercises are said to work more muscles in one movement than any other training tool.

Epic Most intense workouts will give you an after-burn effect, which means you are burning calories long after your workout finishes. This is called Epic — Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption.

However, kettle bells are widely considered the best training tool for Epic. However, running for long periods of time will cause your muscles to break down due to cortisol release (a stress hormone).

A study by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) found that the average person can burn 400 calories in just 20 minutes. After all, more calories burned means greater weight loss/fat loss!

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And make note, the calories we discussed above for kettle bells does not include the after-burn effect. Kettle bell fat loss workouts are a mix or aerobic and anaerobic training, so you get the best of both worlds.

Therefore, this is a major benefit of using kettle bells for your fat loss goals. If you really want to lose fat in the most efficient manner, keep reading on as we are now going to get into the nitty-gritty…

Follow the 4 points below, and we guarantee you will shred fat, lose weight and keep muscle mass so you look like a lean, mean, fighting machine. Examples of kettle bell grinds: Front Squat, Military Presses, Sumo Dead lifts.

They are meant to burn a lot of calories and improve conditioning. With kettle bell ballistics, you will typically use a lighter weight than you would for grinds.

How heavy should my kettle bell be for fat loss ballistic exercises? The general starting weights for ballistic exercises are as follows:

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Make note, kettle bell ballistics are more complex than grinds as the exercises are based on movement patterns rather than a single plane of motion, so using a lighter weight to start off is smart as to avoid any injury and to get the form down correctly. Burns Calories & Fat Loss High Epic Effect Improves Conditioning Muscular Endurance Moves you through all planes of motion, so you’ll be training in a way that is natural to a human's movement patterns…i.e.

Should my kettle bell fat loss workouts be entirely based on ballistic exercises? No, but they should make up the majority of your workout if your goal is to burn more calories, i.e. lose weight and fat.

When creating a kettlebellworkout for fat loss, it is important to keep the following in mind: Ballistics should make up the majority of your (full body) workout.

Aim to do 5-8 exercises each workout, with a minimum of 15 reps to start. It really depends on the type of workout, but overall, you should minimize your rest time.

Generally speaking, you should have a 2-to-1 work-to-rest ratio for fat loss workouts. That means if a set takes you 1 minute, you rest 30 seconds.

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We will give you more examples about the rest time when we discuss the types of workouts just below. If you follow the below workout protocols, they should be intense, so long as you are using an appropriate kettle bell weight.

20 as a minimum because you need to get enough volume in to burn enough calories and have a good effect on fat loss. And 45 minutes as a maximum because any longer and your cortisol levels will rise, which is not conducive with losing weight and fat.

Best Kettle bell Workouts for Fat Loss: Circuits AMR APS Tabatha COMPLEXES Moms SETS X REPS WITH LOW REST (2-to-1 work-rest ratio) Note: If you are a complete beginner to kettle bells, keep things on the low end (i.e. 2 circuits of 3-4 exercises for 2 rounds).

For a 20-30 minute AMAP, choose 3-5 exercises and keep running through the circuit, resting only when necessary. The Epic effect on Abates is strong, so you will be burning fat long after the “short but intense” workout is over.

Swings x 1 recleans x 1 researches x represent THIS SEQUENCE FOR 15 REPS Tallest This is a traditional style of training made intense by keeping the rest time low.

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Overall, create a habit of working out with a good intensity that is sustainable. If you push way too hard, you may not be back in the gym for days, and that is not ideal.

Note: For circuits, AMR APS, and COMPLEXES, the rep count can be shorter than the minimum 15 that we suggested, as you will be doing a lot of volume with little rest (one exercise after another). Progressive overload means you are continually making your workouts harder over time.

If you keep the same workout structure, it will become easier, as your muscles and body adapt to the stimulus. If you don’t make them harder, that won’t be the case, as things will get easier.

Although this is typically good for building muscle, it is necessary for weight loss too as you need to make your workouts harder or else it will become too easy for you and you will burn fewer calories. The best ways to make your workouts harder so you can keep improving and burning a high amount of calories is to:

To lose weight and fat, you need to eat at a calorie deficit. If you eat healthy small meals multiple times a day and you work out hard, you should be at a deficit.

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Weigh yourself each week and if you aren’t losing weight, then adjust your diet. Be sure to eat a high protein diet, so you can maintain muscle.

Now, you might be wondering, why do I need to work out if I can just eat at a deficit and lose fat? Well, if you want to keep muscle, look lean and be fit, then you need to work out.

So, with kettle bell workouts, you can eat pretty much a normal healthy diet and lose the weight. You will constantly be burning calories because you aren’t losing muscle and the workouts are intense enough to cause the after-burn (Epic) effect.

If you eat at a calorie deficit and you don’t work out, you will get skinny (not tone) and the quality of life won’t be as good as you will need to be way more careful of what you eat. While ballistics should make up much of your workout, adding in some grinds with heavier kettle bells is effective as they are physically taxing, which causes more calorie burn.

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