How Long Should I Do Kettlebell Swings

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• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
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While I was never exactly shredded, I was making good progress on the big lifts and felt comfortable taking off my shirt in public. I was still eating like a person with an active lifestyle, but the most movement I was getting was walking from my bed to the couch.

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That, coupled with the new existential threats of daily existence under the pandemic, meant I was eating a lot of takes out, and food became a distraction from the casual terror of everyday life. Dan John's 10,000 Kettle bell Swing Workout has earned a reputation as a simple, brutal fitness challenge.

The swings are supplemented with squats, presses, or dips for four of the weekly training sessions. John claims that people who have taken on the challenge dropped fat while adding muscle, saw noticeable improvements in posture and body composition, and made significant gains in overall strength.

I wanted a program that didn't require regular gym access while still offering big results to combat my pandemic pounds and general malaise. By the time the challenge was finished four weeks later, I had dropped nearly all the pandemic weight and a quarter of my body fat.

Week 1 of the 10,000 Kettle bell Swing Challenge There are thousands of trainers on the internet insisting their programs are the absolute best way for people to lose weight. You need to expel more energy than you're putting in (this is called a caloric deficit).

That can happen through careful focus on diet, exercise, or most effectively, some combination of the two. To keep me accountable and make sure I actually finished the 10,000 swings, I asked longtime friend and collaborator Diego Lopez, a comedian and model in Brooklyn, to complete the challenge with me.

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During the pandemic that's meant coaching clients through Zoom and training sessions in the park. For people looking to improve their fitness with minimal equipment, Lopez has been a strong advocate for kettle bells.

“The kettle bell swing is a phenomenal pattern to strengthen the upright human being,” said Lopez. The first day of training Lopez completed his 500 swings with a 70-pound bell, but struggled with his grip.

The first day of swings (I used a 54-pound bell, as prescribed in John's workout design) and presses took me 38 minutes to complete. By the end of the last set I looked like I’d just stepped out of the shower and every part of my body felt sore.

One of the hardest things about hitting 500 reps in a workout was maintaining good form. Focusing on the hip hinge and being consistent with the swings can get exhausting, but that's kind of the point.

Logging the calories and doing more or less the same workout each day wasn’t sexy, but it did give me a sense of control. With the beauty of hindsight I can understand what a success dropping three pounds in a week is, but it didn't feel that way at the time.

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These feelings had more to do with the fact that a big assignment was ramping up at my day job than anything to do with diet or kettlebellswings. I had a huge project due that required late nights and multiple meetings.

My face looked noticeably thinner and clothes that had been feeling tight fit again. Getting a decent workout in at under half an hour was incredibly satisfying, even if I continued to look like Swamp Thing after I was finished.

He cut his record for completing 500 swings to an impressive 17 minutes, and dropped 10 pounds without tweaking his diet. My buddy, Diego Lopez, showing off his results from the program. I dropped 16 pounds in four weeks, going from 210 to 194.

While the 10,000 swing kettle bell challenge didn't leave me with visible abs or a superhero body, it did leave me in a significantly better body composition than when I started, which serves as proof of concept for Dan John's program. I kept hoping to come up with some kind of life changing revelation when I discussed the challenge with friends, but nothing profound came to mind.

If you make a plan, put in hard work, and remain consistent, you'll get results. So really, I think the challenge shows that you don't need a gym or personal trainer to get noticeable results from your workouts.

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This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The kettle bell swing is a move that builds power and explosive strength in all the muscles at the back of the body, known as the posterior chain.

The amount of time you should rest between sessions depends on your fitness level and how hard you're working, notes strength coach Marc Perry. For instance, if you constantly try to swing a heavier kettle bell for a low number of repetitions and work to fatigue, you'd definitely need those rest days.

The idea is that by practicing something frequently and with good technique, your body adapts to it and becomes proficient at the movement. The 10,000-swing challenge is the ultimate swinging workout and requires you to do swings nearly every day.

If you are new to Kettle bell Training then you should focus all your time and effort on the Swing. The kettle bell swing hits all the major muscles of body, increasing your metabolism and generating after burn for up to 24hrs after your workouts.

A perfect kettle bell swing workout that hits almost every muscle in the body using only 2 exercises. Perform 20 Double Handed Swings and then 10 Push Ups.

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At the end of the workout you will have completed 200 Swings and 55 Push Ups. A super simple kettle bell swing only workout and great for beginners.

Perform 20 double handed swings at the beginning of every minute. The time left over after your 20 kettlebellswings until the start of the next minute is for rest.

Alternating between Swings and Burpees will really elevate your heart rate. This workout will seriously burn some calories as well as strengthening the complete lower body.

A KB swing workout using the 2 most important kettle bell exercises. Repeat the circuit adding an extra Turkish Get Up each round.

The kettle bell swing works predominantly the muscles of the posterior chain which includes, the hips, glutes, hamstrings, back, lats, abs, shoulders, and forearms. Perform 10 double handed swings at the beginning of every minute.

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The time left over after your 10 kettlebellswings until the start of the next minute is for rest. However, you need to listen to your body and take a day off when you feel you have not fully recovered.

“For such a simple exercise, the list of benefits goes on and on,” says Ryan Campbell, a training specialist at Anytime Fitness of Southern Wisconsin. “Carry exercises can help you develop core strength, which assists in keeping the back and spine healthy; increase arm and hand strength, which improves your ability to lift, carry, push, pull, and hold things; and strengthen the hips and legs for improved locomotion and direction change,” says Chris Kola, a physical therapist at Ohio State University Werner Medical Center.

They can even improve your gait, which is important since research shows a poor walking pattern puts stress on your joints and can increase risk for arthritis. “Every step during a carry exercise requires the base leg and hip to stabilize,” Campbell explains.

“This teaches people how to walk better by stabilizing with the musculature of the hips instead of using momentum to stay balanced. Finally, because carry exercises involve such a wide range of muscles, Kola says, performing them, especially over long distances, is a good way to get your heart pumping and reap cardiovascular benefits too.

“Since their range of motion for the joints is small, they do not cause as much post-exercise muscle soreness compared to most strength-training exercises,” Campbell says. As with all strength exercises, follow any instructions from your doctor, especially if you have a chronic condition, an injury, or balance issues.

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As you feel able and confident, gradually increase the weight carried or the total distance you walk. A good rule of thumb: Aim to feel like you’re working at a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest you can imagine exerting yourself.

“If the exercise becomes easy,” Kola says, “add some weight or walk a longer distance to keep feeling challenged.” Click to discover our 17,000 participating locations. Follow Us The carry variations below are organized from least to most challenging to help you pick the best option for your body and strength level.

That said, even advanced exercisers should continue doing the more basic variations, Kola says, as performing multiple types of carries allows for the most well-rounded benefits. That’s because with kettle bells, the weight hangs below the handle, making them ideal for mimicking how you carry things in real life.

Grab a pair of kettle bells (or dumbbells), and let them hang naturally at arm’s length next to your sides, palms facing in. Walk forward for as long as you can (aim for 30 seconds), keeping an upright torso and not allowing the weight to dump into your low back.

Grab one kettle bell (or dumbbell), and hold it like a suitcase, keeping your shoulders square and upright. The weights should hang against the backs of your forearms as you stand tall with your core braced.

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By only holding one weight, your oblique muscles on the opposite side have to work harder to keep you upright. Grab one kettle bell (or dumbbell), and bring it to a racked position, holding the weight at your shoulder with your elbow pointing straight down.

Carefully put the weight down, pick it up with your other hand, and walk back in a racked position. If it’s safe for you, start by holding a kettle bell (or dumbbell) in each hand and bringing them to a racked position at your shoulders.

Walk forward as long as you can (aim for 20 to 30 seconds), maintaining an upright posture and not allowing the weight to sink into your low back. Grab a kettle bell (or dumbbell) in one hand, and bring it to your shoulder before pressing it straight overhead.

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