How Kettlebells Make You Fit

Ava Flores
• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
• 6 min read

More and more people today are ditching the conventional dumbbells for kettle bells. These weights can help you burn calories, strengthen your muscles, and achieve flexibility, too.

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When performed at a fast pace, these exercises can help you develop cardiovascular endurance. The good news is that you will make your heart become more efficient at pumping blood.

The first reaction will be to increase the number of heart contractions in one minute. With repeated fast-paced, kettle bell exercises, the muscles of the heart will compensate by growing stronger.

It now relies on the strength of its contraction to deliver blood to the rest of the body. In other words, kettle bell exercises can help you develop endurance and stamina.

One aspect of fitness is being able to perform various activities efficiently. Kettle bells can target the muscles of the abdomen, lower back, and the pelvis.

Doing squats, crunches, and lunges using kettle bells can help you strengthen these muscles. Shoulder presses and single-arm rows can also help develop and strengthen the muscles of the arms.

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And if you are a fan of tennis or baseball, you know that strong arms is a fundamental requirement. Squatting and lunging with kettle bells in hand can help strengthen the leg muscles.

Strong muscles help lower the risk of injury. And if you ’re the kind of person who would like to show off his or her chiseled abs, the kettle bells can work, too.

Not only are kettle bell exercises good for cardiovascular and strength training, they are also ideal for improving your flexibility. It allows you to move with less effort, at the same time reduce the risk of injuries.

Going through the different kettle bell exercises requires moving your arms and legs and other body parts. With each movement, you are facilitating the full range of motion of the joints.

And, I’m sharing three of my favorite kettle bell workouts today in case you want to get in on the swinging fun. You may want to pick up a lighter kettle bell, reduce the rep counts, substitute a move, or set a shorter time.

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The idea is that you set a number of kettle bell swings you ’d like to accomplish. Every time you break to rest from those swings, you do 10 ball slams, 10 v-ups, and row 100 meters.

If you don’t have a rower, do your favorite cardio move for 30 seconds. For this one you ’re doing 5 rounds of the circuit for time, which will give you a total of 500 kettle bell swings.

Instead of goblet squats, consider doing dips, push-ups, pull-ups / body rows, or other strength moves. I’ve done various versions of this kettle bell workout, and the rep count is just the right mix of doable yet challenging.

Getty Images When you're new to working out, or to strength training in general, there's something really intimidating about facing a weight room or even a set of dumbbells (if you can even manage to find them right now). Enter the kettle bell, a type of dumbbell that's round (like a bell) and has a handle, making it easy to lift and carry around.

Our Health & Wellness newsletter puts the best products, updates and advice in your inbox. The way the bell is shaped allows you to train power, endurance and strength all in one little piece of iron,” says Lauren Kan ski, certified personal trainer and founder of the K Method.

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Getting started with a kettle bell workout may seem as easy as picking one up and swinging it around -- but that can lead to injury. Keep reading for Kan ski's advice on how to get started with a kettle bell workout routine below.

Getty Images If you've never worked out with kettle bells, it's important to start with a lightweight model so you don't hurt yourself while you learn the basics. Even though the weight you use will depend on your personal fitness level and background, in general Kan ski recommends starting with an eight to 10 kg (about 17 to 22 lbs) kettle bell for workouts that involve any overhead movements and 10-14 kg (22-30 lbs) for beginners who want to learn how to do kettle bell swings (instructions below).

“The biggest thing for beginners is to learn how to hold the bell and work on that grip strength.” The standard kettle bell grip is similar to how you would grab a bag of groceries.

According to Kan ski, one of the biggest mistakes she sees people make is jumping right into more advanced moves like swings and snatches before they're ready. “ Master these three moves from Kan ski and you'll be off to a solid start with your kettle bell fitness routine.

Your core stabilizers fight hard through the squat to keep you balanced,” Kan ski says. Start with the kettle bell in the front racked position -- sits at your chest, cradled in your bicep, with the horn (handle) underneath your clavicle.

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Start holding a kettle bell in each hand by your sides, keeping them off your thighs. Start with the kettle bell about an arms' length away from your body, resting on the ground.

Brace your core, grip the bell and throw it between your legs like you're hiking a football. Then quickly extend your hips forward to fling the bell in front of you, while keeping your shins vertical.

Kettle bell or Russian girl is not an actual bell but exercise equipment that can transform your fitness and performance for better. It is a cast-iron or cast-steel weight that resembles a ball with a handle (please don’t get tempted to kick it).

It is used by many athletes to improve their performance and by other people that engage in various exercise activities for health and fitness. But if you only knew how amazing that piece of equipment really is, you ’d probably join our Kettle bell Boot camp on Tooting Common right away.

You will learn how to use it, see the benefits for yourself and have a great time with other members who will push you to go even harder than on your own. Performing ballistic exercises in preset time intervals followed by different exercise will raise your heart rate up and in 10 minutes you will burn more calories than you would with running for 30 minutes.

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As any resistance, it makes your muscles work harder and as a natural result of stress and recover, your muscles will get stronger and more efficient in day to day tasks. Ballistic exercises will increase your total power output for kicking a ball or taking another step while running, for example.

Often I hear runners saying things like “I need to strengthen my glutes, core, hamstrings.” but it stays on that because often times they don’t know how. Many exercises include your gluteus and hamstrings working and core stabilizing your entire body.

In other words, you get to carry more passive and useless weight but with less active muscle that does the actual job. Decreasing muscle mass is called muscular atrophy.

However, kettle bell and any other resistance training actually reverse that, making your muscles grow and develop. As I said before, our body responds to new challenges by improving and getting stronger so that the next time it has to do a similar task it does it easier.

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