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Each kettle bell was rated based on adjustable range, durability, comfort, versatility, customer reviews, and cost. The Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Exercise Kettle bell was by far the best one we reviewed that was at a reasonable price.

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You just turn the knob at the bottom of the kettle bell to remove the pin that holds the whole thing together. The handle on this kettle bell is u-shaped, allowing you to get optimal grip and control while working out.

This kettle bell can be adjusted from 1 to 45 pounds by your choice of sand weight, making it completely customizable to your workout. The grip is an ergonomic ally designed, durable plastic that won’t tear up your hands and the size is compact enough that you can use this bag without diverting from your typical form with a standard kettle bell.

It closes securely with two Velcro strips that roll and then a zipper will ensure no extra mess is made for your workout. The bag is ultraportable by allowing you to empty and refill as needed without straining yourself during transport.

If you’re looking for something inexpensive, the Noose Fitness Adjustable Kettle bell Handle is the way to go. Because this kettle bell set doesn’t come with spacers or weights, it is much less expensive than most other models.

Uses 1” standard plates Inexpensive Made with soft metal Adjustable from 6.15 pounds This kettle bell holds most dumbbell handles, allowing you to adjust the weight within a wide range.

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Adjustable Kettle bell by Kettle Grip Key Features: The bottom is flat, making it easy to stand it up in storage or put it down between exercises.

Kettle bells are a versatile fitness tool and are used in a variety of workouts. Those who are just getting into fitness and experts who are looking to shake things up will likely benefit from a kettle bell.

They’re wonderful for those with time constraints, as they let you shove cardio and weight exercises into one routine. If you’ve pushed yourself and are in need of a way to ease that discomfort, be sure to check out How To Relieve Sore Muscles After A Workout.

In order to keep up with this tough routine, any kettle bell you choose needs to be durable. This material is both durable and heavy, which is useful if you’re trying to squeeze more weight into the small fitness tools.

Types of metal can also work well and are typically used for less expensive kettle bells. Metal won’t be as heavy as cast iron and isn’t quite as durable, but it can be a decent, cheaper material.

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A kettle bell is not going to do you much good if you have to spend twenty minutes to adjust it by five pounds. A kettle bell should preferably only take a few moments to adjust and should be able to accommodate a large range of weights.

These tend to be a little more expensive, but the included weights mean that you can start using the adjustable kettle bell immediately. These plates can make your kettle bell more balanced if you aren’t putting tons of weight on it.

Be sure whatever kettle bell you purchase has a large enough handle for you to grip comfortably with two hands. Most kettle bells come with a warranty of some sort, but it is a good idea to check before you make a purchase.

It is nice knowing that if a kettle bell doesn’t work out for you, you can get your money back. Basically, these are large, weighted balls with a single handle that are swung or held while working out.

Adjustable kettle bells are useful for those who need different weights for different exercises or beginners who expect that they’ll need to increase their kettle bell ’s weight in the near future. Beginners can also learn kettle bell exercises easily, which cannot be said for all workout tools.

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This means you won’t have to carry around or store multiple kettle bells for all your different exercises. Some have a pin on the bottom that is turned and removed, allowing you to add or take off weights as necessary.

Others have clamps that can be disengaged to take weights off, and others are compatible with different sizes of barbells. Many gyms have kettle bell classes, where you can learn different exercises, or you can check out an online guide, like this one found at Runner’s World.

Available in 16 or 24 kilograms, or 40 pounds, this kettle bell is designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. This product is the perfect kettle bell for people who live in small homes and have limited storage space.

With small jumps in weight of 5, 8, and 12 pounds, this adjustable kettle bell set is perfect for the woman who has just started her workout routine. Switching between weights is easy, all you need to do is slide a lever then insert the desired amount of plates.

This product offers variable weight adjustments without altering the shape of the kettle bell. To adjust the weights inside the kettle bell, simply place the shell over the plates and insert the retention pin.

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Train like a gladiator with these soft kettle bells filled with sand. Featuring a secure inner bag for filling with sand, you can be sure that there will be no leakage or spills s while you train.

Secure containers ensure no leakage Durable construction Adjustable This sandbag kettle bell is perfect for use indoors and inside home gyms.

This product is an inexpensive option for those who live a highly mobile lifestyle and travel frequently. To better suit a mobile lifestyle, this sandbag kettle bell is virtually leakproof so you don’t have to worry about spills in your vehicle.

This adjustable kettle bell can be filled with anything, whether it’s sand, dirt, gravel, lead shot, or water, and is leakproof. It is made with military-grade Cordoba with ballistic nylon webbing, offering over 1800 pounds of tensile strength.

If you value a minimalistic and utilitarian approach to fitness, this kettle bell handle is for you. Capable of supporting a wide variety of weights up to 500 pounds, this one handle replaces a huge set of kettle bells.

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This kettle bell handle is another product that appeals to weightlifters that appreciate minimalistic and utilitarian fitness equipment. Featuring a threaded design along its shaft, this kettle bell handle can fit a vast array of weights.

When you think of a kettle bell workout, you probably think of the traditional swing movement that works primarily your legs and core. “A kettle bell is arguably one of the most versatile pieces of training equipment you can have in your arsenal,” Justin Fauci, NASM-certified personal trainer, co-founder of Caliber Fitness, tells Shows.

Whether you are in a gym or at home, the humble kettle bell (KB) can be used to achieve a challenging whole-body workout with just a little imagination. “Rows are one of the ultimate back builders but also use some biceps, especially when using a narrower or underhand grip,” says Fauci.

Stand strong and stable with weight evenly distributed across the feet and back position set. Grab a kettle bell in each hand and retract your scapula, pulling the elbows back until you feel a contraction.

How to: Grab the kettle bell by going underneath the handle, twisting it up so that the weight of it rests on your forearm. From here you are going to squat down and as you come up, plant your feet and power your arm up and over your head in a press movement.

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“This exercise works the anterior deltoid, lats, traps, biceps and triceps,” says Dr. Nicole Lombard, a physical therapist and CrossFit Level 1 Coach. According to Bryan Carrying, lifestyle + fitness coach and creator of REHAB and founding trainer of revolutionaries, this exercises works your triceps, biceps, and shoulders.

Modification: take the first two fingers of the opposite side and help guide the KB up to a full press. According to Kline, this effective exercise hits your traps, back, core, and shoulders.

How to: Standing shoulder width apart, bend at the knees to grab the kettle bell with one hand. Using kettle bells in your workout makes for a highly effective exercise routine.

You probably love kettle bells for their calorie burning power and high versatility. To combat some of these issues, we suggest people turn to adjustable weight kettle bells.

Buying an adjustable kettle bell can provide for the workout you need at your convenience. A quick internet search will show you that there is a plethora of adjustable weight kettle bell options out there.

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When you’re looking to save space and money while still getting a versatile workout, the Titan Fitness 10-40 lb Adjustable Kettle bell is just the piece of equipment you need. This large range makes it suitable for most kettle bell workout needs.

The Titan Fitness Adjustable Kettle bell allows you to change your workout to suit your needs without leaving the comfort of your home. The locking mechanism works by unlocking the weights via a lever on the top of the bell.

Once you have your desired weights in place you simply switch the lever back to the locked position and you are ready to go. It also lacks instructions which means you have to figure it out on your own, but once you’ve done it a few times it should be easy to maneuver.

In addition, the flat base gives it the capability to be stored anywhere in your home with no fuss (and without damaging your floor in the process). The cast iron material gives it the strength required for your most intense workout sessions.

Plus, it is made by Titan Fitness, who has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you know it is manufactured by a place you can trust. That’s also a pretty good deal when you compare it to buying an entire set of traditional kettle bells.

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They made their mark making specialty fitness equipment to fill specific needs, so it is no surprise that they came out with a really great adjustable kettle bell. While this may be off-putting to some, it actually makes storage much easier than the traditional round kettle bell style.

The handle has a square design that can put extra pressure on the forearms with some exercises. It has the round shape of a traditional kettle bell and weight plates that can be removed when the lever on the top is turned.

This locking mechanism is user-friendly so people of all experience levels can figure out how to safely adjust the weights. It is made from high quality materials designed to last like a traditional kettle bell.

Another stand out detail is the soft padding on the bottom of the bell to protect your floors when storing or moving. While this kettle bell will still save you money compared to buying a full set, it is a little more expensive than some of its competitors.

It may not be budget friendly and has a few downsides in the design, but overall it is a solid adjustable kettle bell meant to last and diversify your workouts. The weights fit together completely flush so there is no rattling or movement inside the kettle bell.

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No matter what the weight you’re working with the Rocket maintains its shape so you won’t be thrown off. It is expensive and not the best choice for beginners, but the good outweighs the bad with the traditional kettle bell look and the weights that fit together for no noise or movement.

This could lead to learning improper form in future kettle bell training. Overall, you can’t beat the price and it is suitable for beginners who aren’t quite ready to commit to more expensive equipment.

A much simpler option, this can be used with free weights, instead of buying a full adjustable kettle bell. It’s more affordable than a set of kettle bells and it can handle a massive amount of weight.

The handle also has plenty of room for two hands and good grip so you don’t have to worry about slipping. The handle will never be quite as sleek as an actual kettle bell, making some workouts more difficult.

Kettle bells bells can help train your stability, which means even those with back problems can use them in the presence of an instructor. In addition, they also provide plenty of low impact workout opportunities for those with joint pain, even in the knees.

A great part of kettle bell training is that they can aid in reaching almost any fitness goal. Training with kettle bells is not just about bulking up, they are a great tool because they fit the needs of almost every individual.

The classic ones that you will most likely find at any gym are the fixed weight, cast iron kettle bells. Some of the most common brands include Kettle bell Kings, Primal Bell, Power Systems, and Rogue.

They are designed for kettle bell competitions, and are color coded so the athletes know which weight they are picking up. Save Money : when looking to purchase kettle bells, it can be off-putting to look at the high price tags that come with them.

Save Space: another asset of adjustable kettle bells is that they are ideal for the home. With options like the kettle bell handle it can be even easier to find the space.

There are some clear benefits to purchasing an adjustable kettle bell, but that being said it is necessary to do some homework before taking the leap and buying one of your own. If you pick the wrong type of adjustable you could end up with something that has a handle too small for your hand to pass through and will therefore be extremely limited in your movements.

While the price of some adjustable kettle bells may be enticing, if you buy one that is poorly made you could end up with something flimsy. The problems with a flimsy kettle bell could range from an annoying noise when doing swings, to a potentially unsafe device that could cause serious injury.

When you’re doing your intense workouts you don’t want to be getting distracted by the potential worry that a weight plate could fall off your kettle bell. The most important piece to consider is your safety, but you also do not want to buy a bell that is made incorrectly because it will throw off your form.

It might be easy to get sucked in by a cheap price point, but you want to carefully consider your options before picking your adjustable kettle bell. Not only should you be considering which adjustable kettle bell fits your desires, your choice also needs to take into account your health and safety.

There are many elements of an adjustable kettle bell that you should pay attention to when making your purchase. Adjustable kettle bells have many compositions, but a common one you will see is steel or iron plates with a plastic base.

You want to find a kettle bell made of high quality materials for durability and safety. If you’re considering a soft adjustable kettle bell, keep in mind it will be less durable than one made of steel or iron.

Black and gray are the most common options but it is not impossible to find blue, red, or even an adjustable kettle bell that has a different color for every weight. When looking at paint for kettle bells it is inevitable that the color will have to stand up to some pretties rough usage.

A kettle bell with a powder coat will have the most durable paint and will therefore be most resistant to scratching and chipping. Another option in some kettle bells is a rubber or vinyl coating, which is better for not damaging floors, and can also come in a wide array of colors.

When looking at the design of adjustable kettle bells you’ll quickly find there is a huge variety for you choose from. Many look much like a traditional kettle bell where you can just slide weight plates on and click them into place.

You’ll want to look for one that has a good grip, that doesn’t feel like it will slip out of your hands when you’re working up a sweat. It is also important to get one with a big enough window between the handle and bell for your hand to completely pass through.

If you have small hands you’ll want to check to be sure you feel comfortable closing your grip on the handle. Keep in mind that painted or coated handles can become difficult to work with after using them for a long workout.

While there are plenty of great cheap kettle bell options, sometimes spending a little extra can be worth it. Often the more expensive adjustable kettle bells have a bigger weight range or are made of better material, so they will last you longer.

No matter your price point you should be able to find the right adjustable kettle bell to fit your budget. The three goals are achievable, and yet they don’t fully encapsulate the positive effects of using a kettle bell.

There are a multitude of reasons why using the kettle bell is becoming a trend among gym-goers nowadays, and this list just about sums it up. When a certain exercise doesn’t get your muscles shaking anymore, you add weights or use equipment.

The way to maintain and improve is to constantly increase the challenge for your muscles as they get stronger. The kettle bell does that for you without the need to double your time in the gym or the number of reps you do.

That said, University of Waterloo’s Stuart McGill’s research concludes that kettle bells put more “lateral force on your vertebrae compared to conventional barbells”, so getting the proper form right is essential before attempting any kind of exercise with a kettle bell. Everywhere you look about kettle bell workouts, you’ll see “explosive, physical movements” put into its description.

The kettle bell is less concerned about the slowness or putting isolated tension on certain target muscles. Just by incorporating a kettle bell into the workouts you normally do, you’re able to use up more muscles in almost all areas of the body in one go.

According to shape.com, a study conducted by the American Council on Exercise recently found that “the average kettle bell workout burns 20 calories a minute.” Kettle bell workouts, by design, is very high intensity for a short amount of time.

According to Dr. Melinda Rating, “using kettle bells can be a great way to pump up your workout. To expand on the calorie-burning effect of kettle bell workouts, they also have the ability to amp up your body’s repair cycle.

As they provide support in different points in your body, strength in them improves your capacity for more difficult activities, movements, and exercises. The way you use it, which is for high intensity, will take more from your hands and arms to carry and lift it than a dumbbell would.

Overall, these factors improve your hands’ grip strength, and extends up to your arms. “Kettle bells take the center of gravity about six to eight inches away from your hand, whereas dumbbells provide more stability,” Asst.

Otherwise, the results from the proper use and execution of kettle bell exercises are evident in how you can stand with a more natural centered balance. As a cardio alternative, kettle bell workouts are enough movement to increase your heart rate unlike steady state exercises.

This period of oxygen restoration will aid the muscles as they become more toned after working them out to that new shape and strength. The muscle aches and pains will get better as you bring back the amount of oxygen that was lost in the process.

The rate of your metabolism is sped up at this time, so energy and nutrients from food can be delivered to where they’re needed in your body. A common defining word for kettle bell workouts is “ballistic.” They’re fast and intense, so you don’t need to do them for extended periods of time.

In a 10-minute session, you can do so much and target as many goals, so long as you don’t do any shortcuts within the few minutes of the intensive kettle bell workouts. In any sport, either by team or individual, an athlete will have to be able to make sudden stops or slow down the body in the shortest possible amount of time.

According to fitness blogger George Turin, several non-contact injuries are brought by sudden changes in direction, which could have been easily avoided had athletes been “trained to properly slow down.” “Lowering center of gravity and cutting and maintaining an athletic stance” are deceleration drills that are also involved in kettle bell workouts.

Common exercises like lunges, squats, and burpees can be enhanced and made more challenging with kettle bells. Even if you have never done them, most exercises are usually straightforward and easy to follow, not to mention it only requires one piece of equipment.

That’s triple savings on a lifetime equipment, gym bills, and transportation expenses! Its simplicity and straightforwardness make kettle bells a good replacement for the dumbbell.

When alternated with your slow and steady exercises, kettle bell workouts can speed up the process of reaching your fitness goals. For its simplicity and effectivity, kettle bells provide a simple solution to our time-deficient schedules and love for instant gratification.

They save space and money, making them a great option for a home gym or for taking workouts on the go. Keep in mind your needs and uses for the adjustable kettle bell when doing your homework and you’ll be sure to make the right purchase.

Using the kettle bell swing, you can be sure that you are going to get a full body workout, using your upper and lower muscle groups. Recruiting all of these different muscle groups into one solid workout, only using one single piece of exercise equipment is why learning the correct way to use a kettle bell can quickly become a go-to workout on a weekly basis.

Here at Guardian-Elite Fitness, we promote muscle gain through classic dumbbell and barbell weight training exercises using concepts like progressive overload and compound lifts. Workouts that will work multiple muscle groups while at the same time, giving your cardiovascular engine a run for its money.

Although, to really get the full benefit of the kettle bell swing workout, you have to be performing it correctly. There are some dos and don’ts that are important to follow to make sure you are getting the full body benefit of this workout in, and avoiding injury at the same time.

The main force of the swing will be generated by your glutes, legs and core. First, we’ll explain why the kettle bell swing is so beneficial, and why you should be incorporating it into your workout routine.

It’s not until you start doing kettle bell swings as a part of your workout, that you can realize all the benefits. The kettle bell swing uses your hips, glutes, core, legs, arms, shoulders and back to complete the entire movement.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s important to perform the kettle bell swing properly to reap the benefits throughout these entire range of muscles. For instance, if you are using too much of your arms to pull the weight, you will not realize the lower body exercise benefits.

The Wisconsin Lacrosse Department of Exercise and Sports Science did a study specifically using the kettle bell swing to improve aerobic capacity. Participants of the study showed marked improvement in not only aerobic capacity, but also core strength and flexibility.

Using your hips, glutes and hamstrings to generate thrust and force for the swing is at the crux of this workout and that is one of the main reasons why this is the perfect workout to increase power. No matter the physical activity, you will be relying on these muscles to generate power and force, i.e. running, jumping, sprinting, etc.

We mentioned earlier that studies have shown the kettle bell swing will improve balance. We’ve mentioned it several times now, but perfecting the kettle bell swing form is crucial to not only getting all the benefits from the workout, but also avoiding any possible injuries.

There are some common mistakes that can happen, so being on the look-out for these in the beginning will put you on the fast track to getting in a great workout. During the kettle bell swing, which we will outline shortly, you will want to keep your back straight through the entire movement.

Remember, hinge at the hips, engage the hamstrings, and keep your back neutral. At the very top of the swing movement, your body should be in a straight line from your head to your toes.

Good form beats throwing up weight any day, this is how we gain muscle and avoid injury. If you are letting the weight of the kettle bell control your movement, instead of your movement controlling the path of the kettle bell you will find this workout ineffective and probably end up with an injury to go along with it.

By hinging at the hips, you will load up your hamstrings and glutes in preparation for the swing itself. This way the kettle bell is extended out in front of the body, yet there is a straight line from your head to your toes.

Walking Kettle bell Swing Reps: 10 Immediately follow with 10 close grip push-ups Bilateral movements, which involve using two hands, challenge you to lift heavier weights and recruit multiple muscle groups at once.

Firmly pressing your feet into the ground, lift the kettle bell up to stand, squeezing your glutes. Bring the kettle bell back down to the ground with a straight spine and don't let your chest fall past your hips.

When you transition from a bilateral movement to a unilateral one, you're adding an anti-rotation component, Peel says. “This means your core is recruited to keep your body from rotating, as a result of the weight being loaded to one side.

Extend your other arm to the side or in front of you and make a fist with your hand. Firmly pressing your feet into the ground, lift the kettle bell up to stand, squeezing your glutes.

Bring the kettle bell back down to the ground with a straight spine and don't let your chest fall past your hips. This kettle bell exercise will fire up your quads and glutes, while also engaging your core to keep your chest lifted.

You want to keep your abs tight and your hips square throughout the entire movement. Push off with your front foot to stand back up and maintain your balance.

Peel says to make sure the bell is set between your feet and behind your toes so you don't lift with your back. While many people think they need to pull the bell up from this position, you should be pushing with your legs off the ground.

“It helps to imagine a wall in front of you and you can't let the bell hit it,” she adds. Once you clean the kettle bell to your shoulder in a rack position, you want to make sure your wrist is flat and knuckles are facing up.

Extend your other arm in front of you or to the side and make a fist with your hand. Challenging your balance and grip strength, the off-set reverse lunge forces you to engage your back, chest, and core to stand upright.

Extend your other arm in front of you or to the side and make a fist with your hand. Push off with your front foot to stand back up and maintain your balance.

As one of the most popular ballistic kettle bell exercises, a strong swing starts with a solid hip hinge. Inhale as your swing the kettle bell between your legs and exhale at the standing plank.

Then, aggressively press your feet into the ground, powering the kettle bell up to chest height. Continue for at least 12 reps, then swing the kettle bell between your legs before placing it safely back on the ground in a hike position.

Since your glutes and legs are larger muscle groups, they can handle more load. These power-producing muscles are essential for carrying heavier things and preventing injury.

How to do a sumo kettle bell dead lift: Stand with your feet wider than hip-distance apart with your toes slightly turned out to the sides. Firmly pressing your feet into the ground, lift the kettle bells up to stand.

Bring the kettle bells back down to the ground with a straight spine and don't let your chest fall past your hips. This single-leg dead lift will work the entire posterior chain and challenge your balance while you're at it.

The key is to move with control and ensure your hips remain square to prevent injury. Bracing your core, slowly kick your free leg out to push your hips back, making a straight line from your head to your heel.

Engaging your glutes and thighs, pull your back leg forward until your torso is upright again. How to do a farmer's carry: Stand with your feet hip-distance apart and hold one kettle bell in each hand at your sides.

Lift one leg off the ground, bending your knee to hip height. This is one rep. Continue alternating sides for 12 reps, standing tall with your chest and back upright.

This kettle bell exercise will challenge your forearm and grip strength, as well as your balance. Be sure to engage your core to keep your chest lifted and back upright.

Lift one leg off the ground, bending your knee to hip height. This is one rep. Continue alternating sides for 12 reps, standing tall with your chest and back upright.

This bent-over row kettle bell exercise also has an anti-rotation element for your core, forcing you to maintain your balance in a split stance. Place a kettle bell right next to your front foot and grip it with your hand on the same side.

Extend your other arm to the side or in front of you, making a fist with your hand. Row the kettle bell toward your rib cage while maintaining proper form.

A great position for beginners, this set-up also helps you engage your core for a safer press. Extend your other arm in front of you or to the side and make a fist with that hand.

Take a big step back with your leg on the same side, placing your knee on the ground. Make sure your shoulder doesn't stray by your ears and keep the kettle bell above your elbow.

How to do a kettle bell floor press: Lie face-up on a yoga mat, knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Bring the heel of the loaded side closer to your butt, firmly pressing on the ground.

Pushing your foot against the ground, punch the loaded arm and roll onto your free forearm without shrugging your shoulders toward your ears. This will help you keep your torso stable and prevent rotation as you circle the kettle bell.

How to do halos: Kneel on a yoga mat and hold a kettle bell bottoms-up with your hands around the horns to your chest, elbows pointing straight toward the ground. Keeping your shoulders down, chest proud, and abs tight, rotate the kettle bell in a circle around your head at eye level.

Working your legs and shoulders, this power training exercise is sure to get your heart rate up. Extend the other arm to the side or in front of you, making a fist with your hand.

Move with control as you squat down and bring the kettle bell to a rack position. Tiffany Ayuda, a senior editor at Prevention and certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise, has specialized in fitness, health, and general wellness topics in her previously editorial roles at Life by Daily Burn, Everyday Health, and South Beach Diet.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. If you've never used a kettle bell, these strength training tools might look intimidating at first, but once you learn how to use them safely and effectively, you'll find that they're one of the best pieces of equipment for at-home workouts and are a great way to spice up your lifting routine.

“The handle allows for both grind strength movements (dead lifts) and ballistic movements (swings), so you have a tool that you can use for both strength and conditioning in a low-impact way,” says Renee Peel, an NSCA-certified personal trainer at the Hitting Room with Strongest kettle bell level 1 and 2 certifications. Kettle bell exercises are highly functional and mimic many everyday movements.

“The shape and distribution of weight is more like things you would pick up in real life, like grocery bags, a tote, or a baby car seat. The weight doesn't sit evenly on both sides with a nice handle in the middle,” Peel says.

Because the kettle bell handles are typically thicker than most dumbbells, your muscles work harder just to hold onto them. “The way the weight is distributed and the movement of the bell challenges your grip in an even more dynamic way.

For example, when doing kettle bell swings or snatches, the weight moves and your body needs to react to hold on,” Peel explains. Unlike dumbbells and barbells, kettle bell weights are usually measured in kilograms.

“As a general rule of thumb, larger muscles can lift more so you want to choose a heavier kettle bell. So for most people, a dead lift will be the heaviest lift, followed by the squat, then for the upper body, the back is usually stronger than the chest and shoulders,” Peel says.

You also want to keep the number of reps and sets in mind for each exercise when choosing the right weight. If you're thinking of buying kettle bells, Peel recommends purchasing a pair.

“This way you can use one for the upper body, such as the row and press, and then a pair to double the weight for lower-body exercises,” Peel says. Allow yourself to play with different weights for a variety of movements, both ballistic and grind, and possibly bottoms-up work as well!,” she says.

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