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Do You Squat In Kettlebell Swing

Let me tell you straight up, those that say that the squat style kettlebellswing is bad, and you shouldn’t do it; are those type of people that stop you from progressing, and learning more.

James Smith
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
• 8 min read
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A simple explanation to justify the kettlebellswingsquat style is:if it’s safe, works towards a goal, then it’s okay! Make sure you check out the side-by-side slo-mo video of the hip hinge and squat swing version further below.

Definition of the squat : Shoulders high Hips low A squat is performed in standing position with the objective being to move the hip joints as close to the ground as possible.

The objective of the squat exercise is to tax the quadriceps and gluteus Maximus. Furthermore, a vertical position of the torso provides the most stable and safe spinal structure for the weighted squat.

The movement can also be accompanied by flexion in a second joint, that of the knees, which is cause for the hips to move down and backward. If the ankle joints move and dorsiflexion is achieved, then the definition of the movement changes to a squat.

Setting absolute parameters that define each one, is simply impossible. Of course, if you need to do a hip hinge style swing, then a squat movement is not good.

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Second, the squat movement beginners perform instead of a hip hinge, usually goes paired with a shoulder raise, instead of letting the kettlebellswing. It’s not, it actually never is if you look at the definition of a pendulum from a black and white point of view.

But again, I’m not here to talk about what’s a pendulum, and what’s not, I’m here to tell you that a swing squat style is good if performed with sound technique. Taxes the quads more Reduces load on the lower back Backaches but wanting to swing Creates a different trajectory Is even more of a pull Taxes the upper trapezium more Taxes the gastrocnemius and soles muscles more Is great for dynamically loaded movement of in and out of the squat Is easier to comprehend for beginners Has less chance of creating bobbing at the back- swing Increased anaerobic effect (larger muscle group) CrossFit high reps; moving the load to another muscle group but still getting in the reps Kettle bell sport same as above (but swinging to move into snatch or clean)

Knee flexion is created before the shoulders come forward The hips come a lot lower towards the ground So, if you ’re into KB sport why would you not want to work in the same movement pattern that you need to employ during your comps?

I’m happy to debate the above, as long as you bring clear reasons to the table as to why the squat style swing should never be done and is always wrong. Here is a video in slo-mo of the squat style swing, please, feel free to point out what’s wrong with it.

Just in-case it wasn’t clear, if you ’re saying a hip hinge style swing is not a squat, then I’m on your side. Some people are afraid and intimidated by the barbell back squat and it seems like that many women are among them.

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Your calves and your butt will just not be as defined as for others who do squat or cheat with plastic surgery and camera angles. There is an excellent TED talk by Simon Sink out there which explains the importance of starting with why.

The most common reasons for people to train are based on what I read, hear and talk to my clients are: It takes a lot of passion and obsession to make it to the cover of Men's health.

For rehabilitation, I personally think the two movements are too complex to bring someone back from being immobile to getting full mobility again. This is a lengthy and complex process which mainly involves body-weight and exercise with a lot of support and no load.

Kettle bell swings can be effective for treating lower back pain as are back squats, However, it depends on how well they are being performed and both movements are complex to teach correctly. With minimum effort, you can manage to lose 15 kg and run a marathon with six months of preparation time.

In three years you can push your one repetition maximum for the back squat from 20 kg to a 170 kg in your thirties. When train and ask “Can kettle bell swings replace the squat always ask yourself what the specific goal is you want to achieve.

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Can kettle bell swings replace the squat for absolute strength development? In this case, both will help more or less equally good to get ripped as the tool you used to exercise is not the main factor for achieving a chiseled physique.

The two main components for getting a strong and nice looking midsection are bracing and diet. Bracing has helped me a lot more to develop good abs than exercises.

Can kettle bell swings replace the squat for quad development? Can kettle bell swings replace the squat for building higher power output?

Yes for building better explosiveness the kettle bell is superior to the back squat as it develops more forward force which you need to tackle someone effectively or sprint. If you, however, lack the potential to unfold your might aggressively and explosively the kettle bell swing is just the right tool for you.

Spent up to three months opening up your hips and getting your ankles ready to get comfortable into a deep squat without your heels coming off the ground. I recommend reading Pavel Tsatsoulin@s book simple and sinister before starting a kettle bell program.

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Avoid leaning backward The kettle bell swing is a hinge, not a squat. Downwards movement should be kept minimal The arms function as a hook, not as a pulley for the weight You give the kettle bell momentum and dominate it in the movement, not the other way around Your glutes and abs should be maximally flexed at the top of the swing

Anyone who avoids it in the gym makes their lives unnecessarily harder to reach their goals if they are related to sport performance. The kettle bell swing can only replace the squat of the main aim of training is fat loss and increased power.

A fully rounded strength athlete will be wise and keep all of his/her options open to progress as quickly as possible and discard neither of these tools (if you want to get rid of something desperately, throw out the Swiss balls). Along with the kettlebellswing, the kettlebellsquat is a huge exercise for hitting all those large muscle groups.

Hitting these large muscle groups means a greater hormonal response along with metabolic effect. In other words, great for fat loss and strength building.

The Squat can be categorized as a pushing exercise, and so can be paired with the kettlebellswing for a dramatic effect. The ability to squat well requires adequate stability, mobility, strength and movement patterning.

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Regular squatting keeps the joints fresh and mobile reducing the potential for back and knee pain. Finally, you use up to 600 muscles with every squat movement you perform, that makes it perfect for fat loss and overall strength building.

In simple terms the kettlebellsquat takes the body weight squat and loads it with a kettle bell. Start the movement by pushing the hips backwards Keep the weight on your heels and the outside of the feet Imagine you are wearing ski boots Widen the feet if you have hip mobility issues Turn the feet out to approx 10 degrees Thighs must get to at least parallel with the floor Push the floor away from you on your way up Keep the back flat, chest up and look up Breathe in, hold and descend, breathe out on the way up

It is important to note that if you do not squat deep enough (thighs at least to parallel with the floor) then you are not engaging your backside correctly. If you do not want big thighs and a flat backside then squat deep!

If you find that squatting nice and deep causes you problems then you can program and strengthen the movement pattern by using a resistance band. Allow the kettle bell to rest against the chest if needed and keep the arms tucked in.

Practice : work up to 20 perfect repetitions moving smooth and steady. You will find it easier holding the kettle bell by the body rather than by the handle in this position.

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As you get stronger and more comfortable with the movement you can add a press into the top of the exercise (see image above) to increase even more muscle activation. You will create an imbalance and rotation through the body by holding the kettle bell one handed and against the chest.

The racked kettlebellsquat allows great transitions from one position to the next but does mean that you will need to squat equally on both sides. Practice : progress to 10 repetitions on each side and 3 total sets.

Once you have mastered the racked kettlebellsquat above you can add even more muscle activation and cardiovascular demands to the movement. As you drive up from the bottom of the squat continue the momentum upwards and press the kettle bell overhead.

Holding the kettle bell permanently overhead while you squat requires excellent mobility through the upper back and shoulders. Keeping the arm over the head makes the heart work harder too as it pushes the blood uphill.

Practice : 12 well performed repetitions on each side is a great achievement. Using a resistance band or Tax as demonstrated earlier is a great way to build up strength and mobility in the movement.

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An advanced kettlebellsquat variation that requires very good hip mobility. Take it nice and steady at first as the kettle bell can throw your weight quickly backwards.

The easiest starting point is by holding a kettle bell in each hand in the racked position against the chest. You can even link fingers if you wish but try to keep the elbows in and upper body nice and compact.

Ensure that you are great at squatting without a kettle bell before loading the movement pattern. You can use a resistance band to help improve your squatting skills and strength.

Take your time, progress carefully and logically and the rewards will be well worth the effort. The kettle bell is excellent for squats due to its unique holding positions.

Everyone is different, begin with only your body weight to master the technique first then start to add weight using the goblet squat. The kettlebellsquat is a huge exercise for hitting all those large muscle groups.

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