Do You Need Kettlebell Pairs

There are benefits to using single and double kettle bells depending on your goals. Let’s explore which options are the best plus the types of exercises that lend themselves better to 1 and 2 kettle bells.

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You can perform most of the exercises and produce some incredible results with just one kettle bell. Weaker or inexperienced women may wish to begin with a 8 kg and men can choose a 12 kg.

Using two kettle bells doubles the load so care needs to be taken to ensure you are capable of handling the extra weight. As well as adding extra weight using two kettle bells also enables you to train both sides at the same time, this can seriously cut down on training time but also makes the exercises more demanding.

Here are a few things to bear in mind when making your choice: More rotational pull through the core Strong emphasis on spinal stabilization Requirement to do both sides so balances muscles Longer workouts, so more endurance based Requires less neurological control Cheaper and more exercise diversity

Double kettle bell clean and press exercise More balanced technique (unless one is heavier than the other) More weight so better for strength based workouts More demanding both physically and mentally More expensive Quicker workouts Less kettle bell exercise options

Clean and Press Double Lunges Racked Squats Single Leg Dead lifts Body weight Reverse Lunge (always master the exercise without weight first) Holding One Kettle bell with Two Hands (see image below)

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The above exercises would be progressed over a period of months ensuring that you can perform 3 sets of each variation before moving on to the next one. The kettle bell lunge feels great when using 2 kettle bells because it adds more balance to the exercise plus really overloads the legs, hips and buttocks.

I understand that when you are just starting out the thought of buying lots of kettle bells is daunting but ultimately, as mentioned earlier, you can get away with just one. Let’s say you bought a 12 kg for lots of single kettle bell workouts and then later progressed to a 16 kg.

Holding a 12 kg on one side and a 16 kg on the other is an inexpensive way to begin double kettle bell training. There are lots more for you to try but these are the 3 that I would recommend you practice in order to get used to the feel of 2 kettle bells.

Using two kettle bells enables you to perform shorter workouts while at the same time challenging your strength. You may choose to use two different kettle bell weights when performing double kettle bell exercises in order to still add a degree of instability to the exercise.

However, if you want to add lots of bulk then kettle bells are the wrong tool for you. Kettle bells are a great and simple way to add weights to your exercise routine.

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They are small and easy to grasp, which makes them perfect for intense cardio and heavy lifting. If you ’ve been wanting to start training with weights, kettle bells have become extremely popular among fitness fanatics.

You will need to get heavier ones as your routine progresses, but for beginners, 1 kettle bell is enough to complete most workouts. If you ’d like to add more endurance to your training, you can hold it with one arm at a time.

As long as your form is correct, you should be able to get great results with just one kettle bell. Although, if you consider yourself athletic and have acquired much strength, you can start with two kettle bells.

The reason you might see people with a “collection” of kettle bells is that some exercises require different sized weights. Kettle bells are not like dumbbells or barbells which consist of two same-sized weights on each side of your body.

You do not need two pairs of kettle bells consisting of the same weight to effectively complete your routine. Swing Clean Press Push Press Jerk Snatch Squats (Front, Goblet, Overhead, Jump) Bottoms Up (Clean, Press, Push ups) Windmill Turkish Get Up Renegade Rows Juggling Dead lifts Arm Bars Halo

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Always remember that these routines should be performed with proper form to get the best outcome. You don’t want to buy one that’s too heavy, this could cause injury to your muscles, especially for a beginner.

You don’t want to buy one that’s too light either, as this can result in little to no muscle building or weight loss. Choosing the right size will depend on a few aspects; your gender and how physically active you are.

A physically fit woman should start with sizes ranging from 12 kg/26lbs to 16 kg/26lbs. Whether you have decided yet on how many kettle bells you need, adding them to your workout will help you easily achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

These are all real things happening in fitness centers currently (although admittedly they’re all at the exact same place). I’d become sick of people asking me what I was doing when I was doing push presses and realized that if I didn’t find some other way to train I was likely going to murder someone.

(And I’d already been thrown out of one gym for throwing a 2.5 kg plate at someone who had annoyed me multiple times during my workout.) If you ’re new to kettle bell training or thinking that you want to set up a home gym and use them, then this article is for you.

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The only dangers when it comes to kettle bell training are all because of poor mechanics, which is true for all lifting. While the ROC has a strong reputation for how strict their form is, I’ve always wondered just why it’s such a big deal for everyone.

That means if you want to get into training with kettle bells, the first step is to go and find a reputable instructor. The money spent here can be weighed against the thousands you ’d otherwise need to spend later on for a doctor to fix all the problems you ’d cause yourself.

Unlike a barbell, which obviously has to be used with two hands, or a pair of dumbbells, an single kettle bell can give you a super tough workout all on its own. In terms of weights to buy, it is generally recommended that men start with a 16 kg and 24 kg (35lb and 53lb respectively) and women with a 12 kg and 16 kg (25lb and 35lb).

If you buy good quality to begin with, you ’ll have tools to help keep you healthy, fit, and strong for the rest of your life, so that one-time investment won’t really be much when you look at what the yearly cost works out to be. When you start looking for workout options to follow at home you need to keep three pillars of training in mind — movement quality, strength, and conditioning.

Along with this there are many great exercises like arm bars, halos, and even windmills that are fantastic movement quality drills that don’t require two bells. The final pillar needed to support a well-rounded kettle bell training plan is conditioning.

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It’s only once the swing and your overhead position have been locked into place by many reps that learning the snatch becomes easy. Once you ’ve got a handle on all the basic kettle bell moves — swing, clean, squat, press, snatch, get up — I suggest a workout like Jon En gum’s Deep Six, which may be the single best home workout ever devised as you can do it in a tiny space with a single bell.

It’s an absolute killer that will give you ample movement, strength, and conditioning for just about everything life throws at you. Kettle bells are Russian training tools that are made from cast iron.

Using these tools can help create muscular strength, speed and core stability. Swings, dead lifts, snatches and shoulder presses are common single kettle bell exercises.

Dead lifts are performed with your feet in a wide stance and the kettle bell right beneath you. Keeping your back straight, bend your knees and lower your body down toward the kettle bell.

Forcefully contract your abs, glutes and quads and lower yourself back down. This is performed by holding the kettle bell in the rack position, pushing it straight above your head and lowering it back down.

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The rack position is when the kettle bell is resting on the back of your forearm in front of your chest with your arm tight to your body. You work your deltoid, triceps, biceps, pectorals and abs all at the same time.

By turning this exercise into a push press, you will also activate your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. Start out in the same position as the shoulder press, but lower yourself into a slight squat.

According to Chief Science Officer Cedric X. Bryant, Ph.D. from the American Council on Exercise, kettle bells can help you burn calories and lose weight. As you build up your strength, gradually increase the weight of your kettle bell.

When you perform kettle bell exercises, you activate multiple muscles and joints at the same time. Arm crossovers, arm circles, lateral lunges, shoulder shrugs, alternate toe touches, heel raises and trunk rotations are examples.

If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Case in point: Studies show that training with kettle bells yields pretty incredible improvements in aerobic capacity and strength, Pinocchio P, et al. (2013).

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Transference of kettle bell training to strength, power, and endurance. Effects of kettle bell training on postural coordination and jump performance: A randomized controlled trial.

We turned to Rob Slaver, a trainer and coach and the founder of Bandana Training, for this workout. He put together a routine that will help you feel comfortable using a kettle bell — all while delivering a head-to-toe sweat session.

You ’ll perform a strength move in which your movement is slow and controlled. Then, you ’ll perform a power move in which your movement is explosive — without sacrificing proper form.

Since the power exercises can be challenging for beginners, Slaver suggests sticking to a lighter weight until you master the movements. Check out the GIFs below for a quick guide to executing these movements properly and safely.

Targets: Hamstrings, glutes, abs, back, shoulders Bend knees slightly, hinge forward at hips, and maintain a flat back.

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Use the momentum to return to standing, drive your hips forward, and squeeze your glutes. Bring the kettle bell up to shoulder height, still keeping arms straight.

Grab a kettle bell with an overhand grip and straighten your arms. Start in a squat position and grab the kettle bell with an overhand grip using both hands.

As you stand, bring the kettle bell under your chin and lift elbows above shoulders. Grab the kettle bell in right hand and drive your body upward.

As you stand up tall, bring the kettle bell up over your head with a straight arm. Keep arms straight and make sure wrists are facing one another.

Lift right hand off the floor, gripping the kettle bell and drawing elbow back behind you.

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