Do Kettlebells Burn Fat

Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
• 8 min read

The Kettle bell Swing sets the foundation for learning more advanced movements and is a simple way to increase your strength and conditioning. Studies have shown that interval training is highly effective for weight loss.

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Alternating between brief periods of intense exercise and rest/relief is an effective way to burn a lot of calories and increase your stamina. Using the Hard style Swing for your intense exercise is a no-brainer because of its effect on your heart rate, a low impact on your joints, and the number of muscle groups it engages.

Hopefully, I’ve made my case for using this exercise as a great tool to help shed fat (along with a healthy diet of course). Now, let’s dive into the numbers so you can dial in your workouts and figure out the best combination of reps and rest periods.

In order to create an interval-style kettle bell workout that will promote fat loss, you should try and aim for a 1-to-1 or a 2-to-1 work to rest ratio. If you’re an audio learner or prefer to see a real human explain this, then check out this video I made.

Note : The views/opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and don’t necessarily align with those of Caveman training. When he’s not telling his dogs to stop chasing squirrels, Ryan enjoys teaching others how to train with kettle bells.

A study done by the American Council of Exercise concluded that doing kettle bell swings had the potential to burn up to 20 calories a minute. On the other hand, the same study concluded that a spin class can only help you burn slightly less than 10 calories a minute, which is less than half the kettle bell swings burn.

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Taking this big difference in burned calories into consideration, it’s not surprising that kettle bell swings have achieved enormous popularity in recent years among recreational and professional lifters alike. In addition to burning lots of calories and fat tissue, kettle bell swings will engage almost every muscle in your body, which is basically the main requirement of any fat burning program, in order to yield results.

There is an enormous variety of kettle bell exercises, which makes it excellent for designing literally hundreds of different workout routines which will enable you to burn off the extra fat, build lean muscle tissue and greatly improve your metabolism. It greatly boosts your metabolism for several hours after finishing your workout, which translates into increased fat and calorie burning.

You’ll find that 5 to 10 minutes will be enough to get the full benefits of kettle bell swings. They are easy to learn and do and can be done by people from different levels of fitness.

It will help you develop and tremendous functional and core strength. The list can go on, but the main takeaway is that kettle bell swing workouts are the greatest in terms of fat loss.

Not counting sprinting, kettle bell swings are the next best piece of equipment you can perform with to get rid of the extra fat and get lean and athletic as fast as possible. You can also add some body weight exercises in your workout routine to complement the kettle bell movements.

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Do a hundred kettle bell swings and only take a rest when you feel that your form is getting sloppy. Pick a weight that you can do twenty swings a time with.

You’ll use the following exercises: Tactical Lunges, Turkish Get Up, Swings to Wide Leg Push Ups, High Pulls, and Goblet Squats Simple and effective, three kettle bell workouts designed to eliminate the fat.

Is going for a run every single day starting to wear a little thin? Perhaps, your ‘one form of exercise’ is spent trying to burn off your kids’ energy.

Either way, you can do wonders for your fitness and strength with a single kettle bell and abiding to the #stayathome guidelines. Today's workout, programmed by our Fitness Editor Andrew Tracey, follows a 30-minute every-minute-on-the-minute (Mom) pattern.

MH Fitness Editor Andrew Tracey has got your workouts on lockdown With the kettle bell between your legs, hinge at your hips, swinging the weight backward (A).

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Standing tall, hold the weight close to your chest (A). Sink your hips and drop into a squat (B); at the bottom, your elbows should be between your knees.

Assume a press-up position, but with the kettle bell on its side under your left hand. Sign up to the Men's Health newsletter and kick start your home body plan.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Not only will you generate more power, build more lean muscle, and spike your metabolism, but you’ll also improve your balance and stability.

Because of its shape, you can push, pull, and swing the kettle bell like nothing else and unlock a new branch of exercises that are impossible with the tools you have now. Follow these six best kettle bell exercises to add more muscle, melt more fat, boost your endurance, and move better.

You’ll improve your body quickly and build the foundation for every other kettle bell exercise. The dead lift adds muscle to your hips, hamstrings, glutes, and back.

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HOW TO DO IT: Stand shoulder-width apart with the kettle bell between your legs and the handle inline with the bony part of your ankles. Squeeze the handle hard, pull your shoulders backward, and crush your armpits.

The kettle bell swing is a fantastic exercise to strengthen your body and burn a ton of fat. It develops tremendous power in your hamstrings, glutes, and core, which will improve your other lifts like the squat and dead lift.

With a correct swing, the kettle bell should reach around the height of your belly button or chest, no higher. The push press is a phenomenal, explosive move that sculpts big shoulders, huge traps, and ripped triceps.

It also builds tremendous core stability and forces you to generate power from your lower-body, transfer it up the kinetic chain, and out through your arms, which is integral in every sport. Lower yourself into a very partial squat and explode upward with your legs while driving your arms overhead.

At the top, make sure your biceps are next to your ears and your wrists are flat, not bent backward. Carefully lower the kettle bells back to the rack position and repeat.

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It’s also a safe and efficient way to bring the kettle bell to the rack position for your overhead exercises. Then, hike the kettle bell back between your legs like a center in football and explosively drive your hips forward.

Memorize the feeling, and then swing it between your legs and return to the rack position. Because it travels more distance, the snatch builds more power than the swing or clean.

Then, hike the kettle bell back between your legs like a center in football and explosively drive your hips forward. The most common problem with the snatch is when the kettle bell slams on your forearm at the top.

This is a phenomenal dynamic exercise that blasts your obliques, strengthens your shoulder, and activates your hips too. However, one of the most common reasons why so many people choose to use kettle bells is for their excellent fat burning capabilities.

You should not be wasting your time using exercises that only focus on a few muscles like bicep curls or tricep extensions. Depending on your skill and experience level will determine which kettle bell exercises you should start with.

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Full body kettle bell exercises will also activate and condition more muscle mass meaning an increase in your metabolic rate. Research shows that by elevating and then reducing your heart rate repeatedly you will burn even more fat.

During your intervals you will not only improve your cardio, by increasing your threshold levels, but also disrupt the homeostasis within your body. As your body struggles with the imbalances caused by interval training it has to work very hard after each workout to regain balance or homeostasis.

More commonly known as After burn or Epic, more energy (calories) and resources are required for hours following your workout. Steady cardio that doesn’t involve interval training does not have this profound after burn effect on the body.

Active recovery exercises allow the heart rate to slowly recover but not completely. You can also use active recovery periods to work on your weakness so perhaps improving shoulder or hip mobility.

Active recovery exercises are an excellent way to get lots more done in less workout time. To get even more fat loss results you should start to mix in different exercises based on our fundamental movement patterns.

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Using movement pattern based exercises means less chance of injury and much more full body muscle activation. You also condition your body in a more practical way so all the daily activities you usually perform become much easier.

The most effective way to combine the 3 step fat loss method outlined above is by using kettle bell circuits. The above workout is for pure beginners and is a great starting point for both men and women.

The kettle bell circuit only lasts 4 minutes but can be repeated 2-3 times for a very effective fat loss workout. Kettle bell training is a very effective tool for increasing strength, developing movement skills, improving posture, gaining an edge in sports and of course fat loss.

If you want to really increase your fat burning potential then using full body kettle bell exercises, organized as intervals and using your natural movement patterns is the way to go. Using kettle bell circuits is a time efficient way to get great fat burning results in only 4 – 12 minutes per day.

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