Do Kettlebell Swings Make You Strong

Brent Mccoy
• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
• 7 min read

I don’t like spending much time on single exercises unless they are awesome for helping athletes get better or get back to their sport after injury. I wish I could summarize this article into “it helps” or “it’s a waste of time,” but the kettle bell swing is one of those exercises just good enough to talk about but not clear enough in practice and in research to show undisputed value.

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Unlike the squat or other movements, the kettle bell swing has very little research to show efficacy in training, mainly due to the fact it’s hard to load in a way that is truly progressive. It’s likely this article will not persuade you to change your mind if you lean toward one side or the other, but if you are on the fence, you will likely step off and find a place for the exercise in some way.

An athlete who has played sports for years decelerates their body and produces high outputs in games and in practices, so we can’t view them as a sedentary or low-fitness examples. In this review, I cover the five needs of coaches: keeping athletes fit, big, strong, fast, and resilient to injury.

Therefore, for the sake of this argument, I will say that the exercise is perfectly safe to perform under supervision, and I will only focus on the adaptations or possible benefits from acute experimentation. However, I don’t think it will make such a huge difference that we can scoff at the results of the research and say the swing type is the reason it didn’t work if the outcome is poor.

The most important study is sprinting performance, but there is very little available, likely due to smart researchers knowing that it’s unlikely that kettlebellswings are secret speed weapons. Trust coaches to know from trial and error if a solution works, as they have been experimenting due to the force of competition for decades.

The first study looking at potentiating did hint that the population may not have the ability to create enough of a stimulation due to loading, but with recreational athletes, those are the realities. True, technique matters, but if it requires so much precision to do, then the results need to be impressive with a follow-up study showing motion capture and speed testing.

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In summary, I don’t think swings will ever show up as a speed tool no matter how heavy or how skillfully athletes do them in training. Finally, most of the studies I see compare controls or workouts that resemble exercise programs for “unfit” populations.

You can say that both weightlifting movements and kettle bell exercises have no effect on jumping, but to me this simply shows that performance and fitness research belong in separate worlds. I am not going to cover the risks of injuries with kettlebellswings, but I do know some coaches will make an argument that they are dangerous because there is always a chance of someone getting hurt.

The current buzz with swings is that they are alternative forms of power development due to a number on a force plate or activity from an Egg electrode. No article demonstrated exciting findings for hamstring and glute recruitment, but I liked that the Australian study evaluated three styles of swings and showed that a good hinge makes a difference.

Based on the findings of the hamstring exercise comparison, it appears that kettlebellswings are better suited for the semitendinosus rather than the biceps memoirs. The kettle bell swing appears to be a good recruiter of the posterior thigh, but it’s just not special to the point we need it in our training arsenals.

I hate to sound pessimistic, but based on lack of intervention studies and the interpretation of the acute Egg data, there is not enough infrared evidence to demonstrate that kettle bells are potent choices to help soccer teams stay healthy. Like explosive strength, we need to compare what is the baseline we expect to help athletes rather than elderly patients or general populations.

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In summary, kettle bells for hypertrophy are not great, as power exercises are less about mechanical overload and more about rapid expressions of strength. So, if you do recreational fitness and want to swing for some general health benefits and get some incidental muscle cross-section, have fun, but you won’t win an Olympia title any time soon.

Most people look at conditioning as endurance, so kettlebellswings helping an athlete run faster at the end of a long match isn’t the same as someone trying to be fit for metabolic health. Thus, we don’t see much in the research outside low-grade evidence that kettle bells can be a great circuit solution, but not an aerobic capacity session outside Tabata-style intervals.

Swings are demanding in terms of muscular fatigue, so endurance athletes will likely not benefit from adding them or replacing conventional training. Specificity matters as well, so swinging may increase mitochondrial changes, but running or cycling faster isn’t proven.

If you want general fitness, kettle bells are promising; if you want athletic performance conditioning, they’re not appropriate for team or field sports. I will save you the time and burden of deciphering the research and say this: Nothing in the studies demonstrates that if youdokettlebellswings for the typical 15 minutes or less, you will become the next champion in sport, but you could burn enough calories to become significantly leaner.

Feel free to decide what works for you, but after digging in the research more to fully give kettle bells a fighting chance, they seem to be a great fit for general preparation and teaching, not for max speed or hypertrophy of advanced athletes. Kettle bells are part of training and add much-needed variety to a general fitness program, but don’t expect them to be the missing ingredient in elite sport.

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More people are reading SimpliFaster than ever, and each week we bring you compelling content from coaches, sport scientists, and physiotherapists who are devoted to building better athletes. But, in the last decade or so, they’ve seen a resurgence in popularity, not least because they are a part of so many CrossFit workouts.

But Tim Ferris says “the two armed kettle bell swing is the king and is all you need for dramatic body recomposition results”. This post will reveal the main kettle bell swing benefits and how to do them correctly.

It takes time to master the kettle bell swing, but once you ’ve got it nailed, this exercise has a wide range of benefits. Kettlebellswings are one of the best kettle bell exercises for developing the entire posterior chain.

Tim Ferris's writes glowingly about the fantastic benefits of the kettle bell swing for rapid fat loss and body recomposition in his New York Times Best Seller The Four Hour Body.” Image Credit Tracy & Mark Ranking Many fitness enthusiasts believe that squats and dead lifts are the kings of exercise.

But Tim Ferris says, “the two armed kettle bell swing is the king and is all you need for dramatic body recomposition results.” Increased cardiovascular fitness Kettle bell swing training is excellent for your heart and lungs, as well as your muscles.

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Because they are a full-body movement, kettlebellswings will drive your heart and breathing rate sky-high, which makes them a beneficial and challenging cardiovascular exercise. Better posture Kettlebellswings are one of the best exercises for undoing the effects of prolonged sitting.

Swings work your posterior chain, which are the muscles responsible for holding you upright against the pull of gravity. In many instances, this will also eliminate the back pain often caused by poor posture.

But, if you master a proper kettle bell swing, you can enjoy all the benefits this exercise has to offer while avoiding all the risks. Hold your kettle bell in front of your hips with an overhand grip.

Standing with your feet about shoulder-width apart, pull your shoulders down and back, and brace your abs. Focus on your hip drive to pop the kettle bell upwards, not your arms.

Russian kettlebellswings generally allow you to lift more weight, and they are easier to learn. However, it’s all too easy to inadvertently shorten your rep range by not swinging the weight high enough, i.e., below shoulder-height.

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They involve a more extensive range of motion, which could make them more demanding. Swinging the weight up until the arms are vertical ensures that each rep is the same, making them easier to judge and quantify.

However, raising the weight so high will increase stress on the lower back, which could lead to injury. The increased range of movement also means you won’t be able to lift as much weight.

But, unless you are training for CrossFit competitions, the Russian swing is potentially the safer one, which may mean it’s the best choice for most exercisers. As recommended by the American Council on Exercise, ACE for short, this kettle bell workout is best done three times a week on non-consecutive days, e.g., Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

With the Noose Fitness Kettle bell Handle, you can add as many or as few standard weight plates as you like, making it both ideal for a range of users and also saving you from buying several sets of kettle bells. Sold without filling, you can easily adjust the weight to suit your needs.

Kettle Grip Kettle bell Adjustable Portable Weight Grip Whether you want to burn fat, get fit, or boost your dead lift performance, kettlebellswings will help.

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Remember, to get the most from this exercise; you need to do them correctly and give yourself time to recover between workouts. Therefore, it is also an excellent move for a beginner to prepare for a dead lift program.

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