Do Kettlebell Swings Improve Posture

Ava Flores
• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
• 11 min read

In today’s society, it is easy spend a lot of time in a flexed posture, whether it’s from sitting at a desk all day or a sedentary lifestyle on the weekends. The good news is that slumped shoulders and a curved or hunched back can be improved through regular exercise with a kettle bell.

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When sitting, weak glutes cause an over activity in the hamstrings that creates a backwards tilt of the pelvis. Incorporating even 1-5 minute increments of kettlebellswings into your daily routine can reverse the effects of poor posture by strengthening the muscles.

To perform this exercise, stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart with an overhand grip position on the kettle bell with both hands. When your glutes are weak and you exist in a posterior pelvic tilt while sitting, the muscle groups in your lower back wind up creating a curvature or rounding.

Without strength training of these muscle groups, it can increase the stress through the region and make those areas work harder without recovery, a recipe for a cranky low and mid back. To help reverse this pelvic tilt and strengthen lower and upper back muscles, the kettle bell dead lift can be executed a few times a week.

Begin the movement by pulling your glutes backward and keeping your back straight as you bend forward at the hips. For the beginner, it is suggested that you stick with a solo kettle bell, warming up with 8-10 reps of 3 sets to engage the shoulder muscles.

Be sure to engage the muscles of your glutes, core and latissimus Doris (used to help pull the shoulder back and down to work against that forward roll). When you are executing the kettle bell swing specifically, you are not only engaging the glutes but the abs, core, back, shoulders and hamstrings.

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For those of us with office jobs, who are forced to sit a desk for long periods of time, these workouts can greatly reverse the effects of those forward flexed postures. We are the foremost experts in the industry and are more than happy to assist you in finding the kettle bell weight and size that works best for your end goals.

Swinging a kettle bell will help you develop strong muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments. The kettle bell swing is a naturally corrective exercise which will help undo the maladaptive effects of too much sitting slumped over with a computer, tablet, or phone.

The hips are a primary source of athletic power for many sports such as golf, tennis, baseball and boxing. This hip drive is fueled by a rapid and intense contraction of the glutes.

Active glutes will also put the pelvis in a neutral position, increasing your athleticism and reducing your chances of developing chronic back pain. The finish, or top position, of the ROC kettle bell swing features “packed” shoulders.

This means that the shoulders are pulled back and down, the lats are activated, and the thoracic spine is in a neutral position. In order to accomplish this alignment, the core must be stabilized with a balance of posterior and anterior tension.

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This simply means that the abs must be strongly contracted for a split second at the top of each swing. Notice that opening your chest, contracting your abs, tightening your glutes and lengthening your spine into an ideal postural position are all part of the ROC plank exercise.

The top position of a kettle bell swing should mimic the total body tension and spinal alignment of the ROC plank. For online training or to host a certification, email Beth at: bethandrewsrkc@gmail.com.

For more training tips and workouts subscribe to her YouTube channel, Beth Andrews ROC or visit her website at maximumbodytraining.com Jay Armstrong is a Senior ROC, 6 Degree Black Belt TKD, and Master Z-Health Trainer.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and squat down to pick up the kettle bell with both hands in an overhand grip. Look ahead, not down, and keep your spine aligned and your knees slightly bent throughout the movement.

Allow the weight to drop back down, hinging at the hips as it swings between your legs. Focus on clenching your glutes at the top of the move and keeping your back straight.

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If you aren’t on the kettle bell train yet, these exercises may be just what you need to change your mind! Kettle bells are incredible tools for strengthening your posterior chain (aka your backside).

When performing the following exercises properly, you will notice improvements in your posture and gains in your glutes. And while a nice plump booty may be on your vision board, a strong rear is more than just a way to fill out your jeans.

To lower, press your hips back and work to tap the bell back between your heels each repetition while remaining a long spine and soft knees. Your hips will drop low on this exercise while maintaining a tall spine.

By holding the kettle bell at your chest, you get extra engagement of the muscles all along your spine. Stand with feet hip-width or wider Turn your toes out slightly Keep your chest up and butt down throughout the exercise.

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Seal the outer edge of your feet and heels to the ground throughout the whole exercise. Keep your chest lifted, as the kettle bell hangs straight down in front of your hips.

Stand tall and squeeze your glutes, quads and brace your core. Step opposite foot back and lower to lunge, so both knees are at a 90-degree angle.

Rotate back to center, drive down through your front heel, and return to standing. Focus on moving slowly and engaging your core to keep your balance.

Shift your weight into your standing foot (heel especially) and slowly start to hinge your hips back. Work to kick your floating leg straight behind you with strength.

Maintain one line of energy (no hunching or collapsing) from your head to your floating heel. Start with bell slightly ahead of your toes Place your hands on the bell while maintaining weight in your heels, a bend in your knees and a long spine.

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In a world that seems to be dominated by electronic devices and desk jobs more and more people are finding a deterioration in body alignment and posture. Again a cross is discovered by weakness running from the abs down to the buttocks (gluteus max and medium) and a tightness in the lower back (thoracolumbar) that runs down through the hip flexors (iliopsoas) to the quads (rectus memoirs).

When a muscle contracts, its direct antagonist relaxes to an equal extent allowing smooth movement. Kettle bell exercises offer a great solution for those suffering with postural issues.

The posterior chain is responsible for straightening up the body (extensors) and counteracting all the forward bending that is so common today due to sitting and slouching. Those with Upper Crossed Syndrome need to strengthen the cervical flexor muscles, rhomboids, mid and lower traps.

For Lower Crossed Syndrome strengthen the abs, obliques, and buttocks (glute max and medium). The kettle bell slingshot will help improve your posture by forcing an upright position and driving the shoulders back and down.

Possibly one of the best beginners kettle bell exercises to improve posture is the slingshot should be performed with the core muscles tight and the hips stationary. The kettle bell regular row will strengthen the mid back and posterior shoulder muscles.

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If you suffer from upper crossed syndrome then this kettle bell exercise will help pull the shoulders back and open up the chest. Perform slow repetitions focusing on pulling with the mid and lower back rather than the shoulder.

The kettle bell farmers carry is an excellent exercise to straighten up your posture and develop you core and oblique muscles. If you suffer with upper crossed syndrome then this exercise will help pull the shoulders back and create better alignment from head to toe.

If you have lower crossed syndrome then this exercise will develop and strengthen the core and oblique muscles which will better help with the stabilization of the pelvis. You can also perform the kettle bell farmers carry walking up a hill which will help to better develop the weak buttock muscles usually found in lower crossed syndrome.

Be sure to keep a nice high elbow and pull backwards horizontally to maximize the activation of the mid back. You will achieve huge core muscle activation while you hold the plank position without allowing your hips to drop.

The rowing aspect of the exercise will strengthen and develop the mid back which is important for all those suffering with upper crossed syndrome. You can ensure an effective rowing technique by pulling with the elbow back and upwards using a slow and controlled tempo.

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The renegade row can be made slightly easier and safer by using just 1 kettle bell and placing the other hand on a box, bench or a Paraclete. The kettle bell windmill will strengthen the obliques, shoulders and back while at the same time opening up the hips and lengthening the hamstrings.

If you find it difficult to reach the floor with your hand then stop when you feel you need to bend your back leg. The lunge aspect of this exercise will strengthen and develop the glutes and hamstrings while the rotation will condition the core muscles and open up the back.

You must work on nice deep lunges making sure the back knee gets as close to the floor as possible in order to activate the buttock muscles correctly. Perform 12 – 24 total repetitions changing sides each rep for a workout to improve posture.

The kettle bell single leg dead lift exercise teaches good synergy and alignment between the upper and lower body while at the same time strengthening the glutes, core and back. Keep your weight back on your heel to load the hamstrings and glute muscles effectively.

The back foot will try to rotate outwards so be mindful of this and keep the toes pointing towards the floor as much as possible. The kettle bell swing is the ultimate full body conditioning exercise but is also excellent for improving your posture from head to toe.

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The swing is based on the dead lift movement pattern and so power is generated from the hips using the glutes and hamstrings. The top section of the swing should involve a tight contraction of the glutes along with a bracing of the abs.

For those suffering with lower crossed syndrome it is important to focus on rotating your tailbone underneath during this top part of the swing. Don’t allow the kettle bell to pull you forwards as you swing, keep the shoulders back and down.

The kettle bell side lunge will strengthen the glutes in the often neglected lateral plane which is important for fixing lower crossed syndrome. The kettle bell Turkish get up is the ultimate full body mobility and strengthening exercise.

The get up is another self-correcting exercise which means that you will find it very difficult to complete without good posture and body alignment. The kettle bell exercises to improve posture above will help to strengthen the muscles that have become weak and straighten up your posture.

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